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The Punishment Chair 13: Times Up

by M88

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© Copyright 2014 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; solo-f; D/s; latex; catsuit; cuffs; hood; harness; chain; basement; chast; sen-dep; stuck; hum; cons; X

story continues from part twelve

Part 13: Times Up

It was time to release Kat from her nightmare. It would take some time to free her from her metal prison, given how well bound she was. But more importantly had the machine broken Kat in both body and mind. He would soon find out. He opened the solid metal door to her bondage prison and walked inside. The lights slowly flickered on as he continued to walking towards the control pad. As the light reflected off Kat's metal tomb, he turned all the computers and machines off. Leaving Kat with just one linked to the outside world. Her need to breath. He then started the long process of freeing her.

Think of the spacesuit like a prison. Very different to escape, but very simple to enter. It just took some time. He started off by removing the spacesuit's front panels. First he unlocked the arms and legs. Then he removed the metal around her stomach and upper body. He placed the panels on the floor beside Kat. He could now see the expandable foam beneath. He quickly picked up a knife and started removing the foam by cutting it out. The foam crashed to the ground as it was cut away from Kat's body. The strong smell of piss had filled the room. The piss had been mixed in with the foam, Kat's Master had done so for a number reasons.

1. Was to add to Kat's feeling of humiliation.
2. Was to check if the metal suit was air tight.
3. The liquid added to the shocks Kat had been given. 

He continued to unearth Kat. Soon he could see her latex covered stomach. The catsuit had lost most of it's shine over time. But it still looked amazing. He worked his way upwards, digging the knife through the foam. He worked his way around Kat's tits and up to her neck. He then slipped his hand under the foam and pulled it away from Kat's body. He could now see Kat's latex covered chest moving up and down. He then freed her arms and legs. Now only the leather straps where holding Kat in place.

But first he needed to remove her helmet. He needed to twisted the helmet off. But first he removed all the tubes, so the helmet was free. He then struggled to get the helmet off, but finally it let go. The helmet was lifted off her head with a loud popping sound. Most of the foam come with the helmet or fall on the floor. He then cleared the rest off her gas mask and started undoing the leather cuffs. It took some time, but Kat was freed from the cuffs. She then had the rubber ring removed from her neck and had her gas mask unlocked. When he pulled it off, he was meet with a river of liquid. A mix of sweat, drool and liquid food. Kat was sobbing and crying into her gag. He looked deep into her eyes. She was gone.

She staggered away from the metal suit. She was completely spent. Her catsuit was dirty on the outside and the inside was filled with Kat's own sweat, piss and shit. She could just about stand. She was completely broken. He helped her out of the suit, she folded into his arms. She was dead on her feet. He placed her down on the floor and walked behind the metal spacesuit. There was only a small gap, just enough for his hand. He reached inside and pressed a small red bottom. There was a loud buzzing sound and a loud click. The whole metal suit leaned forward away from the wall. Behind it was a small metal door, he opened the door. He then went back to Kat's motionless body. She was sound asleep. A quick slap to the face, soon woke her up. Kat just wanted to sleep and be left alone. But a huge slap to her waste filled ass, had her on her feet. She was very unstable on her feet, but still followed her Master through and door.

There was a small tunnel of about 5 meters. The whole thing was made of completely of  metal and was well lit. Another metal door was waiting for them at the other end. Kat had not been too happy following her Master. She just wanted to rest and get cleaned up. But she was in for a huge shock. As he pushed open the second door and and crawled out. Kat tentatively followed him. She was left stunned, when she finally escaped her torture camber and got out. She was back in her Master farmhouse. But how. The tunnel was only 5 meters long and her prison had been miles away. She had been restrained in that fucking car for hours. The whole time the car had been moving, and not in circles. It totally blow Kat's submissive mind.

Kat kneed before her Master. Right in the centre of the living room. She could not believe she was back in the farmhouse. Her dirty catsuit squeaked against the hard floor. "So Kat did you enjoy your time in the space suit?" Kat nodded her head. "Good. I bet it come as a shock to be back in the farmhouse so soon after leaving the suit" Kat again nodded. "The gateway to the underground prison is just 100 meters away. It's hidden behind the group of trees just over there"

Kat turned her head to the right a look out a window. The trees looked like the ones she had seen the night she entered the prison. She wanted to have a closer look, but decided against it. Her Master continued talking. "We just drove away from the farm for two hours then drove back. Very simple. I own the prison along with a good friend of mine. The slaves locked inside were his. I am sorry to say Kat, but we are finish. Your training is over. You are now the perfect submission sex slave. I will take you home, after you get cleaned up. Now go get ready. Your clothes for the ride home have been left in the bathroom".

Kat headed up to the bathroom, her catsuit squeaking as she walked. She entered the large bathroom and immediately started fighting with the zip of the catsuit. It took her 5 minutes to open her skin tight catsuit. She struggled to pull the sweat, piss and shit filled suit from her body. As she did so she stepped into the shower. She felt the liquids pour out her suit. She folded her face up as the smell hit her. But she soon had the catsuit laying in the bath tub. She turned the water on then started washing the catsuit and bath tub. Soon both were completely spotless. She then switched the shower on and felt the amazing hot water hit her dirty body.

She spent hours in the shower. She was loving the peace and quiet. When her Master called her. She jumped out the shower and quickly dried herself. She then saw her new clothes. She was not shocked to see a black latex catsuit and other fetish clothing. She was soon wearing the all-in-one catsuit and starting applying the other items. First was a pair of red latex opera gloves. Followed by some tight latex leggings, also in red. Next up was a set of metal cuffs. She locked them around her ankles, wrist, neck, stomach, above and below her knees and elbows. She then locked herself into a leather bondage harness. She was now ready to go home.

She walked out the bathroom and back down stairs. She then knelt at the feet of her Master. She looked amazing. The catsuit so shiny he could see himself in it. He ordered her to stand up and to follow him to his car. She did as she was told. Soon they where driving quickly down a motorway back towards London. If any one had looked into the car, they would have seen Kat in all her latex covered glory. She looked so good they may have crashed. Kat was just daydreaming the whole drive home. It come as a shock just how quickly she had got back. Her Master opened the car door and Kat was about to step out. When it hit her. She was covered in latex outside her house again. She had been humiliated again.   

Her Master then handing her the keys to her front door and ordered her to leave the car. She slowly stepped out the car. Her latex covered feet torched the concrete of her driveway. A cold shiver ran thought her body. It was around 5pm, and people where coming home from work. So Kat's street was busy with people. She managed to get herself together and she got out of the car. She quickly ran across her driveway and tried forcing the key into the lock. She spent 5 minutes struggling with the lock as people worked past her house. They all had a good look at this rubber beauty. But she finally undid the door and jumped inside her house.

But something was waiting for her.

She had a look round round her house. Seeing if anything needed doing. But the whole house was spotless apart from the basement, which was locked. Kat had never locked the basement before. She soon found the key taped to the back of the front door. It hit Kat that some one had been in her house. She had been away for 7 weeks, so they had plenty of time to do anything. Still wearing her catsuit and bondage equipment, she unlocked the basement door. And walked down stairs.

It was pitch black. Kat feel along the wall nearest the stairs and soon found the light switch. She flicked the switch and showered the basement in light. Her Master had left her a present. Kat looked at the bondage set up with wonder in her eyes. She loved her present, plus she was already dressed for the scene. She soon spotted a couple of added additions to the scene. One was a large wall covering mirror, the other was a profession looking camera. Which would be pointing straight at her. Hanging from the ceiling were endless chains with cuffs at the end of them. It was the same with the floor. Also hanging from the ceiling was a special bondage hood and chastity belt.

Kat walked over to the brutal looking set up. The cuffs and chains bolted to the floor were for her lovely legs. The chains hanging from the ceiling where for her body, arms and head. She placed her feet over markings on the floor. She then started restraining herself. The cuffs where all linked together with the chains. They ran all the way up her legs from the floor. Her legs would be bound apart. Soon her legs where trapped and she moved up to her body. She started with the steel and rubber chastity belt. She placed the chastity belt around her latex enclosed body and threaded the last piece though her legs. And locked it in place, keeping her from playing with herself.

She then locked the metal cuffs to the chastity belt. She continued wrapping cuffs around her body and locking them to her leather body harness. Soon she was covered in large metal cuffs which where tightly locked against her body. She continued. She left the cuffs for her wrists and her elbows till last. She then had a closer look at the bondage hood. She had only seen thick brown leather from the foot of the stairs. But now she could see a steel frame inside the hood. The steel frame would encircle her head, around her mouth, eyes, ears and nose. It also had rubber pads covering these parts as well.

Meaning Kat would be gagged, blindfolded and deaf. She would then place the leather hood over her head and complete the job. She forced her head and face into the steel frame. The rubber pad which covered her mouth was the first to go in. Good god it was huge. It completely filled Kat's mouth. The rubber was pushing Kat's cheeks out and pressing her tongue down. The blindfold was the next to make contract with Kat's face. It completely covered her eyes, cutting out all light. It was a little bit different for Kat now, she still needed to put the hood on and cuff her hands. 

But first she needed to put the ear plugs into the her ears. After a couple of minutes struggling with the rubber plugs, they where in. She was now completely deaf. She was fumbling around trying to tighten the steel frame. She soon found the screws and tightened them against her head. She may have over done it a bit, as she could feel the frame biting down on her. But this only made her wet. And she continued.

The leather hood had a steel ring which ran under her chin to the top of her head. The ring was built under the leather of the hood. She would be unable to reach it. The steel ring was also chained to the ceiling by a D-ring which went through the top of the hood. Keeping her head pointing forward and holding her chin up. She pulled the hood over her head. She could feel the steel ring pressing against her skin. The ring went from her neck, over her ears and met at the top of her head. The leather hood was soon perfectly in place. She had tightly laced the hood closed and padlocked it in place. The hood only had two small holes, so Kat could breath.   

Kat then struggled to get both sets of cuffs on. But soon she got the elbow cuffs to click. That would keep her elbows together. A couple of moments later her closed the handcuffs and completed her self bondage set up.

She was covered in latex and bound head to toe in strong metal cuffs, when it hit her. She had no way of escaping the restrains she was locked in. She had not seen a key for any of the locks or a timer. She had no way of getting out. She was bolted to both the floor and ceiling, was bound, gagged and deaf. Was restrained by a mile of chains. Her whole body was wearing a tight latex catsuit with cuffs wrapped around it. She was struggling like mad. But she knew she was trapped.

She frantically struggled like an animal in a trap.

She had been restrained in the basement for over 14 hours, when she felt something against her head. It was a hand, little did she know it was going to be a embarrassing and humiliating release. Her Master had give the release keys to her best friend (Sarah), as well as keys to the house. She had no idea Kat loved latex bondage. But she did now. She spent a number of hours helping Kat get free. But she found the keys to her chastity belt and hood missing. Kat was completely out of it, and was helped to bed. She slept in her catsuit, still trapped in the hood and chastity belt.

Her friend helped her the next day remove all the cuffs, chains and bolts from her basement. She moved the mirror to another part of the house. She also found the keys for the hood and belt in an envelop sent the day before. Soon Kat was released from both and Sarah left the house.

Kat found the other bondage equipment tossed inside a large wooden box. She dropped her hood and belt inside it as well. She then walked over to the camera. She had not given it any thought over her bondage hell. But now she wanted to see herself bound and gagged. She played around with the camera trying to get it to play, but with no luck. She then looked if the camera had a memory card.

But it was gone.



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