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The Rubber Baroness 12

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2009 - RubberH - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/fm+; D/s; latex; bond; rubberslaves; liquid rubber; mc; conditioning; bagged; cocoon; bodymod; cons/nc; X

continued from part 11

Part Twelve

Three days had passed and Alice had not heard from the Baroness' kidnappers. The chief of security at the Baroness' company discovered that one of his guards had been actually an impostor. Before he could be seized and questioned, the Baroness had been kidnapped. The impostor had tried to erase the security tape from the garage, but Martin had redundant systems installed, so that deliberate sabotage of the security system would be impossible.

Alice insisted that the police not be called. There would be too many questions. Besides, there must have been another motive if no ransom had yet been demanded. Martin concurred and contacted an old college friend of his, who had established a very discrete private security firm. Martin was not going to trust his own people after they screwed up. There was going to be a major shakeup once his sister was returned.

The Baroness was starving. She was only allowed water, and the frequent visits to the sauna was begining to take its toll. She knew that if she wasn't rescued, the only other way she could win was to die. She had only a faint hope left.

Mistress Clarice's rubberslaves had not disposed of the Baroness' clothes and other belongings. They gathered up what was left in the van, and proceeded to the incinerator. In the fanny pack that the Baroness was wearing, was her cell phone. At Martin's insistence, a special feature had been installed in the cell phones of all executives of the company. If the owner of the phone did not enter a code into it each day, it would send a silent call every hour to the company's security force.

The problem was that the van and thus the phone, were in an underground parking garage, which prevented the signal from getting out. Once the rubberslaves moved the phone outside, the call was able to be made. The other lucky break was that the incinerator was not scheduled to burn anything until the next day. This gave Martin's friend a quick fix on the Baroness' location. Within an hour, Matrix Rubberwear had been invaded by several, well-armed men. The rubberslaves gave up without a fight, and Mistress Clarice was bundled off to the Baroness' castle, as Alice's 'special' guest.

Doctors Ernstmeyer had arranged for the Baroness' recuperation at home, as they knew that any publicity would be sure to draw attention. Martin and Alice both agreed, but more because they wanted to make sure she got the best care; surrounded by her friends and family, rather than a hospital full of strangers.

It took several weeks for the Baroness to recover from the near starvation and loss of fluids. Her body needed physical therapy from the horrible constriction of the mummification. In time though, she made a remarkable recovery.

As for Mistress Clarice. Alice had plans for her. Plans which would kick- off a new product being offered by Alicetta Fashions and the newly acquired Matrix Rubberwear. It would be shown at the next Dressing for Pleasure ball which would be in six months.

As the Baroness gained back her strength, Martin would make frequent visits to see her and his nephew. In her absence, he was running the company, but he claimed that he was in over his head and she needed to come back as soon as she was able. She knew he was just saying that to help her get back to her old self.

But the Baroness wasn't keeping still. She had plans which were gaining momentum. The fax machine and phone were being used for hours. Email went back and forth. When she was well enough to receive visitors other than close friends and family, she arranged meetings in her home office. Alice was not privy to these and she was worried that Gretta was taxing her strength too much. But the Baroness seemed to thrive on this. It was part of the secret that Alice had accidentally discovered when it slipped that there were more rubberslaves being created.

Alice was looking at the books of Alicetta, doing a spot check of expenses; when she came across a payment for rent on a warehouse. Alicetta already had a warehouse. This one wasn't it. Looking at the Baroness' key ring, she saw one that was not familiar. She decided to go to the address written on the check.

The warehouse was not large, but it wasn't small either. There were people working at the loading dock; shipping large plastic drums into a truck. Alice went into the warehouse and asked to see the manager. Her German was still bad, but the man on the loading dock understood what she wanted and took her to the office. Soon, a middle-aged woman stood in front of her. When Alice said who she was, the woman who was at first very rude, suddenly became very apologetic and became almost slavish in her behavior. She escorted Alice to a door near the back of the warehouse. Alice put the strange key into the lock. It fit, and she opened the door.

Inside, Alice was stunned by what she saw.

Hanging from the steel girders on heavy chains, were nearly one hundred rubber bags. The same kind that had imprisoned her when she was held in the liquid rubber 'womb'. Feeding/breathing tubes led into the bags, while tubes for wastes came out of the bags and into a central sewer pipe. The bags were in different colors and plastic tags were attached to the tops. Alice looked at the tag on a bright pink rubber bag. It said 'February', and the year.

Alice knew that each of these bags contained a rubberslave. The date was February... of last year! There was someone trapped inside this thing for all that time! She went to the other bags. Some had fairly recent dates, some were months old. She also noticed that each bag also had wires running down the chain and into the bag. There also connected to the wires, a jack for a headphone/microphone. She noticed a set nearby and placed them on her head. She plugged them into the jack and listened.

A soft voice kept repeating itself, over and over: "I love to suck cock..... I can't get enough cock..... My Master's cock needs to be sucked..."

Alice went over to the next bag. The same voice said something different.

"I must pleasure my Mistress... I must lick Mistress' pussy.... I must lick her until she says stop... I must never stop licking Mistress' pussy."

There were others:

"My asshole is only for my Master... My mouth is only for my Master... My body is only for my Master."

"Pain is Pleasure... Pleasure is Pain"

Each colored bag had the same message; so some rubberslaves were to orally serve Mistresses; some to be used anally; some to have other purposes.   Alice could see what the Baroness meant by increased production of rubberslaves. The question now is... Why?

"Would you like to see the milking facility?", said the manager. Alice almost had forgotten about her. She nodded yes.

They went into the next room. Alice soon heard the sounds of machinery and also, low moaning. Her next surprise nearly caused her to faint.

Two dozen teenage boys were secured to steel frames with thick rubber body harnesses; being suspended off the floor of the warehouse. But it was the fact that they had HUGE balls and cocks! Each cock was maybe a foot and half long and so thick, she couldn't get her hands completely around them. Their balls were...  well,  bigger than beachballs. They were also bright blue... just like ‘blueballs’, the slave she saw at the first party the Baroness let her attend. These were also harnessed so that they didn't touch the floor.

Each slave was hooked to a milking machine. A probe was inserted into their asses and Alice supposed it was a prostate stimulator, so that they would become more sexually aroused.

The slaves were not gagged. Instead a rubber dildo has placed into their mouths and they voluntarily were sucking on them. Alice could see a whitish liquid occasionally go through the tubes attached to the dildo.

"The mix is approximately 3 to 1.", said the woman.

"Mix?" , asked Alice.

"Yes. Three parts cum, to one part nutrient. The sucker slaves receive a 6 to 1 mix. Of course, the addictive properties of the nutrient will cause the slaves to want more cum to satisfy themselves."

"So they become addicted to sucking cock?"

"Yes, of course. Since large amounts of cum are needed to satisfy the slaves' craving, these subjects have been altered to provide as much as is needed."

"Gee, where are the pussy lickers?",  Alice said sarcastically.

"This way.", the woman replied. Alice followed her.

Like the male slaves, there were two dozen women strapped to steel frames by rubber harnesses. They had a unique difference.

Their pussys were changed so that dildos several inches thick were continuously ramming them. Their clits were abnormally large so as to be subjected to continuous sexual stimulation. If Alice didn't know that these were women, she would have thought that they were men... the clits were six inches long! As the dildos withdrew, their juices would flow into a collection pipe and into a small tank. From there, the juices went into another set of rubber bagged slaves, as well as into the harnessed women's mouths.

"When final transport is confirmed, we'll have everything ready on time Mistress Alice.', said the woman. "I hope you will forgive me for being so rude to you. You may whip me if you so choose."

Alice was tempted, but she was late for supper.

The Baroness had made a complete recovery from her ordeal. To celebrate, she planned a special party and had invited every prominent rubberist that could make it.

Alice had changed her mind and planned to give a sneak preview of her new device.  It was to be a specially satisfying demonstration. A personal, as well as a business triumph.

All of the Baroness' friends arrived. Rubber was of course, the dress code and no effort was spared to show her how much they cared and respected her. The Baroness almost broke into tears when she saw this, but she quickly regained her composure. Tonight was going to be the most important event in rubberist history, and she wanted to put on the best presentation she ever gave.

Alice had kept quiet about her discovery at the warehouse. The manager of the warehouse was there at the party, but she was too busy servicing her Mistress to even look at Alice. The Baroness would reveal everything; and it looked like tonight was it.

Alice stroked her swelling belly. She was pregnant again. They had decided that Johann needed a baby brother or sister.


The Baroness walked into the middle of the room and everyone clinked their glasses. She smiled and raised her glass. "Friends. Thank you for making this such a wonderful evening. Alice and I are pleased that you could come for what we promise will be something that will surprise and delight all of you."

After the applause died down the Baroness continued. "I'd like to announce that after a lot of hard thought, I've decided to step down from running the day to day affairs of my family's company. My brother Martin will be assuming my position, effective tomorrow. But that doesn't mean that I'll be retiring. Tonight, I'm going to present to you a new concept, no, make that a new adventure for rubberists worldwide."

The Baroness motioned to numbers one through seven, who carried in a large, linen-covered platform. They brought it to the center of the ballroom and set it down. The Baroness took each corner of the cloth, and connected it to a pulley in the center of the room. She gave a signal, and the platform was uncovered.

Alice couldn't believe her eyes. It was a scale model that used her architectural designs. The same ones she had been working on all this time.

"Friends, this is 'Cotytto'; a new resort devoted solely for the use and pleasure of rubberists.  'Cotytto ' is the name of the great mother goddess of Thrace, whose festival was notorious for its lewdness. Not that this is going to be anything else but first class."

"Cotytto?", asked Alice

"It was that, or 'Rubberland';  but I figured that something not so obvious was in order.", joked the Baroness.

"And by the way... who said that you could use my designs?"

The Baroness smiled. "I guess that I wanted you to have your dream. To have your designs actually built and lived in."

"Where is this going to go?", asked a guest who had come dressed as a rubberized version of Marilyn Monroe.

"Isn't this going to cost a lot to build?", inquired a Mistress who had taken Alice's 'Gemini' suit and encapsulated herself and her slave husband.

The Baroness nodded. "The site is a former military facility, once owned by a government that I cannot  reveal. Nearly all the infrastructure is there and has an added advantage of being nearly inaccessible to passing ships. It has its own airstrip, but it is out of way of the regular plane routes. As for costs, yes, it's an expensive proposition. I will let you know that our good friends Kurt and Elke have signed on as investors, and I have commitments from several others. I just couldn't reveal who they were until tonight. In addition, all profits from Alicetta Fashions', Matrix Rubberwear division will be applied to this project."

'This will be the finest resort for rubberists of all sexual tastes. There are over one hundred rubberslaves that are fully conditioned, and we anticipate that one hundred and fifty more will be ready by the time that Cotytto will open. These rubber slaves will fulfill every wish our guests desire. You want a  rubbermaid to lick your boots, you got it.  You want a rubberized houseboy to screw every hour, you got it. If we don't have it, we'll make it."

There was a moment of silence, then a long round of applause. It continued for several minutes. Then finally each guest walked up to the Baroness and offered support.

Alice was pleased that the Baroness was in such good spirits. In a way, it was a bit of a letdown as her contribution to the party was certainly not as dramatic, but it would be just as satisfying.

The Baroness asked for silence and brought Alice to the center of the room.  They held hands, then the Baroness gave Alice a kiss and allowed her to present her new invention.

Four rubberslaves were brought out. Two female, two male. They all wore bizarre looking harnesses. One male and female wore what looked like rubber bras. The other two wore dildo harnesses.

"Tonight will be a demonstration of what Alicetta Fashions call  'KWIK- TITS' and 'KWIK-KOCK'. As you know, Gretta and I have created rubberwear that can conform to any body shape and size. You also have used our 'Super Tit' fillable breast implants. 'KWIK-TITS' and 'KWIK-KOCK' are a extension of that technology. However, the problem with the implants is that once it is expanded to a certain size, it cannot regain its shape. 'KWIK-TITS' and 'KWIK-KOCK'  have solved that problem."

Alice went to the female with the rubber breast harness. She connected a hose to a valve in the back of the harness. She then did the same to the male slave with the dildo. She then walked over to a tank of compressed air and opened the valve. Instantly the rubber breasts and rubber cock began to enlarge. The air continued to enter the harnesses, and they continued to get bigger and bigger. Finally, Alice turned off the valves leaving the female with 130 DD breasts and the male with a six foot cock and four foot wide balls!

"What can be done with air can be done with liquid.", continued Alice. She hooked up the other two slaves to a pump and proceeded to fill the 'KWIK-TITS' and 'KWIK-KOCK' with gallons of liquid rubber. The slaves could not stand and fell to the floor.  Alice turned off the pump and watched as the helpless slaves were actually lying on their artificially enlarged body parts.

"However, the best part of this demonstration is yet to come."

Alice opened the doors to the garden. On the other side of the wall the guests could see a tanker truck had been parked. The truck had the word 'Helium' written on it. In the center of the garden there was one of the usual slave tie- down rings. But a thick rope was attached to it and to a winch. The rope rose into the air. There was something floating high overhead, but since it was a moonless night, nothing could be seen.

Alice started the winch and it began to pull on the rope, and whatever was on the end of it. After several seconds a large object appeared overhead. It was covered in rubber but it had breasts and a cock which were twenty times larger than what was just demonstrated inside.

"I'd like to introduce you to Mistress Clarice, former owner of Matrix Rubberwear, and our very special guest."

All the guests began to boo and throw things at the misshapen figure. They bounced off the super tough 'KWIK-TITS' and 'KWIK-KOCK'.

Alice held up a large knife and offered it to the Baroness. Without hesitation, she approached Mistress Clarice and whispered in her ear:

"Have a nice flight."

She cut the rope, and the Baroness' former tormentor flew up into the night sky. The last thing that was heard was a muffled cry.

THE END ******************************************************************************


After a long delay, a new story: “Summer on Cotytto” is in the works. I'd appreciate any comments about this story, and suggestions about continuing the Adventures of Alice and the Rubber Baroness. Please drop me an email at [email protected]



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