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The Punishment Chair 4: Feeding

by M88

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© Copyright 2013 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; captive; latex; catsuit; cuffs; bond; chair; tease; toys; insert; electro; torment; climax; cons/reluct; X

story continues from part three

Part 4: Feeding

Kat's time in isolation was up. She was broken, sweat, euphoric, tired, horny and more submissive then ever. She could feel her restraints being slowly undone. Unlucky for Kat she was heavily restrained so it was going to take some time. She had loved the heavy latex bondage session she had just experienced. She wanted the isolation to continue, but she needed food and water after the hell of the last 26 hours. She could still feel her sweat and cum running down her leg. She was starting to think about what was coming next, what could be worst then being in isolation for 26 hours. Kat started to get both scared and horny at the same time.

Suddenly Kat started to feel sleepy again. She could feel her eyes starting to close. She slowly drifted away and into a deep sleep. What she woke up, she was in for a shock.

She was sitting at a small wooden table in a small blue room. The room was empty apart from the table and two metal chairs, which where opposite each other. Kat was of course bound to her chair with thick metal cuffs. She was bound at her ankles, below her knee, above her knee. There was also metal straps around her stomach, above her breasts and around her neck. Her arms and wrist where also bound to the chair with metal cuffs.

The metal restraining Kat was made of a thick shiny stainless steel, which held her tightly to the chair. Kat was also wearing a very tight fitting and very shiny red latex catsuit with hands and feet. The latex flowed over her amazing body, only broken up by the metal cuffs. Kat was tapping her latex covered latex feet on the floor waiting for what was coming next. Little did she know that both her pussy and ass where fitted with two huge electric vibrators.

More amazingly Kat was now wearing make up and had her hair done. She looked great, but it would not stay that way.

Amazing Kat was not gagged or hooded for the first time since she had left her house. Which she was very happy about. Then Kat heard the sound of a door opening. She looked round to see the masked man walking into the room through a well hidden door. He walks over to the metal chair next to Kat and sits down. He was holding a skinny metal box, which he placed on the table in front of Kat. He opened the box and turned it around so Kat could see inside.

Inside the box was four clear plastic tubes. Kat soon spotted that the tubes where all labelled and worked out that they contained liquid food. The tubes all had rubber straws coming out the top of them, so Kat could eat/drink well still being bound. Kat started reading the labels, the food inside from right to left was-Vanilla milkshake, tomato soup, fish paste and cum.

"Hello again Kat, have you been enjoying your time so far. I've got a lovely game for us to play tonight. It involves the plastic food tubes in front of you and the electric vibrators in your pussy and ass. Oh yeah you had no idea about them, did you. I will fill you in on what's going to happen to you. As you can see in front of you are four tubes all filled with food. The food goes from nice to horrible, if you go for the nice option I will electrify your pussy and ass harder and more often. If you go for the more horrible option I will make you orgasm over and over again"

"I will leave it up to you which option you pick. You've not eaten often since you've come here. So which tube are you going to pick with that in mind. Maybe you would like to have two tubes but that comes at a price. Maybe you would like me to show you the different between pleasure and pain"

He then turned on both vibrators. Kat was already wet and horny and quickly started to orgasm. He when started to turn on the electricity. It started at one but quickly started to move up till it got to the max of four. By now Kat was screaming in both pain and pleasure. He then turned off the vibrators so Kat could focus on the shocks she was getting, Kat was crying out. Then he stopped the shocks and turned up the vibrators. He kept Kat on the edge of a massive orgasm, just before she went over the edge he turned everything off.

"So Kat what are you going to pick"

Kat's eyes went from one liquid food tube to another. She had no idea which one to go for. Did she want to enjoy endless orgasms, but have to eat dog food. Or did she want the taste of heaven and the pain of hell.

Kat soon made up her mind.

She picked the vanilla milkshake and tomato soup. They where taken out the box and placed in front of her and opened. The tomato soup tube's plastic straw was placed in her mouth first. Kat started sucking and she could quickly taste the creamy tomato soup. It was lovely and Kat soon finished the tube. She then set about drinking the vanilla milkshake, which also went down very well. But all too soon Kat was finished and with that all the tubes where put back in the box.

The man then took a roll of duct tape out of his pocket and started to wrap it around tightly Kat's mouth and eyes. Keeping her gagged and blinded. Then the electric shocks started, leaving Kat crying in pain. Luckily for Kat she feel her pussy and ass being vibrated. She started to edge towards a massive orgasm. She loved the mix of pain and pleasure and was mmmppphhyy into her gag. She quickly got the massive orgasm she craved. She continued to have orgasms one after the other for another two hours.

The orgasms had taken it's toll on Kat she was now a sweaty mess. Her hair and make up was covering her face, her eye liner was pouring down her face from her beautiful eyes.

Kat was breathing heavily, she was in latex bondage heaven. But once again her started to feel sleepy and soon drifted off. When Kat opened her eyes again she was back in her latex dogsuit and her dog mask. She was also locked back in her cage. Kat was feeling good, she was well feed and was still horny. But she would have to wait overnight for her next bondage scene. She would once again spend the night in her humiliating dogsuit. She started to drift away in her cage, she was in a fetish daydream. She started to think about what was coming next. Her master had come up with some amazing latex bondage set ups so far.

She would be wearing the latex dogsuit longer then she though!


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