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The Punishment Chair 2: Cat's Eyes

by M88

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© Copyright 2013 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; captive; latex; catsuit; hood; frame; cuffs; bond; breathplay; tease; toys; cage; dogsuit; video; voy; climax; cons; X

story continues from part one

Part 2: Cat's Eyes

Kat was sitting on her leather sofa at home. It had been two weeks since she had been in the punishment chair. She had spend the last two weeks remembering what had happened to her in those amazing 26 hours. She had already watched the DVD she was given five times and often dressed up in the latex catsuits. She had even tried the latex dog hood again, she loved how it felt and how humiliating it was. Kat had also been searching for the person/people responsible for the punishment chair, she wanted to be put in it again. She had been googling latex bondage, extreme bondage and breath control she had found some heavy latex bondage websites she liked, but not the one she wanted.

Kat fell asleep on her sofa that night dreaming about complete latex bondage.

When she wake up and opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was a note and a key. Kat got up, how did it get there. She walked over to the door only to find she had left it unlocked last night, how could she be so stupid. She quickly locked the door and returned to the note. 

Dear Kat

I see you have been looking for me and my creative bondage expertise. Well you're in luck our viewers loved your last video and have been wanting to see you again. This time the video will take place over two weeks. You will spend your time in complete latex bondage for most of it. You will be bound and gagged and humiliated. Tomorrow morning there will be a white van outside your house at 8am. The key with this note will open the door on the side of the van. Inside the van you will find a full latex catsuit which you must wear. You will also find a number of restraints which you are to lock yourself into. See you tomorrow Kat.

Kat's heart was pounding and she was breathing heavily, she had got her wish. She spend the rest of the day thinking about what was going to happen to her. She went to bed that night eagerly awaiting the morning. Her alarm went off the next day at 7am. She jumped out of bed and started to get ready. She quickly had breakfast and a nice hot shower. She was not 100% on what to wear as she would be in a latex catsuit. So she decided to risk it and only wear some sexy red and black bra and panties. She would have to walk to the van like that. It was soon 8am and Kat was ready, she had a peek out to see if the van was there. It was.

Kat slowly opened her front door to see if anyone around, the street was empty. Kat pick up the key for the van and ran outside in her bra and panties. She got to the side door and forced the key into the lock, with a click the door slide open. Kat jumped inside the slammed the door shut. There was a surprisingly bright light which lit up the whole van. Kat soon saw her red latex catsuit with hands and feet built in. Kat frantically pulled the catsuit over her body, the smell of rubber filling the van. The catsuit was very tight and looked like it was painted on.

Kat then saw a full red latex hood which only had two small holes for her nose. Next to the hood was some black duck tape. Kat grabbed it and wrapped it round her head over her mouth. It was an amazing gag. Kat then spotted the metal bondage frame and went over to it. It was covered in metal cuffs and would keep her bound on all fours like a dog. Kat could see locks for her feet, below her knees, above her knees at a right angle. Another two locks, one round the lower part of her stomach and other just below her boobs. There where also locks for her wrists, lower arm and upper arm and a final lock round her neck. The frame was locked to a metal plate, which was then screwed to the floor of the van. She would be facing the front of the van with the back doors behind her.

Kat spotted a timer just below the neck restraint and it dawned on her that she would be tying herself up. She quickly set about restraining herself, putting her legs through the metal cuffs and laying down on the metal locks running along her body. She then turned the timer to five minutes. She then pulled her latex hood over her head and fitted it it place, cutting off all light and sound. Kat was slowly breathing though her nose as she slid her hands down into the metal cuffs. A couple of moments later the cuffs closed and trapped Kat in this humiliating position.

Kat then felt something being pulled over her head, her breathing started to become more difficult. Kat realized she was now wearing a gas mask with a hose attached to it which connected to a urine inhaler bottle. Meaning Kat would be forced to breath in the smell of urine in order to get the air she needs. She then felt something being pushed against her pussy, god she thought it was a vibrator. She took a sharp intake of breath and racketed against her restraints as the smell filled her gas mask. With that she heard the engine start and could feel the van start to move.

At almost the same time the vibrator started up, even with her thick latex catsuit it was amazing. Kat struggled to escape this metal bondage and tight latex hell. The sound of liquid bubbling and the engine were the only sounds Kat could make out. The bubbling got fast and loud as Kat started to orgasm. Her gas mask was sucked close to her face with each breath. Kat let out a loud cry as she finally orgasmed. By now her latex catsuit was getting hot as sweat ran down her legs. But the vibrator did not stop, it's relentless speed and power continued to pleasure Kat. As she continued to breath in the piss scented air she had another orgasm. Sweat was now filling her thigh latex catsuit and she had lost all track of time as the orgasms rolled in one after the other. Suddenly the van stopped.

Kat heard the engine bring tuned off and the sound of a door being opened and closed. She then heard the door behind her open. What she did not know was that the metal plate the bondage frame sat on could be removed with her still bound to it. Meaning she could be removed from the van without being untied and that's exactly what happened. Kat was simply slid out the back of the van and on to a waiting hospital bed and wheeled though a heavy metal door. Kat had been taken inside a large farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. The metal door was the entry to Kat's latex bondage dreams.

Kat could feel the gas mask being ripped from her latex covered head and the stimulation of her pussy had come to a stop. She then felt her latex hood being removed. The next thing she knew there was a blinding light, she could barely open her eyes. Her red sweat hair dropped down over her face. A couple of minutes later she could finally see what was going on. She was still bound to the metal frame, but now she was in the centre of a small white room. Right in front of her was the classic mirror, camera and TV set up she got when she was in the punishment chair. Kat whimpered into her gag as the TV came to life. There was a hooded and masked man starring down at Kat in her submissive positive.  

"Hello again Kat. Welcome to your new latex bondage home for the next two weeks. I have so much planned for you over the coming 14 days. You will also be spending your nights in a very kinky latex bondage bedroom. I hope you like it"

Kat was coming to the realization of just what she had got herself into. She would be bound, gagged, humiliated and trapped in heavy latex bondage for two weeks. Kat thrashed against her restraints and screamed into her gag as it dawned on her that she would be a bondage slave. But she soon started to feel horny and wet over the idea of being a slave. With that she was wheeled away into a small black room with a even smaller metal cage in the centre of this new room. Kat then saw the hooded and masked man in the flesh for the first time. She then saw him pull out a small glass bottle from his pocket. He undid the bottle and placed it under her nose. Kat's eyes soon closed as she fell asleep.

Kat's eyes flicked open as she started to wake up. She soon realized she was now trapped in the small metal cage. She then discovered her red catsuit had been replaced with a black rubber dogsuit that kept her arms and legs folded in rubber. Meaning she could only walk on her knees and elbows like a dog. Her hands where also locked in latex mittens stopping her from using them. Her dogsuit also had a built in butt plug which filled her amazing ass. But worst of all she was once again wearing a tight latex dog hood with a build in gag and collar.

Kat then heard the sound of a door opening and when the sound of the hooded man's voice "Welcome to your first day Kat I have a lot planned for you" 



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