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The Punishment Chair 11: Immobilized

by M88

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© Copyright 2013 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; latex; catsuits; straitjacket; spacesuit; cuffs; bond; hood; encase; foam; sen-dep; electro; display; isolation; cons; X

story continues from part ten

Part 11: Immobilized

Kat had spend the night in her heavy rubber bondage sleepsack, she was extremely excited about what her punishment would be. It had taken her some time to work out why she had loved the punishment chair and all the other bondage session that had followed it, it was because she loved being so submissive. She loved being covered in rubber and humiliated. She was starting to get very wet and horny as she laid there locked in her suit. Kat was daydreaming about what would happen to her. She would have started playing with herself if the straitjacket hadn't stop her. The latex covering her body was squeaking loudly as she struggled, she knew she could not escape and it was that very thought that drove her mad.

It was then she somehow heard the door to her cell open. She had enjoyed spend the whole night in the sweaty rubber suit, but by now she wanted to be set free. She then heard the sound of her steel cage being opened. She then felt her whole body being pulled violently out the cage. The thick rubber was then cut off her body, showing the restraints hidden below. Kat was soon free from the rubber suit that had kept her imprisoned all night. Kat then felt her legbinder being untied and then her legs being released. She was then freed from her dog suit, straitjacket and latex mittens. Leaving her in just her humiliating transparent catsuit.

Through the stunning latex, you could see that Kat's suit was full of piss, cum and sweat. You could even smell it now all her other restraints had been removed. Kat was ordered to follow her master with her hands behind her back. Kat had loss track of how many rooms she had been restrained inside. She couldn't tell them apart nor could she remember where she had been. They all looked the same, so did the corridors. She was completely lost. Being bound, blindfolded and hooded had not helped Kat's sense of direction.

Just as these thoughts ran through Kat's head they walked through a large metal door. They were now back in the main foyer, Kat remembered this bit. It was just as she remember it. It had been over a week since she was last in this beautiful room. It looked like nothing had changed, all the fetish equipment was still their. Even the mannequins where still trapped inside their amazing bondage set-up. It suddenly hit Kat, that just like Jess the mannequins could be people. She stared insistently at the first mannequin she passed. She could barely see the mannequin through the plastic tube and endless restraints. Would see could left her with more questions than answers. If it was person how did they eat? How did they go to the toilet? How long had they been there? Was she going to become a mannequin?

She looked closely and could see a number of tubes coming from the crutch and ass areas of the mannequin. The mannequin was also wearing a gas mask with tubes pouring out of it. This answered two of Kat's questions as she continued to walk through the large room. They finally stop right at the far end of the room. Waiting in front of her was a circularly metal door, which slowly opened. Behind the scary looking door was a small room. Inside the room was a number of computers, wires and TV screens. The room was empty apart from Kat and her master. There was another door at the other end of the room.

Kat's eyes where pouring over the TV screens. All she could see where 25 rooms filled with bondage equipment. She could see that they where all not being used. She remembered a couple of the rooms, she could see the feeding room and a couple of others. She then looked at the computer screen and found the answer to another one of her questions. In fact it gave her so much information and stats, Kat could hardly believe it. Kat had wondered if the mannequins where real people or not. The computer screen told her they where real people. The screen had pages of information about them and how the machines where working. Kat started to read through it.

The girl in the plastic tube was call Steph, she was 26 years old, from Liverpool. The computer was filled with pictures of her, she looked amazing. Tall with long black hair and deep blue eyes. She had a perfect body with eye watering breasts. Kat continued to read through the information, it had a list of what Steph liked e.g. Food, Drink, Clothes, TV programs and what her fetishes where. Kat read this bit very closely and enjoyed what she saw. She then got to system set-up. Her eye's opened when she saw how it all worked. Steph had been locked inside the plastic tube for 24 days 4 hours and 27 minutes. Her breathing was control by a machine as was her food and waste. The food she was made to eat was given to her three times a day. Water was given to her six times a day. All her waste had been collected and kept in plastic drums. She was helpless. Kat didn't have time to look at any more, her master called her over to him.

Her master then opened the other door and walked through as Kat followed him. This room was almost empty apart of a shower area, a bin and a metal box and another door. Kat then had her transparent latex catsuit cut from her sweaty body. And dropped into the waiting bin. Kat was then moved under the shower and cleaned from head to toe. She had her nails cut and her hair was shortened to neck length. All other hair on her body was removed. She looked beautiful when the clean up and make up were done. Her master picked up her mess and placed it inside the bin. He then opened the metal box laying on the floor next to Kat. And pulled out a perfect latex catsuit, it would cover every inch of her body it was completely black.

The catsuit was neck high with a back zip, it also had hands and feet built in. The catsuit was solely built for Kat to wear, and to be worn for a long period of time. Kat was soon covered in lube and latex. The latex catsuit was shockingly tight against her beautiful body. The thick latex pressed against her whole body holding it place. She was then ordered to follow her master through the next and last door. It had a foreboding final looked about it, the metal door dropped into the floor with a soft thud. The door frame was covered with locking systems. She walked through the threshold and into to the room. All the security system where controlled from outside the room she had just entered. If the door closed she would be trapped inside. Kat was so busy thinking about the door, she didn't notice the room was pitch black. Suddenly the lights come to life and illuminated the whole room.

The room was a perfect circle, with only one door and no windows. The room had air-conditioning and lighting built up high in the ceiling about 10 feet off the ground. The walls, floor and ceiling where painted a dead of night black. In the centre of the room was a circular black curtain hanging from the ceiling. The curtain flowed down to the ground and spread over the cold jet black floor. Kat was very tempted to look under the curtain, but her master called her over to him.

He was standing by a brand new computer system. It was made up of four screens, 100s of wires and cables and a control panel. The wires and cables ran from the computer, screens and control panel and into the floor. The whole computer system was built into one silver table. Next to the table was a set of metal hooks, hanging from them were 100s of rubber cuffs. Kat's master picked one of these cuffs, and showed it to Kat. The cuff was a new double ring design that would keep Kat very well restrained. The inner ring was rubber and would wrap tightly around Kat's body. The outer ring was made from steel and had two d-ring build into it. There was a small gap between the inner and outer rings. The inner and outer rings where linked together thanks to a number of chains.

The cuffs hanging from the hook where designed to cover Kat's whole body. And slowly one by one they were locked tightly against her latex catsuit. Kat was soon covered in these rubber and metal cuffs. The rubber cuffs where design to restrain a specific part of Kat's body. The rubber pressed tightly against her shin, holding the restraints in place. It was impossible to remove the cuff without help. She had cuffs covering her body from her neck down. She then spotted another metal box hidden under the hooks. Her master soon opened it.

He then pulled out a transparent rubber hood. It was equiped with holes for her eyes, nose and mouth. He then pulled out a black rubber hood and fitted it over the transparent hood. Both hoods where unbelievable tight and as they pressed against her head and face. He then walked over to the curtain and called Kat over to him. She stood there covered in latex and cuffs, waiting for him to drop the curtain. He did. Her eyes and mouth opened wide when she saw what had been hidden behind the curtain.

Standing in front of her is a stainless steel space suit. It was design and build solely for her to be completely bound inside. The Suit was bound into an X shape. The suit's legs and arms could be split in half down the middle. The front of the torso could be released from the back, the end of the suits arms were small metal balls. Kat could see her face in the beautiful stainless steel. As Kat's master opened the space suit, she was starting to get very horny and could feel her pussy juices running down her legs. Kat could see the inside of the suit was filled with d-rings. Soon the suit was opened and Kat stepped inside. The cuffs wrapped around her body matched the d-rings in the suit. The cuffs and d-rings where soon locked together at two points. Her toes and feet where locked inside special boots at kept her feet completely still.

Kat's hands where pushed into the small metal ball, acting like bondage mittens. Her arms where soon restrained inside the suit. The space suit was then put back together. Oddly Kat still had space inside the suit to move about, but only a couple of inches. The suit had now been locked close, there was no escape from the suit. Her latex covered head was the only part of her body now bound in the suit. She then had a thick rubber cover (with a small hole for her head) placed around her neck. The black rubber had been forced over her head. It was then locked in place by a metal collar and screwed to the side of the suit. The thick rubber cover had a small valve in front of Kat's face. A clear plastic tube was locked to the valve and a yellow liquid poured inside the space suit.

"It's expandable foam Kat, it also has piss and small metal fibres mixed into it".

Kat soon found it very hard to move and difficult to breath. He then removed the tube and closed the valve. Kat could still feel the foam filling the suit, it pushed the rubber cover highly up her neck. The feeling was amazing. When it stopped, Kat was completely bound unable to move.  He then picked up a stunning rubber gas mask from the metal box and placed it over Kat's face. The gas mask had a build in harness gag with feeding tube which was placed into Kat's mouth. The gag was then locked in place. She then had ear plugs pushed deeply into her ears. The gas mask had a build in hood as well which was pulled over her head and down her neck. It was soon laced and locked in place. The gas mask itself was then tightly pressed against her rubber covered face. It quickly cut off all outside air, she needed to breath through the gas mask now. The gas mask was tighten again and locked.

He then picked up a space helmet. The back was stainless steel, the same as the suit, and the front was made from glass and had two valves in the front. He placed the helmet over her head and screwed it down. He continued to screw the helmet down tightly until it reached the base of the suit. Her master then connected the two tubes to the valves in the front of the mask. He then pushed the feeding tube into her mouth and locked it into the gag. Kat noticed a few of things. One. She could hear nothing. Two. She couldn't move. Three. Her breathing was being controlled. Four. There was a horrible smell filling her gas mask. Five. What did the metal fibres do. Six. How would she go to toilet in this suit. Seven. When would she be freed. She then saw her master pick up a microphone and start talking.

"Hello Kat. Hope you like your new bondage suit. The computer controls everything, your breathing, feeding and work out. You will be feed a healthy liquid filled with proteins and vitamins. Almost none of it will become waste. You shouldn't need to go to the toilet very often. But when you do, have fun wearing the latex catsuit. Your be wearing it for some time to come. The metal fibres mixed in with the foam will keep your muscles working. The computer will send electric shocks through your suit, making your muscles dance. It should keep you fit and healthy. The suit is completely air, sound and water tight. So feel free to shout, cry and mmmppp as much as you like. The air your breathing comes from a chamber under my toilet. Hope you like it. Hope you like isolation, your going to be kept helpless for a number of weeks. Maybe longer!"

With that he left the room, The door started to rise from the floor. As it closed all but one of the lights turned off. Built into the space helmet was a bright light. That illuminated her rubber covered face. Kat was starting to sweat in her catsuit. As she took a long deep breath of piss filled air, she had an orgasm. She stood there waiting in the darkness. Her mind started to daydream and think about what she had seen.  

She did know the answer to one of her questions from earlier in the day. She would be turned into a bondage mannequin.



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