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The Punishment Chair 8: Latex Prisoner

by M88

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© Copyright 2013 - M88 - Used by permission

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story continues from part seven

Part 8: Latex Prisoner

Kat woke up from her bondage hell at about 2pm the next day. She was laying in her master's bed completely naked. She was broken, her hair and make up where ruined. Her body was still covered in sweat from the day before. She still stank of heavy latex from her early bondage session. Kat quickly got out of bed and started looking for her master. But he was gone, Kat had been left in the farmhouse by herself. Waiting for her in the living room was a video message from her master. Kat hit the play bottom on the remote control and the TV sprang to life.

"Hello again Kat. I have been needed at work, so have had to leave the farmhouse. I should be gone for a couple of days. You should be o.k for food and drink and the TV has lots of channels for you to watch. However I have padlocked any room in the house which contains bondage equipment. Do not want you to have too much fun without me!"

Kat would be all alone in this huge farmhouse for two days. Kat went to have a good look round, she had not seen a lot of the house. She had spend most of her time being restrained, gagged, hooded, humiliated and rubberized. She quickly started looking around, seeing which doors she could open. More often than not they would be locked. Kat started to wonder how much bondage equipment was hidden behind the locked doors. If she pressed her face against some of the doors she could smell the strong smell of latex. Behind one of the locked doors Kat could swear she heard a noise. She listened for the sound again, she heard nothing this time. The door itself stood out, it was made of metal and was covered in padlocks.

The door next to it looked worst, it was nothing more then a metal cat flap, Kat almost gagged on the horrible smell coming from the room. Kat continued looking around the house. Kat was soon done with her detailed search of the house. She headed back to the living room. She was still thinking about the sound she had heard, as she walked through the dining room. She spotted something out the corner of her eye. It was a roll of duck trap. Kat had a brainwave, she could restraint herself. She would do some self bondage. She quickly started to search for the items she needed. She had done self bondage once before, she had restrained herself to a chair with duck trap, she was covered head to toe in plastic wrap and was also gagged. She had loved it and had wanted to do it again. She amazingly found all the equipment she needed.

Plastic wrap, Duck tape, plastic ties, padlock and key, condoms, two large cucumbers and a heavy metal chair. She fills a small bowl with cold water and drops the key to the padlock into it, she then places the bowl in the freezer, now all she had to do was wait for the ice to freeze. An hour or so later she then started wrapping whole her body in plastic wrap. First her feet and legs were covered with tight plastic, then her pussy, ass and back went under the tight plastic confines, soon she was covered all over in plastic wrap. She then picked up the duck tape and started covering her mouth. She then wrapped the tape around her head, this would keep her silent. She then picked the bowl out the freezer and placed it on a table behind the metal chair.

She then cut the cucumber in half and placed a latex condom over both ends, having removed the covering plastic beforehand. She then pushed them deep inside her cunt and ass. She then sat down and duck taped her feet and legs to the chair, followed by her stomach and shoulders. She placed the plastic ties around both her wrists. She then closed the padlock. She was helpless until the ice around the key had turned back to water. Kat spend her time struggling and trying to escape. She was loving it. Then she saw a bright light coming from the TV. She had left it playing to itself for over three hours now. But once again her master filled the screen.

"Hello Kat. I will be home in 10 minutes. I lied about going to work. I hope I find you doing house work or waiting to serve me. If I find you bound to a chair covered in plastic and gagged. I will not be happy and you will be punished!"

Kat couldn't believe it, he would be back soon. She started to struggle against the duck tape holding her to the chair. It was no good she was trapped. Why did she think self bondage was a good idea. She could feel her master getting closer to home with each second that went by. Kat was rubbing and hitting the ice keeping the key out her reach, trying to break the solid ice holding her helpless. Somehow it work and she got her hands on the cold metal of the key. It was then her master walked through the front door. He knew he would find Kat bound and gagged, he had set the whole thing up. He knew Kat would be stupid enough to try self bondage. He walked over to Kat and placed a small bottle under her nose, Kat soon fell sound asleep.

She would be punished. She would become a latex prisoner.

Kat woke up the next morning fearing the worst, she had fallen for her master's trap. He wanted to see if she had learnt how to be the perfect submissive. He wanted her to have done the cleaning, washing up and be waiting at the door for him. But instead he had come home to find her bound and gagged with a cucumber in both her ass and cunt. He was going to punish her, make her learn a lesson in respect and discipline. Kat didn't want to open her eyes and see the what had become of her. But she was getting wet and horny at the idea of being punished again. She started to count down from 10,9,8,7,6,5,4..3..2...... on 1 she opened her eyes.

She was quickly met with a blinding light the second she opened her eyes. It took some time before she could see the punishment that awaited her. But her eyes belatedly adjusted to the light, she could finally see. The room itself was made up of small padded black latex blocks like you get in a asylum. They covered the whole room from the floor to the ceiling. There were two small gaps in the ceiling, one was for the light and other had a plastic tube sticking out of it. Right in front of Kat was a small metal plate, it was the door to her cell. Kat had seen it before when she had searched the house. How was Kat ever going to get out of this hell. Kat focused her eyes on herself, she was wearing two incredible tight latex catsuits. The first layer of rubber was a beautiful black catsuit with hands and feet build in. The second layer was an odd orange coloured catsuit. The black rubber covering Kat's hands and feet squeaked out of the orange catsuit. Kat continued looking at herself, she soon realized how restrained she was.

She was covered in heavy metal chains and cuffs, she had a huge silver cuff griping tightly against her neck with a thick chain running from it. The chain was padlocked to a D-ring just above the small metal door to her cell. She had another thick metal cuff around her stomach, to which her hands where bound. She was also wearing a metal chastity belt which fitted under the stomach cuff. It would stop her from playing with herself. Kat's feet where also bound with heavy cuffs and connected together with heavy chains. There was another set of cuffs which wrapped tightly around her thighs and where also chain together. Kat could still move freely around the cell, but she was never getting out. Amazingly she had not been gagged or hooded, her lovely red hair dropped playfully down the side of her catsuits. She slowly realized just how restrained she was, she tried walking to the door as fast as she could, it took her 2 minutes. When she got there, she was shattered. Sweat was running down the side of her face. It was then she spotted something etched into the metalwork of the door. She got down on her knees.

"Please get me out of this room".

Kat had a closer look, the whole door was covered in writing. "I will obey", "Stop using the tube", "open the fucking door" and "get me the fuck out this hell-hole". What had Kat got herself into and what the hell came out of the tube. Kat picked herself (it was a lot harder getting up, then it was going down) and walked over to the tube. She stood directly under the small plastic tube. She could see light coming from the other end. But what was the tube used for. She would soon find out.

Kat had been locked in the room for 6 hours now, she was so bored. There was nothing to do. The chastity belt stopped her playing with herself. The room was empty, there was almost nothing to look at, apart from the writing on the metal door. Kat had spend hours struggling against her restraints, but it was no good. She was helpless. It suddenly dawned on Kat that something was missing. The last time she was standing outside the room, there was a horrible smell that filled her nose. But the only smell filling her nose right now was that of latex. It was then Kat looked up at the tube. She soon worked out what was above her. A toilet. It was then she heard sounds coming from upstairs, she knew what was about to happen.      

She was trapped in this dirty latex prison cell for as long as her master wanted. The first drops of urine started falling from the tube. By the time he was finished there were lakes of urine covering the floor of the cell. Kat spend the night locked in this hell-hole. Her master continued to use the toilet throughout the next two days. By this time Kat's catsuits where covered in piss and cum. She would never disrespect her master ever again. She was his latex prisoner.


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