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The Punishment Chair

by M88

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© Copyright 2013 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M+/f; captive; bond; straps; cuffs; chair; latex; catsuits; hoods; breathplay; bdsm; crop; torment; video; voy; hum; toys; climax; reluct/nc; X

Kat was at a party in the city of London. She was a beautifully 23 year old red head with a hour glass figure. She had been invited even though she had only just started working there. She was having a great time at the party and was dancing and drinking the night away. Later that night Kat went to sleep on a sofa in the living room.

But when she woke up, she was in for a shock.

Her eyes scanned the room. The walls, floor and ceiling were black and looked like shiny rubber sheets. There was also a large mirror right in front of her. Where was also a camera on a tripod which was looking right at her. Half way down the mirror there was a small black box. Suddenly she realized what had happened to her. She was sitting in a heavy metal chair which was bolted to the floor. It had leather bondage straps running across her body. Her hands and fingers where locked to the chair with metal rings, the same with her toes and feet. Her legs and arms where locked in place with more leather straps. But it was what covered her whole body which left her shocked.

She was wearing two full transparent catsuits with hands and feet. But the top catsuit was special it had photos as well as writing all over it. She realized it was photos of her and the writing was her name, age, e-mail address, home address and phone number. She was also wearing a black latex bra and knickers which you could see though the suits.   

She went to scream only to find out, she was gagged. She looked at the mirror again to see what was around her head. Her head was locked into a see-though plastic bubble like a light bulb or gold fish bowl, it was screwed into a metal collar around her neck keeping it air and water tight. It had two small rubber tubes running out of it and into the black ceiling. Under this she was wearing a black latex bondage dog hood with a huge inflatable gag. Kat was horrified the dog mask was so tight against her face and was humiliating but looked amazing.

Kat started thinking about what the tubes were for one must be for air, there was no other way for it to get in, what the other tube was for she would find out soon. Kat also started thinking about her catsuits they were very tight and very shiny, but why was her name and picture on the suit when she was locked to a metal chair in this black room? It did not make sense. Kat tried to move tried to escape but the straps holding her were well made they were strong and tight. The metal rings on her fingers, hands, toes and feet were worst. Not being able to move them at all.

Kat was breathing heavily the smell of latex filled her nose. She had started thrashing her head trying to get the dog mask off. But in was too tight and was also locked in place with three padlocks and if the hood did come off, her head was still locked inside a plastic bowl. How would she get that off it was screwed on.

Then Kat heard a sound, it was coming from behind the mirror. It was the sound of a door opening. A minute later she could hear it close again. Was someone in the room with her. She was moving her head from side to side, when she spotted that the camera now appeared to be on. She could see the bright red light it seemed to be pointing right at her. It was only when a hand smacked the plastic bowl hood she took her eyes off it and turned her hand to see no one there. Was she going mad? She looked back at the camera, only to find at a TV was in front of the mirror. What the hell was going on? She had not seen anyone, where did it come from? Then she heard the door open and close again. Kat looked that the TV, how did she not see it, then it occurred to her it was hidden behind the mirror.

Kat let out a loud mmmmmm as the TV come to life. The image was of a masked and hood figure. Kat glared at him though her latex hood. Condensation was building up on the inside of her plastic bowl near the dogs nose from her breathing.

"Hello Kat. I hope you enjoyed the party last night? But I have a feeling you will like this more. Your going to be kept in this room for 26 hours. Now the chair your sitting in is known as the punishment chair. I am going to tell you why. To start with your ass cheeks are poking though gaps in the chair so they can be canned. The system is all powered by machine, how hard and where it hits you will change with each hit. Which should be lots of fun for you! As well as that the plastic bowl hood has some treats for you, to start with I can control your air supply, I can lower it or cut it off. Oh and you maybe have been wondering about the second tube, as only one is for air. The other tube is linked to my urinal and when I go to toilet it will end up in your hood. Plus your dog hood is filled with itching powder which will start taking effect soon. It will drive you mad!"

"Oh one more thing, the camera is there to stream live images of you to the world. It's a good job your picture, name and other information is on your latex catsuit. You'll be famous!"

And with that the TV changed channels. The screen now showed her helpless in the chair, there were also numbers down the side of the screen. Kat was in shock with what she had heard and now she was starting to sweat the catsuits and plastic bowl were getting hot. With that the itching powder started to come to life. Kat then noticed that the numbers on the screen were going up. God she thought the numbers relate to how many people are watching her. Her eyes widened as the numbers went up and up. Then she got her first hit from the cane, she let out a small scream and a sharp intake of breath. She was then hit again, but this time something was wrong, her air had been cut off. Kat cried helplessly into her gag as she pulled and wriggled against her restraints trying to get away from this nightmare. Just before she passed out her air was turned on again, she was breathing heavily. This torture was hell, the breath control, the itching powder, the canning and the heavy latex bondage were taking it's toll on her.

But she was enjoying it. She was loving feeling helpless and humiliated. The viewing numbers kept going up thousands of people were now watching her. Kat then heard what sounded like water pouring into her bowl hood only to see that the liquid was yellow in colour. It was piss, it ran down the side of her latex dog hood and started to build up under her chin. Kat shook her head from side to side trying to avoid it. It stopped level with her chin, the smell of piss filled her hood.

She had now been locked in this room for 12 hours and she was broken. But the itching powder was driving her mad. Now that the canning and breath play had stopped, she was left to focus on it. But she somehow fell asleep.

She slept surprisingly well considering she was covered in latex and heavily bound. She got around 8 hours sleep, before being woken up by more urine pouring into her hood. It stopped just below her latex dog hood snout. Her eyes opened slowly to see the TV screen with it's exhibit of her and the numbers staring back at her. She was still in this hell for another six hours. But after that she was hoping for freedom or was she. Breathing slowly and look straight into the camera, she felt something vibrating though the latex in both her cunt and ass. With that her air was cut off. God the feeling was both amazing and horrible, but she was running riot with passion.

The air kept going off and on forcing her to control her breath. But she couldn't stop herself from orgasming. But the vibrators kept going as did the hellish breath control and soon she had orgasmed again and again. Then the canning started again. For six hours Kat sat there in heaven and hell with the viewing numbers rocketing upwards.

Then the TV turned off. There was a loud click and the restraints on her hands and feet were released. Followed by another loud click and all the leather straps fell away. Kat was being freed the 26 hours was finally up. Kat then moved her sore and stiff hands toward the plastic bowl hood and started unscrewing it. It was soon forced off and over her face and head and thrown into the mirror which shattered. The plastic hood rested against the broken mirror, air still hissing out of it. Kat slowly tried to get out of the latex dog hood and then her latex catsuits but they where still locked in place. Kat then heard the sound of the door unlocking, she walked over to it. There was a note.

"Kat I would like to thank you for the show you put on. I hope you enjoyed the punishment chair and our catsuits. You were amazing. Thank you. On a side note you still need to get home. Your house in Tooting is three miles away from this lock up in Clapham. The key to the outer door is below this note and the keys to our catsuits and our dog hood are waiting for you at home. Along with a DVD of your time here you can keep the catsuits and the hood as well."

Kat grabbed the key and opened both doors and find herself outside in an alleyway. It was raining heavily, water was dropping off her dog hoods snout. Kat crossed her arms and started walking the alleyway leading right on to a busy high street. Kat had no other option but to walk down it, she would have to walk past other random people. What would they think of her? Still she needed to get home so she started walking. The three mile walk took her 45 minutes and most of the people who she walked past stared at her. She so felt humiliated but she loved it, she felt so submissive.

She found the keys to her house under her mat and went inside. She soon spotted the keys to her catsuit and hood on a wooded table in her living room. She quickly picked up the keys for her latex dog hood and undid the padlocks and ripped the hood off. Her sweat soaked hair fell down over her catsuit and as she removed her gag she drooled down the front of her suit as well.

She then unlocked her catsuits, then one at a time slowly pulling them off her sweaty body. It took a long time but she was free of the skin-tight latex catsuits. She dropped them and the dog hood on the wooded table her keys had been on, god her catsuits were stinky. She then removed her latex bra and knickers and was shocked to see the two vibrators just fall out of her.

She then went to get some food, have a shower and go to bed. But she wished she was still in the punishment chair.



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