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The Punishment Chair 3: Isolation

by M88

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© Copyright 2013 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; captive; latex; catsuits; hoods; straitjacket; cuffs; bond; gasmask; breathplay; tease; toys; insert; display; video; voy; climax; cons/reluct; XX

story continues from part two

Part 3: Isolation

Kat then heard the sound of a door opening and when the sound of the hooded man's voice, "Welcome to your first day Kat I have a lot planned for you" 

Kat focused on the hooded man though her rubber dog hood. As he took a piece of paper out of his pocket. He slowly bent down till he was level with Kat's rubber covered head. Kat was poking the snout of her latex hood through the bars from her metal cage. Kat was struggling and wriggling trying to escape her rubber dogsuit, but it was no good she was trapped. The hooded man when unfolded the paper right in front of Kat's latex face. She stared at the beautiful drawings he had done. Suddenly she realized what the drawing was of, her next rubber bondage nightmare. Next to the pictures was a step by step plan of the bondage set up.

Kat back away from the hooded man into the corner of her cage. She was breathing heavily through her dog hood and was sweating in her dogsuit. Her tight and shiny dogsuit kept her so well bound that she could not escape. He then pulled a small bottle out his pocket and placed it in the centre of her cage. She moved as far away from it as she could ever standing on her bound knees, pushing her latex bound and covered elbows though the bars of her cage. She was also pushing her humiliating dog hood though the bars as well. She then heard the door close, she was alone and starting to feel sleepy.

When the door opened again Kat was sound asleep leaning against the bars of the cage.

When she woke up again. She found herself in extreme rubber bondage, just like in the drawing she had seen. She was surrounded by poles, cameras, restraints and mirrors. Which showed her the level of bondage she was trapped in. It was staggering how bound she was. The only part of her body she could move was her eyes.

She was locked into two very tight fitting shiny black latex catsuits which covered her whole body including her hands and feet. Her hands where trapped in black latex mittens, she was also locked into a heavy bondage straitjacket which was covered in straps which would kept her from escaping. Over the top of that straitjacket was a tight black latex sleep-sack which covered the top half of her body.

There were four ceiling to floor poles in the room, one in the centre of the room, the other three made a triangle around the centre pole. Kat body was locked and strapped to the centre pole. The leather straps ran though D-rings in the sleep-sack which restrained her to the centre pole. They went above and below her breasts, across her stomach and just above her pussy and around her neck. A strap also went though her legs and all the way up to her neck locking the straps in place. Her legs where stretched apart and cuffed to two of the other poles.

Her legs where locked into clear plastic tubes which kept them pointing straight. The plastic tube also had six D-rings running down all four sides of her legs. Which bound her legs to not only to the poles but also to her other legs. The metal wires which restrained her were pulled tight and kept her from moving in any direction. She was also wearing special shoes which kept her feet locked to the ground. This bondage set up was already inescapable, but it did not stop there. 

She was wearing a clear latex hood which covered her beautiful face. You could still see her lovely red hair and amazing blue eyes through the tight hood, well you would be able to if they where not also covered by a heavy latex bondage hood with an extreme bondage head harness and gas mask. The head harness was fitted over the top of her clear hood, it had a built in inflatable butterfly gag which fitted Kat's mouth. It also had a large blindfold which stop light entering Kat's lovely eyes. The head harness also had a built in latex collar which was tight against her neck. It also had leather straps running above her eyes, over her head, around her mouth and under her chin.

On top of the clear hood and head harness was a heavy rubber bondage hood. The black hood was laced tightly with metal cord, keeping the hood firmly in place. The hood itself was made of shiny tight rubber there are only two small holes in the hood, so Kat can breath through her nose. The hood also had built in ear muffs keeping Kat from hearing any sound.  The hood had a very strong smell of rubber.

But Kat's isolation did not stop there. On top of the two hoods and the head harness, she was wearing a Russian GP7-VM special gas mask with two hoses coming out of it. The thick rubber gas mask was fitted tightly to Kat's face. The two gas mask hoses were connected to a breath control machine and a plastic bubble bottle which was filled with urine and cum. Both were placed on a steel table in front of her. Her head was also bound to the centre pole with tight leather straps.

So that Kat would not be completely bored in her tight bondage hell, she had her pussy and ass filled. She had a huge vibrating metal butt plug in her ass and a very large plastic vibrating dildo in her wet pussy. The butt plug was also the housing for the batteries, which meant the vibrators could run continuously.

Kat was locked into a stainless steel room. She was in locked to the poles in the centre of the room. Kat was surround be cameras and mirrors, they covered every part of her body. Including her breath control unit. The room was also made tortuously warm so that Kat would sweat in her thick latex suits.

It was then that Kat woke up and into her rubber bondage hell .

Suddenly the cameras started recording Kat's heavy bound body. As well as the cameras the vibrators in both Kat's ass and pussy started up. Kat started breathing heavily and piss and cum scented air filled her gas mask. She was breathing easily, but the breath control machine had other ideas and it kept cutting Kat's air off. Kat quickly orgasmed and soon after that she orgasmed again. Sweat and Kat's own cum where running down Kat's latex covered legs.

Kat would spend the next 26 hours in this sweaty latex hell. Her every breath tainted with the smell of piss and cum. She would spend her time being tortured by endless orgasms. It would be a long 26 hours for Kat.

But she loved it.

Kat tried to escape. But she was far too well bound and soon realized the bondage was inescapable. She couldn't move at inch. What Kat did not know was that she was being watched. The footage was being streamed live to people all around the world. They watched her as she enjoyed her pain and pleasure.

Kat was truly in latex bondage isolation.

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