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The Rubber Baroness

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2009 - RubberH - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; D/s; bagged; encased; bond; mc; conditioning; rebirth; infant; bodymod; reluct/nc; X

continued from part two

Part Three

Alice sat as still as possible in the rubber bag as it slightly swayed from the ceiling. She had been trapped inside it for at least four days.

The force-feeding continued. Sleep was impossible, as the mush and liquid came through the feeding/breathing tube at all hours. She was afraid to sleep for fear that she could choke to death. The drug continued its work; her bowels and bladder emptying without her ability to control them.

The bag was filling up. She could feel that her wastes were now only inches from her waist. The darkness and silence in the bag only made the situation more unbearable. How much longer? Does the Baroness intend for the bag to fill completely? Alice shuddered at the thought of being entirely surrounded by shit and piss; she could almost feel it now.

More mush entered the tube. This time it was nearly half a gallon. Alice wished that she had obeyed the Baroness and just come once and not try for another! The stirring in her bowels was now a familiar one, as the mush was passing through her rapidly. Alice knew that if the Baroness released her, the next punishment would be her last!

Alice felt someone touching the rubber bag. Was she being released?

Something was now on the underside of the bag. Alice waited as she could feel that cutting into the bag. FREEDOM!

But that was not to be. The rubberslaves had cut only a small opening for a new tube. The tube was hooked to a pump that began to extract the wastes in the bag. The bag emptied quickly. Then hot water was pumped into the bag. Alice could feel that the water was very hot; hotter than any shower.

The water filled the bag completely. Alice felt like she was being boiled alive! Then the water was pumped out and a disinfectant sprayed inside to kill any remaining germs.

The water had nearly burned her; it was so hot. Alice winched from the pain. Then something else began to enter the bag. Not ice water, Alice hoped.

The liquid was thick and heavy. Alice could feel that it was even a little sticky. What was it? Then it was clear to her what it was.... liquid rubber!

In minutes Alice was engulfed in a womb of rubber. The liquid rubber's thickness made it difficult for Alice to move. The weight of the liquid rubber and Alice brought the bag only inches from the floor. Alice was trying to breathe but the constriction on her chest forced her to take short breaths only.

The rubber was warm and the room was well heated. Alice tried to stay quiet and calm, as she began to drift to sleep; the first real sleep she had in a long time. She curled up as best she could; a rubber fetus in a rubber womb.

She began to dream ...of the Baroness.... but mostly of rubber.

Rubber dresses... rubber catsuits... rubber ponies... and lots of rubber bondage.

She dreamt of being stretched onto a rubber kite and flown high over the castle.

She imagined being mummified in strips of rubber.

Bound in a rubber catsuit and hood, and strapped onto a motorcycle, while her Mistress rode it through the countryside.

She even wanted to be coated in rubber and become glued to one of the doors to the Baroness' bedroom.

(Little did she know but almost all of these dreams would become reality.)

She was no longer given the continuous feedings of mush and liquid. In fact, the last thing that went through the tubes was a thick, slimy liquid. It filled her stomach, and hardened. This substance was a very special nutrient. It was so concentrated, that Alice could live for nearly a month without eating. Her stomach acids would slowly dissolve it; leaving no waste, but keeping her alive.

It had been nearly four weeks that Alice was in her rubber womb. She drifted in and out of consciousness, not because of any drug, but because the bag and liquid rubber were so comfortable and safe.

Suddenly Alice felt something moving the bag. In seconds, a sharp object had cut a long slit along the bottom of the bag. The liquid rubber emptied out, and Alice felt her ankles being seized. Then she was pulled out through the opening.

No! she thought. She had been so accustomed to the bag that she was afraid to leave it.

She was completely coated in the liquid rubber as two of the rubber slaves held her upside down by her ankles. The breathing tube was removed and number eight gave Alice a swat on her rear. Alice cried out... the first noise she was able to utter in weeks!

The Baroness smiled as Alice squirmed on the floor. She was weak from her not being able to use her muscles for so long, and from hunger. The nutrient had only kept her alive, not giving her strength to fight.

"You have been reborn, my beautiful rubber baby." said the Baroness as the rubberslaves began to clean the remaining liquid latex off Alice. Alice shivered from being cold; the room was warm, but the rubber womb had been warmer.

Alice was lifted up onto the gurney. A rubber diaper was placed around her and a rubber sheet wrapped tightly around her body. Rubber straps were buckled closed, ensuring that the sheet stayed on her, and she could not escape. She was taken to a room next to the Baroness' quarters. The room was made up as a nursery; like the Baroness' bedroom everything was made or coated in rubber. Alice was taken from the gurney and placed into a rubber-coated crib. A baby bottle was placed in her mouth. Although Alice had regained some of her senses, she was VERY hungry, and so gladly let the rubber nipple go past her lips. She sucked on it, allowing some sort of formula to flow. The formula was tasty and Alice sucked on the nipple as long and as hard as she could.

Over the next few days, Alice was regaining her strength. The Baroness changed the way Alice was fed. The bottle had been replaced with large artificial breasts that had been strapped to number twelve. In order to eat, Alice would have to 'breast feed'. Alice didn't care. All she wanted was to eat. She couldn't get enough of the formula, and would cry when the breasts were removed and she was burped.

This was no coincidence. A side effect of the nutrient was that it was addictive. This meant that the longer Alice was fed this way, the stronger her dependence on it. The Baroness' plans called for the gradual reduction in potency of the nutrient, so that Alice would be eventually weaned from it and accept regular food.

Alice had not been released from the rubber sheet and straps, except the lower half, in order to change her diaper. She still had 'accidents' from eating the large amounts of nutrient/formula. Still, she was gaining weight: A small amount of 'baby fat' had developed on her. (The Baroness also planned for a physical training program to take care of that.)

On the tenth day, the 'breasts' were alternated with large rubber cocks. Alice had wanted to resist, but she knew that the Baroness would prevail eventually.

Another week passed. Alice wanted to talk, to beg the Baroness for mercy, but she couldn't find the words. Each time the Baroness entered the room, Alice wanted to speak to her. Maybe it was fear that kept her from saying anything. All she could do was to look at her and manage a weak smile; hoping that the Baroness would release her.

Three more days passed and Alice was freed from the rubber sheet. She breathed a sign of relief. She tried to get up and walk, but her muscles could only allow her to crawl around for short periods. Eventually, she would be able to stand and walk on her own.

The Baroness was certain that Alice was ready for the next step. Yes, the incident with the female slave was a setback, but she could now see in Alice's eyes the look of total submissiveness; total dependence. There was one more thing that needed to be done. Alice had to be reminded of her place in this house.

Alice had just finished eating a large bowl of oatmeal. Although she was now able to feed herself, her coordination was still not fully recovered. Large globs of the cereal were on her face from her missing her mouth with the spoon. The Baroness took a warm washcloth and wiped Alice's face clean.

"Thank you Mistress', she said.

"I am not quite through yet." replied the Baroness.

Alice now saw that the Baroness had a HUGE hypodermic in her hand.

"Please Mistress..."

"SHUT UP!" retorted the Baroness. The rubberslaves held Alice down as the hypo was brought closer to Alice's left breast. Alice closed her eyes, waiting for the pain.

Instead of impaling the needle into her breast, the Baroness lifted it up until she could see the valve of the implant. Alice had forgotten about them.

The Baroness inserted the needle and injected the contents of the hypo into the implant. Alice could feel the implant getting bigger.

The Baroness did the same with Alice's right implant. She wanted to make sure that both implants had the same proportions. Instead of finishing, the Baroness filled the hypo and repeated the injections into Alice's implants. Then she did it again.

Alice felt the pressure of the enlarged implants. It was starting to hurt!

The Baroness continued the injections until Alice had obtained a 48 DD sized bust!

"You like?" said the Baroness.

"Please Mistress, they hurt!" cried Alice

"They're quite permanent, so get used to them. If you ever dare to disobey me, I'll do this again and double the size. You are mine to do with as I please!"

Tears ran down Alice's cheeks. The implants were going to stay!

"Yes Mistress" replied Alice, no longer surprised at her own words. The Baroness had broken her! She was her slave!

The Baroness could barely contain herself. It took such a short time to accomplish! Now Alice would learn the delights of being a sex slave. There would be many days and nights of rubbersex pleasure for the both of them.

She reached out her hand to Alice.

"Come with me. I want to introduce you to my friends. We are having a party in your honor."

Alice gingerly raised her hand; her Mistress taking it forcefully, yet with a certain gentleness as well.

"I love you, Alice."

Then the words that justified all the pain; all the work; were spoken.

"I love you, Mistress."



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