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The Punishment Chair 5: Humiliation

by M88

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© Copyright 2013 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; captive; latex; dogsuit; cage; cartrunk; catsuits; cuffs; bond; x-frame; display; public; hum; tease; oral; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

story continues from part four

Part 5: Humiliation

Kat slowly started to open her lovely eyes and began to woke up. It was the early morning so she was still locked in her latex dogsuit as well as her latex dog hood. Kat was starting to get use to her dogsuit and could now walk in it. Not that she could move far in her cage. Little did she know that she would be walking a lot fairer than the size of her cage.

Kat was starting to get tired of her bondage cage, she just could not move about freely. She loved the latex dogsuit, she loved the way it felt, smelled and the sounds it made when she moved. It was then the door to her room opened and her master walked in. He was holding a leather lead and dog collar. He opened the door to Kat's metal cage. The collar was quickly wrapped around Kat's neck and locked in place. He when pulled on the lead and Kat obeyed, she started walking out of her cage on her elbows and knees.

She followed him though the farm house and was soon outside the front door. She was already hot and sweating as she walked over to a waiting car it looked like a black 4x4. He then opened the boot of the car, and removed a small steel cage and placed it on the ground next to Kat. Kat slowly got into the cage and the door was locked behind her. She was then lifted up and placed into the boot of the car. The boot had no windows for Kat to see out of.

Kat had been in the car for hours now. She was tired and hot in the boot of the car. She had no idea where she was or where she was going. But then suddenly the car stopped. The soon after the boot door was open. Kat's cage was lifted out the boot and placed on the ground next to the car. Kat was in for a shock she was back at that her house. She had almost no time to think before the cage door was opened and they started to walk up the pathway to her front door. Then her master pulled a key out of his pocket and opened the door. Kat let out a loud "mmmmmm" in protest and disbelief. But soon they there both inside and the door was locked behind them.

Kat was hoping no one had seen her, still it was early morning so it was unlikely anyone was out and about even on her busy street.

Kat is walked into her own living room expecting it to still look the same only to find a serious metal bondage frame looking back at her. It was covered in bondage cuffs and straps. Next to the frame was two latex catsuits, one was clear, the other a light blue. Kat was freed from both her latex dogsuit and hood and the black under layer catsuit. Kat was tired, sweaty and broken, but was still horny and wanted more. Good job she did because she was going to be restrained and rubberized if she liked it or not. Kat was given a quick clean with some wet wraps and then the bondage session began. First she was squeezed into the blue catsuit it was very tight and very thick. Next come the full clear catsuit with hands and feet build in. This catsuit feel like a second skin it was so beautiful and just flowed over her amazing body. Kat stared at it in amazement she looked great.

She did not have a lot of time to admire her suit before she was moved to the bondage frame. The frame was on a large stainless steel platform with one large pole in the centre of it. There were four smaller poles which pointed away from the larger one. They were for Kat's arms and legs. The frame looked both irremovable and inescapable. But soon Kat was restrained tightly to the frame. She was cuffed at the hands, feet, above and below the knees and elbows and strapped across her stomach, neck, chest and shoulders. Even her fingers and toes where also bound against the frame. She could not move an inch, she started to struggle but it was no good she was helpless.

But were was still more to come. First Kat spotted two large plastic bottles with tubes coming out of them. One of the tube connected to a full face gas mask and the other to a large muzzle gag. Her master when turned the bottles around and Kat could see each bottle had writing on it. In large bold black writing, where the words piss and water + cum. The piss bottle was connected to the gas mask and the cum bottle was linked to the gag. Both bottle where filled to the top. It was then that Kat's master picked up the muzzle gag and placed it over Kat's face. Kat put up no resistant as the muzzle gag was fitted tightly against her face. Kat realized the water and cum mix was for drinking. Then the gas mask was locked and pulled tight over Kat's face. The two bottles where then placed in holders on the floor of the platform and locked in places.

It was then Kat's spotted that the platform had wheels on it. But she didn't spend long thinking about as she took her first breath of piss scented air. Kat looked great in her catsuits, they fitted her like a glove and then all her cuffs and straps made her look helpless. Then she started to move, she let out a loud "mmmmmm" as she was wheeled toward her front door. Soon the door was open and to her horror she was being pushed through the door. The warm morning sun welcome her as she was wheeled into the centre of her garden. She was then locked into pegs into the ground keeping her held in place. Her master had also put up two large banners behind her. One was a big picture of her face with her name on it, the other was a picture of her in her dogsuit. Let's just say it was eye catching.

Only made worst be the fact she lived on a very busy road that would be crowed with people in about 10 minutes time and she looked like this. Kat started to panic and struggle against her bounds, her latex catsuits squeaking loudly. It was as she was helplessly struggling the first people started to walk passed her. Suddenly Kat looked up to see people looking back at her. They just stood there in disbelief, no one had see a rubberised bondage girl forced to breath in piss and drink cum before. Soon there was a big group of people stand there taking photos and videos on their phones and uploading them to the internet. They watch Kat drink some of the cum flavoured water and they could see her pull against her restraints. Most watched Kat for a couple of minutes, maybe take a picture or video and then left. After two hours of humiliation the streets where clear of people. But Kat was left outside in the hot sun, it was then her master came outside. He looked at her and held up a note.

"You will be bound outside in your rubber suit for the rest of the day. It's going to be a hot day so you should drink lots of water even if it's mixed with cum. Have fun"

Kat spend the rest of the day outside sweating in her hot catsuit. Made to drink every drop of cum flavoured water because of the heat. She felt humiliated being seen by so many people who knew where she lived, what she looked like and her name. But at the same time she loved the feeling of being publicly humiliated and left outside in heavy rubber bondage. Under her catsuit she was very wet, she was pulling against her restraints trying to pleasure herself. But it was no good she could do nothing but struggle and repeatedly breath in the piss scented air that filled her gas mask. Her master had even been nice enough to refill her drinking bottle with more cum flavoured water. She had been outside from 8am it was now 11pm. She was a mess when she was finally taken back into her house.

Her latex catsuit was hot to the touch and you could see sweat dropping down her face through her gas mask. She had once again finished her water and cum drinking bottle. Even her leather muzzle gag was wet with sweat. Her master started taking photos and filming video of his broken rubberised bondage sex doll, she could then see him upload them to the internet. He then walked over to Kat and removed her from the cuffs and straps of the bondage frame.

Kat slowly stepped off the bondage frame, her latex catsuit squeaking as she walked over to her sofa. She tired to remove the gas mask from her face. Luckily for her both tubes had been unlocked from their related bottles. Both tubes now just hang down the side of her catsuit. This was good news for Kat she no longer had to breath in the smell of piss or drink any more cum. But she still wanted to remove the gas mask and breath normally. Her master soon removed her gas mask and muzzle gag. Kat then had her hands handcuffed behind her back and was sent to bed. She spend that night in her catsuits with her hands bound behind her back. She would be in for a shock when she woke up.

Kat had a good nights sleep and woke up early so she could spend time masturbating, she was still wet and horny from the day before. It was hard for her to pleasure herself because she was still handcuffed and wearing two latex catsuits. But she was still able to play with herself feeling her ass and pussy it was then her master walked in. He looked at Kat as she played with herself, it soon dawned on her that she was being watched. She looked up to see her master looking right at her. "I think you need to be humiliated some more if your going to play with yourself"

And with that he left the room, he come back 5 minutes later with a metal bondage frame which connected to machine. It was an odd looking frame it was covered in cuffs and straps. With the machine linked to some sort of bondage head harness. The frame had one metal pole which stopped just below machine as well as restrained points for her hands and feet. Kat was ordered to kneel down at the base of the frame. Her ankles where bound to a D-ring which was linked to the floor of the frame. Her legs where also tied together and locked to another D-ring. He then tied straps around her stomach, below and above her breasts and around her shoulders. Her hands where cuffed behind her back and locked to a D-ring to keep them in place.

Kat was now heavily bound to this bondage frame, it was time for her head harness. The head harness had a build ring gag and nose hook. There was a large plastic plate which linked her head to the machine. Kat was ordered to opened her mouth and the ring gag was placed inside. Soon the head harness was locked to the plastic plate. Kat was now completely bound and helpless, but what did the machine behind her do? She would so find out.

Kat's master walked over to her and slowly undid the zip on his black trousers, he put his hand inside and pulled out his large penis. Kat was so wet and horny as he placed the tip of his penis in her wet mouth. He then turned the machine on and Kat's head started to move back and forth. She was giving him a deep throat blowjob. His dick was going all the way down her throat. She was gagging on it as spit and cum dropped out her mouth. 10 minutes later he came on her face, she was covered in his cum. She had also drooled all over her latex covered tits. It was then she spotted the camera pointing right at her.

As her master put his dick away he looked at her, "Hope you enjoyed the machine, I may keep you bound to it for a little bit longer. Oh by the way the camera in the corner has just finished filming your humiliating blowjob. I was going to send it to all your friend and work colleagues. I think they will find it eye opening"


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