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The Punishment Chair 12: Broken

by M88

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Storycodes: M/f; machine/f; D/s; latex; catsuit; spacesuit; bond; hood; encase; foam; sen-dep; breathplay; electro; display; isolation; mc; cond; denial; cons/reluct; XX

story continues from part eleven

Part 12: Broken

Kat was helpless, trapped in extreme rubber bondage. She was made to breath slowly through her gas mask by the machines and computers that controlled her. She was completely unable to move inside the metal space suit. She spent the first 30 minutes trying to escape. She struggled, she wriggled, she pulled and pushed against the leather cuffs and expandable form holding her restrained. After a couple of hours Kat had stopped trying to escape, she know it was hopeless. She just couldn't move an inch. This was only made worst by the computer ordering the first round of fitness shocks. They would keep Kat's muscles strong and healthy.

After 20 minutes the shocks had subsided but Kat was still shaking from them. She suddenly realized the computer had stopped pumping air into her gas mask. There was still about 2 minutes of air trapped inside her space helmet. She was breathing very slowly, trying not to panic. The seconds turned to minutes and Kat could feel her gas mask being sucked inwards. She was running out of air and needed to hold her breath. She was hoping the computer hadn't broken or crashed. If it had she would be completely fucked. She was trapped in this metal suit, unable to move any part of her body.

Just before she passed out air started pouring back into her gas mask. Kat started breathing unbelievable fast, sucking air into her lungs. Sweat was running down the inside of her hood, condensation filled the inside of her gas mask. But once again she was left without oxygen. She was struggling trying to move, trying to release the pressure building on her lungs. She was rocking her head trying to remove the gas mask. But the gas mask was locked in place and she was unable to remove it at all. Just as she was about to pass out, air was pumped back into her helmet. How much longer would this torture go on for. She just wanted to breath. But it just didn't stop, the crashing weight of the gas mask pressed against she face.

Suddenly she could feel something pouring down her throat, she was bring fed for the first time. She could not taste anything, she only had the feeling of something entering her stomach. The feeding tube and gag wriggled around in her mouth. But it stayed locked in place, it was never going to fall out. She soon found her stomach to be completely full. She was then left in sensory deprivation for the rest of the day. Yes she could see out of the gas mask and space helmet. But there was nothing in the room apart from Kat's own metal bondage suit. The room bored her eyes, giving her nothing stimulating to look at. She soon fell fast asleep.

When she woke up the next morning (well it may have been morning, Kat had no idea what the time or date was) she was met by the strong smell of urine. She remembered her master talking about her air supply being connected to his toilet. He was still humiliating her even though she was immobilized in an isolated room. She was abandon in her metal suit, with only the computer for company. She just stood there looking into space as she drifted off into a day dream. She was miles away when the first shock hit her. She screamed as loud as she could through the gag, gas mask and hood. But no sound could be heard the other side of the glass.

Her muscles expanded and contracted as the shocks ripped through them. The shocks where both strong and long, as they continued to dominant her body. It was painful, but Kat enjoyed the stimulation the shocks give her. The shocks were acting like an e-slim device on her cunt and ass. She would never be able to reach her soaking wet pussy, the restraints put a stop to that. The shocks give her a great deal of pleasure when they hit her unreachable pussy. But long before she came close to an orgasm the shocks stopped. She would have to wait for her orgasm as the metal suit acted as a chastity belt.

Kat had no idea how long she had been restrained for. The seconds turned to minutes, the minutes turned to hours and the hours turned to days. Kat had been trapped in isolation for over five days. The suit was the ultimate master, it kept her completely submissive. There was nothing she could say or do to escape. It was hell. She was starting to break down. The sensory deprivation give her nothing to do, but look longingly through the windows of her gas mask. The only sense Kat wished would be taken away from her, was her scene of smell. Her master had cruelly continued to use his personal toilet. This horrible metal prison was running Kat into the ground. She was becoming totally brain dead. The immovability of the metal suit was driving Kat mad. She want to be free, she wanted to be in control.

Or did she.

Because deep down she loved the suit. It made her a submissive, she had no say at all. It would keep her restrained for as long as the computer liked. It would keep her silent, unable to make a sound. It would keep her fit and healthy, as it controlled her feeding and worked her muscles. It was looking after her, but in an odd controlling way. Kat started thinking about that last part. Even though the computer looked after her body, it did nothing for her mind. This machine had been design to break people.

Kat looked closely around the room, checking for anything she may have missed. She soon spotted something. Engraved into the glass of her gas mask was a pair of handcuffs and the word "sub" She had been staring at them for over five days, how had she missed them. Then she notices the walls of her cell were covered in writing. The writing was in a slightly lighter black and it covered the walls. "You will become a bondage mannequin" "You will become a sex slave" "You will be kept restrained, gagged and helpless"

The walls where also covered in drawings. They included hoods, gags and a number of different bondage set-ups. There was something else hidden in her isolation cell. Kat could just about see it through the darkness. A full bondage catsuit made from thick black rubber. Kat could swear she was hearing voices as well. The sounds Kat could hear matched what was written on her cell walls.

Kat had no idea how she had missed all the writing covering the walls. How had she missed the voices whispering in her ear. It suddenly hit Kat, she could have imagination the whole thing. Had the sensory deprivation of the suit forced her to make-up anything she had seen up. Maybe she was, but then again did it make a differences. It's not like she would be set free anytime soon. If she was dreaming then maybe the words or voices would charge. If they stayed the same then they had to be real. Or maybe it was a bit of both.

34 days, 13 hours, 42 minutes, 07 seconds later.

Kat opened her eyes to find her master standing in front of her. He wandered around her in her small holding cell, looking at the computers, TV screens, the writing on the wall and the catsuit. He then walked over to Kat, almost pressing his face against the glass window to her prison. He looked deeply into Kat's eyes. He moved his mouth, but Kat could not hear a word. But Kat could have guessed. Because five minutes after he left the room, she was put through hell.

First her space helmet was filled with expandable form, removing her last sense. She was soon in complete darkness. She was then continuously force fed the most horrible liquid mix, she had ever had. She had been fed only a handful of times since she had been locked away. None of them tasted horrible in any way. They had kept her full and she had not needed to piss or shit inside her metal prison. She had been kept fit and healthy throughout her imprisonment. This was solely down to the proteins and vitamins she was fed and the shocks she was given.

All that was about to charge.

She was no longer being treated so well. Not only was she now blinded and being force fed the most horrible mix of bull semen and laxatives. She was tortured with extreme breath control and painful electric shocks. Her sense of smell was next to be attacked, she had got use to the smell of piss over time. It would now be replaced by something different, something worst. Her gas mask filled with a horrible fishy smell. She soon screwed up her rubber covered face, fighting against the stinking air filling her mask.

The first 34 days had been torture. Her mind had been turned to mush. She had been kept in chastity for so long, she had forgotten how to orgasm. The sensory deprivation had left her feeling like a mannequin. She was unable to move, to talk and to hear. But she was about to be turned into a latex sex mannequin. She would soon be unable to think for self.

4 days, 23 hours, 36 minutes, 30 seconds later.

It was time to opened Kat's metal prison. The first 34 days had been hell. But the last four plus days had broken her completely.


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