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Raincoat Captive

by Jennifer Wilson

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© Copyright 2019 - Jennifer Wilson - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; rubber; raincoat; hum; public; reluct; X

Part 1

Chris’s 23rd birthday was tomorrow and he wished to celebrate by treating himself to a new shiny raincoat. He has seen a new range of coats for sale at Marks and Spencers in their brochure which came with his Sunday paper. The photos of the new macks showed two of them in very glossy black. One with a hood and the other without and it was the one with the hood that took his interest most.

With breakfast finished he caught the bus to the shopping centre and headed for M&S and the women’s garment section. Chris soon found the coats displayed on the racking in many colours and was pleased to see that the material was a very shiny shot silk with a rubber lining of the same colour as the silk. On checking out the black ones and pondering which size would be best for him an assistant approached him and offered to help him if he needed it. Chris blushed at the lady as he was hoping to buy one quickly and get out of there with no fuss. The lady was around 30 he guessed and nice looking, not really beautiful just nice and friendly, she was dressed in the uniform of the shop with the mid length skirt showing off her slim legs.

“Can I help you?” she asked, “Is it for your wife or girlfriend?” Chris stuttered a little not knowing how to respond and blurted out that it was for his girlfriend.

“OK, what size is she?” asked the assistant.

“Erm, well she is about my size I guess,” replied Chris struggling now and wishing she would go away to let just buy one and get out of there.

The assistant was having none of this and said straight out, “This is for you isn’t it? So come with me to the changing room and we will find the right size.” She gathered up three of the black shiny coats and led Chris to the change room, ushered him in and stayed with him whilst he tried one on. The assistant pulled the hood over his head and smiled, saying “This suits you quite well and the size is good, now if you are a good boy I won’t let anyone see the CCTV video of us with you wearing this coat. My name is Clair and I think we may just get to know each other a whole lot more from now on.”

Chris was dumbfounded at this and didn’t know what to do, here he was in this ladies rubberised raincoat locked in a cubicle with this lady who seemed to be threatening him somehow.

“Can I please just buy this one now and leave please?” asked Chris.

“Not just yet young man, we have to try on this next coat which is a size larger, but leave the first one on and put this on top of it.” Clair helped Chris pull on the second coat, fastened all the buttons up to the neck and tied the belt around his waist.

“How does that feel? Now I know full well you like being dressed up like this by the very large bulge between your legs, so let me see if I can help out here.”

Clair parted the two coats and found his trouser fly, unzipped it and eased out his erect penis. She stroked it for only about a minute before he exploded in orgasm. His sperm splashed all over the two coats he was wearing plus the third that Clair had over her shoulder.

“Well done son, you will now have to buy all three. And, as we now have much more interesting footage on the CCTV, you will obey all my demands from now on. Firstly we will get you and the coats cleaned up a bit then we need you to buy some nice ladies underwear.”

Clair popped out of the cubical for a minute and returned with a damp cloth, she handed it to Chris. “Get busy and get all your disgusting ejaculation off these coats, and be quick about it.” Chris did as he was told and sponged down the shiny material, there was still a little marking in the silk which he couldn’t remove. Clair said some more warm soapy water would get them cleaner.

Clair then led Chris to the lingerie department and the panties section, “So what colour do you fancy Chris? I am guessing black, right? Or maybe bright red?” Chris was bright red with embarrassment being with this lady and her being so dominant with him, but what was he to do? And in truth he liked it a lot, embarrassed or not. The raincoats he now had to buy would be a great pleasure for him when he got home and immersed himself in them. But at the moment it looks like he will have to buy some panties and heaven knows what else.

“You look like an L or XL,” stated Clair as she selected a red pair of ‘L’ sized silky panties with petite bows on each leg. “Leave your underpants on and try these for size in the change room, I am coming too to check for myself.”

The panties were a little tight but seeing as they were on top of his underpants she thought they would be just fine. “We will need four pairs of these as they will be the only ones you will be wearing from now on.” Chris didn’t know what to think as everything was happening far too quickly for his liking, although he did like the feeling of wearing the panties and looked forward to having them on without the underpants.

“OK, they look good, so take them off along with your underpants and put them back on again just to make sure.” Chris was happy to remove them and then have them next to his skin and dick, which was recovering and enlarging once more. “Now take off your shirt and put the smaller raincoat back on.” Clair buttoned the coat all the way to his chin and tied the belt tight around Chris’s waist then pulled the hood over his head.

“Well, don’t you look sweet, all dolled up in rubber and frilly panties. I am thinking this should be your default clothing.” My God, thought Chris, what have I done, how has this happened, I have to escape somehow. But at the back of his mind he was really enjoying being dominated by Clair and the wearing of the panties and rubber-lined raincoat next to just about all of his skin was a dream come true that he could never have thought possible.

Clair led him to the check out and totaled up the purchases, three raincoats and four pairs of panties, they came to quite a sum and Chris shuddered at the damage to his credit card it would make, but it seemed that he had no choice but to pay.

“Wait here until my shift ends in an hour then we can go back to your home.” Clair informed him.

Chris found a chair nearby and parked himself with thoughts racing around his mind on how to escape the situation he found himself in. Clair had his clothes in a bag behind the counter so getting back into them seemed improbable, he supposed he could just do a runner out the door but dressed as he was in the satin and rubber raincoat with nothing else on apart from the panties was not really a valid option. Also he had no money or credit card as they were with his clothes and not obtainable. Walking home was out of the question as he was about five miles away. So it looked like he had to follow Clair’s wishes for the time being.

The hour passed very slowly for him and to add to the humiliation quite a few shoppers gave him some very strange stares, a couple of them asked if he was OK. He mumbled a reply to indicate he was alright, but mainly kept his head down to avoid eye contact.

Clair, having finished he shift said to Chris, “OK rubber boy, let’s go. On our way back to my place we need to get some super glue.” Chris did a double take “What the hell do you need glue for?” “Never mind you will find out soon enough.”

They reached Clair’s car and she gave him his keys so he could drive them to her home, she let him push back the hood of the coat so he could see properly and they drove off, stopping only at a hardware store to get the super glue. Clair placed her hand on his thigh and slowly massaged it achieving the anticipated result of his dick growing to an impressive erection. She then moved her hand under the raincoat to gently stroke his member, she could feel the heat even through the satin panties. It was not long before Chris lost control and ejected what seemed like a pint of semen, thoroughly soaking the panties. “Now you see why we needed four pairs because there will be a lot of this sort of thing.”

Chris thought, well if I have to be abducted then it may be quite enjoyable so let’s see where this is going, but I am concerned about the super glue.

On arriving at Clair’s home they parked the car in the garage and she led him into her house and straight up to her spare bedroom. Chris thought this is where it looks like I get to actually screw her, so this can’t be all bad. But that is not what happened as Clair pushed him onto the bed and told him to lay down on his back. She lifted his raincoat and pulled down the very wet panties and dried him off with an old towel. She folded back the front of the raincoat and re-tightened the waist belt, she took a second belt from the second coat and fastened it tightly around his legs just above the knees. The third belt she fastened around his ankles.

She took the super glue, removed the cap and asked Chris to move his arm a little way from his body and ran a line of glue along the inner part of the sleeve then pressed it against his side instantly fixing it to the side if the raincoat. She repeated this on the other side giving the result of Chris being helplessly confined not able to move his arms. Clair pulled the hood over his face as far as it would go and clipped the edges together with bobby pins. Next she took the second raincoat and placed it over him so it was sort of on backwards like a cape, she rolled him over to enable her to bring the front of the coat to his back, did the same to the other side and buttoned it up. Rolled onto his back again she pulled the hood smoothly over his head.

Chris was totally encapsulated in two layers of rubber lining, his sight totally lost in the darkness of the hoods, and only the sense of the rubber aroma was evident to him until he felt the pressure of Clair’s hand on his dick very slowly stroking it through the layers of the coats. Chris was just ready for another climax when she stopped.

“So Chris, this is how it is going to be for a day or so, I gave you a hand job a couple of times to get you feeling OK with me, but now it is my turn for enjoyment. Men just want to get off without much concern for the girl and her needs, often climaxing before her so now you will feel just how it is.”

At that she left the room and Chris could hear the door close and a lock turning. If only I could get a hand free I will finish of what she started and then get out of here. But the glue was not giving an inch and his arms remained imprisoned in the raincoat sleeves. He managed to roll over onto his stomach but that didn’t achieve anything other than make him more uncomfortable, so he rolled back over facing the ceiling once again.

It seemed like forever before Clair returned and asked how he was doing. “Well how do you expect with me being trussed up like a turkey against my will?”

“Firstly I find it hard to believe it is against your will. Dressed in two layers rubber and dominated by a woman, how much better can it be?”

story continues in part two


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