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The Rubber Baroness

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2009 - RubberH - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; D/s; drug; bond; mc; conditioning; slaves; bagged; oral; anal; toys; reluct/nc; X

continued from part one

Part Two

The Baroness guided Alice towards a set of large oak doors in the west wing of the castle. These were the Baroness' sleeping quarters. Alice watched, as the Baroness opened the heavy doors with ease. What she saw caused her to shiver in fear, yet become aroused.

The rooms were covered in black rubber. Not just things like the bedsheets and curtains, but EVERYTHING! The wallpaper was thin latex sheeting. The furniture had been coated in liquid latex. The carpet under her feet was actually rubber. The smell of it entered her nostrils and gave Alice an intense, erotic sensation.

"These are our quarters, and this is our bed, my darling." said the Baroness.

Alice knew that there was no way out of this. The Baroness was going to make her her lesbian sex slave, and if Alice resisted, she would be turned into some horrible rubber freak like her friends had been.

The Baroness guided Alice over to the foot of the bed. Then she reached up and pulled down a rubber coated manacle from the top of the bedpost. Taking Alice's left wrist, she closed the manacle. A second manacle was snapped around Alice's right wrist.

Similar restraints were placed on Alice's rubberized ankles. Alice's was now facing away from the bed. The Baroness stepped over to the nightstand . Alice could not turn her head so she was unsure of just what the Baroness was doing. She could hear the sound of a drawer being opened, and a slight clinking. The wait was only for a few minutes, but Alice knew that the Baroness had something perverted planned.

The Baroness had a remote control in her left hand, and a harness gag in her right. What Alice was frightened of the most was that the Baroness was now wearing a huge strap-on rubber dildo!

The Baroness took hold of Alice's jaw and began to place the gag in her mouth. The gag not only had a large rubber cock for the inside of her mouth, but a much larger dildo was on the outside as well. Alice could taste the rubber as it made its way past her lips and over her tongue. She wanted to spit it out, but the Baroness kept pushing it in, until the entire length had settled in. The Baroness then pulled the straps of the gag so tight that she couldn't even slip a finger between the straps and Alice's skin. Alice wanted to cry out; the harness was too tight and the rubber cock was almost choking her, but the Baroness would not remove it.

The Baroness had years of experience in binding and gagging her 'partners', and knew just when enough was enough. Alice was being brought just to the edge, but no further. If she gave in; accepted her fate, then all would be well. But it would be weeks, maybe even months for the Baroness to be convinced that Alice was THE one.

Once convinced that Alice was secured, the Baroness pointed the remote control at the bed and pressed one of its buttons. Alice could hear the sound of electric motors and soon felt the chains being pulled towards the four corners of the bedposts. Her arms and legs were forcing her into a standing spread-eagled position.

The chains kept being pulled tighter and tighter. Now Alice's limbs were being painfully stretched and they felt as if they were going to be pulled out of her sockets.

The Baroness used her remote to stop the winches before they could tear her captive apart. Yes, she thought to herself, Alice had a wonderfully flexible body. She was perfect; from her face; down to her firm tits; all the way to that beautifully rounded ass! What would transpire now would be the first of many experiences the Baroness would introduce her to.

Alice could feel the pain in her limbs as they were so stretched so taut. But now something else was happening. She couldn't look down because of the posture collar, but soon she felt something begin to touch her pussy. Rubber coated fingers began to probe her. The Baroness was getting her wet again. Alice tried to control herself, but the Baroness already new just how to arouse the most frigid woman.

Then Alice felt a new sensation.... Something large .....and rubber..... THE DILDO!

The Baroness quickly stood and inserted herself into Alice's moist opening. She was now facing her and Alice could not turn herself away. All she could see was the Baroness' face as she smiled and began to thrust her hips back and forth.

Alice closed her eyes as the Baroness continued to rape her with the large rubber cock.

"Relax my sweet. Soon you will feel just how delicious it is." whispered the Baroness.

Alice soon felt two unique sensations: The sexual pleasure from the Baroness' continual thrusting in and out of Alice's now totally drenched pussy and; a probing of her anus by the Baroness' rubber-gloved hands.

Alice opened her eyes. The Baroness was smiling at her. She placed her face closer to Alice's and opened her mouth. She placed the external rubber dildo that was attached to the gag into it, and began a rhythmic sucking of the artificial cock. As she would thrust the strap-on into Alice, she would suck the dildo-gag as well.

Alice could no longer fight the pleasure building up inside her. She came... and came... and came! The Baroness entered her harder and deeper! Alice came again and again.

Why?... Why? Alice thought to herself.

....She came again....

Why am I letting myself enjoy this?

....She came again....

The Baroness gave once last, deep thrust and held it for several moments.

Alice came again; the largest, most intense orgasm ever!

The Baroness removed herself. She was sweating and it was clear that she also had come several times.

Alice felt drained of all her strength. The sensations she had felt were incredible!

But the Baroness was not finished yet...

She took the remote and pressed another button.

Alice could feel the chains move.... she wasn't going to pull them tighter?

The chains began to move on two separate steel tracks. The chain on Alice's right wrist began moving to the left, towards the opposite bedpost. The left hand chain began moving right. The ankle chains also began switching positions.

"I'd suggest you turn to your right until you're facing the other way. Otherwise you'll end up a human pretzel."

Alice let herself be turned around until she was facing the head of the bed. She could feel the chains stop, then begin to pull her taut again.

"You need a little loosening up." said the Baroness. Alice didn't have to guess twice what that meant.

Alice felt the Baroness' fingers push inside her asshole again. This time a lubricant was used to coat the delicate opening.

The strap-on touched Alice's asscheeks....

Then with one thrust, the Baroness impaled Alice on the thick rubber cock.

If Alice could scream, she would have let out the most blood-curdling one she could do. But she could only feel pain. Pain from her throat which had been disabled by the injection, but most of all from the assault on her ass! She had never been fucked in the ass before. She never let Allen suggest it, let alone actually do it! Now, this dyke was ramming her from behind!

Alice passed out from the pain and sheer exhaustion.

When she awoke, Alice was resting on the bed. She looked up and saw a full-length mirror on the ceiling above the bed. She tried to rise, but the collar, gloves and boots prevented her from helping herself up. She could also see something wide and thick around her waist. Thick rubber straps went from each side of the belt. She could guess that they were restraints of some kind. Since she couldn't move her hands, she was secured to the bed.

She also noticed that she was alone, and that the gag was gone! She tried to talk, but she felt the sharp pain in her throat... no the drug was still working. She still was unable to speak.

Alice laid helpless for what seemed to her like hours. Then she heard someone enter the room. It was the maid called number eight. She walked over to the bed and undid the belt/restraint and helped Alice up.

Alice was escorted to the bathroom and number eight began to draw a bath. Alice felt a fullness in her bladder and bowels and fidgeted as the pressure began to build. The maid took Alice's arm and pushed her gently onto the toilet. Alice was embarrassed by having to do this in front of a stranger, but decided that she had already been humiliated and raped; there was little else left to protect. Certainly not her modesty.

Alice relieved herself. As she rose, number eight began to clean her ass and privates. Well Alice thought, I can't do it myself.

The maid then bathed Alice. The boots, gloves and collar stayed put. The Adhesive A was waterproof. Then a shampoo was liberally used on not only her head, but where any of her hair was. It had a strawberry-like smell and tingled her skin.

As Alice was being dried, she could see that the shampoo had done something to her hair. It had become slightly darker and thicker.

Alice was brought down to the breakfast table where a light meal had been prepared. As she could not use her hands to eat, number eight would spoon feed her and help her to drink her juice and coffee.

"I see that number eight is taking good care of you." said the Baroness.

Alice looked at her. The Baroness had changed from her usual skin-tight rubber clothing into a grey jacket and skirt; like some corporate executive. In the hallway, Alice could see two suitcases.

The Baroness continued. "While I'm away, you can go anywhere within the castle and garden and within 100 meters of the outside walls. Failure to do so, will result in your being placed in solitary confinement for the duration of my trip."

Alice was alarmed. Away? Trip? What was going on?

"I have a business to run. You don't think that this is all that I do? I will be on a trip to London for three weeks. While I'm there you will have a chance to become accustomed to the castle routine and for you to begin your studies of rubbersex."

The Baroness picked up a book and set it down in front of Alice. Like the furniture, it was covered in rubber. The Baroness opened up the book to the first page where Alice saw an illustration of two rubber clad women having sex with each other.

"This book will show you the techniques you will learn in order to please me. In addition, on a daily basis you will watch eight hours of videos of rubber and bondage. The servants have been scheduled to provide you with four to five hours per day of 'hands-on' training as well."

She continued, " Of course, When I return I will evaluate what you have learned. If you score well on my tests, you will begin your final phase of training."

The Baroness then took Alice in her arms and gave her a long passionate kiss. Her tongue thrust deep into Alice's mouth. Alice could no longer think of resisting; the Baroness had already succeeded in breaking her resolve to escape.

The Baroness was pleased with this result. With a feeling of great satisfaction, she strode towards the hallway and out the castle door to her waiting limo; leaving Alice in the care of the rubberized slaves.

Alice did not have to wait long for the next torment. number eight and another female (maybe) rubber slave took her by each arm and escorted her to the elevator. They went down to the dungeon level.

Instead of heading towards the sensory deprivation tank and the bondage table, Alice was taken in the opposite direction, to a different room.

In the middle of this room was something like a combination dentist's chair and gynecological exam table. Alice was placed into it, and quickly secured with thick rubber straps. Her legs were pulled wide apart and also secured to the heavy metal stirrups. A harness was placed over her head and fastened to the headrest.

Now number eight took something from a tray next to the headrest. Alice tried to see what it was but of course, she was completely incapable of doing anything but move her eyes. In seconds though, she wouldn't have that. number eight took two pieces of rubberized adhesive bandage and taped Alice's left eyelids open. Then the same was done to the right side. Small rubber tubes were placed just under each eye and also taped into place.

Alice could no longer close her eyes! What was happening now?

The two rubberslaves then inserted two large vibrators into Alice's pussy and ass. Rubber straps ensured that they could not fall out, no matter how much they worked!

Now the chair began to move. Alice was positioned in front of a large video screen. The lights in the room were turned off. Alice was in complete darkness until the screen was turned on.

On the screen was the Baroness. "Hello my slave." she said. "In order for you to become trained in the ways of rubbersex, you must become totally immersed in it. You are to become conditioned in the techniques and practices. As a bonus, you will be given continuous sexual stimulus during these videos. By the time you are ready for 'hands-on' training, you'll be ready to fuck anything."

The Baroness' face disappeared and the first video appeared. It was of two women bound and gagged in rubber, with a third woman dressed only in a strap-on dildo, began raping them. As the dominatrix entered the first slave, the intruder in Alice's pussy began to vibrate. As the scene became more intense, both vibrators became more intense. Alice wanted to close her eyes, but the tape forced her to watch.

A scent of rubber would enter her nostrils. It was an intoxicating perfume, that Alice was now smelling; no longer something strange.

A timer would send water into the rubber tubes, ending in a fine mist. This prevented Alice's eyes from drying, as she could not blink to keep them moist.

Hours passed and Alice was brought to the point of orgasm time and time again. The vibrators were synchronized with the videos, so that with each scene of extreme bondage and rubbersex, they turned on. But each time she was ready, the vibrators would stop. The Baroness was right! Alice had to have release!

Suddenly the video stopped and the room went black. Then Alice could hear the sound of something being lowered from the ceiling. The chair changed positions so that she was now flat on her back.

A spotlight was turned on and in front of Alice's face was a black rubber device in the shape of a woman's vagina! It lowered itself until it rested on her face.

"Eat!" came an electronic voice. Alice paused.

Then a different sensation entered Alice's pussy and rear. Instead of a pleasant vibrator, electric shocks began to torture her.

"EAT!" came the voice and the shocks became more violent.

Alice took her tongue and placed it in the rubber pussy. The shocks stopped temporarily.

"EAT!" and Alice with a combination of fear and disgust, began to perform oral sex on the black rubber device.

"Faster." Alice tried to go faster, but it was difficult because her head was so confined. All she had available was her mouth, lips and tongue. But then, that was the object of this. Another series of electric shocks began torturing her until she was able to go faster.

"Deeper" ...Deeper? Alice thought that it was impossible to do. However, more shocks made her realize that she had to try; no matter if she damaged her tongue permanently. The shocks had to stop!

This continued for nearly two hours. Whenever Alice succeeded in satisfying the device, the vibrators would switch on. When she failed, it was the electric shocks again.

Then the device was switched from a rubber vagina, to a large rubber cock. Alice could do nothing but open her mouth, as it pushed its way past her lips and continued until almost going down her throat!

"Suck." said the electronic voice. Alice needed no convincing, and proceeded to work the thing in her mouth. As she sucked it and manipulated her tongue and lips on the rubber cock, artificial 'cum' would spray into her mouth.

"Swallow"...and Alice did. She was puzzled however. If the Baroness wanted her as a lesbian sex slave, why train her in pleasuring men?

Alice could not tell how long she had been in the room. There were more hours of videos; each one more intense, more bondage, more sex and of course, more and more rubber! Each session meant more stimulus. Now all Alice could think of was how to find a way to fuck herself the rest of the night!

Finally, after she had long gone past her ability to resist, the rubbermaids released her from the chair. Alice tried to rub against them; trying to get them to let her come; but they held her at arms' length.

She was taken to the bedroom and strapped onto the bed. number eight brought over a thick rubber helmet and pulled it over her head, covering it completely except for an opening for her mouth. She was forced to breathe through this, as her nose was covered as well.

Then number eight placed a rubber mouthpiece into the opening. Alice tried to keep her mouth closed, but the rubber maid began to stroke the now very sensitive clit. As Alice shuddered from the touch, she eased up and number eight was able to push the mouthpiece in and secure it with a locking rubber head harness.

The mouthpiece provided cool, crisp air, but that was not all. An odorless gas was mixed with the oxygen. This gas quickly caused Alice to become light- headed, and eventually she was in a deep uninterruptable sleep.

When Alice did awake, she was still in the hood and still strapped to the bed. But now she felt as if she was being squeezed on every square inch of her body. number eight removed the helmet's blindfold and looking into the ceiling mirror, Alice could see that she was covered from head to toe in bright red latex! Not only was the rubber suit extremely tight, but Alice could feel that it was almost as thick as the gloves and boots had been... she could barely move. There were no openings save for her eyes, the mouthpiece and two rubber tubes that ended in incredibly huge plugs that had been forced into her pussy and ass!

What the most shocking thing was that Alice could also see that attached to the suit was an enormous rubber cock!

A hospital gurney was wheeled into the room and Alice was released from the bed. She could hardly even sit up, the rubber was so tight and thick! The maids and two other rubber slaves lifted Alice off of the bed and placed her on the gurney. Then it and Alice were wheeled to the elevator, and they went down to the dungeon for more rubbersex training.

Alice was confused as to what the Baroness had in mind for her. Why the dildo? Wasn't she going to be the one getting fucked; not the other way around?

Alice was lifted from the gurney and set in front of the chair where she had previously been strapped to. The rubberslaves attached cables to the plugs... obviously they were vibrators as well. Then, number eight once again taped open Alice's eyes so she could not prevent herself from closing them. The automatic moisteners were also reattached.

Alice stood facing the chair. 'Why aren't they putting me in it?' she thought.

Out of the corner of her eye, two figures were entering the room. Alice saw another rubberslave; possibly male, and a smaller female figure. As they approached the chair Alice could see that the female was bound in a form-fitting rubber catsuit and a rubber straightjacket. A thick rubber helmet had been pulled over her head. She was trying to resist... this was not one of the Baroness' house slaves!

The female was strapped into the chair; her legs pulled wide apart and affixed to the stirrups. The video screen was turned on again and the Baroness spoke.

"This slave has been very disobedient towards her Master, who happens to be a good friend of mine. She is to spend the next forty-eight hours in this room. You my sweet Alice, are to teach her a lesson, by fucking her long and hard."

The Baroness continued, "This will not be a pleasurable experience for you either; at least not while you are punishing her. While you were asleep, your clitoris was injected with an anesthetic which will last for roughly the same amount of time. I do not want you experiencing sexual pleasure until I say you can."

"The bitch!" Alice fumed. "I can't feel anything!" In all the excitement of being in the rubber suit, Alice had not noticed the growing numbness between her legs. Now she was supposed to rape this slave and not get any pleasure out of it.

Then it struck her... pleasure from raping a slave? The Baroness was getting her to think that this was pleasure. Being bound in rubber and engaging in rubbersex with women, was now something that was now stimulating and enjoyable. Alice was taken aback... but only for a few seconds.

The awful electronic voice spoke..."Fuck!" With each second that Alice hesitated, the electric shocks entered her ass; more painful than ever.

Because the suit limited her movements, Alice had to struggle to make it to the chair. The female's vagina was exposed, as well as her asshole. Alice laid on top of the woman and quickly entered her. The slave felt that someone was about to rape her and futilely struggled and screamed into the thick penis gag that had been forced into her mouth.

"Slow" said the voice. Alice began a slow in and out movement. The slave struggled harder as she felt the rubber intruder begin its work. In seconds, Alice had the slave completely wet and the dildo moved much more easily.

"Deeper" came the voice. Alice pushed herself in side the slave deeper. Oh how she wanted to feel it! The slave was being brought to the edge to orgasm. Then.....

An electric spark from the dildo now emerged. The slave was now screaming in pain rather than pleasure. Alice could feel nothing, but she knew the sensation from her previous encounter in the chair. "Deeper" said the voice, and Alice pushed inside the slave as hard as she could in an attempt to insert the entire length of the dildo. Alice was feeling pleasure, but not physically. She watched the struggling rubber-bound slave as the combination of pain and pleasure took its toll.

The slave collapsed. Alice could see that the slave had fainted. number eight walked up to the chair and placed an ammonia capsule under her nose. The slave awoke with a start. The electronic voice spoke "Fuck"; and Alice began again.

Whenever Alice would tire, the shocks in her ass reminded her that there were many more hours to go. Alice was allowed rest periods of fifteen minutes every two hours. The tubes in her suit allowed her bladder and bowels to empty while she was working on the slave. She would be given water to drink during these rest periods, but nothing else.

By the end of the first day, Alice had began to understand her pleasurable feelings about what was occurring. She was bound in rubber, but she was also the one in control. The slave strapped in the chair was the one being controlled. Alice was in charge of administering pleasure and pain to the slave, who could do nothing but accept her fate.

Alice no longer needed the electric shocks to prod her on. She willing thrust the dildo inside the slave's pussy; and then without the voice telling her, the slave's asshole as well.

After three or four hours, Alice could begin to feel the stimulus to her clit. The Baroness didn't numb it for the entire time! Alice started to feel more and more pleasure as she began to fuck the slave harder and harder... but never letting her come!

By the fortieth hour, the Baroness' rubberslaves stopped Alice and began to remove the suit. Alice was happy that she had more movement, yet was sad that the tight rubber was being removed.

The image of the Baroness appeared on the screen once more. "Alice my sweet, you have done well. As a reward for your performance, you are permitted one orgasm and one only."

Alice was fitted with another dildo, and she re-mounted the slave. However, something was different. The slave's face could now be seen; the hood had been removed and the slave's eyes had also been taped open; showing her that the face of her tormentor belonged to a woman.

"This slave has never had sex with a woman before." said the Baroness "Now she is completely humiliated and understands that if her Master gives her an order, she will have to comply."

Alice said nothing, but began working the dildo until she had the biggest and best orgasm ever! She tried to work the dildo to have another.

"Stop!" shouted the Baroness. "ONE ONLY!"

Alice couldn't stop herself; she continued thrusting herself inside the slave.


The rubber slaves pulled Alice off of the slave and removed the dildo. number eight brought over a hypo and gave Alice's clit another injection of anesthetic. Then she was taken to a large steel ring on the floor of the room.

"This failure to obey me will be your last!"

Each of Alice's fingers and toes were secured with rubber thongs. Each thong was secured to the ring and the rubber slaves began to pull them; stretching her digits out towards the ring.

Alice was now in an extreme spread eagled position. She could not move her fingers and toes. A rubber head harness was placed on her and it too, was secured to the ring. Nipple clamps and a clamp on her clit were attached, and rubber strapping pulled then towards the ring.

Alice could hear an electric motor and soon felt the ring being lifted off of the floor and into the air. The straps stretched, but didn't break, as she was now in a vertical position, her weight now held by the straps and the ring.

Each of the three rubberslaves took a whip of some kind and took turns striking Alice with them. Alice wanted to scream, but she couldn't. Even if the drug that numbed her vocal cords had worn off, a huge inflatable rubber gag was attached to the head harness and blown up until she could hardly breathe through her nose!

Twice Alice fainted from the torture, and twice she was revived and the whipping started again. She had been repeatedly struck on every uncovered inch of her body, except for her head.

After an unknown length of time, she was taken down from the ring. A thick, rubber bag was brought into the room.

The Baroness spoke again. "Obedience is expected by everyone. I am very sad that you could not accept this fact. I have hope that you will eventually accept this. Now I will have to change the structure of your training."

Alice's mouth was forced open and a large rubber mouthpiece and tube pushed into it. Rubber straps, covered in the Adhesive A, wrapped around her head trapping the tube in her mouth. Next, rubber plugs were glued into her nostrils. This forced her to breathe through her mouth, and thus the tube.

Earplugs were also glued, cutting off all sound. Then the rubber slaves opened the bag and forced Alice into its doll-sized opening. It was a tight squeeze, but eventually Alice was pushed through.

The bag was small, and forced Alice to assume a fetal position. It was also thick; three times the thickness of the gloves she had worn. There would be no way to puncture a way out of it. The tube was pulled through a reinforced hole in the bag.

Finally, the rubber slaves placed Adhesive A onto the tube and seams of the opening and sealed the bag. Alice was now trapped inside the rubber bag! She clawed at the sides of the bag. She tried to remove the mouthpiece and tube, but the Adhesive A was too strong.

On the bag were two reinforced rubber rings. A set of chains was lowered from the ceiling and padlocked to the rings. Then with a push of a button, the bag was hoisted in the air until it was about two feet off of the floor.

She sat quietly in the bag for several minutes, frightened at the isolation and the darkness. She had complete freedom of her limbs, but for what?

Then she felt something entering the tube. A soft mush began entering her mouth. It came in continuously and began to fill her mouth. As the tube was also supplying her with air, all she could do was swallow. From time to time, she could hold back the mush with her tongue and take a breath. However, she could not hold it back for long, as the stuff would clog the tube. The mush was totally tasteless. After swallowing what Alice had thought may have been about a quart, she was given a liquid to drink. It too, had no taste.

Then Alice began feeling a cramping in her stomach. The cramps spread to her kidneys, bladder, and bowels. She then lost control and began to relieve herself in the bag! She tried to hold it in but it was useless! After fifteen minutes, she had lost all control of her bodily functions.

Over the course of the day, Alice would be force-fed several times an hour. Mixed with the mush and water was a drug that would cause her to shit and piss almost everything she consumed. It would collect in the bag letting Alice feel it filling up; dreading the next feeding session. Of course, a concentrated nutrient was also included so that she would not starve or too severely dehydrate.

Alice was frightened to move, as her wastes would slosh around in the bag. Her fingers would accidentally touch the foul stuff, but she had no place to clean them. It disgusted her and if there had been anything left in her stomach, she would have thrown up.

The Baroness knew that this was a severe punishment, which had only just begun. Alice would be in this phase for at least four days. However, upon release from the bag in two weeks, Alice would never disobey again.

End Part Two


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