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Roslyn the Volunteer Pet

by Steff

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story continued from part one

Part 2: Roslyn's New Suit

We pick up her story and it has been four months since Roslyn’s adventure in the twin’s petsuit. Roslyn had spent her time volunteering at the second hand store and playing with the latex items she got from there. The program she got from Mark worked really well and the latex items were awesome as well. She spent time going out with Mark and they were quickly falling for each other even without bondage and sex, which was awesome by the way. 

It was Monday morning and since it was summer break Roslyn had already sorted out the nights donations to the second hand store when the manager came in with 2 people she didn’t recognize. They were introduced to Roslyn as the new owners of the store. A couple of days later the owner had a meeting with all the volunteers and they were offered paid positions because the store was going to start keeping some of the profits and not donating all of it to charity. Not surprising to her most of the people, including Roslyn did not take the positions and quit. Roslyn gave her key up and disappointedly walked out. She spent the rest of the day with Mark’s twin brother Max. She had met Max during a blind date and they became best friends. Since he was mainly gay there was no sexual tension between them. Roslyn vented for a couple hours and then they ate and went to a club. After dancing and having fun Roslyn went home.

The next day Mark called her and told her Max had finished another version of the petsuit and he wanted to know if she would try it out. Roslyn figured that since she had nothing really pressing to do and since she had so much fun with the last suit she would do it. Mark told her to come over whenever she was ready. Roslyn spent about an hour getting showered and ready to go. She just dressed casually since she knew most of her time would be spent in the suit. When she arrived, the gate guard recognized her and let her go right inside. Mark was waiting for her outside when she drove up.

Roslyn got out the car, “Hello Mark.”

“Hi there,” he replied. “I know you were looking forward to the suit but how about lunch first?”

“Sure we can do that. Where did you have in mind?” she asked.

“At first I was thinking just fast food or something but since you are here,” he said as he kissed her. “It looks like you came ready to play so we will go inside, get you changed into something more fun and then we will go eat.”

“I take it you already have the outfit in mind and I will just have to go with whatever you picked out?”

Mark gave her his best innocent look and replied “You know me. I am harmless however you are correct.”

She snickered and said, “Harmless my foot but ok I will let you dress me.”

He kissed me and said, “That’s my girl.” He took me by my hands and led me inside and into the basement.  The basement was mainly one large room with several pieces of bondage equipment and machines. There were four smaller rooms off the main one. She knew one of them was just a bedroom, another one for eating and cooking, one she had never been inside and the last one that they were heading toward was a LARGE closet filled with all kinds of leather and latex outfits. HE stopped before opening the door and said, “Go wait in the bedroom and I will be there in a minute.”

She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply. After the long passionate kiss she replied, “Ok but don’t take too long I am hungry.”

“No problem,” Mark said and then he went into the room. Roslyn went to the bedroom and removed her clothes. She waited for a few minutes before Mark entered carrying a bundle of latex items.

Mark paused for a second when he saw her naked but recovered quickly. “It looks like you are ready so let’s get started.” He got a bottle of lube and rubbed it all over her body below her neck. He did it slowly and sensually so when he was done Roslyn was really worked up. The first item was a pair of latex panties that had a built in vibrator. He used a different lube on the vibrator and helped her into the panties. The panties were a black thong that went high over Roslyn’s hips tightly insuring the vibrator would stay inside her. Next came a black latex push-up bra. The bra was really tight and squeezed her breast in addition to the push-up feature. The most exciting part of the bra was the holes in each cup that Roslyn’s hard nipple poked through. Mark’s next order of business was rolling black thigh high leggings onto each of her legs. He took his time and did it sensually.

By the time Roslyn was dress in just her latex underwear she was really worked up and horny. When he finished with the leggings, she grabbed both sides of Mark’s face and pulled his head up and she kissed him for all she was worth. After a few minutes of kissing Mark pushed her away saying, “Take it easy. What about food?”

She pushed him against the wall kissed him force fully and said, “You are rich. I think you can afford to have a $10 pizza delivery.”

They kissed for a minute then he pushed her into a different corner without breaking the kiss. Roslyn did not notice that Mark had put both her arm behind her back and into an alcove in the wall until her elbows and forearms were forced together. She tried to say something but Mark continued to passionately kiss her.

After another 10 minutes of kiss Mark stepped back, told her not to go anywhere, picked up something from the bed and walked out. As he walked out the vibrator in Roslyn’s panties came to life. Roslyn tried to pull her arm out of the alcove but they were stuck in place. The vibrations were powerful and got her even more excited than she was. Just before she came the intensity turned down and Mark walked in completely naked. She was just about ready to complain when he walked up to her and started kissing her again. She was surprised when he pulled her away from the wall but her arms remained trapped behind her back. She was then thrown onto the bed.

Mark climbed onto the bed, removed her panties and forcefully shoved his cock into her wet waiting pussy. After just a few pumps of Mark’s cock Roslyn had her long awaited orgasm. It took her by surprise as she screamed in ecstasy. The pleasure of the orgasm caused her to convulse, twitch and wiggle as she lost control of her body. She lost track of time as the waves of pleasure washed over her. When she came to her senses Mark was pulling out of her. She knew he had climaxed too because she could feel his cum running out of her pussy.

He lay down next to her and kissed her for a couple minutes before saying, “That was awesome. I hate that you are such a good kisser. I had planned to tease you for hours before we did this.”

“Aren’t you an evil man,” she replied kissing him again. “You aren’t a bad kisser yourself.” They kissed for a few minutes during which time Mark played with her pussy and clit. Roslyn was soon rocked by another orgasm. This one was shorter and less intense as the first but felt really good and left her with a nice afterglow to enjoy when Mark got up and went upstairs to get the pizza he ordered.

When he walked back in carrying a pizza and wearing only a silk robe he saw her struggling against the single latex sleeve that encased her arms forcing her elbows and forearm together. “Good luck getting out of that,” he said.

“That was a nice trick, evil, but nice,” she replied. “I take it by the look in your eyes I will not getting out of this any time soon?”

Laughing Mark replied, “After the way you behaved, you little sex pot, I don’t think so. Besides you and I both know you really don’t want out yet.”

He put the pizza on the nightstand and then helped Roslyn back into her dildoed panties. They went into the eating room and ate. He fed her until she was full and then she was put down onto her knees and made to suck him off. Roslyn eagerly did her job and in a few minutes he shot him load into her mouth. She swallowed what she could but like normal some of it ran out around his cock and down her chin onto her chest. Mark turned on her panties when she was finished then got up and started cleaning. She just got up and sat in chair watching him work and getting more worked up by the second.

When Mark finished he asked, “Are you ready for the suit?”

“I have been sitting on this vibrator for 10 minutes watching your almost nude body work. What do you think I want to do?”

He laughed and replied after he kissed her, “That is why I left your arms in that latex sleeve. You really have no choice.” He grabbed one of her nipples, squeezed until she moaned because the pressure was getting uncomfortable and then pulled it until she stood up. He led her by her nipple into the bathroom. He released her nipple turned off the vibrator and then he helped remove the panties and bra. He took her into the shower and cleaned her really well, after he played with her pussy and clit until she came.

After the shower Mark took her into the bedroom. On the bed was a white with black spotted latex suit. They kissed for a couple minutes before Mark said, “Stop stalling. It is time… unless you want to back out.”

Roslyn just rolled her eyes, “You know me better than that. I just love the way you kiss.” She then picked up the suit. It was heavier than the last one she wore and looked a little smaller. She then put it down as Mark started to rub lube onto her. He took his time and made sure she was good and worked up before he stopped.

Finally he stopped and said, “It’s time.”

He sat her on the floor, set the suit down in front of her and then made her put her knees into the suit. Once her knees were in place he began to raise the suit’s legs up over her bent legs. The suit stretched more than the one she wore last time so putting it on was easier. As the suit was pulled up over her ass to her waist Mark said, “Don’t worry there is a removable crotch piece that I will add latter.”

She then folded her arms and they were slid into the sleeves that would keep them folded until the suit was removed. Next as she straightened up Roslyn’s breasts fell into individual cups and with some help from Mark her nipples ended up poking through holes and the end of each cup. Finally the attached hood was pulled over her face and head. The hood had an opening for her mouth and holes for her nostrils. Her eyes were covered with semi-transparent latex so she could see a few feet in front of her but that was all. He then closed the attached collar around her neck and said, “Here we go.”

Mark picked up his cell phone and pushed a button on the screen. The collar tightened first until it was snug enough that it would be tough to get more the one finger between it and her neck. The suit sealed up in the back so getting out of it was impossible without cutting it off. Next the waist tightened up like a tight corset taking about 6 inches from Roslyn’s waist. Her breasts were squeezed at the base forming then into nice firm orbs and pushing her nipples further out through the holes at the ends of the cups. Finally the sleeve where her arms and legs were in tightened up to prevent her from unfolding them at all.

“What do you think?” he asked. “Don’t worry you can talk, for now anyway.”

She walked around on her elbows and knees since that was her only option. After a couple minutes she said, “It’s tighter but more comfortable than the last suit.” She walked over to a mirror and looked at herself as best as she could. The hood had dog ear and the latex over her eyes looked like dog eyes. The suit covered her arms and legs in such an away the she could not see the individual parts. The white with black spots made her look kinda like a Dalmatian. “It looks cute.”

“Ok. I am glad you like it,” Mark replied. “Max and I both agree that we like the look of the butt plug tail so we kept that as option. We liked your idea about a way for you to go out in public so we made a removable crotch. The crotch has a built in vibrator for your pussy and one for you clit. It also has a sleeve that goes into your ass for the butt plug tail or whatever we want to fill you with. There is a small plug that covers the sleeve so you are ‘decent’ the whole time. Max also came up with covers for you nipples.” He pressed the phone a few times and then said, “I just set the collar so you cannot talk except like a dog. Also since you didn’t give a release time I set it for a week.”

“What…IIIIEEEEE,” she said at the collar shocked her. The shock was not a painful as the other suit but it was uncomfortable and a little painful.

He laughed and said, “Don’t worry this suit has an emergency release if needed however if activated the collar will have to recharged and reprogrammed. That would take a month. I can give you the ability to talk normal for a total of 15-20 minutes every 24 hours, not necessarily a day. However I cannot activate it for 24 hours.” He walked around her then knelt down and started to play with her crotch with one hand and her breasts with the other. He slid 2 fingers into her pussy and wiggled them around. She moaned and moved closer to him.

After a few minutes he stopped, got up and attached a leash to a D ring attached to her collar. She was led out into the main part of the basement where all the bondage furniture was. The leash was removed and the D ring was attached to a clip attached to a pole sticking out of the floor. The pole then retracted into the floor forcing Roslyn’s head down to the floor. Mark walked up behind her, spent a couple minutes admiring her latex cover ass that was stick up and then without warning shoved his cock into her pussy. She yelped in surprise but after a couple pumps of his cock she was getting into it.

After just a minute or two she was rocked by her first orgasm. The orgasm surprised her and she yelled in ecstasy. The orgasm rocked her to her very core and she was lost in it. The suit prevented her from doing anything but riding it out.  She only had a minute to recover before Mark’s continued pounding with his cock got her worked up again and she was forced over the edge a second time when his cock started to twitch and shoot his load into her. This orgasm was as intense as the first one but it lasted longer. Mark continued to fuck her for several more strokes and each one insured her orgasm kept going. The intense pleasure she felt caused her to forget about the collar and when she tried to talk she got shocked. Between the shock and Mark’s continued fucking her orgasm started again.

Roslyn finally recovered enough to realize she had fallen on her side. Mark walked away from her and into the bedroom. She just laid there enjoying the afterglow of her orgasms. The next thing she knew a woman dressed in a latex maid costume was waking her up by helping back to her knees and her head still locked to the floor. The maid knelt behind Roslyn and began to suck her pussy. The maid, in-between sucking, was using her tongue to lick Mark's cum out of Roslyn’s pussy. After a few minutes of that the maid moved up and started to lick Roslyn’s ass and use her hand to attack her exposed pussy.

The maid knew what she was doing because in a few minutes Roslyn’s body exploded with the pure ecstasy of a massive orgasm. The orgasm caused her to lose all conscious thought and only live for pleasure. Once the orgasm started to recede the maid reached up and squeezed Roslyn’s clit in addition to continuing licking her ass and playing inside her pussy. That caused Roslyn to scream and start to pull and wiggle to get away.

“Hey bitch!” the maid firmly said as she squeezed Roslyn’s clit harder. “You are not getting away until I am done with you. The boss is sleeping in the bedroom and the room is sound proof. That means you are mine until I am done with you. Do you understand?” Roslyn stopped struggling and whined load enough for the maid to hear her. “I take it that suit doesn’t let you speak as a human?” the maid asked. When Roslyn nodded the maid laughed and said “I am going have a lot of fun until you get out of the suit.”

With that being said the maid went back to what she was doing but slightly differently. She stuck her tongue into Roslyn’s ass hole, 3 fingers into her pussy and messaged her clit. In no time Roslyn was again screaming in ecstasy. She lost count after the 4th back-to-back orgasm. The maid just kept making Roslyn cum and cum. When the maid stopped with Roslyn all that was left was a quivering, twitching mass of latex cover flesh. The maid laid her down on her side, gave her some water and left.

Roslyn was woken up by Mark pinching one of her nipples. “Get up you lazy puppy,” he said. He had already unhooked the collar from the pole so Roslyn stood up and after a couple minutes of relearning how to walk in the suit she went up to Mark and began to rub against his leg. He led her upstairs and into the back yard. Once there he removed the leash and told her she had a few minutes before breakfast so she could do her business. She walked over to a bush, raised a leg and pissed. She was glad her face was covered because she knew she was blushing from embarrassment. When she was done she returned to the patio and lay down on the doggie bed there.

A few minutes later Mark came out with the maid from last night. “Roslyn, this is Janet. She will be taking care of you when Max or I aren’t around.”

The maid knelt down, grabbed Roslyn’s face with both her hands and said, “Aren’t you a good little puppy.” She stood up and then said to Mark, “I am glad I finally know her name. I met her last night and cleaned her up before putting to bed.”

Mark looked at me and said, “I cannot leave you alone for ten seconds and you get into trouble. Now Janet, clean her up and then bring her to the table. Don’t wear her out but do a good job.” He knelt down kissed me deeply and whispered, “Have a good time.”

When the door closed Janet attached the leash to Roslyn’s collar and led her over to a chair and sat down. She lifted up her skirt, removed her panties and then some other padded underwear. Underneath it was a man’s cock. It was a small one but it was really there. “I am Max’s maid but I like woman too, or should I say puppies.” When Janet finished the statement the leash was pulled and her cock went into Roslyn’s mouth. She sucked the cock and after a few minutes Janet came. “You had better swallow it all.” Roslyn did swallow all the cum before Janet pull out. Janet then had Roslyn climb onto a bench. Once up there Janet began to lick Roslyn’s pussy and clit. Janet continued for about 5 minutes keeping Roslyn on the edge but not letting her cum. Roslyn was helped down and after Janet got dressed she was led inside to the breakfast table.

When Roslyn got there Max was sitting there talking with Mark. He stopped, got up, grabbed Janet and took her upstairs saying she was in trouble for getting her dick sucked. Mark unhooked the leash, had her sit next to him and he fed her breakfast.

After breakfast Mark got up and went into the living room so she followed. By the time she got there he was naked sitting on the sofa. “Come here little puppy,” he said. She walked over; he picked her up and then set on his lap so his cock slides deep into her pussy. He slowly starts to work his cock inside her as he started to kiss her. She was lost in all the feeling; the pleasure from the cock, the tightness of the latex, the way she was restrained and the passion of the kiss. She returned the kiss and the pleasure of another orgasm washed over her. This orgasm was the best one she had ever experienced. It was a long rolling one that felt awesome in intensity without too much pleasure. They remained in the thrills of their passions and ecstasy for several minutes before Mark just collapsed back against the back of the sofa and Roslyn just fell forward.

She laid there on top of him catching her breath for a few minutes before she tried to get off his cock however because to the way the suit kept her legs folded she could not get high enough. She then just leaned her face into his neck and just relaxed. She woke up a couple minutes later when Mark gently sat her up, still with his cock inside her, and started to kiss her again. These kisses started out light and gentle but soon like his cock they started to get harder and more passionate. Before long he was fucking her again and she was building to another orgasm. Her orgasm didn’t hit her until Mark shot his load into her and then she came. The pleasure from her orgasm caused her too loose control of her body so all she could do was twitch and spasm uncontrollable. She did not want it to end, the pleasure, loss of control, tight bondage, passion and the emotions from Mark. She was in heaven but like all good things it had to end.

Roslyn started to come down from the pleasure to find Mark looking deeply into her eyes. She just sat there staring back as she caught her breath. “Roslyn, I love you,” Mark said.

She just yelped in excitement and leaned in and kissed him for all she was worth. She understood that that was a phrase that Mark doesn’t use lightly. The last woman he said it too broke up with him right after he said it and it nearly destroyed him.

This kissing started another fuck session but this one was slow and full of passion. They both had another orgasm together after almost 30 minutes. Both of them had just gotten lost in each other and loved it. Finally after their orgasm ended Mark rolled over so Roslyn could get off his now limp cock. She just lay down with her head in his lap and fell to sleep.

She was woken up by Max saying, “Mark will you look at that. Your bitch is leaking and it is about to make a mess on the couch. Janet, get over here and clean the slutty bitch up.”

Janet walked over and slapped Roslyn hard on the ass. She yelped in surprise and pain but quickly rolled off the couch. She tried to stand up but Janet pulled her head down as she tied the leash to a leg off the couch. She helped Roslyn up onto her knees and whispered to her, “You are all mine until they come back down stairs.”

Janet then started to lick Roslyn’s pussy and clit. Roslyn tried to wiggle and squirm to get away and when that failed she even tried to muscle her way out of the suit but again she failed in her attempts. She continued to fight until Janet sucked her clit really hard and brought her to a massive orgasm. The orgasm was long and intense and Janet continued to suck Roslyn’s clit even after. Because of the extra sensitivity of her clit after the orgasm Roslyn started to buck and wiggle but Janet’s lips stayed attached to Roslyn’s clit. Roslyn screamed when two fingers were pushed into her ass causing her to cum again.

Janet forced Roslyn to cum 5 times before she said, “Ok I think it is time to get to work cleaning you up.” She then moved directly behind Roslyn, shoved her face into the opened wet pussy and started to suck. Roslyn was so tired and worn out that all she could do was moan. Janet continued to suck her for 30 minutes and 2 more orgasms before she released Roslyn’s leash from the leg of the couch and led her to a doggie bed. Roslyn just flopped onto the bed and fell right to sleep.

Roslyn woke up sometime later to an empty living room. She got off the doggie bed and after stretching the best she could in the suit she walked to the kitchen. She found 2 dishes of the floor with her name on them. One had water in it and the other had a moist looking meat in a sauce. She lapped up water but couldn’t bring herself to eat the food because it smelled like dog food. She then went to the back door of the kitchen and started to bark. After 5 good barks Janet came to the door.

She knelt down, started petting Roslyn like a dog and said, “Does the good little doggie have to go outside?” When Roslyn barked and nodded she opened the door and followed her out. After she did her business and Janet cleaned her off, with a baby wipe this time, Roslyn decided to sit outside for a little bit.

Janet grabbed Roslyn’s collar and pulled her to the patio. Roslyn’s head was pulled to the ground when Janet stepped on the leash. Once Roslyn calmed Janet slowly slid a very well lubed butt plug into Roslyn’s ass. Janet took her time and was really gentle so Roslyn felt very little discomfort from the plug’s insertion.

“You aren’t permitted to roam the grounds without your tail,” Janet said. Once the plug was inserted and her ass was cleaned the leash was unhooked from the collar and Roslyn was free to go. “When your plug starts to work you had better start making your way back to the house. That is one of the Masters calling you back.”

Roslyn spent a couple hours walking around the lovely yard staying out of the wooded area. The pads in the suit worked great to cushion her elbows and knees. After all that time they went not even the slightest bit sore. As she walked she thought about Mark and her feelings towards him. The more she thought about the more she realized she loved him too. She loved the way he treated her, the way she felt around him and his personality. Another plus was that they both love latex and she loved submitting to him as proven by her wearing this puppy suit.

As if he knew she was thinking about him the tail plug in her ass began to vibrate really intensely. She yelped out load then started back to the house. As she approached the back door she left from she noticed Mark sitting on a two person chair swing near the pond. She barked and started to head towards him. When he saw her he grinned and watched her as she came around the swing. Roslyn got up on her knees and barked a couple of times.

Mark leaned down and kissed her than say, “You are such a good puppy. Do you want a reward?” She grinned and nodded so he leaned back patted the set next him and said, “Get up here girl.”

It took her a couple minutes but she manager to get up on the swing and lay her head in his lap. She rolled onto her back and spread her arm and legs giving him access. He leaned over and began to play with her wet pussy and clit. He took him time keeping her on the edge for almost 30 minutes before he finally gave her the orgasm she wanted. He loved to watch her twitch and convulse as the wave of pleasure washed over her.

When he finished he just watched her slowly come down from the orgasm and relax. After about 15 minutes she shifted, rolling over so she could close her legs but kept her head in his lap. She positioned herself so she could watch his face. She liked the look of contentment and love in his eyes.

He watched her for a few minutes then said, “Tomorrow Max wants to show you to the design team that made the suit. I will take you to work and you will spend all day there. Now we need to get back to the house for dinner.” He stood up, helped her down and then headed to the house. Roslyn followed as fast as she could, yelping whenever Mark got too far ahead.

Inside Janet was tied bent over a table and Max was fucking her in the ass. “Don’t look at me like that,” Max said to Mark. “You spent an hour this morning fucking your bitch on the sofa.” Mark laughed, told Roslyn to wait and he went into the kitchen. Because the plug was still vibrating in her ass she was horny and mischievous. She walked under the table and started to suck on Janet’s cock that was already rock hard. Janet must have already been worked up because she came really quickly. Janet jerked and squirmed but because of the ropes holding her she could not get away from Roslyn's mouth. “You fucking cunt! I didn’t tell you that you could cum. Now I am really going to have to punish you.” Max continued to fuck Janet after Mark came back with food. “Janet will eat your bitch’s food today. She can eat hers.”

She sat next to Mark getting hand fed again and watching Janet on her hand and knees eating the food that was in her bowl. After dinner Mark had Roslyn follow him up to his bedroom suite. Once in the bedroom Mark took her into the bathroom and removed her butt plug tail. He cleaned her crotch really well then he picked her up and tossed her onto the bed. He had her lay down then he snuggled in behind her and they slept that way.

In the morning Roslyn was awakened to her nipples being sucked on. Mark and Max were both sucking on a nipple. Once they knew she was awake, one of then reached down and started to play with her pussy. Once she got really excited they stopped, got up and walked away.

Mark said, “Breakfast is downstairs.”

He laughed and walked away when she groaned. She carefully climbed off the bed and then down the stairs. When she got to the breakfast table Mark just pointed at her bowls on the floor. There was the normal water bowl but the food bowl was there and it had the type of meaty mush that was in there last night that Janet had eaten. She whined like a puppy but got no response from either of the twins. She bent down knowing that her naked ass was sticking up and took a small bit of the food. The food did not taste bad but she had DEFFINATLY had better. The really big thing she didn’t like was the fact it was cold and really juicy. In order for her to eat enough she would have to get the juices on her face.

When she was finished eating her face was covered in the juices and both of the twins laughed at her. Max left for work as Mark knelt down next to Roslyn and cleaned her face. After he was done they spent 20 minutes kissing each other.

When they finally stopped Mark said, “It’s time to get you suitable for the public.” He attached the leash to her collar and led her into his home office. He clipped the collar to a spot on the floor knowing that Roslyn could not undo it. He then walked up behind her and shoved his cock into her pussy. She yelped in surprise but secured to the floor like she was all she could do was enjoy what was happening to her; and enjoy it she did. They both came at the same time. Roslyn’s orgasm was really powerful and long. She twitched and tugged the collar but was held in place.

When the orgasm receded Mark said, “Man who would have though having a puppy would be so much fun.” He then shouted “Janet get in here.” When Janet came in she was wearing a latex catsuit that had an opened crotch leaving her cock and ass opened. “Clean up this mess. If you can make her scream in pleasure by the time I am ready to leave I will put in a good word with Max for you.” Janet grinned and then walked behind Roslyn.

Roslyn knew she was in for a fun but rough ride but between the suit she was wearing and the collar locked to the floor to keep her from going anywhere she also knew there was nothing she could do to prevent it. “God I love Mark,” she thought.

She tried whimpering like a puppy but all that did was get Janet to say, “Oh no little one. You got me in trouble with that blowjob. Mark will be at least an hour and a half so like the old saying goes ‘your ass is mine.’”

With that Janet started to lick Roslyn’s pussy. She continued until Roslyn was on the verge of orgasm then she stopped. She repeated that process 5 more times and by that time Roslyn was so worked up that she latterly dripping. After Roslyn calmed down Janet started licking Roslyn’s ass. Again Roslyn was worked up begging like a dog for an orgasm. That was when Janet, while continuing to lick her as, shoved 3 fingers into Roslyn’s pussy and grabbed her clit.

Roslyn screamed loudly as the much desired orgasm rocked her. The wave of raw carnal pleasure slammed into her with so much force that her body just seized up and her vision turned white. She remained like that until she took a breath then her body started to twitch and wiggle uncontrollable and she continued to scream in ecstasy. She experienced multiple orgasms because Janet didn’t stop even then Roslyn started to wiggle and squirm trying to get away. Janet continued and so did Roslyn’s run of back to back orgasms.

Finally Janet stopped, released the clip locking Roslyn to the floor and laid her gently down. “You put on an awesome show. I am looking forward to getting my hands on you again,” she whispered. She kissed her cheek and walked out of the room.

Roslyn didn’t know how long she had laid there but Janet woke her up, helped her stand and guided her to some bowls. Roslyn was so out of it or comfortable in her situation that she just lapped up the water from one bowl and ate the meaty mush from the other. It was only when Janet was cleaning her face and calling a good puppy did Roslyn fully wake up and realized what was going on.

 Janet recognized the change in Roslyn’s eyes and said, “Its ok. Just breathe.”

Roslyn took Janet’s advice and in a few minutes she was calmed down. Once Janet was done cleaning her, Roslyn was released to “go play,” and Janet left the room. Looking around Roslyn noticed that Mark was still working at his desk but she could see that his pants were opened and his cock was sticking out. Roslyn walked over and because her head so close to the floor she could smell cum. She guessed that he tossed off watching Janet play with her. There was room for Roslyn to get under the front of the desk without disturbing Mark. She walked up, got up onto just her knees and waddled over to just in front of him. She leaned down and took Mark’s cock into her mouth. Almost immediately his cock got rock hard and she just continued to suck him off.

His orgasm was a powerful one and it caused him to moan and flop back into his chair. Roslyn continued to suck him though the whole orgasm. When Mark started to come down from his orgasmic high she stopped sucking him to get him off but continued to suck and lick his cock until it was clean.

After he recovered from the blow job he grabbed her collar and pulled her to the doggie bed in the corner. He attached a leash that was attached to the wall to her collar. “You are such a good little puppy but I have some work to finish. So why don’t you just lay here and sleep,” he said. He then kissed her and like normal with them the one kiss turned out to be a long make out session. Finally he pulled away and said, “I really have to get some work done.” She whined a little and he rolled his eyes and kissed her some more. Finally after 20 minutes of that he got up asking, “Why do you have to be such a good kisser?” He then returned to his desk leaving her on the doggie bed.

She lies down on the bed and fell asleep quickly. She was woken up when she felt someone messing with her leash. She looked to see Mark looking down at her. He grinned as she stood up and stretched as much as the suit let her. Pulling the leash he led her through the main living room into the entry way. He stopped next to a table where he removed a piece of latex that matched the color of Roslyn’s suit. He reached down and attached part of the latex onto the front of the suit. Next he pulled it between her legs, around her crotch and attached the piece to her back. She was not sure how the new addition stayed but it stayed attached and felt just as tight as the rest of the suit.

Mark next pulled a skinny dildo off the table and used it to slide the latex sheaths attached to the newest addition to the puppysuit into Roslyn’s pussy and ass. She yelped as he adjusted the sheaths. Once he was satisfied with the placement of the sheaths Mark got her tailed butt plug and shoved it into her ass. She moaned but didn’t try to get away. Next Mark worked a large dildo into new pussy. He took his time with this and got her really worked up but didn’t let her cum.

“You are such a good girl,” Mark said in a voice that most people use when talking to pets. “Sit up. It is time for those nice nipples of yours.” Roslyn sat back and moaned as the plugs in her crotch were shoved deeper into her when her ass sat on the floor. Mark played with one of her nipples until it was head and sticking out. He slid the nipple inside something then Roslyn screamed in surprise and pain as her nipple was squeezed like it clipped but it was also pulled out some. Mark gave her a minute to calm down before he repeated the process with the other nipple.

After she calmed down again she was led to a mirror. Her crotch looked like it was closed from the beginning. She could not even tell that the tail or the pussy dildo were removable. If you looked really closely you could see that both her holes were stuffed but at a glance it looked like a normal crotch. Her nipples were incased in what looked like plastic pasties. Inside they were pinched at the base and pulled about a quarter of an inch. The resulting effect felt like slightly weighted nipple clips. Mark grabbed the leash attached to her collar and gave it a gentle tug.

She barked and followed Mark, as if she had any real choice. As she “walked” behind him the vibrators inside her didn’t move as much as her insides did and the sensation was getting her even more worked up. He walked her outside and into the car garage. Roslyn was lifted into the back of a golf cart and then driven around the property. As they left the house both vibrators started to vibrate slightly adding to the horniness she already felt. Her cart ride ended with them pulling up to the front of the business side of the twins land.

The building was two stories and spread out. It looked a lot bigger than last time she was here but she thought that was because of the vantage point of the suit they had put her in. Roslyn was lifted out of the cart and then led by her leash inside. Inside the lobby there were only a few people that didn’t work there. Mark told her it was interview day and that she was going to “help.” Roslyn was lead past them and into an office where Max was waiting behind a large glass conference table.

“Good you both are here,” Max said.

Mark replied, “Come on dude. I told you we will be here on time.”

Max looked at Roslyn and asked, “I take it he didn’t warn you about any of this?” When she shook her head no he laughed and said, “The 5 people out there are finalist for 2 openings. You are here to model the suit and distract them. All you have to do it just stay in the corner and do what comes or CUMS naturally.”

Roslyn rolled her eyes, grateful for the lenses covering them then barked and nodded yes. Mark laid out a bowl of food and water for her and them attached her leash to an eye bolt in the corner near the food and a doggy bed. Once Mark sat down the first person was called in. Roslyn made sure she was drinking water when he walked in so he got a good look at her ass and tail. When she got onto the bed and looked at the placement of everything Roslyn was positioned between both of the twins and the person getting interviewed had an unobstructed view of her.

Just as the interview started so the intensity of the vibrators was increased. After a little bit she was moaning in frustration because she was not able to get off and Roslyn really wanted to cum. Since there were no clocks she don’t how long the interview lasted but at the end they walked the guy up to her and told him about the suit. As he reached out to feel it the vibrators inside sent an electric shock into her and she exploded into orgasm. Roslyn screamed and her whole body went ridged. The wave of pleasure washed over her in a glorious and all-consuming way. The ecstasy she felt was awesome! The vibrations stopped and so did the shocking and Roslyn was permitted to recover. She ignored everyone around me and just lay down on the bed breathing heavily. The process was repeated for the other four people and she was glad when Mark told her that she was going back to the house and would meet the suits designers tomorrow.

When we got to the house Mark laid Roslyn on her back securing the collar to the floor tightly making sure that she could not get up. He buckled straps around her arms and legs. The straps were pulled apart and tied to the floor also forcing her to remain spread out. Mark removed the nipple covers and then sucked on each nipple for a long time. As he was sucking he turned the vibrators on a high setting and Roslyn had 2 nice orgasms. He kept the vibrator on after he was done with her nipples as he moved up and started to kiss. Like always his kisses were awesome and she had 2 more orgasms whilst he was kissing her. He then went between her legs, removed the crotch cover and then pulled the vibrators out of her holes. Mark gently started to lick her pussy, clit and even her ass hole. After several minutes Roslyn was really worked up again. She was so excited that she had a small orgasm when he forcefully shoved his cock into her wet pussy. He fucked her like a mad man for a really short time before he shot his load into her.

Mark got up and walked out of the room leaving Roslyn tied to the floor. A minute later Janet walked in and she was wearing a different color latex maid outfit. She didn’t say anything but just knelt between her spread legs and began to lick and suck her pussy. She continued to suck until she'd had another orgasm. She got up and left Roslyn STILL tied to the floor.

Mark returned a few minutes later and released her from the floor. She was led into a bath room and he cleaned her up. After she was good and clean they spent the rest of the day relaxing and having sex. Roslyn went to sleep early and slept late the next day.

Roslyn woke up the following afternoon to Mark kissing her. Naturally when she tried to reach out and hug him the suit stopped her. “Thi,” she tried to say but “IIIIIEEEEEE” is what she finished when the collar shocked her.

Mark laughed, tapped a few buttons on his cell phone and said, “Now you can talk.”

“I tried to say this is nice getting woken up this way,” Roslyn said.

He kissed her a few times, “I am glad you like it. What do you think of the suit?”

“I like it a lot,” she replied. “I wish the collar’s shock was not so intense however. What it up with Janet?”

“Janet is Max’s special friend. They met a few months ago and she hired on as the maid last week. She is a total slut that has both male and female genitalia. Max loves to use her and she loves it too. There relationship is strictly sexual.”

Roslyn thought about it for a second, “That must be why he hasn’t told me anything about her.”

“That surprises me. You are like his BFF. I thought he tells you everything.”

They talked for the remainder of the time the suit allowed then Mark helped her off the bed. Once she was on the floor Mark told her to go downstairs then he went into the shower. Roslyn decided to do something different and went into the bathroom and watched him shower. She just sat there admiring his body until he finished.

He grinned when he walked out, “Did you like the show?” he asked. She shook her head no, walked over to him and started to lick his cock. It became hard almost immediately. He grabbed her head and then shoved his cock into her mouth. He used his hands to control her head and fucked Roslyn's face. She sucked for all she was worth since that was all she could do. It didn’t take long before he shot his load down her throat. He kept his cock inside her mouth until he was satisfied that she had clean it off then he released her head, pulled his cock out of her mouth and walked into the closet to pick out clothes. Roslyn barked once and then went downstairs.

When she got down there Max was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper. Roslyn walked up to him and barked. He looked at her from behind the paper and grinned.

“Are you enjoying your new suit?” he asked. When she nodded yes he said, “Good. I am sure the guys at work will be glad to hear it.”

When Mark came down he took her into the dining room for brunch. Roslyn ate hers from a doggie bowl and it was the wet dog food looking stuff. By the time she was done her face was a mess and Janet had to clean it off. This time before they left just the butt plug tail was inserted into her ass. Roslyn's pussy was empty, her crotch was uncovered and so were her nipples. She was put into the golf cart and then driven to the work side of the property.

This time she was led into a different entrance. This one opened up into a work area. Immediately several people gathered around and started asking lots of questions to her and Mark. After a show and tell Roslyn was led into an observation room and her collar was attached to a leash that was secured to the floor.

She waited in the room for a few minutes and for some reason the waiting and the people watching was getting her horny. Finally the door opened and another person in a petsuit entered. The big difference was that this was a guy. She could tell by the large, hard, latex covered cock between his legs. His suit bent his arms wrist to shoulder and legs feet to ass like hers. His face was covered in a hood that looked more dog-like then Roslyn's.

He circled her a few times before he walked over and started to rub up against her. After a few minutes she was really horny so she started to wiggle her ass at him. He barked twice and then the leash holding Roslyn's collar pulled her to the center of the room as it was pulled into the floor. In no time she found herself with her face on the floor and her ass in the air. The other “dog” walked up behind her, put his front “Paws” on her back and shoved his cock into her wet pussy. She yelped in surprise at the force of it and the minor discomfort from being stuffed to the full. He didn’t seem to mind that her ass was stuffed with the butt plug as he started to fuck her. After a few good thrusts he shoved his cock all the way inside her and held it there. Roslyn felt a portion of the cock inside her begin expand. It expanded until it became painful. When she cried out in pain it shrunk enough that she could handle it even though it wasn’t the most comfortable.

Once his cock was knotted like a real dogs he began to fuck her wildly. Roslyn was shocked at the way she enjoyed the feeling every time he pulled out and the knot held him there and pushed against her insides. Soon she was rocked by an orgasm that turned her world into pleasure. She screamed and started to twitch in ecstasy. The dog continued to fuck her through 3 more orgasms before he came. Once he was spent they both fell to the floor however since his cock was still knotted he stayed inside her.

In just a couple minutes he got started fucking her again. With her pussy being extra sensitive it took less time than before for Roslyn to start cumming. This time she didn’t get any breaks between her orgasms they were back to back to back. He came again but they remained stuck together with his cock locked in her pussy.

This time it took him a few more minutes to recover before he started again. She was surprised with his endurance and the fact that she wanted more. This time he seemed to have no control and he was fucking her like a wild animal. Roslyn was worked up but thought that she was not going to cum this time when her suit came to life and her whole body was rocked with a pleasurable feeling. Like it was designed to do she cam like there was no tomorrow. This orgasm was all consuming. Roslyn lost track of everything but the pleasure. She didn’t want it to stop, it was awesome.

She woke up in a soft bed. It took me a minute to realize that she was in Mark's bed and that she was out of the suit. After a good stretch she got out of bed. When she finished in the toilet Mark was waiting for her. He grabbed her and kissed her deeply and hugged her tightly.

“I am glad to see you up and moving around,” he said.

Roslyn kissed him again and asked, “I take it something went wrong?”

“The suits were designed to link up through the collars and make the experience last for a predetermined amount of time. Before the knot released both of you were supposed to have a big orgasm. The problem was that the suits didn’t stop the orgasm,” he said. “The people watching didn’t realize anything was wrong and the suits kept going for 20 minutes until Max and I entered and used the emergency stop and release. Both of you fell to the floor unconscious. You have been out for almost 18 hours.”

Roslyn kissed him again, buried her face into his chest and said, “I guess that is why I am so hungry.” He laughed and after they got dressed they went down stairs to eat. After breakfast a doctor examined her and gave her a clean bill of health Mark and Roslyn spent the day talking about the whole experience. She told him "I like the suit and wouldn’t mind wearing it again".

“I am glad to hear it,” he replied with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

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