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The Punishment Chair 10: The Jacket

by M88

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© Copyright 2013 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; D/s; latex; cell; catsuits; straitjacket; dogsuit; cuffs; bond; chair; hood; gag; torment; electro; toys; insert; cons; XX

story continues from part nine

Part 10: The Jacket

Kat was now bound in place waiting to be feed some horrible mix of so called food. She could still just about see Jess still struggling across the room from her. Her mouth was ready and willing to accept any food that came down the plastic tube. Kat was not ready or willing to be humiliated in this way. But for some unknown reason she was still turned on by the idea. Her catsuit squeaked as Kat struggled to escape from the feeding hood and bondage chair.

"Would you like to know what's for dinner tonight Kat?"

Kat tried to shake her head to say no. But her head was locked in place.

"Well you remember your latex prison cell. I kept you locked in that small room for seven days and only feed you through a small plastic tube in the ceiling. But I also used the room as a toilet for seven days as well if you remember. Well I said I would clean it, I lied. I sucked all the piss, cum, shit and rotten food into the tank above your head. I even did the same with the latex catsuits you where wearing. I would not like to be you in 10 seconds time."

Kat woke up the next day, she was naked and locked in a huge steel cage. She was restrained with thick metal cuffs, they wrapped around her legs, stomach, neck and wrists. All the cuffs where locked together with thick steel chains. Kat was also hooded. The thick latex hood had a built-in rubber gag and blindfold. The hood was tightly laced up at the back, it was also padlocked. Kat was also wearing a thick leather collar with a number of D-rings. Kat had loved the feeding hood from the day before, even thinking about it now made her wet. She wanted to be back in the feeding chair.

As she sat there daydreaming her Master unlocked and open her cell door. She was still miles away until there was a loud bang against the steel bars of her cage. She jumped and pulled against her restraints. Her Master undid the huge padlock that kept Kat locked in her cage. He then grabbed her by her leather collar and dragged her out of the cell. He continued to dragged Kat out of the bondage prison cell and into another room. She was throw to the floor, luckily Kat had put her hands out to break the fall. She was lost in the darkness of her blindfold. She could then feel her cuffs being unlocked and her latex hood being removed. The freedom feel great, until Kat saw what was waiting for her.

Her mouth dropped and her eyes grew when she saw her next bondage punishment. Hanging on a hook in the centre of the room was a beautiful rubber bondage suit. The suit was an amazing mix of a bondage straitjacket, sleepsack, dog suit and body harness. It also had an extreme latex bondage hood built in. The suit had a number of built in toys that would keep Kat completely bound and silent. She would be unable to escape from the suit when all the locks where closed. Her Master then picked the suit off the hook and threw it over Kat's body. He also picked up a bottle of lube and threw that at Kat as well. Kat opened the lid on the bottle of lube and started working the liquid over her stunning body. She poured it all over herself, soon it covered her whole body. She was then thrown a full latex catsuit, it was a humiliating transparent brown in colour. The catsuit had built in gloves and even covered Kat's toes separately. It was painfully tight against Kat's skin. She only just about got the catsuit on, thanks to the lube.

Kat's Master then started emptying the bottle of lube over Kat's latex suit. He then started rubbing it all over Kat's body, over her tits, pussy and ass. She was wearing so much lube it was dropping from her. Her Master opened the bondage suit and pointed right at Kat. Kat obeyed and started walking towards the open suit. All the straps, locks, restraints and toys became visible to her. Kat was then ordered to hold her arms out in front of her and close her fingers into a ball. She was also told to keep her legs crossed and keep her chin up. The suit was then pulled towards Kat's shiny body.

Half an hour later she was completely restrained inside the latex suit. Her hands and fingers where tightly sectored in latex mittens which were built into the straitjacket she was wearing. The straitjacket itself was made from strong canvas and was covered in thick leather straps. Not that you could see the straitjacket or the straps because they where hidden under a layer of beautiful rubber. Her legs were folded in half and locked inside a dog suit inspired restraint. Her legs where also locked inside a modified rubber legbinder. The legbinder was placed over the top of the dog suit. This kept Kat's legs folded and forced together. On top of that they where also locked inside the rubber sleepsack, along with the straitjacket.

All the bondage equipment was hidden under the amazing rubber sleepsack. Kat's whole body was covered with a thick leather bondage harness, it went from her neck to her knees. It was also hidden under the sleepsack. Kat was also wearing a stainless steel collar which linked to a metal pole that ran down her back. The pole continued all the way to her knees. The harness, legbinder, straitjacket and sleepsack where all padlocked to this pole. The pole and collar where placed inside the sleepsack as well. This would stop Kat from escaping. The collar also stopped Kat from removing her bondage hood. The hood itself was made from thick black rubber. The hood only had two holes so Kat could only breath through her nose. Her mouth was kept full and silent with a huge rubber gag. She was also blindfolded to keep her in the dark and ear plugs kept her deaf. Both the ear plugs and blindfold were built into the hood.

Kat's Master was very happy with the sleepsack. The warm latex was keeping Kat trapped inside. The sleepsack was laced closed and covered in padlocks. Kat was helpless and was breathing deeply through her nose. She was now locked in a straitjacket, legbinder, dog suit, latex catsuit, collar and hooded. Her Master then picked Kat up and took her to another room. Waiting for Kat in this new room and a very well bound Jess. This new room was called 'the cell', it was covered in padding and was sound proof. Kat was then fitted with a new head harness over the top of her bondage hood. The head harness had some very sexy toys built into it. Jess was sitting on a latex stool, she was gagged and hooded. Jess was also bound in a full latex catsuit, with her legs tied around her head and neck. She was also wearing a latex armbinder which was padlocked to the base of the stool. She looked stunning. The zips covering Jess's pussy and ass were opened by Kat's Master. Leaving them open to the sex toy locked around Kat's head.

Kat was then given a simple task. She needed to make Jess scream with pleasure and have as many orgasms as she could in two hours. If her Master was happy with what he saw, Kat would be given a treat. If he was unhappy Kat would be humiliated and punished in the most degrading way possible.

Kat had two hours.

The huge rubber dildo sticking out from Kat's head harness would easily make Jess orgasm. That was if Kat could get cross the room and reach Jess's pussy and ass. Kat was placed on her back and her pussy was given a hard slap. This was the sign for the timer to start. Kat struggled and wriggled to get off her back and onto her front. She had no idea where to go, she was already disoriented. The strong smell of latex filled her long deep breaths. Kat was thrashing around on the shiny metal floor trying to find Jess. She could only just move her legs and body. She had no idea where she was or where she was going. The thick bondage hood stopped her from seeing or hearing Jess.

Time was starting to flyby and Kat was starting to get very sweaty and tired in her sleepsack. It was then Kat got a wave of sudden pain. Little did she know her Master was having some fun with a new cattle prod he had just received. The pain continued for Kat as he shocked her body. The shocks made Kat move faster in any destruction she could. She was crying into her huge gag and latex hood. But her Master was having a great time.

Before Kat had accomplished anything one hour had past by. Kat was fighting against her restraints trying to move faster. She was straining her ears trying to hear Jess. No there was nothing but silence the ear plugs were doing their job. She could suddenly feel something pressing against the side of her face. She slowly turned her whole body and pushed her head towards the feeling. She took a long deep breath through her nose. The sweet smell of pussy and horrible smell of ass filled her nose. She had found Jess. It had taken her 90 minutes and she was a sweaty mess. She struggled to line up the dildo with Jess's pussy.

But after another 10 minutes she was ready. She pushed the lubricated dildo deep inside Jess's pussy. This made the gagged and hooded Jess jump. Kat tried face fucking Jess but the collar was stopping her from doing a good job. Kat was starting to panic as time started to run out. She was forcing her head backwards and forwards. She was trying to do it as fast as possible. Jess was enjoying herself, but she was nowhere near an orgasm. Kat was starting to lose hope and was daydreaming about what her punishment would be. There was a worrying problem Kat was starting to have. She wanted to be punished and the idea of it made her wet. She stop face fucking Jess.

Her Master give Kat a smile. As the clock showed two hours had past. He looked at Kat and said. "Your regret that" he then picked Kat up and put her back in her prison cell. He came back into the room, Jess was still tied helplessly to the stool. He walked over to her and whispered in her ear, "I think you need more training. How dare you enjoy being fucked by anyone. I have a special suit just for her. And if Kat thinks her punishment will be fun she as another thing coming!" and with that he walked out the room. He come back with a huge dildo and butt plug which were built into a metal chastity belt. He also had a number of metal cuffs and chains. After removing Jess's restraints and catsuit, she was locked in the cuffs and chastity belt and was being lead out the room.


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