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Roslyn the Volunteer Pet

by Steff

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Since I was a freshman in high school I volunteered at the local charity fund raising second hand store. I would sort, hang and help putting out donations. Since I had been volunteering for 8 years now I had my own key and I would normally come in before my afternoon classes started so I could work some of the donations that came into the night drop. I was actually looking forward to spending more time here since summer break was almost here and I was going to enjoy the break before I started to work on my Masters degree.

Monday morning I went into the store like I always did and brought everything in and started opening the boxes. That day there was not a lot of stuff so I was able to get it all opened. As I was opening one of the last boxes I notice a familiar smell. Just like I thought the box contained latex. In fact the box was full of latex stuff. I started to pull out the stuff to see what was inside. Inside I found 2 body suits, 3 leotards, several pairs of panties, bras and leggings of various lengths. Also in the box were a few latex items that I did not recognize and some electronic devices. Since all the latex looked brand new I closed the box, dated it and put into the hold section. Sometimes people drop off the wrong box so the store policy is to keep things that look like mistakes for a few days before we put it out.

By the time I was done closing the box I was really horny. The quality of the latex was better than anything I owned and I did not buy the cheap stuff. I really hoped that nobody came by to claim it by Saturday. That was the day the box would be released and since we did not carry stuff like that I would have the chance to buy the whole box really cheaply. School, actually finals, went slowly for the rest of the week and everyday when I volunteered at the store I checked the box and found it right where I left it.

Finally Saturday rolled around and like normal I was there early to sort out the night drops. The box was still there so I was really happy. I quickly forgot about it because there was a lot of stuff to sort through. It was early afternoon before myself and 2 others got done sorting. Since there were 3 people working the front the 3 of us went to lunch. After a very enjoyable lunch, since the 3 of us were good friends anyway, I went back to the store to talk to the manager. The box was still there so I called her into the back and showed her what was inside. She was surprised but asked me why I was wanted it.

“I like latex and this stuff looked like it is good quality,” I replied. “I will pay $40 for the box. That is double the normal rate.” She agreed so I paid for the box and went home. Unfortunately I had a blind date to go on so I got ready for that. As it turns out I had a really good time at the date. The guy, Max, was attractive, funny, polite, smart and rich. You know everything a girl wants in a guy. He was however also gay. We traded phone numbers because we hit it off great and we would stay in touch but in a friend’s kind of way. Since it was late when I got home I decided to play with my new stuff tomorrow and went to sleep.

Sunday after eating breakfast I took the box into my spare bedroom because that is where I keep my other latex and my bondage stuff. I set the box down on the floor and started to empty it out. I laid out the stuff I recognize all over the bed. One of the bodysuits was a bright blue in color and the other was white. They both had a zipped crotch and opening for breasts to go through. All the panties had either dildos or sleeves designed to fill the wearer. The bras either had holes for nipples to stick through or the end of the cups were designed to excite the wearers nipples. The leotards were a combination of the panties and bras. Next I examined the stuff I didn’t recognize and after 20 minutes I still didn’t know what they were for.

I had just decided to try some of the stuff out when the doorbell rang. I was surprised to see Max standing there. “Max? What are you doing here,” I asked.

The guy looked confused for a second but recovered quickly, “I am Mark, Max’s twin brother. Are you Ms. Roslyn Ballard?”

“Yes that is me.”

“I am hopping you are willing to help me out,” he started. “There was a box dropped off at the secondhand store you volunteer at. Some of the contents in it are not complete and I would like them back.” I was just about to reply when he continued, “I know they are legally yours now but I am willing to make a deal.”

“Go on,” I replied.

“My I come in, examine the items then we can talk,” he asked. I opened the door and led him into the spare bedroom. He looked around quickly pausing when he looked into the closet I have left opened. He examined the stuff I was clueless about and then said, “I notice you like latex. I will trade some of my things for these things that you have not figured out what they are.”

“What about the other stuff?” I asked.

“I had a girlfriend that liked to wear latex but she could not get into the kinky stuff like you have laid out on your bed so that is why that stuff has never been used. When we broke up a few months ago I just tossed all that stuff and the items I want back into the box and donated them.”

“I will tell you what take that stuff and give me your address and I will come over and see what you have,” I replied.

“You most kind and trusting,” he said as he wrote down his address. “I will see you later then?”

“I will be there about 2.” He then left. I was surprised at how lucky I got. I would have just given the things to him since they were worthless to me but he seemed like a nice guy. I liked Max so maybe I would like him too. That is why I decided to be nice. I decided to wear the transparent leotard when I went to see Mark. It had a dildo in the front that slid into my pussy. There was a recess in the front of the crotch that my clit naturally settled into. The recess has tiny little nubs that would gently message my clit every time I moved. The sensation would keep me really excited and worked up. The area around my waist was tighter than the rest and felt almost like a loosely laced corset. My breast slid easily into their cups and my nipples lined right up with the hard plastic tips. Once they were inside the tips my nipples brushed against nubs like the ones tickling my clit.

By the time I was finished getting dressed, normal clothes over the leotard, I was very worked up. I was surprised how much my clit and nipples moved and by how strong the sensations caused by the nubs were. I knew that I wanted to be on time so I could not change out of the leotard so I stuck with my original plan and wore it to Max’s place. The drive over seemed to take forever even though it only took 15 minutes. The dildo that was inside me was forced deeper when I sat down in the car’s seat and all the vibrations and bumps from the car and road went straight into me through the dildo.

I arrived and the address to find a high stone wall going up to a guard house. The guard came out and called up to the main house to announce me and politely told me to proceed up the drive but to stay to the left. I thanked him and drove through. The driveway forked so I took the left road and it lead to a modest house for the size of the property and the security. I say modest but the house was still bigger than my place. The house was 2 storeys plus it looked like there was also a basement. The house itself was nicely decorated and not overly gaudy at all.

As I drove up I noticed one of the twins come out the meet me at the car. “It is nice to see you again Ms. Ballard.” Mark said.

I replied, “Thanks but please call me Roslyn.”

“As you wish ‘Roslyn’ shall we go inside?” he asked as he motioned me to the door. The inside of the house was the most beautiful private home I have ever seen. “Max just finished redecorating. Do you think is it too much?”

After picked my jaw off the floor I said “Personally I love it. I don’t think it is too much at all.”

“See little brother I told you it was not too much,” Max shouted from the stairs he was walking down. “How are you doing Roslyn?”

“I am good,” I replied as I gave him a hug. We went into their living room and just chatted for about an hour before I jumped as the dildo inside me started to vibrate with a lot of power. They both started to laugh and Max held out his hand and Mark paid him some money. “What am I missing?”

Max said, “I told him you would be wearing one of the things that were dropped off. You see all of them are computer controlled. That is why it just turned on.” He noticed I was blushing so he said, “Don’t worry about it. We make the stuff… Well actually I make the stuff and Mark runs the marketing, shipping and all the boring stuff. The stuff Mark got from you was unfinished projects that got mixed up.” He stood up, “I have to go to the plant I will see you later.”

Max and I made dinner plans for the next Friday and then he left. Mark stood up and offered me his hand, “Why don’t we go to where I can answer your questions.” He guided me to a locked door that opened to stairs heading down into the basement. “This is where Max and I play with our stuff and ‘pets.’ First let me show you the computer system and then we will talk about what I owe you for returning the projects.”

Once we go down the stairs it opened into a well lit large room. The room looked like it was about half the size of the house. Spread out throughout the room was several pieces, about 20, of bondage furniture and machines. Along the walls were different restraints, gags, hoods and sex toys. Also spread out were sofas and chairs. I whistled to express how impressed I was. “We also have parties down here regularly.”

I was guided through the impressive amount of bondage stuff to a side room. The inside of this room blew my mind, the room had shelves full of latex clothes. The variety was as impressive at the quantity. There were catsuit, leotard, shirts, skirts, dresses and corsets. There was also a whole section of restraints. I was surprised because just as I walked into the room my nipples and clit we shocked by an electric shock. Since the vibrator inside me already had me close to coming, the shock launched me over the edge to orgasm. The surprise orgasm was really intense and all consuming. I just collapsed into his arms and rode out the waves of ecstasy. The orgasm continued until the shocks stopped. Mark just stood there holding me up and let me recover. When I was able to stand again he helped me to a chair next to a computer.

He logged into the computer and then said, “The transparent leotard with nipple and clit stimulations. Nice.” He clicked the mouse a few times and the vibrator stopped. He laughed when I thanked him. “So what do you think of your choice now?”

“I like it,” was all I could say. “What other surprises do I have?” He spent the next hour explaining how the computer controlled all the dildos in the latex I got and the other items of interest. When he was done he asked me what I wanted in exchange for returning the projects. “Honestly I really didn’t want anything but maybe a dinner date to call it even. After showing me this program I would like a copy of it AND a dinner date.”

Mark seemed slightly shocked but recovered quickly, “You are standing in a room full of latex after walking through a dungeon full of toys and all you want is the program and a date?”

I just shrugged, “What can I say… you are just too persuasive. Seriously I only paid $40 for the whole box so I couldn’t ask for too much.”

“I will tell you what,” he replied. “I will agree on a few conditions.”

“Go on. I am listening.”

He grinned and continued, “I get to pick where we go.” I nodded, “then I pick what you wear and I get to see how good you look in that leotard you are wearing.“

When I again nodded he asked to see my leotard. Since I had agreed I removed my street clothes. Once I was stripped down to just the transparent leotard I held out my arms and slowly spun around so he could get a good look. This time it was his jaw that had to be picked up off the floor. “You are a very beautiful woman and you look awesome wearing that. I think you might even make Max rethink his sexual preferences if he saw you wearing that.”

His reaction made all the time I spend going to the gym, running and swimming worthwhile. “Thanks,” I replied. I could tell I was blushing so I tried to get his attention off of me. “What am I going to wear?” He shook his head and then went to the racks of latex clothes. He pulled out a blue top, thigh high leggings and a long skirt. He then handed me a bottle of lube to help with putting on the latex. I decided that I would go for broke. “Why don’t you? That way you can make sure there is enough used.”

Grinning he grabbed the bottle, sat me down on a chair and started with my legs. He took his time sensually spreading the lube out. When he finished with both my legs I was so worked up that it took all my self control not to jump him right there. He then rolled up the legging and slid them up each leg. Once the leggings were all the way up he slid his hands up my legs to get the air out. This time when he finished he took advantage of the fact that I had closed my eyes, grabbed my hair, pulled it back and kissed me deeply. There was so much passion behind the kiss that I actually came right there. The orgasm was not as intense or as long as the first one I had in this room but it still felt really good.

When he broke the kiss he asked, “Why don’t we just order delivery?” I just reached down and started to massage his crotch. He started to kiss me again as he pulled me to my feet and pulled me into another room in the basement. The only thing I knew about the room was that it had a bed. We spent the next several hours having some of the best sex I have ever had that didn’t involve bondage.

When I woke later, since I had no idea what time it was, I decided to look around. I remember Mark saying something about my clothes taken to be cleaned so I decided to just walk around naked, after all Mark had already seen every inch of me. I started looking at all the furniture in the dungeon. It was all well cared for and looked like getting loose was not an option once you were secured. After about 30 minutes I found myself back inside the room with the latex. I started looking through all the items one at a time.

There were several things that I would love to have tried on but I was saved from myself when Mark walked up, grabbed me from behind and kissed me on the nap of my neck. That sent chills down my spine right into my pussy. “What do you think?”

“First unless you are up for another round you had better leave my neck alone,” I replied as I turned around and kissed him. I held up a strange latex suit that had and attached hood that look like a puppy’s head. “Is this what you meant when we first came downstairs when you said the main room was for guests and pets?”

He had a twinkle in his eyes when he replied, “Yes. Some of the guests that attend Max and my parties have their subs wear suits kind of like that. That way their subs remain on their hands and knees the whole time. I personally love the way it looks and I love the control it gives the Dom over the sub.”

“Why did you make a point to tell me the other suits were different than this one?” I asked.

“Damn woman you don’t miss much do you?” he said. “I can see how you and my brother made friends so quickly. Yes this one is one of Max’s specials. It has two vibrators for both of a woman’s holes and the one that goes into her ass has the tail but it can be removed for bathroom breaks or other activities. The nipples and clit have the same kind of additions as your leotard and of course the hood. The mouth is the only part of the wearers whole body that is not covered in latex.” He then showed me the collar. “The collar stores the power for the suit and controls all the cool functions. However this suit is still a prototype. The collar release time cannot be reset by computer like future models will. That is why Jill, my ex, never tried it. She didn’t like the idea of spending three days in it.”

“Say what? Did you say 3 days?”

“Yes I did,” Mark replied. “The suit design also incorporates electric muscle stimulation of some kind to make sure the wearer does not suffer any adverse side effects from the restrictive nature of the suit.”

He then took my hands and said, “lets go get some food”. We went into another room of the basement and there was a small eating table that had all kinds of fruits and rolls. We just talked about each other and life in general. He mentioned that there was a party in a couple of days and invited me to attend. Naturally I said yes which made him happy. After we were done eating my clothes were cleaned and I had to get home so I could make my shift at the store. As I got dressed Mark got a copy of the software I asked for and then walked me to my car.

When I got to the store I was late and my friends could tell I got lucky and they gave me a hard time about it all day. When I got off work I called Max and after asking him tons of questions about the puppy suit I told him I wanted to wear it to the party and be Mark’s pet. He told me he would be over at 8 the next morning to get me into the suit. He was excited because I was the first girl Mark had been with since his ex left him months ago.

The next morning Max showed up right on time. The first thing he did was have me wash with hair removal soap from my neck down. Then he gave me an enema explaining that it would be easier wearing the suit the whole time. After the enema he helped me spread a lube all over myself. Once that was done it was time to get me into the suit.

I knelt on the floor and together we bent my legs at the knees and pulled the suit’s legs over mine. Once my knees were in the pads of the suit Max pulled the back part as I guided the built-in dildo into my pussy. I moaned because this one was bigger than I expected and it was textured so it wasn’t smooth. It felt better than I thought it would once it was in place. Max pulled the suit up to my waist and gave me a few minutes before he proceeded. He told me to fold my arms and to bend at the waist. As I did he skillfully pulled the sleeves over my arms and shoulders. My arms slid easily down into the sleeves and my elbows lined up perfectly with the pads.

He then began to mess with my breasts until they slid into their part of the suit. Each breast had a separate cup that squeezed them into long round cones that ended with each nipple going into harder tops that had nubs that were sure to keep them excited and sensitive. Next he pulled the hood over my head from the front. The hood covered my whole head except for an opening around my mouth. There was a moulded area that my ears went into so they were not squashed. There was a semi-transparent covering over my eyes allowing me to see but not very far.

Once he finished with the hood he knelt down in front of me and said, “This is the point of no return. Once I close the collar you will be Mark and I’s pet for the next 3 days. The only way the suit comes off is if you are injured because we will have to cut it.”

“I thought I was going to be Mark’s pet?” I replied.

“You will be but just because I like guys doesn’t mean I don’t like to drive the occasional woman nuts. Just make sure this is what you want,” he cautioned.

I nodded and said, “Do it. I am ready.”

He did not hesitate and he closed the collar around my neck. The collar tightened up enough to gently but firmly grip my neck. The slit in the back of the suit closed up on its own. Then the whole suit tightened up. My arms and legs were squeezed closer together. Now I could not separate them at all from the way I had them folded. My waist was squeezed like it was in a mean nasty corset taking about 6 inches from it but I could still slightly bend at waist. My breasts were squeezing at the base causing them to fill out the cups some more but they were still forced into the cone shape. The whole crotch area also adjusted. My pussy lips were sucked around something and my clit fell into a nubbed area. Also my ass cheeks were spread out.

When I tried to ask a question I only got two words out before the collar shocked me. I screamed and got shocked a second time when I tried to speak again. This time I shut up. “So I forgot that you will not be able to speak like anything but a dog,” he snickered. I let out a questioning grunt. “I take it Mark didn’t tell you?” I shook my head no. “You can only make puppy type noises at least until I get to the control computer and see what I can do. Why don’t you walk around for a few minutes and get used to the suit.”

I barked like a puppy and started to walk around on my padded elbows and knee. It took a lot of getting used to getting the timing down. There was also the fact that every time I moved my nipples and clit got brushed by the little nubs and there is something inside the dildo that moves around and feels weird but in a good way. I was surprised but after about 5 minutes of walking my elbows and knees were not the slightest bit sore. Max called me over to him. He had me turn around and then he worked the butt plug/tail into my ass. Once it was fully seated inside me it inflated some. Max told me that was to make sure I could not force it out. Once Max let go of the plug I walked around some more and let me tell you that plug really got my attention. Like the dildo it had something inside that moved around plus it would bump against the dildo in my pussy right through me. When that happened it would cause sudden, intense but short vibrations.

Just as I was starting to get used to the feeling of the suit, dildos, my clit and nipples began to vibrate really intensely. The vibrations and the intensity took me by surprise then I got shocked around my neck when I tried to ask what was going on. I heard Max laugh but he didn’t look up from his touch pad computer. “Here we go,” he said as he made an exaggerated motion to push a button. My whole body exploded with a mild electric shock that felt like it ran over my skin and into my nipples, clit, pussy and ass. The world around me slowed down as the feeling, strange as it was, seemed to build and change into a feeling my body recognized, pleasure. When the pleasure made it to its destination my crotch and breast were assaulted by the most powerful wave of pleasure I have ever felt and my body just gave in and reality exploded in the form of the most powerful orgasm I have every felt. My entire existence stopped and all I knew was ecstasy. For what seemed like forever my body was wracked by the orgasm from hell until it finally stopped.

When I recovered I was lying on my side breathing heavily and Max had my head in his lap. “Don’t try to talk,” he said. “That was the suit’s max pleasure setting. I had to do that so the collar would calibrate itself to your body. Yes Mark and I are able to really control your pleasure and punishment.”

He helped me get to my knees and elbows then held a bottle and let me drink the water in it through a straw. When I was done he clipped a leash to the back of my collar and said, “Now be a good little puppy and COME.” He led me into the garage and up a ramp into the back of his van. Inside the back was a pet travel kennel. I backed in and then he closed the cage door. Once he pulled the van forward he locked up the garage then drove away from my house.

The drive took longer than it should have going to his house but finally Max stopped. He opened the back door and my kennel. After he attached the collar he led me out. When I could see where we were and I was shocked. We were outside of the downtown convention center. He pulled the leash when I hesitated so I followed him inside. Walking across the road on my elbows and knees was the most embarrassing thing I have done in my life. As I was led inside there were lots of people watching me and all I could do was follow like a good little puppy. Looking around was really hard because of the hood but I realized that this was a fetish bondage convention. As I was lead around Max stopped several times to answer questions about the suit. He would let people feel my crotch and breasts when they asked, so needless to say I was good and horny in short order. “Finally,” I thought when Max said we are here however when I looked around I knew I was in for a long day.

I had been led into a booth in the bondage convention that had Max’s company’s logo on it. I saw another woman in a latex catsuit and I saw Mark talking to some people that were asking questions. Max took over for Mark then Mark came over to me. He knelt down in front of me and said, “Wow Roslyn I must say I am impressed.” I tried to reply but the collar shocked me. “Since you are here I guess it is time to put you to work.”

Mark grabbed my leash and pulled me over to a table and had me climb onto it. Climbing on just your elbows and knees is difficult to say the least. I finally made it up to the top and then Max start talking about the new line of stuff he was working on. I spent the next 4 hours as a living test dummy. Max would turn on various parts of the suit and people would feel that part being breast, pussy, ass or clit it didn’t matter. I was even made to try to speak English to demonstrate the collar. Mark and Max both laughed at me when I drank from a bowl. An announcement was made that I didn’t hear but about an hour later I was picked up off the table and set on the floor. Just as I was led out of the booth by Mark the vibrators in my crotch came to life. I was led out a different exit and into a Hotel. By the time I entered the lobby I was fighting not to cum in front of everyone there.

Mark led me to the elevator and when it arrived we were the only ones in it. I was glad because just as the doors closed I lost my fight and the orgasm I was fighting to stop erupted inside me. I moaned really loudly as the wave washed over me. I managed to stay upright until the orgasm receded but the vibrator still kept buzzing away inside me. The elevator opened into the penthouse. Mark led me into the kitchen and set a bowl of water on the floor. He then unclipped the leash and walked away. I lapped water out of the bowl until it was almost empty before the vibrators brought me to another orgasm. This time I didn’t even try to stay up and I fell to the floor. I twitched, twisted and wiggled but that effort didn’t help me escape the vibrators.

After 3 back to back orgasms the vibrators were turned off. Mark called me over to him then had me follow him to a doggie bed in the corner. He told me to take a nap because in a few hours people would arrive for a convention party. I lay down and after some wiggling I got comfortable. I knew I fell asleep because the next thing I knew both my holes, my clit and my nipple were being vibrated and the vibrations were really strong. I didn’t even manage to get off the bed before the vibrations made me cum. The orgasm was short but intense. I screamed in ecstasy for a minute then the vibrations were turned down. All the guests laughed as it took me 3 tries to get up onto my knees and elbows.

Once I was standing and off my doggie bed Mark called me over to him. It took me a minute to remember how to “walk” in my suit but I managed to get over to him. I was made to perform dog tricks like roll over and beg and lay down. One of the guests commented on me barking when I was told to beg. Mark told them about the shock I would receive if I tried to speak English. All of the people wanted a demonstration and Mark told me to go ahead. I could tell by the look I had no choice so I got “please” out but then I screamed as the collar shocked me. Just like the last time the pain was intense but short. The people were fascinated and spent the next couple hours asking questions.

When Mark had a chance he told me to go enjoy the party. Just as I was walking away the vibrators in the suit got turned on. Also my nipples were getting sucked on and my clit was getting messaged too. There were about 20 people at the party and almost half of them were in some kind of bondage. Most of them were just being led around by a leash but there were some that were being played with sexually or punished.

I was watching a woman that was tied spread eagle to a large wooden X. She was naked and had clips squeezing her nipples. She was getting flogged by a guy and several people were watching. I watched for a minute or two before my own torment got the better of me and the suit forced me to a major climax. The orgasm was long and intense. By the time I recovered several people were watching me. The guy that was flogging the woman dragged me in front of her and told me that since I distracted his sub her punishment was going to have to start over. He then offered me a choice to watch or to get both her and him off. If I did that then she would not get the extra punishment. He grinned when I nodded yes and then he shoved my face into her crotch so I started to lick her pussy and clit.

After a few minutes of licking her crotch the butt plug in my suit got removed and I felt a cock slide into my empty hole. “Your owner said that this hole was free game until you got her off.” He then began to fuck my ass. Between my ass getting fucked and the suit’s activity I was soon rocked by another orgasm. This time it was shorted but still really intense. When I recovered I started to lick the bound woman’s crotch again. This time she was almost there when the guy shot his load into me forcing me to another orgasm. My third orgasm was more intense and left me panting and worn out. I was brought back to reality when another cock was shoved into my opened ass. I groaned and went back to licking the pussy in front of me. This time I had figured out what she liked so I managed to force her orgasm before my ass was again filled with cum as the guy shot his load into me. However just as he pulled out he slid the butt plug back into me making sure very little of his cum leaked out.

Mark took me into the middle of the room and got everyone’s attention. He told them the party was over and that there would be another one tomorrow at the same time. He did tell them he wanted to show them the last feature of the suit. He pressed a button on the remote and then suit instantly brought me to the most intense orgasm of the night. I screamed in pure ecstasy and collapsed onto the floor as my whole existence because nothing but pleasure, pure carnal pleasure.

I don’t know how long the orgasm lasted but I remember Mark kissing me on the forehead before he went to sleep. I work up laying on my doggie bed but it was covered with a towel. Max was awake. He helped me up, wiped my ass with the towel then led me into the bathroom. I was made to get into the shower then my ass was washed inside and out. Once I was good and clean he told me to go and wake up Mark. When I walked into the bedroom Mark was sleeping naked on top of the sheets. I climbed onto the bed and he didn’t move. Since I was getting horny because I was still stuck in the puppy suit I decided to have some fun. I wiggled between his legs and started to suck his cock. In no time his cock got hard and Mark woke up. He came quickly inside my mouth and told me what a good dog I was.

He got out of bed and told me to meet him the kitchen. He went to shower and I was “walked” to the kitchen. Max and Mark walked in talking about the convention then Max went to fix breakfast and Mark sat next to me. He told me I was a big hit and so was the suit. I was also told that this was the last day of the convention and tomorrow I would get to relax at his place. When Max brought the food Mark fed me and just talked to Max. After breakfast they started to get dressed for the day so I just lay in my doggie bed and waited.

They both commented about how much of a good dog I was waiting in my bed then Mark attached a leash to my collar and led me to the elevator. Once inside Mark held my face as Max shoved my suit’s butt plug tail into me. Once I recovered from the unexpected surprise Mark surprised me again with a deep passionate kiss. The kiss lasted until the elevator doors opened and we were at the lobby. I was lead out of the elevator, through the lobby, across the street and into the convention center.

My second day as a volunteer pet was spent being led around by a leash through a fetish convention. The dildo in my pussy and plug in my ass kept me horny the whole time. I had several orgasms but they were mainly at the twins’ booth and part of them demonstrating the suit. I was permitted time to rest and recover but when the convention closed I was exhausted. I was lead back to the room where my butt plug was thankfully removed and I was permitted to sleep. After about 4 hours I was woken up and fed. Mark told me the party location got changed so we had to leave.

After I ate the butt plug was reinserted into my ass and I was lead out and into his car. As I was taken through the lobby the vibrators were turned up really high and I had a massive orgasm just as Mark was pulling me away from the counter. The intensity and length of the orgasm prevented me from hiding it or being quiet. Between my moans and me collapsing on the floor everyone in the lobby was watching the show. Finally the vibrators were turned down to a low setting and I was able to recover. When I got up to my knees and elbows most of the people in the lobby applauded. We finally made it to the car. Once I was buckled into the back seat Mark kissed me again and then we drove to the party.

We drove for about an hour and the vibrators vibrated the whole time to make sure I was REALLY horny. We pulled into a large building that was in the middle of the woods. Once he parked Mark helped me out of the car, turned the vibrators up some (still not enough to get me off) and then led me inside. The inside of the building looked like a high tech sexual torture chamber. There were the standard bondage crosses, X’s, benches and racks. However there were several high-tech devices and restraints. Some of restraints looked like steel monogloves, corsets and cuffs. There were benches, tables and beds that had cables and several cuffs attached so the victim could be stretched or held in several different position. What really got my attention was the bondage fucking machine. There were a few machines that a woman could be strapped to and then the machine would automatically fuck her. She would have no control and the machine would not stop until it was finished with its program.

Mark showed me around and let me watch some of the action. He told me this was a members only club but a member could bring a guest or in my case a pet. I spent a few hours following Mark before he tied the collar to a rail at the bar and walked off. I sat down and watched the action for a few minutes before a lady walked up to me.

She scratch under my chin and said, “Aren't you a gorgeous little doggie?” She laughed when I barked and said, “Let’s see how well trained you are.” She sat on the barstool next to me and spread her legs. Under her latex miniskirt she had nothing on so I went right to work. I started to lick and suck her like there was no tomorrow. In just a few minutes I had her screaming in ecstasy and squirting all over my face.

When she recovered she said, “That was very nice. Thank you however there is a no pet rule in the club so I am going to have to make sure you stay put until you get collected.” She untied the leash from the bar and led me to the “holding area” of the club. “This is where subs that are in trouble and pets that are left alone are taken until they are bailed out or someone wants to use them.”

There were 3 people already in the area. Two of them were tied up hands and feet but there was one that was just sitting there. I was taken next to that sub and then my butt plug was removed and replaced with a different one. This was had a steel cable attached to its base and the other end of the cable went to a small hole in the floor.

“I can tell by the look in your eyes you don’t understand why this sub is just sitting here and has not walked off. Here let me show you.” The new plug in my ass enlarged until it was really uncomfortable then it shrunk just a little. “That plug in your ass is just like the one in hers. It has enlarged enough that it cannot be removed. So you are now held to the length of the cable by your ass. The plug is computer controlled so even if you had your hands you could not remove it. That is why she is just sitting there because she cannot get the plug out. Now you just stay put.” She then walked away.

I walked a few feet before the plug in my ass pulled the cable tight. Like the lady said the plug was too big to be pulled out without a lot of pain. I must say it felt strange but extoric being held in place by my ass. I was only permitted to get about 5 feet from where the cable went into the floor so I quickly got bored.

“That suit looks awesome,” the other sub said. I looked at her and woofed. “I take it the collar hurts as much as they said it did during the convention demo?” I nodded then she patted her leg so I walked up to her. She reached down and began to feel me up. She didn’t say anything about the vibrations for several minutes and by then I was on the edge of cumming. “God you look really worked up. Would you like to cum?” I vigerously nodded yes then she grabbed the crotch of the suit and started to fuck my pussy with the dildo as much as the suit permitted. That was all it took before I pushed over the cliff into my orgasm.

The orgasm hit me like a freight train. It was so intense that that was all I felt. I just writhed on the ground with my ass in the air as she continue to fuck me. After several minutes she stopped and I just collapsed onto the floor. When I recovered I noticed that she was sitting on the floor now. The cable connected to her butt plug had retracted into the floor.

“Look at you,” Mark said. “I leave you alone and you get yourself into trouble.” He sat in the chair the woman had been sitting in then he opened his pants. I got up at started to suck his cock. He must have been really horney already because he came in just a few minutes and boy did he cum. I was not able to swallow his whole load so some of his cum ended up running down my chin. “Let me see about getting you out of here.” He zipped up his pants and walked away. A few seconds later the suit’s activity increased to it max. I screamed and jumped in surprise then fell to the floor in pure ecstasy. The orgasm the suit caused was furiously intense. I came so hard it almost hurt and it didn’t stop. I could not think or do anything but lay there a victum of the suit’s mercy.

I don’t know how long the suit abused me but finally the activity stopped. The twins were both standing over me and most of the people were clapping. I was so worn out that I just picked up my head for a second then laid it back down. The plug in my ass was deflated then removed and I was loaded onto a wheeled cart and pushed to the car. Once I was in the back seat I fell asleep.

I woke up later in the twins house laying on my doggie bed from the hotel. Right away I noticed that there was no plug in my ass and my arms were not sore from the suit but my sides were from cumming so hard. I got up and “walked” around the house. I heard moaning so I followed the sound to Max’s room where he was making out with someone so I left. I went to Mark’s room and since he was still sleeping I climbed onto the bed and laid next to him. I woke up later with him playing with my breast and crotch. The collar painfully shocked me when I tried to tell him, “Good morning.”

He laughed, climbed over me and started to kiss me. We kissed for a long time before the suit started to vibrate and he slid his cock into my ass. He fucked my ass for a long time before he came. Between his load squirting into me and the suits vibration I came also. This orgasm was a good one it was intense enough that my psyche was not destroyed but it felt really good. I think it was the best orgasm I had since I put the suit on. The orgasm lasted longer then his because when I recovered he was laying on top of me. We snuggled for several minutes before he got me out of bed and took me to the bathroom. He cleaned me up really good and then we ate breakfast.

I spent the next day without the buttplug at the Twins place. Max’s friend also liked women too so I was used by all 3 of them occassionly but mainly I spent the day with Mark playing puppy games. I had a real good time. By the time the collar opened and I was released from the suit I was getting good at moving around it it.

“What did you think?” Mark asked.

“It was awesome,” I replied.

With a hopeful twickle in his eyes he asked, “Would you like to try it again?”

I kissed him deeply and said “I would be pissed off if you didn’t let me.” He asked me what I would change if I could. “Make the pussy dildo removable. Maybe a latex sheath that goes into both my holes so the butt plug doesn’t have to be inserted to make the suit ‘decent’ to wear outside. Leave the timing thing on the collar so once it is locked the suit cannot be removed but make the time changeable. Three days is kinda long for a normal weekend and too short for a week long vaction.”

“Longer?” he asked. When I nodded he continued, “But adjustable so you can wear in on a short weekend.”

“Yes but always make sure that once the collar in locked it cannot be removed for a set time. That made things interesting knowing it. Also an option to be able to talk but make the suit default to dog speak.”

“Max had already done everything except make the suit able to be worn for longer. That should be really easy. When the suit is done would you like to try it out?”

I replied, “Of course I would love to try it out.”

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