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Prisoner in Rubber & Bondage - Chapter 9: Punishment & Work

by rbp818

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© Copyright 2008 - rbp818 - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; D/s; rubber; fem; bond; medical; cell; nappy; cons; X

continued from part eight

Chapter 9: Punishment & Work.

“Consider this to be the completion of your punishment as I didn’t think last night was very severe. Also it will make sure that any thoughts of escaping will be put right out of your mind. You know what job you have to do today so I will have to leave the house open so you can go in and out to the workshop for tools and materials. If there are any callers you will have to try and avoid them or else think up some sort of excuse to explain the way you are dressed. Oh yes there are just two more items to complete your working punishment rubber uniform.”

She slipped a wide leather collar around my neck over the upturned collar of the rubber lined SBR Mackintosh and buckled and padlocked it at the back. I just glimpsed the R.B.P. legend on it in silver letters. Then over my rubber hooded head she pulled a rubber lined SBR Sou’ Wester. She buckled the chinstrap tightly underneath my chin and slipped a small padlock through the buckle.

“There my rubber bondage prisoner is well and truly secure. I hope you are very happy in your totally escape proof rubber bondage and by tonight when you have finished your work you will know what punishment is all about. Oh by the way you have already earned yourself a new collection of 650 demerits. 50 for dribbling tea down your cup, 100 for dropping two lots of toast crumbs on the worktop and 500 for not having your harness done up tight enough. If you go on earning demerits at this rate I shall stop awarding them and just keep you in a state of permanent punishment. From the way you are behaving I wonder if that is what you want me to do. But if you want to spend every weekend being punished then please let me know and I will be only too pleased to organise it. So don’t say you haven’t been warned, you will have to improve quite a lot to avoid that situation happening. I will be having some visitors to stay over the next four or five weekends, which will help to get the tank filled up. So in about two months time I will let your demerits build up for a nice long punishment session. Now I’m off to work and when I come home I shall expect to find all the plumbing work completed and the tank working properly.”

She slipped on a rubber lined black satin mackintosh and after doing up all the buttons she pulled the belt in tight around her small waist and swished off out of the house. I set off to make a tour of the house, the ankle chains and the heavy SBR Mackintosh making movement very difficult. Going upstairs required a lot of effort as the heavy SBR Mackintosh reaching down to my ankles made it hard to see the steps and lifting my legs was impeded by the heavy SBR Mackintosh which having been put on me back to front meant there was no opening for my legs to move freely each time I stepped forward. The ankle chain dragged on the steps and I had to keep stopping and kicking the chain away from my feet. I made my way to the main bathroom, then the en-suite in her bedroom, then the cloakroom downstairs and then finally down into my cell. I flushed all the toilets several times to make sure the pipes were cleared of solids. I went across to the workshop and sorted out some tools and carried them back to the house and down into the cellar. Then I made another journey to sort out all the pipe fittings and electrical bits I would need and carried all these items back into the house and down into the cellar. I made a third journey to get a pair of steps and by now I was feeling the effects of walking about and working in the heavy, thick working rubber uniform and the heavy rubber lined SBR Mackintosh and the set of chains. However I knew there was no point in taking a rest as I had a lot to do.

Mistress was expecting to find the work completed when she came home. I worked away in the cellar for several hours and had completed all the pipe work and the wiring and I went up to the kitchen to make myself a well-deserved cup of tea. I made sure everything was cleared away and left clean and tidy, as I didn’t want Mistress awarding more demerits.

I made my way to the downstairs cloakroom with my chains dragging along the stone flag floor and the SBR Mackintosh and my rubber working uniform rustling and crackling with every step I took. I flushed the toilet several times to refill the pipe work, which I had drained down in order to make the new connections. I then made my way down into the cellar to check for any leaks from the new pipes. Everything appeared to be in order so I made the laborious three journeys out and back between the workshop and the house to return all the tools and equipment I had used. When I had finished I knew just how much extra punishment Mistress had applied to me with the SBR Mackintosh, SBR Sou’ Wester and the wrist and ankle chains.

I went back into my cell and flushed the toilet several times and listened to the water running into the empty tank. I could see that with some visitors using the toilets the estimate of two months Mistress had made would be about right for the tank to be full, and I felt sure she would make me endure the promised punishment whether I had enough demerits or not. I sat down on my rubber bed and wondered if there was any way I could remove the harness and the SBR Mackintosh and SBR Sou’ Wester. But I knew only too well that if Mistress caught me with some of my rubber clothing removed I could expect a very severe reaction from her. Whilst she had suggested that I could try to get out of the rubber bondage and rubber clothing she had put me into I was only too aware that she didn’t expect me to take her seriously. After sitting for a while I got up and made my way upstairs and checked the time on the kitchen clock. It was almost five o’clock and Mistress would soon be home. I went back down to the cellar and checked that I had left everything clean and tidy and sat down in my cell again to wait for her return.

About an hour later I heard voices upstairs and wondered whom Mistress had brought home with her. Then I remembered that Nurse White was going to remove my catheters and give me an injection this evening and I wondered what new ideas Mistress had in her mind to want to have that done. I heard them coming down the stairs and stood up and waited for Mistress to come into my cell.

They spent some time outside in the cellar and I presumed she was inspecting the work I had done. Mistress came in still wearing her black satin rubber lined Mackintosh followed by Nurse White who was wearing black rubber boots, rubber gloves, a calf length SBR Mackintosh and a SBR Sou’ Wester. The Mackintosh was buttoned right up to the neck and the belt was buckled tightly around her waist. She was about the same height and build as my Mistress but she looked just a bit older. She was not unattractive but she was not a raving beauty. She did I suppose look very much like a nurse.

Nurse White looked me up and down and said, “So this is your rubber bondage prisoner you’ve been telling me about Helen. You’ve certainly got him well rubbered and chained up for the part. If you want a break anytime from attending to him then let me know I could use a rubber bondage prisoner around my place for a couple of weeks.”

“Strange you should say that Nurse White I am thinking about taking a holiday and I have been wondering what I would do with him when I go away. I would however want him properly looked after. There mustn’t be any let up in his rubber dress or bondage and he would have to be kept very secure at all times. I would expect him to be subjected to the same routine that I have introduced.”

“Proper punishments would have to be administered for all his mistakes and of course if you needed to use him for your own pleasure then that would be quite in order.”

“Well as you know Helen I have a dungeon where I administer rubber bondage and I also have a Medical Room at my place and it does need to have some new equipment installed. I have some genuine prison cells, which will provide some less luxurious but extremely secure accommodation for him and of course I would be able to provide some very suitable humiliating prisoner rubber dress and bondage. I have a large wardrobe of T.V. rubber outfits so his rubber dress would of course be totally feminine. It would be a very suitable permanent punishment for him and would certainly put any ideas of escape out of his mind. If you feel you can trust me to look after him properly then let me know when you intend to go away and I will arrange transport for your rubber bondage prisoner.”

“There’s no doubt about my trusting you to look after him, and what you are suggesting will make sure he is waiting for me when I return from holiday. I’ll get things moving and let you know in a couple of days when I’m going to leave. Now then do you want to remove his catheters now or when we have had some dinner?”

“Oh I think I’ll deal with your prisoner’s little medical need first. He will need to wear a nappy for a couple days until the muscles get back to normal. In fact I’ve brought several pairs of cotton nappy pants with me in case you didn’t have anything suitable. You will of course need a pair of very tight rubber pants to be worn over the nappy pants to make sure there is no messy leakage.”

“Yes, I have some suitable rubber pants he can wear, so perhaps you would like to help getting him undressed and when you have finished he will be eating with us. So while I’m preparing our meal I’ll let you dress him in something from his rubber wardrobe that you might think of as being suitable for a guest at our dinner table.”

During this conversation between my Mistress and Nurse White I had stood silent and dumbfounded listening to my Mistress agreeing to me being taken away and used by another Mistress. I had to admit that Nurse White sounded quite sensible, but how long did my Mistress intend to be away on holiday. I wondered what she meant about arranging transport for me, I would have expected to be driven by Mistress in her car to Nurse White’s house, but Nurse White’s suggestion sounded much more sinister. I could sense Mistress was trying to find out how effective Nurse White would be as a temporary Mistress while she was away. I wondered what else Mistress had in mind seeing Nurse White was staying for the night.

Mistress quickly released all the padlocks and unbuttoned and removed the SBR Mackintosh. She released the arm and leg chains and opened the shoulder zips and helped me to remove the heavy rubber uniform.

Nurse White led me over to the shower and indicated I was to stand in the shower tray. She washed her hands and put on a pair of Latex gloves and in one swift movement released the retention bladder and pulled the catheter out of my cock. It wasn’t painful, but it was a strange sensation as the catheter slid out through. I was unable to control a small dribble of wee from the end of my cock and I had a continuous feeling of wanting to pee. Nurse White turned me round in the shower and got me to bend over. This time I felt the two retention bladders deflating before she carefully extracted the large catheter. Again I was unable to control a dribble from running down my leg and into the shower tray.

“Give yourself a quick shower prisoner,” Nurse White said, “and then dry yourself and put on these cotton nappy pants.” She held up a pair of padded cotton pants, which looked like a large pair of baby pants with Velcro fastenings at the sides. “While you are doing that I will find this pair of very tight rubber pants your Mistress says she has.”

While I was having a shower and drying myself Mistress and Nurse White were searching through the storage cupboard, and by the time I had put on the cotton pants and fastened them up Nurse White was back. She checked that I had put the cotton pants on properly and then from her bag she pulled a pair of rubber pants. They had very long legs and looking at them I couldn’t see how they would fit me.

“The rubber pants your Mistress has are not suitable so I shall use a pair of my stock rubber pants. Yes, prisoner they will fit you, but I did say they would be tight. That is to make sure you don’t make any mess on your very nice rubber clothes nor any mess around the house.” She powdered the rubber pants and rolled the top down as far as the top of the legs. “Now then step into the legs and work them up to your crotch, then unroll the upper part and stretch it out tight over the cotton pants so that the waist band on the rubber pants covers the cotton pants.”

As I stepped into the legs of the rubber pants I discovered just how tight they were. I pulled and heaved at the legs until they fitted snugly against the crotch of the cotton pants. The bottom of the legs reached to just above my knees and a wide, thick rubber band held them tight against my skin, as did the legs all the way up over my thighs. I unrolled the upper half of the rubber pants and I could feel the tight, thick rubber compressing my stomach. The top of the rubber pants had a wide, thick rubber band like the bottom of the legs and this gripped me around the waist like a rubber corset.

“Now then Helen that‘s what I call a pair of leak-proof rubber pants.”

“All he will need to do is roll the top down and lower the cotton pants when he needs to use the toilet. The cotton pants will need to be changed every other day, so I’ll leave you two extra pairs for him to use and by then things will be back to normal. Now you go off and get some food ready and I’ll give your prisoner his anti-biotic injection and then I’ll get him all dressed up in rubber.”

Nurse White rummaged around in her bag and brought out a hypodermic and a small bottle of clear liquid. She inserted the needle of the syringe into the bottle and drew off a small amount of the fluid.

“This will be quite painless prisoner and I shall be doing it in your shoulder.”

She rubbed my bare shoulder with a swab and swiftly pushed the needle into the muscle. She finished pushing the plunger down on the syringe and removed the needle and rubbed the pinprick with the swab.

“There that was nice and easy wasn’t it, now to get you into something more becoming of a female rubber prisoner. I think we will get you dressed in your old rubber maids outfit as I happen to like the choice of underwear your Mistress had made for you.”

She went across to the store cupboard and came back with her arms full of the rubber maids clothing outfit.

“I’m quite sure you know how to put all this lot on so you don’t need me to tell you what to do. When you are ready I’ll make sure your nice rubber corset is laced up really tight.”

I found she had included a long sleeved rubber shirt with an attached open face rubber hood. I put on the rubber stockings, and then the rubber shirt. I put the rubber corset around my body and closed the busk fastening at the front and waited for Nurse White to tighten the lace down the back of the rubber corset. Like my Mistress she was methodical with the lace. She carefully took in all the slack and then cross over by cross over she tightened the lace and pulled the rubber corset around my body until I was almost gasping for breath. I pulled on the long leg, double thickness rubber knickers and Nurse White soon had the straps around my legs and waist tightly buckled and padlocked. I found she had provided a different rubber hood. It still had a shoulder cowl and the eye openings had shaded lens fitted to them, but it had a wide mouth opening, probably to allow me to eat my meal. I put the rubber hood on and Nurse White closed the zip at the back. I put on the calf length rubber petticoat and the shoulder length rubber gloves. Then I slipped the heavy rubber maids dress over my head and Nurse White closed the zip at the back and the zips on the ends of the full-length sleeves. The nice easy pair of rubber boots had been replaced with a pair of knee high rubber boots with a 4” heel. Finally I dropped the ‘Tabard’ style triple thickness rubber apron over the rubber maids dress and the sides were zipped up and the runners padlocked. She had found the chain set with the steel manacles, waist belt and collar and she fitted this on me and padlocked all the manacles and chains.

“Just a little finishing touch to hide some of your male appearance.”

She picked up the SBR Sou’Wester I had been wearing as part of my rubber bondage punishment while I was working and slipped it over my head and buckled it under my chin and padlocked the buckle.

“I think your Mistress has some absolutely lovely rubber clothes for you to wear. They are all so heavy and thick and ideal for a rubber bondage prisoner. But when you are staying with me you will be my rubber bondage maid and I think I will take this outfit for you to wear when you are working for me. I think we are going to have a wonderful time together, especially at night in my rubber bed. Before your time with me is over you’ll have been ‘milked dry’ more times than you will be able to count.”

She clipped a lead to the front of the collar and giving the lead a tug led me out of the cell and up the cellar stairs.

“Is that you Nurse,” Mistress called out from the kitchen. “I’m just going to put the dinner out so get my rubber bondage prisoner, or whatever it is you’ve made him into sat to the table and I’ll bring the food in.”

Nurse White led me through into the dining room and I saw there was a sturdy wooden chair pulled back from the table. She led me across to the chair and I sat down. She quickly secured straps around my legs and the legs of the chair and also a wide strap was buckled around my waist and the back of the chair. The bondage was very simple, but very effective, as I couldn’t get my hands – even though they were loose – anywhere near the strap buckles. Nurse White pushed my chair close up to the table and then went and sat down opposite me. She looked across the table at me and smiled a wicked smile, and in a low voice said, “Be prepared for a very exhausting but exciting time when I have you at my place. I’m getting very wet just thinking about it, so think about my rubber bed and see if you get wet as well.”

Our meal was soup, followed by a fillet of poached salmon and vegetables and cheese and biscuits. Mistress and Nurse White had a glass of wine each but I had a glass of water.

“Well that was an excellent meal Helen,” said Nurse White. “I notice your prisoner hasn’t complimented you on your cooking.”

“Ah well that is because he is not allowed to speak except to answer a direct question, and when he is with you I will expect that situation to continue. He can of course ask for permission to speak to me but he is awarded demerits for frivolous or pandering comments. Oh yes talking about demerits prisoner you have managed to earn some more. You dribbled your soup again so that’s 600 demerits, peas dropped on your plate is another 450 demerits and the crumbs from your biscuits is another 400 demerits. For rattling your chains countless times across the table is a nice round 1900 demerits. With the 650 demerits you earned this morning that makes a grand total of 4000 demerits. So I think this evening and the night is punishment time. I suggest 10 circuits round the house with some suitable bondage, plus the SBR Mackintosh and SBR Cape to keep you nice and warm. I’ll let Nurse White prepare you while I clear away the dinner things then while you are enjoying your punishment we will be getting your bed ready.”

They left me strapped to the chair and went out of the room and were gone for some time. When they came back Nurse White released the straps securing me to the chair and led me into the kitchen. I could see all the items for my punishment laid out along the worktop and Nurse White made herself busy getting things ready.

“I can see we are going to have some very exciting times when we are together prisoner. Your Mistress has agreed I can have a key to the house so I can make visits to pick up any extra equipment and rubber clothing I might need to keep you under control when she is away. I have all the basic items but you have so many specialist items here that I will get tremendous pleasure getting you secured with them and into them. Your Mistress is talking about having a month’s holiday, so you can consider your stay with me as a sort of vacation with extras and I shall delight in applying those extras. I might even bring you back here for the weekends to be able to use your suspension equipment, something that is lacking at my establishment. But don’t worry I have other items that will be more than adequate to keep you in your place as a rubber bondage prisoner. Now then let’s get you ready for your walk round the house.”



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