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Room: 1

by M88

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Storycodes: M/f+; captives; cells; rubber; catsuits; gasmask; bond; harness; gag; cuffs; chains; transported; objectified; cond; mc; mpov; cons/nc; X

story continued from Four Prison Cells

One week after nightmarish events of Four prison cells. And the girls needed to be moved away from the city of Oxford and to a new location. The police had stepped up the investigation to find them, now all four had gone missing. The police had even asked the media for help in the search. The girls needed to be taken to location B which was an old farmhouse in the sticks. Miles from anything and completely cut off from the outside world. He would also need to remove of the equipment and other evidence from the factory.

Luckily he had a contingency plan in place for just this type of problem. The prison was made up of 5 locked cell doors and two doors to enter the system. The two front doors would stop anyone trying to break into his secret hideout for some time. Four of the five cells were for the helpless girls and their endless bondage. But the other cell door was fake and opened onto a car park. Waiting the other side of the door was a large white van. The car park was dark and quiet with the van's back doors pointing towards the secret door. It would be very difficult for anyone to see what was going on and make for an easy escape.

First things first, he needed to get the girls out of the cell and ready for transport. The van was already equipped with scary bondage systems. It was time to free the girls one by one and lock them in the van. He had four small metal boxes in each room with everything he would need. Cell: 1

The first prisoner to be removed from there cell was Katrina the red haired sports girls. He opened the room to her rubber bondage cell and was met with an incredibly strong rubber smell. Which was not a great shock seeing how she had been covered in rubber for over a week. It still looked amazing and the immobilizing bondage was giving him a hard on. Her eyes spoke a thousand words as they pleaded to be freed. She tried struggling against the layers of bondage in a last ditch attempt for freedom. He just watched her run out of energy and give in to him.

In some ways he wished he could leave her like that. But he had other plans for her and injected her with a sleeping agent. A minute or two later she was like a statute just hanging there. He took a couple of photos and gave her a kiss on the stomach. He then started by lowering her to the floor and removing her leg restraints. After that he freed her hands and arms as well as removing her collar. That was followed by her rubber driving mask which was squeezed off her face. The next to be removed was the harness and the connected chains that kept her still. She was now free from all the layers of bondage and was unconscious on the cold floor.

He then cut the wet and smelly rubber catsuit from her dirty body. Cutting from her feet to her neck was hard work. Thanks to the thick rubber and how tightly it fit on her. It did at last come off and was tossed to the corner of the room. Now naked he picked up the small metal box and opened it. Inside the box was a number of helpful bondage equipment for transporting bdsm slaves.

Handcuffs (x2) Metal collar (Large) Diaper (Female) Bondage belt (Metal)(tight fitting) Duct tape (Silver) Large rubber ball (Red)(Mouth filling) Short metal chains (x2) Rubber isolation hood (Black)(Nose holes only) Headphones (Over ear) Rubber gas mask (Russian) Padlocks

She had her hands cuffed together in front of her first. She then had the rubber ball pushed into her mouth and duct tape wrapped around her face. The diaper was next up as it was tightly placed around her. Keeping the diaper in place was the metal bondage belt around her stomach. The belt forced itself into her body as it squeezed her skin inwards. She then had the second pair of handcuffs locked around her feet. Her hands and feet were then chained together and padlocked in position.

The other short chain was locked to a metal ring on the belt and that kept her hands around her stomach. The chain made a loop from the ring and around the centre point of the handcuffs and was padlocked closed. Her hands also needed to be restrained in duct tape to stop her fiddling with the locks. Wrapping them tightly into a ball with the tape. He then placed the tape over her eyes and pulled the rubber hood over her face. The thick rubber would stop any light reaching her eyes. The hood was a perfect fit and made her into a dehumanized slave.

The headphones went on next over the top of the hood and they cut off all sound. She was then placed in the rubber gas mask and the metal collar. The gas mask cut her air supply to a minimum and kept the headphones pressed against her ears. The collar was padlocked shut to stop her from removing the gas mask or hood.

She was now ready for transport and would be moved to the van when she comes round. Which should happen in a couple of minutes if all went to plan. She opened her eyes right on the money. Not that she could see anything and was suddenly pulled upright and made to slowly walk. She had no idea what was going on as she ambled into the van.

The back of the van had four chairs build into the sides (two on each). The chairs had seat belts and 3 anchor points at the ankles, neck and stomach. Katrina was pushed into the chair and quickly bound to it as she moaned through the gas mask. Cell: 2

With one of the girls already bound in the van it was time to get another one ready. This time Hannah was the lucky one as he entered her prison cell. Once again the strong smell of rubber met him as he walked over to her vacbed home. He used her as a large rubber chair to watch the football when it was on. The vacbed chair had taken him some time to design and build, but now it needed to be removed. The first thing he needed to do in the procedure was inject her with a sleeper agent. He stabbing her with the large needle right through the rubber and into the top of her right leg. She was soon dead to the world and ready to be cut free from her airtight bondage.

He used a very sharp surgical knife to cut through the rubber from top to bottom. He had cut very close to her lifeless body and could now see sweat and piss dropping out of the bed. He then worked his way above her head as he once again ran the blade close. The rubber started to fold over as he went down the other side of her body. For the first time in a week her restrained body was open to fresh air, she had been encased for over a week and it would have been a great feeling if her had not been out cold.

The rubber was now hanging from her air and feeding tubes as he removed her spared bars and chastity belt. Removing the remaining rubber from the tubes he could now see her face mask. He spend about 10 minutes removing the tightly bound hood from her head. He could just about force it from her face and reveal the gag and blindfold. The tubes had been pulled away the second he lifted the mask from her face. The tubes had been for her food and air and had kept her alive. Her droll and liquid food waste was now dripping from the food tube.

He had a quick smile to himself and then removed her gag and blindfold. He then placed her on the floor and got her ready. He used the same set up was the first girl and when she was ready and awake she was walked to the van. Once again was was bound to the chair and left helpless. Cell: 3

As he walked into the third cell, he was welcomed with some moaning and sobbing from his pain slave. She was not as isolated as the others and knew when he entered her room. She was waiting from her punishments to begin as he stuck the needle in her leg. She soon stopped her moaning and could now be released. Her passed out body was broken free from the leather straps that kept it bound.

Her skin was covered in red marks from the cuffs and from the torture she was given. The duct tape was ripped from her eyes and mouth. A large black butt plug was then forced from her jaw. The monster butt plug had been trapped inside her mouth from day one. It made her gag violently if she tried to remove it.

He had enjoyed how easy it was to free her from inescapable bondage. He was very happy with himself for how quickly he had completed the first part of her transport. He then placed the metal box next to her and started working with it. If anything he spent more time locking her in cuffs and chains than undoing them.

She was soon ready and completely bound and gagged in her new bondage set up. But the drugs in her system still had half an hour before wearing off. He just picked up her heavy lifeless body and carried her to the van. He then dumped her in a chair and bound her to it. Maybe it had not been as easy as he first thought. Cell: 4

He entered the last cell and give the metal barrel a pat with his hand. He was sad about leaving his slave prison and wanted to get it over with now. He undid the padlocks and chains keeping the lid closed and lifted it up and dropped it on the floor. The smell of rubber, leather, sweat, piss and cum filled his nose. The barrel had three tubes running into it one for air, one for food and one for him to make living in it hell. He had used her as a cum dump and now had to remove her cum covered rubber bondage.

It was just his luck and with a deep breath he stepped into the barrel. He bent down and pushed a needle through the rubber and into her right leg. Before she was even passed out he was unlocking the chains that kept her nailed to one place. He had just removed her spared bar as she went under into the darkness. With her and barrel now free from each other, she was lifted out of it. The legs of her catsuit were dripping wet with the horrible mix of liquids in the bottom of the barrel.

He ripped through unlocking the padlocks on her straitjacket and collar. The leather jacket was a nightmare to remove from the wet rubber and took a lot out of him. But it did give in at last and made the loud squeaking sound as it come off. The jacket and collar were discarded in the barrel as he disconnected the tubes from the hood. The thick rubber was almost glued to her face and was another headache for him to undo. He got out his knife again and slowly worked it down the zip in the hood. The knife did the job and with a strong pull it come off. He then did the same for her rubber suit as he cut from her neck to her feet. Putting the rubber catsuit and hood in the barrel it was time of the small metal box again.

She was soon in the van with the others and after locking the escape door it was time to leave. Slowly driving out of the car park and then mindful of his cargo going on the long drive to the farmhouse. For the whole drive he had to put up with endless moaning and crying from the back. It was getting under his skin and he was releaved to reach the farmhouse.

He had taken a long time working on the farmhouse and had turned it into a shell. The doors and windows had been removed and replaced with metal panels. Build into the side of house was a metal shutter which was for the van to drive through. The shutter was the only way in or out and had a keypad and padlock to keep it closed. He undid the lock and entered the code.


And with that the shutter opened and he moved the van into the large fortified farmhouse. The inside of the farmhouse was cut into three sections. One was parking and the enttance which was the biggest, after that was holding and preparation, followed by the cells. The cells had been located right in the centre of the room with miles of space on three sides. The areas had been isolated from each other by endless walls. All the walls that split the areas were made from see through plastic. The plastic ran from floor to ceiling and one end from the room to the other. It was bolted to both the floor and ceiling and cut the farmhouse into three.

He got the girls out of the van one by one and locked them in the holding section till he got back. He then went back to the old prison and cleaned up the evidence. It took him 9 hours of hard work, but he had remove everything. He then went back to the farmhouse for a good sleep. The girls could wait until the morning for their imprisonment. Day: 2

Having had an great nights sleep he woke up with a new found force and energy. Which was a bit of a shock to him seeing as he had used the van as a bedroom. He was soon ready and looking forward to meeting the girls again. He hoped they had enjoyed a good nights sleep as well. As he entered the code to the holding cell he could see the girls had rolled into a ball. He opened the door with a huge smile on his face as he could hear the girls breathing through their gas masks. They looked to be still sound asleep as he walked around them.

They needed to get up and get ready for another stay in prison. He give a huge slap on the ass to the girl closest to him. She almost hit the ceiling as she jumped out of her dreams. She was breathing quickly through the rubber gas mask as he slapped another girl. She needed another slap to wake her sexy ass up. He grabbed the third girl by the collar and pulled her upright and pinched both her nipples as hard as he could. He only stopped when he could hear loud moans coming from the mask.

For the last girl he placed his hand over the gas masks respirator and waited for the air to run out. She soon started struggling as the rubber folded into her face with each gasp of air. When she started struggling like mad, he lifted his hand away. The holding cell was cut into two parts with a plastic wall slitting the room. The girls had been chained to the wall by their collars which stopped them moving very far. The short chain was linked to the wall about a third of the way up the wall. That stopped them from standing up and meant they had to work hard to find a comfortable position on the floor.

He removed the chain from their collars and one by one he placed them in the preparation room. Once again he chained them to a wall as he got things ready. First he needed to remove the transport bondage from each of the girls and then get them suited and booted. All the best toy were waiting for them in their prison cell. He would do one girl at a time and leave them in the cell as he worked on the next one. He picked the girl on the right hand side and removed the chain from her collar.

She struggled as he moved her into the centre of the room and chained her feet to the floor. He then started removing her outfit and bondage equipment. First off was the metal collar and the gas mask and that was followed by the headphones. He then removed the rubber isolation hood and the chains linking her cuffs together. He unwrapped the duct tape from her hands and head. He had to fight to free the rubber ball in the mouth. She was now able to see and talk as he took the metal belt from her body.

The piss soaked diaper was next as piss dropped onto the floor. He then released her feet and hand cuffs. She was completely unrestrained and able to see and talk, but just stood there. Her mind and will power had been broken. He pointed at a shower in the corner of the room and and well laid out uniform. She had a quick shower and he give her a towel to dry herself. She then looked at the uniform. Full rubber suit (transplant) Metal cuffs (x8) (very thick) Heavy duty chains (linked together) Metal mittens Leather body harness

The rubber suit was entered through the neck, thanks to a zip along the shoulders. The rubber was filled with lube, but it was a nightmare to get into. After a lot of struggling she was in the full rubber suit. The suit was stupidly tight and shockingly thick. She looked perfect in it as it squeezed her body from all sides. The suit had two small holes built into it for her pussy and ass. The holes were the same size as the tip of your finger and surrendered by even thicker rubber to stop them ripping.

The leather body harness was next to be strapped in place. The black leather cut across her body from shoulders to pussy. The metal mittens were pushed over each hand, the inside of the mittens had been filled with a liquid which would set into a rock hard ball. The metal cuffs needed to be positioned and locked in place. Two on each arm and two on each leg. Ankles and wrists and above the elbow and knees. The heavy cuffs locked into place with a loud click. They all had D-rings build in as did the harness. The web chains had soon been connected to each D-ring. The girl was now bound and taken to the cell.

He did the same to the three other girls.

They had all been placed in the small plastic cage they would now call home. But with them in the cell was the last bit of bondage equipment. A metal bondage hood that would control them and turn them into saleable slaves. The hood was split in two the front half would cover the face and the back half would enclose the head. The eyes had two small TV's built in front of them. A huge penis gag was built into the mask and so was a feeding tube. She would need to breath through her nose. The hood was shut with straps and padlocks. It could not be removed by the girls.

Now in a thick metal hood with extreme bondage porn playing on the TV's and semen pouring through the penis gag. Who would become a slave first and how long would it take them.


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