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The Rubber Baroness 6

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2009 - RubberH - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; F/mm; D/s; latex; bond; capture; bodymod; conditioning; mc; slaves; pets; toys; cons/nc; X

continued from part five

Part Six

The next few days were puzzling to Alice. Doctors Ernstmeyer were in meetings with the Baroness, and she was on the phone for several hours talking to people.

Alice was feeling a little left out. The Baroness hadn't been to bed regularly, and when she did, she was too tired for sex. Alice had come to expect hot and heavy rubber lovemaking from the Baroness and was disappointed when all that she could do was to use the extensive collection of dildos and vibrators. It just wasn't the same.

Funny, Alice thought to herself. It had been only a short few months when the thought of being a lesbian had been disgusting. But the Baroness had taught her so much about sexual pleasure.. more than if she had stayed with Allen, or some other man. Then again, rubber and bondage were also foreign and she definitely didn't want to go back to vanilla!

During this time. Marie Duchamp... Inspector Marie Duchamp, had been in a foglike haze. There were IVs dripping their sedatives and painkillers into her, and she felt numb all over. There were only brief moments of clarity between changes of IVs. Still, she was aware that the Baroness had planned something horrible for her.

She awoke to find herself lying down on a table. Unlike before all that was covering her was a rubber sheet. There were no restraints of any kind and no IVs poking in her. The room was all white with no windows and only one door. A camera was trained on her at all times.

Her jaw ached. She didn't have a gag on, but her mouth was wide open. Maybe it was those wedges that sucker slaves had been given. As she laid in silence, she felt her nose itch. Hmmm. She thought to herself. I want to scratch myself but I can't. I'm not tied down. I wonder...

As she tried to sit up, she was suddenly aware that she couldn't upright herself. It was getting harder to breathe, like something was sitting on her chest. As the sheet slid down, she saw why she couldn't.

Her arms had been amputated from the shoulders! The Baroness had also added two HUGE breast implants into her. She couldn't even begin to guess the size, but they were far larger than any other slave had ever been given!

She tried to scream, but nothing came out. She fell off the table, and ran to a small mirror. She saw that her jaws had been permanently fused open and her teeth removed, but the incision at her throat was from the removal of her vocal cords. That didn't stop her from trying to hysterically scream. She ran herself into the walls of the room. She tried to beat her head against the walls, but they had extra thick rubber padding. The table was also heavily padded so she could not hurt herself.

Something else was wrong. She felt something below her waist. Rather it was a lack of something. They had not only removed above her waist, but she now knew that they even removed her clit! All that was left was an opening. Tears ran down her cheeks. Instead of conditioning her in the sensory deprivation tank, she was going to be a fully conscious rubberslave!

The door to the room opened. Marie saw the Baroness and Doctors Ernstmeyer enter.

"Surprise." said the Baroness softly. "What's the matter? Oh, that's right, you can't talk now. That's not going to matter anyway. I see that you've fully recovered."

"I'm surprised that the shock hasn't damaged her mental state." said the Mistress Doctor.

"She's a strong woman, didn't you know? After all, it takes a strong woman to single-handedly cause a wonderfully generous and gracious friend to kill herself."

"Are you ready for the final phase?" said the Master Doctor.

"Definitely. Just to let you know detective, that Alice inspired me to choose this fate for you."

Marie was helped up and forced to walk down a hallway. It was all white and tiled. Only the fluorescent lights bounced off the walls. They came to another room which had several tanks of rubber bubbling away. Marie tried to run away. She didn't want to be subjected to the hot rubber again!

In the center of the room was a hook from which a rubber catsuit was hung. Marie saw that the suit had numerous pockets in it, from the top of the head to the feet. No, they weren't pockets..they looked like women's vaginas! Dozens of them!

rubberslaves began to coat Marie in Adhesive B. Unlike Adhesive A, it was a two part chemical which once applied, irreversibly bonded the victim's body to the rubber. The second part of the adhesive was applied to inside of the rubber catsuit.

A tube was pushed down Marie's throat and made its way to her stomach. Then a valve was opened and the concentrated nutrient filled her stomach. At the same time, a tube was pushed up her rear and more nutrient filled her bowels. Her stomach started distending and the valve was temporarily closed while it slowly made its way throughout her digestive tract.

"A large portion of your intestines were removed as well, Otherwise it would take several days to fill you up." commented the Master Doctor. "To support your 70 inch HH cups, we installed metal rods along your spine. Otherwise, you'd break your back from the weight."

When she was finally filled to the max, the tubes were removed. In a few minutes, the nutrient had lost its fluidlike qualities and was now more the texture of sponge rubber. Because of this change, the nutrient could not leak out or be regurgitated.

"You won't have to eat again... at least for twenty to thirty years. You'll receive enough liquids via IV, so you won't need to drink again.."

Now the catsuit was pulled onto Marie. A hollow butt plug went into her rear while a similar device went into her front opening.

"Alice thought that you should be treated like an old toy. Used up and abandoned." said the Baroness. Marie knew that this would be the last time the Baroness would speak to her.

"I didn't want you abandoned. Instead you'll become something that will be used and used and used... for the rest of your unnatural life Unfortunately for you, our surgical modifications and special features in this suit will prevent you from feeling any pleasure whatsoever."

The Baroness held up a mask. Marie saw that it had no eyeholes or any other opening except for one. It had been molded into the shape of a woman's vagina; like the multiple ones on the suit, but the opening was for her permanently open mouth.

'The 'pockets' are designed to match a closely as possible, that special feature of the female anatomy. The only difference from the mask is size." The Baroness then pushed the pussy mask over Marie's face, connecting the breathing/feeding tube to it. In a short time, the rubber mask was now bonded to the former detective's face.. never to come off.

"Now the best surprise." the Baroness whispered to her victim. "I’ve arranged for a Burmese whorehouse to take possession of you. Just think of all the tricks you'll be doing. Morning, noon, and night, for the rest of your days."

Marie made a silent prayer as she felt herself being taken and placed in a packing crate. The box was nailed shut and a rubberslave carted her away to a waiting cargo plane.


As the turning leaves were carried by the autumn breeze, a figure ran down the path towards the castle. It was a part of the daily routine. Two kilometers, 30 laps in the pool and about a half an hour of weights in the morning. This was the evening run. usually it was only a half kilometer.

The running suit was made of red latex, which made her sweat profusely. It covered her completely except for her mouth and eyes. As the sweat collected in the suit, it ran down to two plugs in her ass and pussy. The plugs had an inner core which absorbed the sweat and expanded the plugs. The more she ran, the more sweat. The more sweat, the bigger the plugs got. The bigger the plugs got the more pleasure she received.

She reached the castle and ran up the stairs to the bathroom. Peeling off the rubber suit, she carefully took hold of the anal plug. Holding her breath, she squeezed the plug with her buttocks and the collected sweat ran out of the core. She did a similar procedure to her cunt. The plugs were carefully eased out, and she gave a sigh of relief!

She looked at herself in the full-length mirror, examining herself. "Damn I look good!" she said out loud. Stepping on the scale she saw that her weight was now somewhere in the amount of 52 kg, or about 140 pounds if her calculations were right. Better than the 110 she started with, and this was all muscle, not fat.

Alice looked at her hairless head. She had asked the Baroness to permanently remove it as it took too long to clean and set. A large closet filled with wigs was nearby. She could change her look quickly and easily. The Baroness approved of her request, as well as the removing her hair from the rest of her body. If she was going to be smooth, it might as well be everywhere.

The Baroness had been in Prague on a business trip. Although Alice occasionally accompanied her on trips within Germany, out-of-country trips were still not allowed. Alice didn't mind too much though. Being away from her made the Baroness more horny and the 'Welcome Home' was worth it,

Alice put on her special outfit for these occasions. It wasn't a catsuit or something that totally encapsulated her. It was instead a combination chaps and boots. It was made of baby blue rubber and had six inch stacked heels. The stacked heels were easier to walk in, as she still had several mishaps with stilettos that high.

Alice stroked her new EE cup breasts. She convinced Mistress Doctor Ernstmeyer to increase her implants as a surprise birthday gift for the Baroness. She then took a strip of baby blue rubber, and cupped it over her left breast. Then she slipped the strip behind her neck and under the right breast. The rubber had reinforced cups that helped hold up her tits. The Baroness went wild over this simple outfit, and had two more made in red and green rubber.

The Baroness was in a hurry to get home. Before she left Prague, she put on a pair of rubber panties with twin vibrators. She used the Adhesive A to glue them on and didn't bring any solvent. She was now just about to climb the walls of the limo, she was so hot! She didn't even wait for the chauffeur to open the car door. She ran into the hallway where number seven presented her with a note.


The Baroness sprinted into the garden, where Alice was reclined on top of a bench. She held the bottle in her hand teasingly. The Baroness began tearing off her clothes until all that remained were the rubber panties.

"Miss me?" Alice coyly said and took the small bottle of solvent and inserted it in her pussy.

"You'll pay for that slave." the Baroness retorted and picked Alice up and carried her over her shoulder, and laid her down by the pool.

Gunther groaned as best he could, as his shoulders felt the sharp pain. He didn't know how long he had been a captive, and he didn't know what they were doing to him.

His eyes were covered with two glued-on rubber patches. A large rubber penis gag was in his mouth, which from what he could tell, no longer had teeth! His nostrils were plugged with rubber as well, making him only able to breathe through his mouth. His ears were plugged, plunging him into near silence. Urinary and double Anal catheters were also inserted. He had no control over any of his bodily functions.

Both arms were covered in thick rubber gloves. Molded rubber mittens kept him from moving his fingers. The mittens were attached to two poles, which stretched his arms out to his side. But his legs were the finishing touch. They had been placed in a thigh-high single 'boot' which had a tapered foot. He was actually on constant tiptoe.

Alice giggled and thought that the slave was perched like some balancing toy..she couldn't remember exactly what it was, but it was made in the shape of an acrobat, or high-wire walker. No matter what direction you poked it, it would always stay balanced.

As long as he didn't try to move, he would remain upright. But if he shifted his weight, his body would fall towards one direction or another, causing pain in his arms and shoulders from his own weight. The bondage mittens kept him from falling over. A buzzer rang in his ears. FOOD! . He began an involuntary swallowing as a slimy liquid ran down the tube and into his mouth. After several minutes, another buzzer, this time lower in pitch rang. STOP! He stopped his swallowing. A low hum entered his ears. He began to buck his hips back and forth as best as he could. SEX! The device hooked to his cock began a sucking motion, while a vibrator began moving in his rear.

In the weeks he had been captured Gunther only briefly thought of his friend Helmut. They had been hitchhiking through the country, and burglarizing homes along the way. They thought the castle was a near perfect place to rob. After all, it was dark and there didn't appear to be anyone at home.

Much to their surprise, someone was at home. While they were stealing a set of silverware, they heard a noise of two people moaning. Out by the swimming pool, they saw two women having sex! One was larger and had mounted the other with a large strap-on dildo. The smaller woman, needless to say, was having a good time. That was the last thing they saw, except for something large and black spray them with a sleeping gas. The only physical stimulus was either Food or Sex. Other than that ,Gunther couldn't see, smell, taste or anything! The routine never varied. Day after day the same thing until he developed conditioned responses to the tones.

Alice watched the monitor as she saw the room where the conditioning was taking place. It was a departure from the regular conditioning, as the slaves were given conditioned responses first, then the sensory deprivation tank. Although the regular conditioning was faster, the Baroness wanted to try this technique and a new mind-altering drug on these slaves.

The Baroness knew that men wanted two things: Food and Sex. It was a fact of life and she decided to try it out. She gave them that and only that. No comfort, no other stimulus. Just Food and Sex. Dehydration was prevented by the insertion of an IV. The first slave had taken nearly two days to realize that the tones were different, and to show the proper responses.

The second slave was bound exactly the same fashion. In fact, they were back to back and nearly touching; never realizing that they were both in the same room! .

The drug was mixed into the food given to the slaves. It increased the subject's sense of smell, taste, and especially the sex drive. As neither slave could use the first two, all that was left was sex.. Since the second slave picked up the differences in tone almost immediately, the Baroness rewarded this by giving him far more Sex than his companion.

By the end of the second month, the slaves were ready for the tank. They only needed 12 hours as they had already gone through enough sensory deprivation to mold their will. Now was the most important part of the conditioning.

Rubber suits and masks were prepared and the slaves were coated with Adhesive B. The suits had special reinforcement which went down their spines; preventing them from standing up. Their hands and feet were put into molds and a thick rubber mitten was the result. They looked like paws.

A rubber tail was glued onto each slave. The tails could 'wag' by their moving their buttocks. The masks were the last things to go on. They were molded into the shape of Dobermans. The would-be burglars had been transformed into dogs. Watchdogs at that.

The Baroness then subjected them to drug-assisted hypnosis, taking advantage of the conditioned responses she instilled into them. Gunther was given to the Doctors Erstmeyer to be 'fixed', as the Baroness didn't need two males competing for territory. Helmut's conditioning included sexual stimulus using a special scent. As his sense of smell was heightened, only he could detect it. This scent was the exact composition of Gunther's own pheromones.

The test came when the Baroness released the two within the same room. Helmut, sniffed the air and approached the other rubberdog. His cock was already hard and he became even more stimulated at the scent he was detecting. Instinctively, he mounted the smaller rubberdog, who didn't resist. They were no longer human beings. Gunther and Helmut now became Zip and Krieg.

A highly regarded security dog handler who worked for the Baroness' firm was brought in to train the two rubberdogs. At first, he was ready to call the police, but the Baroness presented him with a large cache of money and a promotion to Vice President, so his reservations quickly disappeared. Zip and Krieg were allowed to roam the castle and most of the grounds. As they were still physically limited, and could not chase down invaders, their collars were equipped with transmitters that would activate if they began to bark. The Baroness would be able to dispatch her rubberslaves while Zip and Krieg would track any trespassers down.

With the castle now well-guarded and Alice quite content to stay with her, the Baroness decided to do the one thing that she never thought she would ever have the chance to do.

Alice was sitting in the theatre room. It had a wall-sized projection screen where movies were shown. As Alice and the Baroness loved films, it was the second most used room in the castle.

Alice already had a large bowl of popcorn handy. She wore a head to toe catsuit with a single sleeve pulling her arms behind her, and a mono boot encompassing her legs. Eating the popcorn was impossible except for the Baroness or a rubberslave feeding her.

"You won't get fat wearing that thing." quipped the Baroness, as she turned on the VCR.

Alice responded. "Popcorn can't make you fat. Besides, I'm up to 3 kilometers in the morning." The Baroness picked up a piece and placed it between Alice's lips. Alice opened her mouth and took the popcorn and the Baroness' fingers into her mouth.

The film started. It was Fellini's '8 1/2". As it was in Italian, the Baroness would translate it for Alice.

As they watched the film, the Baroness looked at Alice. "Darling, would you do anything for me?"

Alice replied "Of course... anything you want."

The Baroness took a deep breath. Alice knew that something very important was next. Was it for her to participate in one of those rubber conventions? Was it for her to have sex with someone other than her? Her flesh, as well as her spirit, was willing.

The Baroness smiled and said carefully: "I want you to have my baby."



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