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The Punishment Chair 9: Latex Prisoner 2

by M88

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© Copyright 2013 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; MM/f+; D/s; latex; cell; chast; catsuits; cuffs; chain; bond; cellar; vacsac; display; chair; hood; gag; punish; forcefeed; torment; cons/nc; XX

story continues from part eight

Part 9: Latex Prisoner Part 2

Kat looked longingly into the only light filling her latex cell, wishing she would be released from this hell-hole. She had been kept locked in this room for seven days now, her Master had been nice enough to feed Kat through the plastic tube. Unlucky for Kat the food and drink she was given often fell into the horrible mix of piss and cum that filled her cell. Kat would still eat it, she need to please her Master.

Kat was sitting in the far left corner of her latex room. She was still daydreaming about freedom, she hated both the catsuits and the restraints. When she had first woke up in the latex bondage cell, she looked beautiful. But after seven days she looking completely broken, her lovely red hair dropped down the side of her face it was socked through. Her make-up was ruined, her catsuits where covered in piss and cum. God only knows what the they are like on the inside.

Kat's still wanted to play with herself, she had about been thinking about it for the last seven days. She had tried squeezing her fingers under the chastity belt. But it was no good, she would be left feeling wet and horny for some time to come. She had been so bored over the past week, she had added another comment on the metal door. She had used her metal restraints to ingrain her words into the door. She had thought long and hard about what to write, but finally she went with, "I will obey my Master".

She wanted to become a obeyed submissive to her Master from now on. But most of all she wanted to get the hell out of this stinking hell-hole. Her catsuits squeaked and her chains clicked as she once again tried to please herself. She had tried hundreds of times before but with no success, why would this time be any different. She just couldn't touch or play with her ass, breasts and pussy, they where all just out of reach, the chastity belt made it imposable for her to pleasure herself. Kat struggled against the metal trapping her in chastity, but it was no good. If she wanted to orgasm she would have to wait.

Kat then spotted something fall from the plastic tube in the ceiling. It was a metal box, it landed right in the centre of the room. Kat quickly got up and started walking over to it. It took her some time, but she finally reached the box. The box had a small number lock on the front of it. Kat spotted the code for the box was written there, so she entered the code. The box opened. Waiting for her inside was a note from her Master.

"I hope you will never disobey me again. You will be released in 10 minutes."

Kat was so delighted she forget about her metal cuffs and went to jump up. Only to have the heartless restraints stop her in her tracks. She started crawling towards the small metal door and just waited there. She was eager to get out, dying to be free from this punishment. It was then she heard the door being unlocked and could feel fresh air against her sweaty face. Kat was soon free from the horrific latex cell and was bring walked upstairs to the bathroom. Her Master would clean the prison cell later, but first he needed to get Kat ready.

She was quickly placed into the shower and the water was turned on. As the water run down the side of her filthy catsuits, her metal cuffs where then removed, leaving Kat free to move her legs and arms. Her orange catsuit was next to be removed. The prison uniform fell into the base of the shower. Kat's full black catsuit was next, her Master undid the zip and started pulling the suit off. The smell was unbelievable as the catsuit was pulled off her dirty body. She had been wearing it for the last seven days. The water continued to rain down on Kat. After an hour of hard work, she looked normal again. Kat got out the shower to find a heap of latex clothing waiting for her. She looked at her Master.

"We are going round a friends house tonight slave, your outfit is right in front of you. If you misbehave my friend has a punishment lined up for you. Be a good girl" And that he left the room.

Kat started to get ready. First up was a full latex catsuit, it was an lovely amber red colour, following the catsuit was a pair of black latex stockings, which were then followed by a pair of black opera gloves. Covering her stomach was a black leather corset which was pulled tightly against her body. Next was a black leather collar, which was locked in place. Kat then had a huge ball gag and muzzle placed over her mouth. The gag and muzzle where part of a heavy leather head harness, which was tightly locked around Kat's head.

Following the head harness was a clear latex hood, which was quickly pulled over Kat's head. The hood was completely see through, meaning you could see the muzzle gag underneath. Kat then had red leather cuffs wrapped around her wrists and ankles. She also had a silver metal belt placed tightly around her already restrained stomach. She was almost ready, she just needed to be restrained. Her hands where locked in heavy rubber mittens, they where then locked to her leather collar. Her ankles where also chained together.

Kat was now ready.

She was ordered to follow her Master to his waiting car. He opened the passenger side door and helped Kat get in. He when walked round the car to the drivers side door and got in. He then did both his and Kat's seat belt and started to drive off into the night. Kat soon fell asleep on the long drive and by the time she woke up, they where almost there. They pulled up to a what looked like a hole in the ground. It looked like a World War One Bunker. But the car had stopped and her Master was getting out the car. Soon both him and Kat where walking over to this lifeless pit.

It was just a heap of bricks and a rusted metal door. The only light was coming from a small bulb just above the door. There was nothing but trees for miles around. It was lucky Kat's Master had a 4x4 as they were isolated from the rest of the world. They opened the door with a loud creaking sound. Immediately behind the door was a metal staircase that dropped into the ground. Kat followed her Master down the stairs to a huge metal door. It was made from thick steel and was build into the surrounding earth. Both the stairs and this door where not built at the same time as the bunker above them. Her Master pressed a buzzer which was build into the rock on the right hand side of the door. There was a loud click and the door started to open.

The world waiting for Kat behind the door was stunning, beautiful and scared the shit out of her. Kat found herself in a huge room, the walls and floor were painted white. Kat could also see a number of different doors running the whole length of the hall. Filling the centre of the room was row upon row of fetish clothes and kinky sex toys. Kat had never see anything like it. There were also two female mannequins placed in extreme bondage. One was hanging from the ceiling and the other was bound within a plastic tube.

Kat's Master ordered Kat to follow him. As she walked past all the fetish stuff her eyes grew wider and wider. The room was filled with hoods, catsuits, straitjackets, cuffs, collars, arm-benders, gags and millions of sex toys.

Kat also walked past the first mannequin which was locked inside a plastic tube. The figure was standing up, with it's legs apart. The tube was made from thick plastic which covered the whole mannequin. The figure was kept bound in place by a number of plastic poles which went from one side of the tube to the other. As well as a two poles which went vertical on opposite sides of the mannequin's body, they made an "o" shape when they reached the head. There was also three poles which made a triangle which was placed between it's legs. The mannequin was covered in very tight black latex, which was only divided by endless metal cuffs. The cuffs reached out from the plastic poles, like leaves from a tree. They restrained the mannequin all the way down to it's fingers and toes. It was also wearing a very serious looking gas mask and a medical inspired halo devices. The gas mask was made of thick black rubber and had two hoses running from it, down to the base of the tube. It was locked shut at the back with not less than 6 padlocks. The halo would keep the head completely straight and would keep the chin pointing upwards. The halo was also padlocked to the poles which filled the inside of the tube. All in all it was some serious bondage.

As they continued walking they reached the second mannequin which was hanging up-side-down from the ceiling. The figure was helplessly trapped in a transparent latex vacbed. Kat was able to see what the mannequin was wearing under the vacbed. It was tightly restrained in a heavy bondage straitjacket and latex leg binder. Kat could also just about see same sort of the red latex catsuit the mannequin was wearing as well. The mannequin's head was covered by a heavy rubber gas mask, just like the other mannequin. Kat could a number of padlocks through the latex. There was one big differences between the two. This mannequin had some breath control equipment placed on an up-side-down table right next to it. The table was fastened to the ceiling to stop it falling. The machine had a number of tubes, bottles and bags, it looked amazing. Kat had done breath control before, but this made her past experience look boring and easy. It looked evil.

They continued walking past still more bondage and rubber stuff. They also walked past a number of doors, they were all padlocked shut. Kat wanted to know what was on the other side of the doors. Suddenly they stopped at one of the doors, her Master pulled a key out of jacket pocket and opened the door. Kat had no idea he had a key. But she still followed her Master through the door anyway. On the other side of the door was a small wooden dining table with a shadowy figure seated at the head of the table. There was one empty metal chair facing away from the door. There was also two extreme bondage devices on both sides of the table, they looked like the punishment chair. One was empty, but the other was bring used.

Kat was ordered to seat on the empty chair, she did as she was told. Her Master undid her gag, cuffs, chains and removed her hood and then sat on the normal chair next to her. Kat was just staring at the bound figure sitting across the table from her. Kat wondered if it was just another mannequin or a real person. She soon spotted the mannequin was wearing the same catsuit, gloves, leggings, corset and collar she was. She had a long look at the restraints, wrists, ankles, neck, above and below it's elbows and knees and a number of straps across it's body. They were all bound with thick leather straps. The head was pointing skyward with the help of a leather neck corset and a number of leather bondage straps. The chair had at a number of poles which kept the head still and pointing upwards. covering the head was a thick latex feeding hood which had a clear plastic tube running from where the mouth would be. The hood had a number of padlocks and straps keeping in place.

"Welcome young lady, I hope you're hungry!"

Kat almost jumped as the shadowy man next to her started talking. Kat had no idea what to say or do. She finally said something after about 20 seconds of awkward silence. "Yes Master i am, thank you for asking." Kat hoped that would be ok and not get her punished. She looked sheepishly at her Master, hoping he would help her.

The shadowy man turned to Kat and whispered, "You only have one Master, I am not he, I will leave it up to him if you get punished or not." Kat waited for the restraints to close around her, and be made to look like the mannequin next to her.

The last thing Kat remembered was having a small bottle placed under her nose. She was now tightly locked into the bondage chair and feeding hood. Kat's head was not facing the ceiling like the mannequin and that was not the only difference. Her head would be locked in place later. Her feeding hood was also different from the mannequin opposite her. Hers was made from thick see though plastic. Her Master placed a mirror next to Kat so she could see the set-up on the inside of the hood. Kat could see clearly into the hood and the feeding tube. The tube run from the ceiling about 6 feet above her head all the way down to her hood and mouth. The tube was built into the hood to stop it falling out or moving. Kat mouth was kept wide open with the help of a large ring gag and head harness. Kat was also wearing a plastic face mask, which was locked tightly against her skin and the feeding tube. This was to stop any food or liquid from escaping. The plastic face mask was padlocked shut at the back, it was also locked against the feeding hood.

"Hope you like your new hood slave, I am going to show you how it works".

Kat could see clearly though her new hood. She saw her Master pick up a black two litre plastic tube. Which he placed into a holding device which had a black tube running from it and it the ceiling.

"This is a suction device it takes the food or liquid from the black tube and into a tank which is just above your head. When we want to feed you, we open a valve in the tank and gravity brings it down the tube and into your feeding hood. We can feed you almost anything we like. Thanks to this bondage set-up, as I will now demonstrate. The black tube I have just placed into the holding device is filled with a lovely mix of cum, piss, mashed up fish's heads and liquid animal manure".

He pressed a button on the holding device and the horrible mix shot up the tube and into the tank. It only took a 15 seconds for the black tube to be emptied.

"Right now the tank is completely full, that was not the first tube we've sent up there today. I hope Jess is ready for her lunch!"

He pressed another button and liquid started falling down the clear plastic tube. Kat was wondering why they had called the mannequin Jess. Just at that point the liquid entered the feeding hood and the mannequin started struggling against it's restraints. Kat suddenly realized the mannequin was a real person. The liquid continued to pour into Jess's feeding hood. Kat watched Jess until the liquid stopped. Kat then had her head pulled back and it was restrained and padlocked in place. It was now her turn.


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