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The Punishment Chair 7: Rubber Hold

by M88

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© Copyright 2013 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; catsuit; cuffs; bond; stocks; hood; encase; bdsm; whip; toys; insert; electro; torment; oral; mast; climax; cons; X

story continues from part six

Part 7: Rubber Hold

Kat was woken up from her deep sleep by an odd clicking sound. The last thing she remembered was getting into her master's bed after her heavy rubber bondage session. He had let her sleep in his king size bed if she sucked his huge dick. He wanted to know if she had learnt anything from her humiliation session a far days ago. Kat did not let him down, she soon had her master's cum running down the front of her latex catsuit. Her master went to bed very happy with the training he had given Kat. She went to bed covered in cum and stinking of piss and sweat from the bondage session early in the day. She quickly fell asleep still wearing latex catsuits. There was that clicking sound again, Kat was still half asleep and could not focus on what was happening.

Kat had actually been awake for over an hour now, but she kept drifting back off to sleep. The last hour felt like a latex bondage dream to Kat. Little did Kat know but she had already been striped, cleaned and rubberized. Kat had her dirty and smelly catsuits removed and put out of the way. She had then been cleaned with numerous wet wipes and plenty of soap. She was then forced into a red rubber catsuit which was very tight and very well lubed. The rubber suit even covered Kat's hands and feet in it's beautiful warm hold. The rubber catsuit was incredible shiny and was so tight that it was continually making lots of loud squeaking sounds. Not that Kat was 100% sure what was going on, she was still half asleep.

There was then another loud clicking sound right next to Kat's ear. Kat suddenly aware of what was happening to her. She was helped with the aid of a mirror which stood straight in front of her. Kat was back in the secret bondage room, the room was still covered in black latex. But the silver bondage table that kept Kat completely restrained last time, had been removed. It had been replaced with the large mirror now facing Kat. Kat had been tying not to look at herself. She didn't want to know just how well restrained she was. But finally she saw herself.

She looked amazing. Her red catsuit beautifully contrasted with the black latex surrounding her. Not that you could see a lot of her red catsuit through her restraints. She was locked into a set of metal bondage stocks and frame which was bolted to the floor. One bound her head and hands, another restrained her latex covered feet and the last bondage stock went around her stomach. The stocks themselves where made from stainless steel. They would keep Kat perfectly still and unable to move. The holes around her hands, head, feet and stomach where lined with sofa rubber to kept Kat more comfortable.

It also made it harder for her to escape her bondage. Adding to Kat's helplessness were additional metal bondage cuffs. She was covered in them. She had metal cuffs restraining her from all sides. They ran from her shin, above and below her knees and around her groin. There was also a metal bondage harness that covered her beautiful rubber covered body. The harness also locked tightly against the bondage frame. Her hands where both locked in rubber mittens that where chained to the top of the bondage frame. Her arms there kept at a 90 angle and where also bound with more metal cuffs. The cuffs where above and below Kat's elbow and next to her shoulders. The shoulder cuffs also locked into Kat's bondage harness keeping her arms completely still. Kat was helpless, she was trapped in this extreme rubber bondage. Again.

Kat was amazingly not gagged or hooded, she soon would be. This time with a beautifully designed plastic bondage hood that would take away all Kat's freedom. It was made from a very strong plastic, which was also transparent. The hood was lovingly cut into two parts. One covered the back of her head up to her ears. The front part covered her beautiful face. The two parts would soon be screwed together in order to trap the intended victim inside. The hood had many built in toys that would mercilessly control Kat. They included a built in blindfold, ear plugs and a large inflatable muzzle gag. Kat's senses would be taken away from her.

The hood was hidden in a black latex box on the floor just behind Kat. Her Master bent down and opened the top. He then removed the hellish bondage hood from it. Kat saw the glistening plastic hood out the corner of her eye. She had no time to react before the hood was being forced over the back of her head. It pushed tightly against the back of her head and cut off almost all sound. Kat was then shown what connected to that. Kat could see that the eyes were blacked out and that the gag was huge. The gag was made from thick latex and would fill the inside of her mouth. Kat was then ordered to open her mouth and accept the hopelessness isolation of the bondage hood.

She did so. She welcomed the huge inflatable gag into her wet mouth. Kat could see the mask edging closer to her face. As it did so the gag started to full the space inside her mouth. Kat could also see the darkness that awaited her when the hood was screwed in place. Kat closed her eyes and then suddenly felt the hood crash against her face. She opened her eyes again only to see nothing but total darkness. The hood was being screwed tightly against her beautiful face. Kat could feel the gag in her mouth start to get bigger and bigger, until the inflatable gag filled Kat's mouth pushing her cheeks out and holding her tongue in place. The plastic hood was now completely locked in place. The hood would keep Kat blind and completely mute. Next Kat's plastic covered head would be restrained to the metal bondage frame.

To keep Kat's head totally still her master had been working on a new project, a metal head harness. It looked like a neck brace with a two vices placed on the side. The harness was made from silver and was amazingly built. The harness also locked tightly to the bondage stock around Kat's neck. The neck brace would keep Kat's neck in place and hold her chin up. The vices kept Kat's face pointing forward. The whole thing was lovingly built and both worked and looked great.

Kat covered in latex, metal and plastic was ready for the bondage session to begin.

Kat's pussy, breast and ass where all unguarded and open to her Master's will. He soon made that fact clear to Kat by slapping her beautiful ass. He then slapped both her latex covered breasts and started to rub her pussy. The latex squeaked with each hit. Kat loved being punished and played with. It was then the whipping started, hitting her right leg. Kat tried to move, tried to struggle, tried to escape. But she was trapped and had to put up with the pain. Her Master then started hitting her back with a thin plastic stick. The slapping and whipping continued for another two hours. Kat's body was almost as red as her catsuit when her Master stopped. But Kat was loving being punished and was unbelievable horny. Being tortured had made her pussy very wet. But Kat was totally unable to pleasure herself, she was too well bound. Luckily for Kat her Master give her a hand. Literally.

He unzipped the front of her catsuit and slowly teased Kat, rubbing her exposed pussy and slapping her rubberised breasts. He then undid the zip some more so Kat's ass was exposed. The latex around Kat's pussy and ass was covered in sweat and her pussy juices. Suddenly the teasing stopped and Kat was left waiting for her Master. She then feel a large 7 inch glass dildo being pushed inside her wet pussy. She then feel a huge glass butt plug being placed in her ass. Kat accepted both.

It was then both started to frantically vibrate sending Kat into a massive orgasm. Kat was in latex bondage heaven, but all that was about change. Both the dildo and butt plug were then connected an electric stimulation device. Kat was sent over the edge when the electric stimulation device was turned on. It was sending painful shocks deep inside her pussy and ass. Kat loved it and soon orgasmed again and again soon after that. She was howling into her inflatiable gag and plastic hood with both pleasure and pain coursing through her body.

Kat was now breathing very hard, the air whistled through her nose holes but the orgasms continued to hit Kat one after another. Kat then felt her asshole open and the huge glass butt plug come crashing to the floor. She shuddered violently when it dropped out of her. The butt plug had landed right at her Master's feet. It was still vibrating wildly as it rested against the metal frame. Kat had no idea what had just happened, her Master would just show her. He reached down and picked up the glass butt plug. He slowly stood up and lifted his right hand. He held the giant butt plug just in front of Kat's restrained face. Kat couldn't see the butt plug as she was still blindfolded. But she could still smell it. Kat worked out in horror and disgust what had happened. Kat let out and loud scream into her gag. Her master soon placed the butt plug back inside her ass.      

Kat would be punished for dropping the butt plug. Her master started whipping her again, he also turned the vibrators off. But increased the interest of Kat's electric stimulation. Kat battled with her restraints tying to free herself. But she was helpless to stop herself from having another orgasm. The torture continued for another hour before the electric stimulation and whipping stopped. Her master then pulled the dildo and butt plug out of Kat's pussy and ass. He then made Kat smell her sex on the glass dildo and wrapped it across her plastic face. Kat loved being humiliated it this way.

Her master then unlocked and removed Kat's plastic hood and gag. The dildo was then placed inside her mouth so Kat could clean it. It was pushed so far back Kat was gagging on it. It was removed from her mouth with a large pop and drool ran down her face. Her master inspected the dildo to see if Kat had done a good job or not. She had, it was spotless. Her master then held up the glass butt plug. Kat soon cleaned it.

She was when left in the latex bondage room for the night. She had a mixture of sweat and pussy juicy running down the side of her latex covered legs. Her skin hidden beneath the red catsuit was a sea of whip marking. She was breathing heavily in the darkness, unable to see anything. She was going to bound like this all night.



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