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The Rubber Baroness 11

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2009 - RubberH - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; D/s; latex; bond; drug; kidnap; wrap; cocoon; enema; cons/nc; X

continued from part 10

Part Eleven

Alice waited for several days after the incident between the Baroness and her brother. She knew that her lover was in pain, and she resolved to do try to ease the tensions between them. There was also another pressing need to have tensions between the Baroness and Martin eased.

The Baroness left for an overnight trip to Paris. Even though she now took trips out of the country thanks to her new passport, Alice made up an excuse not to join her.

She selected one of the few 'regular' outfits she had; a conservative grey business suit. It was well-tailored so that it hid her amply endowed chest, and her muscular body. She put on a wig that approximated her original hair, before it was permanently removed. She then called Martin's office saying that the Baroness wanted to see him on an urgent matter. When Martin arrived, he was greeted not by one of his sister's rubber servants, but by the young woman that he had bumped into the last time he came. This time, she was more appropriately dressed. Still, he knew that she was probably one of Gretta's lesbian lovers and fellow rubber freak.

Alice brought Martin to the Baroness' office and offered him a drink. He refused.

"Where's Gretta?" He inquired " I thought she wanted to see me?"

"Not her... me." Alice replied.

"Oh shit. I don't have time for this." He started to walk out of the office, but number four blocked the way. Martin turned and saw that the windows were guarded by other rubberslaves. "What the hell is going on?" He yelled at Alice.

"You don't have to yell. After we've talked, you can leave."

"We have nothing to talk about."

"Gretta... we have her in common. We both love her in our own way."

"So I'm supposed to accept what she's become and give her a big hug and kiss?"

"I know it's not that simple...."

"Wrong! It's impossible for you to understand... It wasn't her becoming a lesbian. It wasn't her getting into this rubber stuff. It's when she lied to everyone. Our parents, our friends, and me! In time, I could probably see things from her side, But it's just..."

"You're hurt too." Said Alice. "I haven't been with her as much as you, but I think I've learned that despite her strength, she was scared of what her family thought about her. I think she may have lied, just so that you wouldn't reject her. And it looks like you did."

"I can't reject her... I'm just still mad." Martin had relaxed a great deal. This young woman was not what her expected; a shrill, domineering dyke. She seemed to be a sensitive and a very perceptive person.

"I know, what it's like between siblings. I have a sister that I haven't seen for years; but that's another story and that's my problem. Would you like to see your nephew?

Martin stiffened. "Nephew? When did she have a baby? How could she have one? She had a hysterectomy years ago."

'It was her eggs and Gustav's sperm. They froze the embryos and I was the one who gave birth." Alice walked over to Martin and took his hand. "She wanted this baby very badly. Not only for herself, but to keep Gustav's family legacy going. She wouldn't have done that if she didn't love him."

"And what about you? I assume that you are her lover."

Alice looked at Martin straight in the eyes. "Yes, I am. But I'm also her business, as well as life partner. I love her very much."

They went into the nursery. Martin was obviously very uncomfortable with all the rubber that was in the room. Alice took the baby and they went into the garden. As the time passed, both Alice and Martin became more at ease with each other.

"Martin. There's another reason I wanted a truce between you and Gretta." Alice finally decided to tell him. "I think that Johann is going to need a father figure. Since you are family, I'd like you to come around more often."

"I didn't think that you'd need a man around." Martin replied.

"I'm just trying to give Johann more than just one view of life. Yes, we're lesbians, and yes we have a lifestyle that you don't consider 'normal'. When he grows up, I want him to choose what he wants for himself. If he wants to have a vanilla life; that's ok. If he wants to be a sub rubber TV, that's fine as well."

Martin thought carefully. He was surprised at his even considering what Alice wanted him to do. But he knew that maybe it was time to make peace. "All right. But I don't want to have to look at all this kinky rubber stuff."

"Impossible.' Alice replied. "Gretta won't go for it. In fact, she'll just pile it on thicker."

"Damn stubborn"

"And you're not?"

Martin smiled slightly. "I guess so." He took Alice's hand and gave it a light shake. "Ok, I stop by next week. I'll pretend that I need to talk to her about a new business acquisition."

Alice almost gave him a hug, but knew that it was too soon to be so intimate. Instead she held his hand and simply said "Thank you."

* * *

In the meantime, the Baroness was on her way to the airport to catch the plane to Paris. As it was such a beautiful day, she decided to take the convertible instead of the limo. She had stopped by the office to pick up a set of contracts. She parked in the underground parking lot and had just locked the car when she felt someone was behind her. She turned and was confronted by four figures covered from head to toe in black rubber. Before she could grab her pepper spray, the figures seized her and forced her to the ground. Before she could cry for help, a penis gag was shoved into her mouth. The rubber cock was coated with a thick goo which was a powerful sedative. She involuntarily swallowed and in seconds she was unconscious.

When she came to, she couldn't see. She had been put into a very heavy rubber gasmask/hood. However, she wasn't gagged. She thought it was rather strange. She tried to touch the hood, but she discovered her hands were locked into a pair of rubber mittens. She couldn't move her fingers or flex her wrists.

She tried to stand up, but her legs were strapped together. She heard a door open, and was soon seized by four pairs of hands.

"Get me out of this you bastards!" She yelled. Then she felt an electrical current in her ass!

"AAARRRGGGHHH!' She screamed. The current kept going for several seconds.

"That's enough." came the sound of a woman's voice. The Baroness felt the hood being unlaced and soon felt fresh air on her face. She squinted her eyes, the light in the room was extremely bright.

"Who are you..." Were the next words out of her mouth. But before she could finish, a hand slapped her in the face.

"I'll do the talking until I say you can.", said the woman in a stern, yet calm voice.

The Baroness looked at the owner of that voice. It belonged to a woman in her late fifties. She was dressed in a rubber harness with matching thigh-high boots with stiletto heels and extremely lethal looking spurs. Shoulder-length rubber gloves were on her arms. The gloves were also studded, which also appeared to be very sharp. The woman herself was attractive, and very fit. Her hair was almost all grey with just a few strands of black. What was the most frightening were the eyes; they were almost black; almost inhuman.

"I'm afraid that you have forced me to this drastic action."

"Who the hell are you! What do you want bitch?"

Before the Baroness could say anything else, the electrical current was turned on again. This time the Baroness screamed in torment for nearly two minutes before it stopped.

"I said, I'LL do the talking." The woman still had no sign of anger in her voice. She had the upper hand, and there was nothing the Baroness could do.

"My agent offered to buy your rubberwear business, but you refused to sell. I am Mistress Clarice, owner of Matrix Rubberwear. You have cut into my market share and I intend remove you from competition. Now you may speak."

"I never heard of Matrix Rubberwear. I never heard of you. Someone showed up at the factory, but I thought it was a crank.", said the Baroness.

"Of course not. I don't let anyone use my real identity or company name. You should have sold Baroness. Now I'm going to have to 'convince' you to sell out."

The Baroness was astonished! Kidnapped by a fellow rubberist; and for money, not sex. Funny, but it was almost poetic that she now was subjected to what she had done to unsuspecting passersby.

Then something else made her start to panic. If it wasn't ransom that Mistress Clarice wanted, and it was Alicetta Fashions; if she sold out she was of no longer of use to her captor. Mistress Clarice wasn't just going to free her.

"I'll have the mittens removed, and you can sign the contracts; selling me Alicetta." Said Mistress Clarice.

"No such luck, bitch.", replied the Baroness. She prepared herself for the electric shock, but soon realized it wasn't coming.

"Oooohhh, I'm so hurt by that. I have the time to convince you to sell. Nothing quick for you, oh no!"

The Baroness had not paid attention to the nearby rubberslaves, who were preparing some equipment. Before she knew it, a rubber tube was being forced down her throat and into her stomach. Then she saw Mistress Clarice flip a switch, and the stomach pump was turned on. In a short time, that morning's breakfast had been removed. But that wasn't all. A small quantity of a liquid laxative was then pumped into her. Within a few minutes, the Baroness felt cramping in her bowels, and a sudden release of what was still in there.

She was hosed down after the laxative had done its work. A large butt plug was shoved up her ass, and a dildo was pushed into her pussy.

Next, the rubber slaves appeared with rolls of rubber bandages. The dildo gag was coated with the same drug and forced into the Baroness' mouth. Once again, she fell into a deep sleep.

As she slept, the rubberslaves began to wind the rubber bandages around her limbs. Then her torso; criss-crossing her large, firm breasts. Her arms were wrapped as well, then her head except for her eyes and mouth. Then they began wrapping a second layer of rubber bandages tightly around the unconscious woman, until she was completely mummified.

The rubber hood was once again secured around her head. The gag was removed, but her nostrils were plugged, so she would be forced to breathe through her mouth, which was constricted because of the tight rubber bandages. Then a coating of liquid rubber was applied to her body; creating a seamless cocoon of latex.

When the Baroness came to, she felt the tightness of the mummification. She remembered when Alice had done this to her. But this time was different; she may never get out of this! Speaking was difficult too, she had difficulty breathing because of the constriction of the bandages.

As time passed the Baroness felt the pangs of hunger. The pumping of her stomach, and the long hours she had been kept captive, made her long for nourishment. Hours went by and her feelings of hunger were more intense as she had nothing else to stimulate her. The dildo and butt plug were incapable of movement. They performed their purpose, which was to seal up the two openings. The Baroness tried to roll over, but she was so tightly wrapped, that she couldn't even wiggle. All she could do was lie on the floor.

After several more hours had passed. The Baroness felt herself being picked up and carried to another location. It was only a short distance as she felt herself being lowered and laid down on something. The hood was unlaced and pulled off. She looked around as best as her eyes could see, as she could not even turn her head. She saw the ceiling that seemed to be slats of pine. She also started to feel warmer. The rubber wrappings were making her hot, but now it was hotter than before.

"You ready to sell, Baroness?", said Mistress Clarice. The Baroness was repositioned so that she was in a standing position in the middle of a sauna. A rubber harness was attached to her body and several rubber straps held her upright.

"Hell, no.", the Baroness replied. It wasn't courage or defiance that kept her from breaking. It was her realization that if she let Mistress Clarice win this concession, there was nothing to keep her from forcing anything else from her. She had to keep fighting!

Mistress Clarice took a ladle and dipped it in a bucket. She brought it to the Baroness' lips and allowed her to drink. "That's enough for the moment. " as the Baroness tried to lick the ladle.

The ladle was refilled and the contents poured over the heated rocks. The steam rose and the Baroness knew that this would not be over soon.


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