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The Rubber Baroness 10

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2009 - RubberH - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/ff; D/s; latex; bond; bagged; catsuit; kidnap; mc; conditioning; cons/nc; X

continued from part 9

Part Ten

Conditioning Katrina turned out to be easier said, than done. The Baroness had to use the swimming pool instead of the sensory deprivation tank, as the twin maid was too large to fit. It also took her and Alice a bit of getting used to as well. Except for Nadja, no other rubberslave had a name. Alice's former roommate Betty and the two former burglars also had names. However, they were not even considered human, since they were a pony and watchdogs, so they didn't really count.

Katrina floated in the pool; arms and legs held by rubber coated steel cables, four feet under the surface. Nearly a month had gone by, while the lack of stimulation slowly destroyed the will to resist. The rubber suits were tightly adhered to the skin and muscle. The Adhesive A could never loosen, not even a millimeter.

In the conditioning room, a new twin-size chair accommodated Katrina. The nutrient would be pumped into the stomachs at the same time; in the same amount. The hypnotic conditioning and drugs would be administered in the same dosage. Sexual stimulation was also given together. Whatever one side received, the other side was equally treated.

To start both halves to work together, a rubber harness and straps encircled each head. It was designed so that if the right one turned, the other would have to follow. They could not face each other. The Baroness had the eyes clamped open, like all the other hypnotic sessions, but this time all that was on the screen was a small dot the size of a tennis ball going from one side to the other.

"Watch the dot...follow the dot." Came the command. Katrina complied. Both heads moved from side to side in unison. The harness would pull forcing one of the heads to stay in sync, if one side or another resisted. The dot continued for twelve hours going back and forth. Then the direction changed slightly; going up and down, or even corner to corner. Sometimes it went in a big circle. No matter what direction it took, both heads followed it.

This continued for several days. The vibrators started and stopped together when a reward was given. Likewise, the electroshocks were administered just as evenhandedly. The Urinary and double Anal catheter catheters were emptied at the same time as well. In fact, the drainage tubes were fastened together with 'Y' connectors.

New exercise equipment enabled Katrina to become more used to working together. A double width treadmill enabled the rubberslave to first walk, then run on three legs. Eventually, Katrina could run a quarter kilometer without stumbling.

Domestic duties were taught. Cleaning, serving, bathing and dressing the Mistresses were the most important duties. (Unfortunately both Martina and Katherine were right-handed, that meant that one side had a great deal more difficulty in learning how to perform these tasks.) Failure to do a proper job meant punishment for both sides.

Katrina was enclosed in a uniform made of thick, black and white rubber. A rubber cap perched on both heads, while a very wide white rubber apron was buckled around the waist. Thigh length rubber boots with 6 inch stiletto heels were place on the three rubber legs. It wasn't as bad as the Baroness first thought it might be. The third leg actually helped keep balance. So much so, that eight inch heels were planned for Katrina.

Of course both heads were permanently gagged, and whatever could be heard came from the tiny earphones in the hoods. This kept them from communicating with each other during conditioning, and only capable of hearing either the Baroness' or Alice's orders.

The only thing that was a failure, was that Katrina was not capable to perform the tasks that Alice originally wanted. The conditioning made it impossible to use this rubberslave as anything except a domestic servant. The modeling that Alice originally wanted, would have to be obtained from another slave. She was sorry that she caused her lover all that work and expense, but the Baroness was far from unhappy.

"OK, so it sounded like a good idea at the time." Said the Baroness. "But it certainly wasn't a waste."

"It wasn't?" mumbled Alice. She rolled over to try to look directly at the Baroness. It wasn't easy, as she had been bound in a tube of clear rubber. It was cut to length and pulled over Alice's body. Then the two ends were crimped, and a breathing tube was punched through the material. About all she could see were shadows; although it was clear, the rubber was rather thick. She actually felt as if she had been stuffed inside a sausage casing; her arms were pinned to her sides, unable to move.

The Baroness smiled. "Of course it wasn't a waste. The new drugs and hypnotherapy techniques worked well. In fact, the production of rubberslaves will become much faster now." She quickly realized that she said more than she should.

"What are you up to?" Said Alice.

"Can't. This is something that you're going to have to wait for. Just like everyone else."

"Spill it Gretta! You know I'll keep asking."

The Baroness knew that once Alice got a notion in her head, she wouldn't give up. But this time, she couldn't give in to her; even if she got mad at her. To distract Alice, the Baroness used her remote control and activated both vibrators that were within her lover's body. Maybe if she came enough times, she'd temporarily forget the subject.

Alice writhed in ecstasy as the twin phalluses brought her from one orgasm to another and then another. "Ohhhhhhhhh" moaned Alice. The batteries in the vibrators were capable of five to six hours of continuous use before wearing out. She knew that whatever the Baroness had in mind, she would have to be a lot more clever to find out. But in the meantime, she'd just relax and enjoy whatever was...... and then another orgasm hit her.

Since Katrina was relegated to domestic chores, one of the other applicants was selected for the model/assistant position. She was quite surprised when she opened the door to her apartment and saw the Baroness. She was told that her application was reconsidered. All she had to do was to immediately go to the Baroness' office. She had to hurry, as the Baroness was leaving on a business trip and had to have the employment contracts signed. The girl quickly agreed and left her apartment without leaving word to her roommate that she had gotten the job after all.

They walked for two blocks and the Baroness hailed a taxi. The taxi was different than normal as the windows were heavily tinted. The girl thought it was a little odd, but didn't question anything; she was too excited about getting the job. The minute she opened the door and stepped inside, she saw two faceless rubber-clad figures. In an instant, the Baroness had pushed her inside. The door of the taxi closed and locked behind her. Before she could scream for help, a gas was sprayed into her face. Her vocal cords were paralyzed and she fell into a deep sleep. They sped off to the Baroness' castle.

The Baroness went back to basics and had most of the usual surgical modifications made, including DD cup breast implants. The face was left nearly intact, with a few changes to the nose, jaw and cheekbones, so as no recognition would be possible. Then a head to toe application of the liquid latex coating was applied. number nineteen was given a royal blue coating, instead of the standard black. But still, it was a creature rather than a human being; ready to obey the orders of the Baroness and Alice. number nineteen was subjected to severe corset training; drawing the waist to only fifteen inches. Posture for modeling was important, so a severe rubber collar ensured that its head remained high and proud of being a rubberslave.

Whatever Alice came up with in her designs, were worn by number nineteen. A 'Venus de Milo' dress was one of her most fiendish designs. The wearer's arms were forced into a body-length corset, which was reinforced with steel stays. It gave the appearance that the wearer had no arms whatsoever. When the accompanying rubber hobble dress was zipped and locked closed, there was no way to move. The breasts were forced through openings in the corset, which made them quite attractive and very vunerable. Several Masters and Mistresses purchased this item for their more flexible slaves.

Another design was the 'Ballerina'. It was a head to toe rubber suit which had only one opening which was at the neck. The rubber was the same material as the maternity catsuit, but with a special difference. As it was worn, the subject's body heat caused the material to shrink; causing it to become nearly two full sizes smaller. A matching hood with breathing and feeding tubes, and clear lenses for the eyes, also was made of the shrinking rubber. What made the outfit even more exciting were the gloves and boots.

Alice was watching a performance of the Royal Ballet, and was amazed at how the ballerinas could assume and maintain the 'en pointe' position. They were a picture of beauty and strength, as not just anyone could remain on their toes like that. Then it dawned on her that maybe with a little help, others could. She designed matching gloves for the suit that ended in egg-shaped 'mittens' These would be filled with semi-solid rubber which would hold the hands securely, preventing the wearer from being able to move the fingers.

The boots were the most important. The feet would be forced to remain in the 'en pointe' position. Steel reinforcements would immobilize the ankles and soles of the feet. That meant if the slave wanted to walk, it would have to be done on tip toe. The only other alternative would be to crawl on all fours.

One of the Baroness' closest friends was a Dance Mistress. She was given the chance to try the outfit on her own student/slaves. These were individuals who could not pay for expert training. They would be allowed to learn from the Mistress, with the condition that if they failed to be accepted by a company after their first audition (which she would personally arrange), they would have to become a rubberslave for one year. If by the third audition they still were not accepted, they would become permanent slaves.

The Dance Mistress was so happy with the result that all her 'advanced' students were required to wear the outfits 24 hours a day... including the men. She purchased half a dozen and as a thank you; arranged for a special recital for the Baroness' birthday party. All the slaves performed an erotic ballet while encapsulated in those outfits. Alice could see that this could be a big seller in the new line, and made mental notes of how to make them so that there would be enough made before the holiday rush. She giggled at the thought of how an all-rubber 'Nutcracker' would look.

She was alarmed though, that the slaves were required to stand in the presence of a Master or Mistress. Despite the fact that they were superbly trained dancers, it was evident to her that the slaves found it painful to remain on their toes for long periods of time. Through the lenses of the hoods which were locked upon them, Alice could see tears in their eyes from the torment.

Still, Alice was most interested in her pet project. The Baroness introduced her to an architect friend of hers, who would mentor Alice in the intricacies of building design. She worked on the project in her spare time, which was now infrequent as she not only had the company to run, but raising Johann was becoming more important. She wasn't going to ignore her son and leave him only in the care of Nadja; no matter how competent she was.

What did disturb Alice was what she saw in the Baroness' office one day. A package arrived and the Baroness had left it opened on her desk. Alice looked inside and saw something made of rubber. She took it out of the box and held it up. It was a catsuit; a very small catsuit.

'Like it?" Said the Baroness. Alice was dumbfounded. "I thought it was time to introduce Johann to rubber."

"Gretta. You can't be serious! What are you going to do; make a whole line of rubber kids' clothes? Gee what shall we call this: 'Baby's First Catsuit?'.... Are you nuts?!"

The Baroness was hurt by Alice's remarks. "Why are you so mad? There's nothing wrong..."

"Nothing wrong?! If he was older; maybe I wouldn't mind. But he's a BABY, not an adult, not even a teenager." Alice then marched out the door, livid. In the process, she nearly ran over a young man. He stared coldly at Alice.

"Excuse me" she said. The young man just glared at her, then mumbled something, and went into the office. In seconds, Alice could hear the man and the Baroness arguing.

The yelling continued for several minutes. Alice couldn't tell exactly what was being said, as the door to the office was quite thick. But it wasn't long before the door opened and the young man walked out and proceeded to leave the castle.

"What was that all about?" Asked Alice. She wasn't sure if she should say anything, especially after what she said before, but she could see that the Baroness was upset.

The Baroness sat at her desk and stared out the window. She looked at Alice. "Am I letting things go too far?" She asked. "I mean... am I letting my love of rubber obscure everything else around us?"

"I'm sure you didn't.... You've been busy and...." Alice then decided that it wasn't right to lie. "Not as bad as you may think. But you've got to admit; rubber fetish clothing for children has got to show a lack of perspective."

"It's just that I don't want Johann to be scared or afraid of what we are."

"He'll love us no matter what."

"Easy to say. I just don't want him to feel he has to keep his distance. Not like Martin."

"Martin? Who's Martin?" Asked Alice.

"My brother. He just left."

Alice was surprised. The Baroness never said that she had a brother.

"I didn't want to tell you about him because we hadn't been getting along for several years. I didn't want to burden you with this. He doesn't approve of my lifestyle. He thinks it's sick and he won't have anything to do with me, or anyone associated with it."

"When we were kids we used to be close. We did all sorts of things together, but that all changed when I became involved in rubbersex. Somehow he found out I was involved with one of the women instructors at school, but he didn't say anything to our parents. When I married Gustav, he refused to come. He said the marriage was a sham and he'd have no part of it. The only reason we even talk to each other is because father gave us both the controlling interest in the company. He only came here to sign some papers that I forgot to take to the office."

The Baroness started to cry. Alice held her and said nothing.



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