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Raincoat Captive

by Jennifer Wilson

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© Copyright 2020 - Jennifer Wilson - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; F/m; latex; raincoat; bond; tease; oral; handjob; sex; messy; cd; M2f; hum; public; outdoors; cons; X

story continues from part one

Part 2

“However, after giving it some thought I have decided to allow you some freedom as it will be necessary for you to still go to work. So this is what is going to happen. You stay here at my place on weekends for me to do just what I like with you, and the weekdays you go to work and earn money so we can buy you some more special clothing.”

Chris heard this through the two layers of rubber and silk of the raincoat hoods and breathed a sigh of relief that he would not be trussed up forever even though he admitted to himself that he was really enjoying the situation he was in.

Clair unbuttoned the outer raincoat and removed it from him, she then asked Chris to stand up whilst she undid the belts around his legs and took off the clips holding the edges of the hood together over his face. She then unbuttoned the coat and eased it upwards to free his arms and then fully off him.

“OK Chris, take this into the shower and give it a good wash whilst you are doing yourself, then hang it on the screen and I will put it on a hanger to dry ready for next time.”

Chris was thankful for the shower as he was extremely sweaty from the rubber enclosure and spent 10 minutes luxuriating under the hot water. After getting dried he pulled on one of the new silk panties and resisted the temptation to play with himself in them, ‘I can do that when I get home’ thought Chris. His regular clothes were in the bathroom so he got dressed and went back to the bedroom to see what Clair had in mind for him.

“You can go home now Chris and take one of the raincoats with you seeing as you paid for them, so I am not a total meany as you may have thought. I need you to be able to go to work during the week but on the weekends we will be together with maybe some of my friends and enjoy ourselves.”

“What is important though is that you will always wear the satin panties or the latex ones as well. You may have to buy some more as I want you to dispose of all your old ones, only girls’ panties from now on.”

Clair told Chris that he had to check out a web site called Honour Latex and purchase some of their latex frilly panties, the ones with elasticated waist and legs and if they get delivered in time to be wearing them on Friday evening when he was to come back to her house.

Chris made his way home wondering just what he had got himself into and where this was going, but if it involves rubber raincoats and there is no blood then why not enjoy it for all it was worth. He was pleased to arrive home, strip of his clothes and put the rubberized raincoat back on again, pull it tight around himself, and pleasure himself until he came to a massive orgasm. At bedtime he put on a new pair of the silk panties and the coat and lay on the bed in his wonderful world of rubber.

First thing in the morning he found the Honour website and ordered six pairs of latex panties as instructed as well as a body slip and blouse all in black latex. The delivery stated that he would have the goods in four days so with a bit of luck he would have them for the weekend.

Chris’s week went very slowly as his mind was never far from Clair’s actions and the promises of more to come. The package arrived on Friday and was there at his home when he finished work, he quickly unpacked it and marveled at the panties, slip and blouse and the feel and aroma of the shiny black latex. He quickly undressed and pulled on the panties first then the slip which was a little tight around his waist and came down to below his knees. The blouse was next to go on and the feeling of his arms in the sleeves was electrifying. He grabbed his dick and jerked if off making a big mess inside the panties. He massaged his dick and balls in the mess and it felt really good. When he had calmed down he eased off the panties and washed them in warm water as the directions indicated and patted them dry.

He removed the other garments and took a shower. He was just finished drying himself when his cellphone rang.

“Well hello there, why are you not here yet?” called Clair.

“I am just getting dressed now and will be there in half an hour.” Replied Chris.

“OK, don’t forget to wear the silk panties, unless the latex ones arrived, then wear them instead.”

“The latex ones have arrived and I will soon have them on. They were very expensive, I am not sure I can spend too much more.”

“Well, we will see about that, and hurry up and get here.”

Dressed in the latex panties, slip blouse and the raincoat Chris made his way to Clair’s home and was welcomed in, to the surprise of Clair, to see the extra latex stuff Chris had on.

“I can see we are going to have some good times together this weekend, I have invited a couple of my girlfriends over to help me out playing with you.”

“First let me check out your new latex panties at close range.” She then knelt down in front of Chris and parted the raincoat just enough to put her head inside and nuzzle his dick with her mouth. Chris immediately went very hard and placed his hands on Clair’s head to press it tighter to his groin. Clair massaged his dick with her mouth through the latex panties, she placed her hands on his bum and caressed his cheeks. She could feel that Chris was very close to ejaculating so she pulled away.

“I need to save you for some enjoyment for myself, so do as I say and we will both get some serious satisfaction.”

Clair peeled off Chris’s raincoat and placed it on a chair whilst she removed all her clothes and then put Chris’s satin and rubber raincoat on. She then found the raincoat that had the glued sleeves and helped it onto Chris. It was a bit of a struggle but they managed it OK. Clair let Chris to her bed and pushed him onto it and rolled him onto his back. She parted the front of the coat to expose his dick and laid on top of him easing it gently into her.

“Now go real easy, as sometimes I like to go slow and smooth and enjoy the sounds of our raincoats rubbing together.” Clair was doing most of the moving whilst Chris lay there enjoying the rubber fuck. They managed about three minutes until Clair shook and shuddered as she climaxed and very shortly after Chris did the same.

“Well done Chris, I really expected you to come first dressed as we are so I can see we can have some really great times together. However Rose and Wendy will be here soon so take a rest as you will need more stamina when we all get going together.”

Chris said “Thank you very much for that Clair, I never dreamed I would be able to make love to a girl with us both dresses in rubber raincoats. It looked like you really enjoyed it too so I am thinking we are going to have a good relationship.”

“Now hold your horses there Chris, I said nothing about a relationship, this is just pure pleasure for me and if you get off on it too then that’s OK but don’t think this is going any further other than just fetish sex. Anyway we should be getting cleaned up a bit before Rose and Wendy get here.”

Clair took Chris into the bathroom and stripped him of his raincoat, with a bit of a struggle because of the glued sleeves, and removed hers then turned on the shower as then went in the cubicle. Lots of lathering up and caressing each other was enjoyable for both of them and they managed it without screwing again. Clair had Chris don the latex panties once again and one of the satin and rubber raincoats whilst she just put on her leather skirt and silk top, both in dark blue.

Soon after the doorbell rang and Clair ushered in the two girls.

“Where is he, I can’t wait to see what you have found,” exclaimed Wendy.

“Chris is in the bedroom waiting for us in his nice raincoat, but we will have to swap it over for the special one so we can have a play with him.”

She led the girls to meet Chris and they were pleased to find quite a handsome man and not a dork as that were afraid of. They peeled off the coat and replaced it with the special glued-sleeves one. They were very happy to see the latex panties he was wearing and the quite large bulge of his erection hiding underneath. He was gently pushed onto the bed on his back.

All the girls undressed and put on the other three raincoats and then began to fondle Chris. Chris was in heaven, here he was wearing latex ladies panties dressed in a lovely rubberized raincoat with some restriction and being ‘attended’ to by three girls in raincoats wearing nothing else. It didn’t take long before he had a massive orgasm and filled the panties. Rose continued to massage his dick and rub the ejection all over his dick and balls. The girls were giggling and Wendy said “It’s about time we dressed him up properly, so what have we got?”

“Well first we need to get him cleaned up a bit as he must be pretty messy down there.” Said Rose pointing at his groin. He girls carefully removed the raincoat then peeled off his frilly panties and wiped his messy dick with them, they then put the panties over his head with the very wet crotch part next to his nose and mouth and massaged it so he got plenty of aroma and taste. After around ten minutes they led him to the bathroom and ran the shower for him.

Chris soaped himself and again thought to himself how could this have happened to him? His life so far had been pretty lonely and very few girlfriends and the ones he had had would definitely not entertain any fetish ideas at all and never went beyond vanilla sex. So this was out of this world for him and not in his wildest dreams could he imagine what was happening, maybe he was going to wake up soon and realize it is all a dream.

Chris cleaned himself up in the shower and dried off whilst the girls were sorting out some clothes for him to wear. They started off with a pair of frilly panties and a padded bra. They then had him step into a PVC skirt and then a shiny satin black blouse was fitted to him. Clair found an old wig and placed it on his head.

They then spent some time on making up his face with lots of rouge and bright red lipstick. They applied lots of blue mascara to his eyes and the whole appearance was a bit over the top. Lastly the special glued sleeved raincoat was put on but only the top button fastened so that the feminine clothes could be seen. The hood was pulled up on his head and the drawstring fastened tightly around his neck.

“OK we are ready for our outing to the coffee shop,” stated Clair, and the four of them walked to the shopping centre; making sure Chris was front and centre so all could see him with his arms firmly fixed to his sides, the raincoat swishing open to reveal his skirt, blouse and PVC skirt.

I was quite a long walk to the shops and Chris received many curious stares from the passersby as he looked so strange in his black shiny coat with his arms fixed to his sides and hood pulled tightly around his head, whilst all the time the three girls were mocking and pointing at him and generally being very silly.

In truth though Chris was not too sorry for his predicament, as one of his fantasies was to be out in public dressed as a woman and in a shiny raincoat, but to have with him three lovely girls was the cream on the cake. He was getting a bit hot as the coat was tightly belted and the hood tied very close around his head with not much room for ventilation.

The four of them finally made it to the shops and headed straight to a coffee shop for a sit down and enjoy a drink. Clair had to hold the coffee cup up to Chris’s mouth because of his fixed arms and this got lots of stares from the other patrons at the café. Wendy meanwhile, entertained herself by massaging his dick through the rubber and PVC to see how big she could get it. She wasn’t disappointed as Chris obliged with a massive hard on and shortly after exploded with an equally impressive orgasm wetting his nice frilly panties.

The girls then turned their attention to what they were going to do next to continue with Chris’s humiliation.

To be continued


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