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The Rubber Baroness 5

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2009 - RubberH - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; latex; bond; torture; slaves; party; oral; mast; object; toys; cons/nc; X

continued from part four

Part Five

Chief Inspector Marie Duchamp. Hmmm, Chief of Police Marie Duchamp sounded even better. The possibilities that could exist once she breaks the biggest case of her career. Not only was she going to capture the brains behind a smuggling ring, but reveal a multinational sex scandal as well. There was going to be lots of reporters wanting her story.

She was congratulating herself for fooling those rubber perverts into thinking she was one of them. Oh sure, she had to endure having to have sex with Sylvia the dyke; but she would close her eyes and picture her former lover, Jean-Claude. Once this case was done, she would find him and they'd start over.

It was approaching midnight. Marie watched as Alice and the other rubberslaves joined in to lick ‘blueball's’ massive cock. His cum erupted like a geyser from his member. As she watched, she felt a dildo between her asscheeks. Then slowly, it made its way inside her. Marie knew that it was Sylvia. She loved wearing the thong and dildo to these parties, as she loved showing off to the others.

Sylvia embraced Marie and began kissing the back of her neck. Marie could smell the alcohol on her breath. "Greta has some wonderful new toys she said we can play with." she whispered huskily.

"You know how much I love to play with your body." Marie whispered back; a fake smile upon her lips. "Why don't you go ahead upstairs. I'm going to get the toys from the Baroness' playroom." She handed Sylvia a drink which she had already spiked. The woman downed the glass in one gulp.

"Trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?" she said.

"Of course, Darling." lied Marie, and watched as Sylvia staggered into the elevator.

After ensuring that she was not being watched, Marie slipped out of the ballroom and removed the towels from the first floor bathroom. Then, she walked over to the kitchen and unlocked the door so that Alice could escape. She carefully got to Sylvia's Alfa Romeo; released the parking brake; and pushed the car to the kitchen door.

Alice listened as the clock struck twelve. She looked at the Baroness, who instructed number eight to escort her to the bathroom.

In just a few moments later, Marie saw Alice hobbling out the kitchen door. It was difficult because of the spreader bars, but she was able to get to the car without falling.

Marie quickly helped Alice inside, and began pushing the car just far enough so that when she started it, they would have a head start on the Baroness and her friends. The Alfa sped off down the road, and onto the highway.

"How are you feeling?" asked Marie.

"A little out of breath, but O.K.." replied Alice. "Can you get these spreader bars off of me? My legs are sore."

"We'll have to get the rest of that stuff off you too. Only the members of the Baroness' little club have the solvent for Adhesive A. I'm afraid you'll have to wait until we get you to a safe place."

"Owww owww." Alice grimaced in pain. "My legs are cramping. Can you get these off me now?"

Marie turned off the road, behind a tall fence. She turned off the lights and engine. "I'll do my best to pick the locks, but you have to keep absolutely quiet. The Baroness is probably right on our trail by now."

Marie bent down to work on the locks. They were quite formidable, but not impossible for her to pick. Her head was almost in Alice's lap, which was getting moist. Alice stroked the back of Marie's head.

"I'm not in the mood." said Marie

"Sorry, I'm just grateful."

"I've had enough of telling you lesbos that 'I love you', while trying not to throw up." came the terse reply. "I've just about got the first one."

Alice's hand went from Marie's head to the ignition switch. In a flash, she pulled out the keys and threw them into the bushes.

"What the hell are you doing you little..."

From a concealed pocket in her skirt, Alice took out a small needle and pressed it into Marie's neck. The drug coating the needle, quickly took effect; rendering the detective nearly powerless. She tried to reach the control to the Punishment Hood, to activate the earplugs; but her hand became paralyzed as she came within inches of pressing the button.

Alice then took the car's cell phone and dialed the Baroness' number. Ten minutes later, the Baroness' driver and two of her rubberslaves appeared to take Alice and the helpless Marie, back to the castle.

When they returned to the castle, the detective was taken down to the dungeon, while Alice went to the Ballroom. To her surprise, there was no one there. The party had finished and the guests had left, except for those who were staying the night in the castle.

A light was on in the Baroness' study. Alice could hear crying. She entered the room and saw the Baroness holding Sylvia; trying to comfort her. It was obvious that she was devastated that the woman she thought was her lover, was only using her for her own ends.

The Baroness saw Alice and pointed upstairs. telling her to leave them alone. As Alice turned, she couldn't help thinking that the Baroness was a more complicated person than the dominant rubber mistress that had captured her. There was a strange mix of cruelty, yet compassion; intelligence, yet uninhibited; firmness and a sense of humor.

number twelve undressed Alice and prepared her for bed. A pair of pink crotchless rubber tights were placed on her. Other than the Punishment hood, that was all she had on. Alice felt strange not wearing more rubber than that. She had gotten used to the tight rubber catsuits and the strict bondage. She crawled between the rubber sheets and went to sleep.

Alice woke up in time to see the sunrise. She looked at the clock and saw that it was five-thirty and the Baroness was still not in bed with her.

She put on the now familiar rubber robe, and walked downstairs. No Baroness. What was happening? She checked the Dining Room and Study as well as the Ballroom.

As she left the Dining Room she stumbled upon Master Doctor Kurt. He did not have a transmitter on him, so she could not understand his words as he spoke. He soon realized this and took Alice by the shoulder and led her to the elevator to the dungeon.

The Baroness had Marie strapped to the table. Unlike her usual practice all body hair had not been removed in preparation of conditioning and rubberization. The Baroness saw Alice with the Master Doctor, and turned on the earplugs.

"I'm proud of you Alice." said the Baroness. "Without you, this bitch would have betrayed all of us. My friends would have had their lives ruined if the story got out."

"You don't think you can keep me here forever?" said Marie weakly. "My contact knows I'm involved with your little club. If I'm not heard from by eight o'clock this morning..."

"Well then you'll just have to tell us who this person is." the Baroness interrupted.

"I think all those fumes from rubber has made you retarded. I'm not giving up my means of escape."

"Then I'll have to persuade you to volunteer that information."

"Try it bitch. You can't kill me, and you can't make me talk..."

"Oh Please! I'm not going to go into some melodramatic scene. I'm not going to kill you. You're going to disappear... never to be heard from again. Especially to your superiors. And don't think I can't make you talk.. in fact I'm just about ready to start."

Taking a brush, the Baroness liberally coated Marie's head with Adhesive A. Then she pulled a thick rubber gasmask over the detective's face and smoothed it out. Then she took two hoses attached to oxygen tanks and secured then to the gasmask's inlet ports. These too were given a thick coating of Adhesive A.

"I'm afraid with the time constraints, I'm going to have to be a lot cruder than I'd like."

Marie was unstrapped from the table and her hands glued into rubber bondage mittens. Rings at the ends of the mittens were attached to a bar hanging from a ceiling hoist. The Baroness pressed a button on the control panel. The bar was lifted off the floor and Marie was now taken several feet into the air.

The Baroness began directing her victim towards a metal tank. Alice knew what was in it, but Marie didn't know until the cover was removed.

Below her was a vat of bubbling liquid rubber!

"This is a special rubber with a lower boiling point than normal. It's not hot enough to scald you to death... at least not to death." said the Baroness.

Marie began screaming as she realized what was going to happen to her. As the bar was lowered she tried to pull her legs up and out of the way. But she couldn't avoid it forever, and the bar was still dropping. Alice could see her kicking and straining against her bonds as first her feet, then her legs disappeared into the boiling hot liquid. Muffled shrieks came from the gasmask until the bar, and Marie went under the surface.

She stayed under only a few moments when the Baroness reversed the direction of the hoist and brought Marie up. She was totally covered in hot liquid rubber. Alice could hear faint moans of pain from under the gasmask.

"Don't faint on me now my dear." said the Baroness and she pressed a button on the control panel which released a small amount of ammonia into the mask. This caused Marie to cough and gasp for breath.

"The rubber dries in seconds, so you're ready for another coat." as the Baroness pressed another button. This time the bar dropped straight into the tank instead of a gentle lowering. Marie cried out in pain again from the heat of the rubber.

By the time the third coat had dried, Alice could barely make out Marie's whimpering.

"iii ccannt." came the faint response. "yyoouuu'lll kkiilll mmee."

"I can promise you this bitch: I won't kill you. In fact, you'll wish I did." came the Baroness's reply. She motioned to her rubberslaves who took hold of the bar and guided it to the floor.

The Baroness inspected the mass of rubber hanging in front of her. Taking a scalpel, she carefully cut into the rubber around Marie's neck. Then taking her fingers, she carefully peeled the rubber away until she could get enough rubber to grab onto. She then motioned to her rubber slaves to take hold of the loosened material.

The rubberslaves began to tear the rubber off of Marie. Once again, muffled shrieks of pain came from the gasmask as not only her body hair was torn off, but some of her skin as well... The Baroness was literally skinning her alive!

When all of the rubber except for the coating on the gasmask and mittens had been peeled off, the Baroness presed the control button, and Marie was positioned over the vat again.

"Ready to talk?... No... then..." The bar again dropped into the rubber. Marie stayed under the surface for nearly five minutes. Every so often, the Baroness would press the ammonia button, ensuring that the detective couldn't faint from the pain.

After this coating had dried, it was stripped off as well. Marie began to shout "I'll talk! I'll talk! Please stop!"

"And your contact is..." asked the Baroness.

"Inspector Paul Delacroix." came the reply.

"I really don't believe you." Marie was again positioned over the tank.

"PLEASE! PLEASE! INSPECTOR PAUL DELACROIX!....." came the now hysterical voice of the detective.

Marie babbled on for several minutes; giving the location, phone number, and other details of her dealings with her contact. The Baroness smiled and dropped Marie into the rubber again.

"If you've lied to me, I'll strip every inch of skin off your body."

Marie was removed from the rubber and after drying, was strapped down to the table again. The Baroness dialed a phone number and began repeating the information to someone on the other end.

"Jacques you owe everyone a lot of favors...... You wouldn't even have been elected if a certain someone hadn't supported you at the last minute...... All right, I know its a lot to ask, but the stakes are big. ......Thanks Jacques. You're a sweetheart."

The Baroness walked over to the helpless detective. "You've taken on the wrong people, slut. A very good friend of mine is going to take care of things. Your contact.. Paul, is going to be promoted. In fact, it takes effect within the next half hour. All your files, notes, etc are going to be handed over to someone else. Then in a couple of weeks, that person will be transferred. Eventually any reference to you will be on some slip of paper in a file which will be destroyed."

Marie's eyes had the appearance of total despair. She had been tortured into revealing her only means of escape! Now she would be turned into one of the Baroness' rubber freaks.

"I don't know just what I'm going to do with you." said the Baroness "Something special... but I'll have to sleep on it."

The Baroness looked at Alice. She took a container of solvent and removed the Punishment Hood, then the earplugs.

"This is your reward for what you did Alice. But don't think that I'm forgetting that you have to study rubbersex even more enthusiastically. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress" replied Alice "Would you like me to show you what I've learned so far?"

"Later" smiled the Baroness. "I'm too tired. Oh, Kurt; please turn off the lights when you're finished down here." With that, the Baroness took the elevator upstairs, with Alice following closely behind her.

When Alice looked at the clock, she saw that it was nearly one in the afternoon. The Baroness stretched and smiled at her.

"I am lazy." she said teasingly. "And you should know better than to let me sleep this late. I ought to punish you for that."

"Oh please Mistress, don't strap me into a severe rubber body binder and force me to pleasure you with my tongue....." responded Alice; an even bigger smile on her face.

"My, My! You have been keeping up on your reading."

"I've been looking at the book since you fell asleep."

"Have you gotten to Chapter 16?"

"No Mistress."

"Well then, we'll just have to try it together." The Baroness guided Alice into the bathroom where number eight and number twelve were already waiting.

The rubber slaves had turned on the shower, and the hot water had been set to just the right temperature. The Baroness gently pushed Alice into the water and followed her in.

Taking a bar of soap, the Baroness began to wash Alice. It was a slow, sensuous rubbing of the slippery bar against Alice's skin. The Baroness' fingers probed both of Alice's key openings; beginning a slow rhythmic movement.

Alice began to do the same. As the water pounded against their bodies, Alice found the spot where the Baroness would close her eyes and bite her lower lip. Alice took her time and made sure that the Baroness wasn't cheated out of her pleasure.

The Baroness came so many times that Alice had lost count. It was hard concentrating on that anyway, as the Baroness' ministrations had also brought Alice to multiple orgasms.

The two of them eventually staggered out of the shower. The rubberslaves toweled and powdered them off, oblivious to what had occurred. Alice looked at number twelve, and felt a pang of guilt. Allen had been forcibly turned into a rubberslave. She felt that she was getting the best of things compared to her friends.

Then again... Allen was a selfish bastard, who was only out for himself. Frank was a know-nothing jock who probably couldn't survive after college football. Betty... well Betty was sweet thing, and her friend. But she was not the most forceful person. People would walk all over her, especially Frank. She'd probably would've ended up married to Frank, and very unhappy.

In the long run, they were better off being the Baroness' rubberslaves. Also, they had it easy compared to her. Being hung up in that rubber bag for all those weeks; and subjected to being cared for like a baby; and all those other indignities! Hell! They aren't even aware of what's happened to them. Since they don't know anything, why feel guilty ?!

"Daydreaming?" said the Baroness. Alice smiled and nodded her head.

The Baroness kneeled down in front of Alice and began to lick the outer lips. Alice wasn't sure what to make of this as this was a submissive posture; one the Baroness had not been accustomed to taking. As Alice closed her eyes the Baroness took a Urinary catheter from a silver tray held by number eight. Alice grimaced as it made its way inside her.


"Relax Alice, It's just part of what Chapter 16 has in it. Now don't struggle. I still have to put in the double Anal catheter."

Alice was bent over and her legs pulled apart. The Baroness inserted the large rubber bulb into her rear. "Oww'" cried Alice, still sore from the Urinary catheter's invasion.

"Don't try to expel it, Darling." the Baroness said as she began squeezing the rubber inflator.

The two bulbs expanded, and Alice's rear now had a huge balloon inside her ass, and another big balloon on the outside; sealing off the opening.

"Now open your mouth." said the Baroness.

Alice complied and a large penis gag was pushed inside. The Baroness sealed the gag shut with Adhesive A. Then two rubber plugs were glued into the nostrils.

"You know how to both breathe and eat through this tube by now, so I won't have to repeat myself."

Alice stood by herself in the bathroom for several minutes. No catsuit? No corset? This was all the rubber that she was going to have on? She had gotten to enjoy the feel of it on her body. This... this was kind of a disappointment to her.

The Baroness' voice came from the bedroom. "Come here Darling. It's time for you to do some serious studying."

Alice walked into the room and saw two thick sheets of black rubber lying on the floor. One sheet had a hole in it while the second sheet had two.

"Lay down on this sheet, face up." As Alice obeyed, the tube from the double Anal catheter was pushed through the hole, then sealed with Adhesive A. The rubber slaves held up the second sheet above her. However, the Baroness then took a large vibrator and inserted it into Alice's pussy.

"I don't want you to get bored." and the vibrator was turned on. "It uses a version of a pacemaker battery. That means it can stay on for nearly a year before it gives out."

Adhesive A was applied to Alice's body, and the bottom rubber sheet. Then after carefully threading the two tubes through the holes, the two sheets were glued to Alice and each other!

But that wasn't the end. As Alice began to quiver from the effects of the vibrator, the sandwiched slave was carried outside of the bedroom. An extension tube was attached to the Anal catheter. Then a heavy coating of Adhesive A was applied to both the door and the bottom sheet. Alice was then pressed up against the door, and now glued to it!

"Chapter 16. That's for 'Statues and Other Objects'." said the Baroness. "You'll be here for about a week. Of course, if you want more, all you'll have to do is grunt and you can stay longer."

Alice couldn't fully understand the Baroness. She was already having her fourth orgasm and quite preoccupied.

* * * *

After two weeks had passed (The Baroness had mistakenly heard Alice indicate that she wanted more.), Alice was recovering from the 'ordeal' by taking a swim in the pool. She wore an extremely small yellow rubber thong bikini, which almost appeared to have been painted on. This suit though, had built-in dildos for both her pussy and ass. The Baroness had thought of using vibrators instead, but didn't want Alice to drown in the middle of an orgasm.

The telephone rang. Alice watched as the Baroness collapsed into a chair. Alice jumped out of the pool, and ran to the Baroness who now had her head in her hands and was crying.

"What's wrong Mistress?"

"Sylvia... she..." the Baroness cried again. Alice held her tightly.

"She killed herself last night." she continued. "She wrote that she was ashamed of what happened... and she couldn't live with knowing ...OH...GOD.. NO!"

The Baroness leaped out of the chair and ran to the elevator. Alice followed as quickly as she could, and the two went down to the dungeon. Marie had still been kept strapped to the table, just in case there was something she didn't reveal. The Baroness grabbed her by the throat and began to strangle the detective.

Alice, despite all her fears about disobeying the Baroness, grabbed the dominatrix's hands as they tightened around the captive's throat.

"Please Mistress! Don't!"

"Why not? She's had it coming to her!" as the fingers began squeezing tighter.

"She wants it that's why!" Alice shouted.

The Baroness looked at Marie, who was faintly smiling. The Baroness pulled her hands away.

"No, you won't get by this easy." the Baroness' voice was now a mix of anger and sadness.

Alice took her Mistress' hands and held them. The Baroness kissed her on the forehead, in gratitude for preventing her from making a mistake.

"Sylvia loved you." the Baroness said to Marie "She thought you loved her, and now she's dead!"

"One less dyke..." defiantly replied Marie, hoping that the Baroness would fly into a rage and kill her. She wanted to die. The pain and suffering was too much for her. She would never escape and the Baroness had promised that she had something in store for her.

"She was ashamed that she let herself be fooled so easily. And ashamed that she let herself think that someone loved her." Alice was told. "I was fooled too... we all were. But Sylvia took it SO hard. She ...she got dressed up in her best rubber outfit and overdosed on sleeping pills."

Alice looked at Marie. How could she sleep with someone and betray her? She deserved to suffer, but how?

"Maybe you should make her a statue for the garden." Alice quipped.

"Oh no, I don't want to ever see that bitch again. I don't want to even have her on my property. Turning her into a statue would be too good. She needs to know what it's like to be used unmercifully."

"Like an old toy.."

"Yes... Like an old toy." The Baroness then looked at Marie and smiled. "Oh you are so wicked!" she said to Alice. She took Alice by the hand and the two left the helpless detective alone in the dungeon.



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