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The Rubber Baroness 8

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2009 - RubberH - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; D/s; latex; bond; rubberised; slave; oral; reluct/cons; X

continued from part 7

Part Eight

It wasn't quite what the Baroness expected, but she was extremely pleased with Alice's agreeing to stay with her. She had underestimated her own feelings toward Alice, but yet, the fact that Alice was going to have her baby eliminated all her misgivings about having an equal, rather than a submissive partner.

Not that things were going smoothly. It took nearly six tries for one of the embryos to take; and there was a miscarriage a couple of weeks after that. The Baroness was becoming more nervous with each attempt. Alice's two inch heeled boots were replaced with latex slippers; to prevent her from stumbling.

Alice was also becoming more agitated. The Baroness was becoming overprotective. She wouldn't let Alice do anything that she considered risky. What's more, she refused to make love to her while she was pregnant. Although she understood what was causing this behavior, it was getting ridiculous, maybe even a little paranoid.

The upside was that Alice could indulge her imagination. The Baroness had given her a new computer to take on-line university courses. In addition to the architecture and engineering subjects, Alice also began to try her hand at designing some new rubber clothes for herself. The problem with everything she currently wore was that there was nothing in the way of maternity wear.

She designed a catsuit that by using the Baroness' latest rubber formulas, could be worn by the mother for the entire nine months, without being too restrictive. After the Baroness had it made, she was impressed with its quality and made arrangements for it to be marketed to the rubber fetish community. It was not only a success, but there were requests for more designs. Alice created more outfits, for both men and women. In a short time, the orders were such that the Baroness created an independent company devoted to the manufacture and sales of rubberwear.

What Alice loved though, was her development of her dream. When she was in college, she wanted to design buildings and houses. She admired the great Chicago architects, and even hoped to follow in their steps.

Each day, she worked at her computer; going over her layouts. As the baby grew larger inside her, she became more and more determined to finish what she had started.

By the time she was in her eighth month, nearly the entire first phase was outlined. The Baroness left Alice alone; knowing that this was her personal project. But she would sneak in from time to time to look at the latest development. She was impressed with Alice's skill and imagination. Alice had talent, and it would be a shame not to let her use it.

Alice came into the living room. She was very uncomfortable, even in her new catsuit. She hated the way she looked; she was enormous! Her feet hurt too!

The Baroness helped her sit on the sofa, and began to massage she feet.

"Thanks, I was just too sore!" said Alice, with relief.

"Would you like anything, Darling?"

"Just keep doing that."

The Baroness smiled. "You know...You've been busy with your drawings."

"You want me to stop?"

"No, of course not!. I was thinking that you're going to need help with the baby when I'm away on business.."

'I can take care of things."

"I know you can, but I don't want you to wear yourself out trying to do everything. So, I thought of getting someone to help you."

Alice looked at the Baroness. "Don't tell me; you've already done it."

"Not quite. I want you to interview her, and let me know what you think."

"An interview?" Alice puzzled. "Considering that this isn't a typical household, this person... Can I assume that it's a she... has to be something else."

"Yes... SHE is." chuckled the Baroness, who motioned for number six to fetch the applicant.

In a few moments, Alice was looking at a young woman about twenty-three to twenty-five years old. She was maybe about five and a half feet tall. Her hair was dyed jet black with a streak of red in it. She wore a Metallica T-shirt, from which Alice could see a pair of large breasts which obviously were braless. To top it off, a large gold ring was in her nose.

"You've got to be kidding!" Alice muttered under her breath. She knew that she shouldn't be judgmental she hoped that anyone working for them would have a little pride in their appearance.

The Baroness motioned for the nervous young woman to sit in the chair opposite from them. "You'd be surprised what I learned about this one." she whispered.

Taking a folder, the Baroness read off a resume.

"Let's see. You're name is Ute. You've been a nanny for two years, and before that you were an aide at a child care center. You didn't look like that while you were working with small children did you?"

"No Baroness.'' she replied, and removed the wig she was wearing and the ring from her nose. "You must forgive me how I look. Your driver just showed up and told me to come right away. I didn't have a chance to change. I was going out to a club tonight."

"The Club Gummi." said the Baroness. "I've seen you there."

"Uhh.. yes." said the startled woman. "I don't get out very much."

"You are very experienced in taking care of babies and small children. You notice what kind of lifestyle we have here."

"Yes Baroness........ Baroness?" Ute was obviously very uncomfortable with what she had figured out. "Maybe I should go?"

"Nonsense Ute... or should I say Nadja?"

Panic seized the young woman. She tried to get out of the chair, but the Baroness pressed a button on a remote control and steel bands encircled the young woman's wrists and ankles.

After a few moments of fruitless struggle, Ute/Nadja burst into tears.

The Baroness began to read from another sheet of paper from the folder. "Nadja. It seems You are an escaped convict from Bulgaria. Murder, no less."

"Murder!" exclaimed Alice "We are not having a convicted murderer in this house!"

"She is innocent of the charges." The Baroness replied. Nadja looked at her with fear and puzzlement.

"It seems that she was being raped by a high government official. She only defended herself, but she killed him in the process. The court sentenced her to life. However, on the way to the prison she managed to escape and make her way here. Why didn't you request asylum when you had the chance?"

"The bastard was a cousin of an Ambassador. All the evidence they made up made everyone think I was a criminal; not a victim...What are you going to do with me? Aren't you going to turn me in?" Nadja asked, her voice trembling.

"No. Because I have a proposition for you. You'll stay in my employ as our nanny until our last child reaches the age of fifteen. After that, you'll be provided with a completely new identity, a home, and a job outside of these walls. You see my dear, I am not a monster. However we need someone with child rearing experience. I cannot trust small children to my usual rubber slaves. They do not have the capacity to think quickly and decisively, especially since children are at times unpredictable. I also sympathize with your being falsely accused."

"Do I have to.." Nadja began to look at the Baroness and Alice.

"Only if you want to. However, you will be rubberized to keep you from having second thoughts."

"Rubberized?" said Nadja.

"The rubber will stay on you until you are allowed to leave. You will not have the capability to remove it. If you ever try to escape, you will find that the rubber will stay on you forever; only I have the means to remove it. In addition, I will contact the authorities who will find you and send you back to prison. Think about it... Fifteen years in safety, or a lifetime in prison."

Nadja sat dumbfounded for several minutes. She thought to herself what choice she had. Could this be any worse than rotting in a cell?



"Will it be painful? The rubberization, I mean?"

"I have no idea." replied the Baroness "You're the second attempt at this new process."

Nadja shook, but then after several minutes composed herself. "I have little choice but to accept the position."

"Excellent!" said the Baroness.

'Wait a minute!" shouted Alice, who was angry that the Baroness was making this crucial decision without her say so. "I've got equal say in this, and I don't want just anyone in this job! Especially someone who's being forced into this! Let her go!"

"I can't do that now. Not after what she's seen."

Alice gritted her teeth. "I said, let her go. The last thing we need is someone who'd be angry with you, being responsible for the safety of our kids."

Nadja was surprised when the Baroness pushed the remote; releasing her. number seven helped her out of the chair. Nadja rubbed her and slowly made her way to the entry of the living room. She stared out at the hallway and towards the door to the outside. "I don't know where to go." she said softly "I do like children, and I'd never hurt them; even if I was angry with you."

"I don't want you to be afraid of us Nadja." said Alice, who then stared at the Baroness. "What do you say, Gretta?"

"Whaa.." the Baroness started to reply.

"Say you're sorry. Say it or else!"

The Baroness realized that Alice was serious. What really threw her was that she was being told to apologize. She could not recall when she apologized to a stranger.... and a potential servant at that!

"I'm... I'm..... Oh you can't mean it!"

"Three seconds, or I'm walking out that door with Nadja. One!..."

"No! I'm not going..."


"Alright!... Alright! I'm sorry Nadja. I'm sorry I pulled this on you."

Nadja was suspicious that they were both playing games with her. But she saw that the Baroness, for all her strength, was deeply in love with Alice and would do anything for her. Perhaps she could find safety here after four years. She was tired of running. Tired of looking over her shoulder to see if the police were after her. She couldn't have friends because she was afraid that she'd have to flee at a moments' notice. The club was one of the few places where she could find some enjoyment. The Baroness did say that she wouldn't be required to join in their perversions.

"How do I know you would keep your word to let me go when its time?" Nadja meekly asked.

"You have the word of the Baroness Gummi." replied Alice. "That word has never been violated, and if she does; I'll take the children and never come back!"

"Then I'll stay."

"You will still be rubberized." said Alice. She knew that she could not let Nadja have too much freedom, and she would be rubbing it in the Baroness' face if there was no rubberization requirement. "That is non-negotiable."

"When do we start?" said Nadja.

"Immediately." replied the Baroness. As Nadja was escorted to the dungeon, the Baroness gave Alice a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "You are one tough cookie."

Alice smiled, "As they say "A spoonful of sugar..."

"Or, you catch more flies with honey...." continued the Baroness

The two women looked at each other and laughed.

In the dungeon, Nadja had all of her body hair removed. The Baroness took from a drawer, a piece of rubber that looked somewhat like a large rubber band. Taking a small bottle of Adhesive A and a small brush, she carefully painted an oval around Nadja's face. The strip of rubber was carefully placed on the oval and pressed into place; forming a small rubber 'frame'.

The rubber piece had a small V-shaped channel which was important for the next phase. The Baroness then took a solid rubber oval and placed it on the rubber channel. A large breathing tube pushed into Nadja's mouth, and forced her jaws wide open. The oval was designed to lock into the channel which was now glued to her face, forming a perfect seal.

Nadja was now unable to see or speak. Next the Baroness pushed plugs into Nadja's ears; cutting off all sound. Finally, a large butt plug and dildo closed off Nadja's remaining openings. She tried to feel her way around the dungeon; stumbling into a table. 'UUUMMMM', she went as she stubbed her toe.

The Baroness then led her to a new piece of dungeon equipment. Nadja was pushed through a doorway and into a circular, stainless steel room. Of course she could not see, and tried to feel the walls. She travelled all the way around the room until the Baroness stopped her and hooked up an air hose to the breathing tube. Then Nadja sensed that she was all alone.

The Baroness stepped to the console and activated the pumps. Instantly, warm latex came out of hundreds of spray tubes from all sides of Nadja. This was another new rubber formula of the Baroness'. It dried on contact with living tissue, and could only be removed by a variation of the Adhesive A solvent. In only five minutes, Nadja was encased in a nearly permanent, thick latex skin.

After she was totally dry, Nadja was removed from the room and the latex oval was peeled off. The earplugs, dildo, and butt plug came out easily because the new compound would not stick to rubber; only to Nadja's body. When she looked into the mirror, she could not believe her eyes.

Except for her face, she looked as if she was made of rubber! Every curve of her body could be seen. She flexed her arms, and could see the definition of her muscles. What also accentuated the erotic appearance, was the glossiness of the latex. She began to run her hands over her new skin and was pleased by the feel. She was even more happy when she was able to place her fingers inside her ever moistening pussy.

"There will be time for that soon." said the Baroness, who was obviously delighted with Nadja's reaction "It's time for you to see your quarters."

The Baroness took Nadja into the elevator, and they went up to the second floor. Nadja was then led to a room just opposite from Alice and the Baroness' bedroom.

Nadja was no longer surprised at anything the Baroness had in store for her. The room was furnished with rubber covered beds, chairs, and other furniture. A large window overlooked the mountains. As she turned around to thank the Baroness, she saw something else.

Kneeling in a corner was a rubber covered figure. It appeared to be a man; but what a man! Actually, an Adonis was more like it! His face was like a mannequin's; it was expressionless, and his eyes remained fixed in place. As Nadja looked more closely, they were actually lenses that concealed his real eyes.

He had a muscular chest and a washboard stomach, which even though it was covered in rubber, made Nadja start getting wetter. But his cock was the most impressive part. It was nearly twelve inches long and hard as a rock!

"I said that you were the second to undergo this new rubberization process. This slave, which I simply call number seventeen, has been rendered incapable of rendering speech. In fact, he has been specifically conditioned solely to give the most intense sexual pleasure imaginable. He has been sterilized, so there is no danger of accidental pregnancy.... and he is yours." said the Baroness.

"Mine?" said Nadja.

"For as long as you want him. Let's call this a 'perk' that comes with the job.. No pun intended." The Baroness then turned and left Nadja and her new employee benefit alone.

Nadja motioned for number seventeen to join her on the bed. He immediately complied; he had been conditioned to be totally passive to anyone who wished to use him for their pleasure. As Nadja opened his mouth to kiss him, she saw that not only had his teeth been removed, but there was something else that made her squeal in delight.

Not only had the Baroness enlarged his cock, but he now had a tongue that was at least as long.

"I think I'm going to like it here." Nadja thought to herself as she pushed number seventeen's face towards her waiting pussy.


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