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The Punishment Chair 6: Heavy Bondage

by M88

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© Copyright 2013 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; captive; latex; dogsuit; cage; cartrunk; catsuit; cuffs; bond; transported; tease; oral; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

story continues from part five

Part 6: Heavy Bondage

When Kat woke up she was already moving, she was back in the car and her dogsuit. The last thing Kat remembered she was being unbound from the fucking machine then having a shower before she went to bed. She had no idea how she had slept through being squeezed back into her sweaty catsuit and her skin tight dogsuit. But never the less she was locked in a metal cage and back in her beloved dogsuit. Kat was still a bit confused at how all this had happened without her knowing. She started thinking more deeply about what happened last night. First thing she remembered was finally being untied from the fucking machine after sucking her master's dick for almost two hours. She was covered in cum and her make-up had been running down her face from her eyes. She had loved both the latex bondage and the total humiliation. But by the time she was freed she was a broken mass.

She was ordered to remove her catsuits and take a long shower. She walked right into her all white bathroom her catsuit squeaking as she walked. The first thing she did was splash water over her face to remove all the cum and make-up that made her look like a slut. She then got into the shower she was still wearing her catsuits. She turned the tap on and hot water instantly rained down on her amazing body. She then slowly and playfully undid her catsuits, water dropping off her breasts. She starts rubbing her pussy as water runs over the outside of her catsuit. She then takes off her first catsuit and drops it in the bath tub. She then started to undo the zip and slowly remove her inner latex catsuit. The hot clean water felt great against her dirty sweaty skin. Her latex catsuit soon fell down her body and landed in the tub by her feet. She spent some time in the shower playing with her pussy and her breasts.

After an hour of masturbation and cleaning Kat turned the shower off and started to dry herself. She stepped out the shower leaving her wet catsuits in the tube. She walked back into the bedroom, only to see two pairs of handcuffs, a latex bondage hood and a metal dog collar. She soon handcuffed her feet together and was about to place the bondage hood over her head, when she spotted something. The inside of the hood was filled with built-in toys, they included ear plugs, large muzzle gag with built-in penis gag. Kat soon fitted both the ear plugs and the muzzle gag and had locked the hood in place. The hood only had two small holes so she could breath through her nose. Kat picked up the metal dog collar then locked it around her neck. She then picked up the other pair of handcuffs and locked her hands in place behind her back. She then struggled to get to sleep, but soon drifted off.

It was then the car hit a speed bump and Kat come back from her day dream. Which caused her to come back to reality. Kat could then hear something playing in the background, it sounded like a porn video. Kat's master could see her reacting to the sounds and lifted his laptop off the passenger seat and placed in it the back of the car. Kat could now see what and where the sounds had come from, it was the video of her last night. It had been uploaded to the internet and was now on lots of porn sites. Kat could see video updates from the last 5 days, all her hours in bondage had been put on the internet. Kat started to get wet with the idea of people seeing her bound and gagged. She then spotted two hidden cameras fitted in the car and both filming her. Kat looked right into one of the cameras and let out a loud "mmmmmmm", she was becoming a bondage pornstar.

She spend the rest of the car journey looking at the cameras till they got back to the farmhouse. She was then walked back inside the house, her dogsuit squeaking as they went through the door and back into latex bondage hell. Kat was ordered into a new room, it was hidden behind a bookcase, a secret door to a new level of extreme bondage. Behind the secret door there was a large, all black room with a silver table in the centre. There was a small silver cage in the corner of the room, Kat was walked over to it and locked inside. There was also a set of hooks on the far wall, hanging on them was two full transparent latex catsuits, latex mittens, bondage hoods and a inflatable muzzle gag.

Kat looked longingly through the bars of the cage as her master got the bondage table ready. He was soon ready and unlocked the cage. Kat was soon freed for both her dogsuit and the catsuit under it. She was quickly cleaned with wet wipes and was then lubed up. Kat was ordered to kneel naked on the floor with her arms behind her back. He walked over to the hooks and picked up both latex catsuits and walked back to Kat. He then dropped them on the floor in front of her "put these on".

Kat picked up the first catsuit and slowly started working the latex over her body. The catsuit was like a second skin so tight it pressed against her body. The catsuit was soon zipped up and locked in place, Kat then started on the second suit. Both catsuits had built-in hands and feet as well as a high neckline. The second catsuit was soon zipped up and again locked in place. Kat ran her latex covered hands over her well lubed catsuit. Her master soon stopped her from doing that, he picked up the latex mittens and placed them over Kat's hands and locked them.

Kat was then moved over to the silver table. She could now see it in more detail. The table had a thin black latex sheet covering the top of the table. It also had silver restrained cuffs running from where her neck would be to her feet. They where bolted to the table and looked inescapable, there were also leather straps in between the metal cuffs. Kat would be in serious bondage. Kat got on the table and lined herself up with the metal and leather cuffs. Her master then started to restrain Kat to the table. The metal cuffs locked Kat's wrists, feet, above and below her elbows and knees around her neck and stomach. She struggled against her restraints tying to escape, but there was more to come.

Her master then started to lock the leather straps in place. Kat was covered in leather straps when her master was finished. They filled the gaps in between her metal cuffs. Two straps wrapped around both her shins, hamstrings and around her groin. They also wrapped around her shoulders and her upper and lower arm. In between the metal cuffs around her neck and stomach, her body was covered in leather straps. The straps ran from her neck to her groin, they also locked to the cuff around her stomach. There were six straps that ran across her body and were locked in place. The straps were also locked to Kat's neck cuff and locked to a D-ring against her groin. Kat was well restrained to the table all the straps and cuffs where locked tight. Her hands which were restrained in latex mittens where also locked to two D-ring keeping them still.

Next to be restrained and rubberized was Kat's head. First came a transparent hood which had holes for Kat's eyes, nose and mouth. It was a very tight fit when the zip was closed and locked in place. Next came Kat's new inflatable muzzle gag, it completely filled her mouth. This muzzle gag was special it was built solely to keep Kat gagged, it was a perfect fit against her mouth. The inside of the muzzle gag was also filled with a strong adhesive to keep her mouth shut. The muzzle gag was pulled very tightly around her head and padlocked into place. Kat's master stood over Kat and give her pussy a hard slap, Kat made almost no noise. He smiled and continued to restrain Kat.

He picked up another latex bondage hood this one had only two holes for Kat to breath through. This hood had built-in ear muffs as well as that the hood also laced up at the back. The hood also had thicker rubber over where Kat's eyes and mouth would be. The hood soon tightly cover Kat's head and was locked shut. Kat could now no longer see or talk, but he continued. Kat was waiting for the next item of bondage equipment, it soon came. It was a stainless steel metal bondage hood that would keep her head and neck still. It was reinforced with locks and brown leather straps. The hood was split into two parts front and back, which screwed and locked together. There was also a metal pole which stopped her from moving her head up and down. The hood was soon closed and tightly locked together. The hood also had seven build in D-rings which connected to seven D-rings on the table. The D-rings and leather straps kept Kat from moving her head. The leather straps ran across Kat's forehead, chin and neck.

Kat was now fully bound to the table from head to toe, covered in latex and metal or leather straps. But there was still more to come. Kat was soon fitted with a full face rubber gas mask that was placed over the top of her metal bondage hood and was screwed against it. The leather strap to cover her head ran under the gas mask. The gas mask connected to a couple of large plastic tubes through which she needed to breath. The plastic tubes where filled with liquid one was black, the other yellow/white. The yellow/white liquid was once again piss and cum so Kat's only remaining sense would torture her with each breath. Liquid latex filled the other tube forcing Kat to breath in the strong latex smell. The mix of the two together remembered Kat of her time at the farmhouse.

Kat was now in extreme latex bondage unable to move, speak or see. Breathing heavily against her gas mask and odd mix of latex, piss and cum filled her nose. It was then the first hit of the whip come thundering down on Kat's left breast. She screamed as she was hit again, not that you could hear her. Kat was struggling against her restraints as she continued to be whipped. But she was too heavily bound unable to move more then an inch. Kat was still breathing heavily making the liquid in the tubes bubble frantically. Her master was still whipping and slapping her repeatedly. The squeaking of Kat's latex catsuits and leather restraints mixed with the bubbles from plastic tubes where the only sounds you could hear. Kat's many bondage hoods and muzzle gag kept her silent unable to make a sound. Under the latex catsuits she was horny and starting to get very wet.

Kat had been whipped and slapped for over an hour now. Any part of her body not covered by a metal or leather strap had been hit a number of times. But nothing had happened to Kat now for over five minutes. She was waiting for something to happen, tying to guess what was next. Then she felt a painful shock against her pussy, she pulled against her restraints and took a sharp intake breath. She was waiting for another shock to rip through her catsuits and body. She soon got want she wanted, this time on her breasts. She jumped against the cuffs and straps holding her in place. Then a vibrator was placed against Kat's wet cunt. Kat orgasmed soon after, but the vibrator continued to pleasure her.

Kat continued to be shocked and stimulated for another two hours. Her master then spend four hours just watching Kat fight against her restrains and the liquids in the tubes bubble. Kat had been in total isolation for the past four hours, she was willing something to happen. Her catsuits where full of a yellow liquid, because she had pissed herself. Kat was still horny and wanted to be played with some more. She was roasting in her catsuits and her gas mask had condensation running down the glass face. Before Kat got too bored and tired he being whipping, slapping, shocking and vibrating her all at same time. This woke Kat up right away and she started to orgasm again. Her punishment went on for another hour.

Kat's master started to undone all the cuffs, straps and hoods which had kept Kat still and silent all day. First the gas mask was lifted off her metal bondage hood and placed on the ground. For the first time in eight hours Kat could breath normal air and not the horrible latex and piss air that had filled her gas mask. Next to be untied where the leather straps and d-rings keeping Kat's head locked to the table. They where soon off and her master started undoing the screws which kept her metal bondage hood closed.

Soon they where all removed and the hood which taken off Kat's face. Next to come off was the latex bondage hood, for the first time in eight hours and 25 minutes you could see Kat's eyes. He then started undoing the leather straps that had kept Kat restrained for so long. Soon the leather straps where hanging off the side of the table. Kat was starting to feeling more free forgetting how bound she still was. The metal restraints around her stomach, neck, above and below both the knee and elbow where undone. Next to be removed were the latex mittens covering Kat's hands. Next to be removed was her muzzle gag. Kat could now breath through her mouth. Soon after the cuffs on her arms and legs where untied.

Kat was now free from all the bondage equipment and was lead through the door and out the room.

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