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Prisoner in Rubber and Bondage - Chapter Chapter Chapter 8: Work and Punishment

by rbp818

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© Copyright 2008 - rbp818 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; rubber; bond; messy; cage; cons; X

continued from part seven

Chapter 8: Work and Punishment.

She pointed to a large copper heating cylinder and a large round copper plate with an electric motor mounted on it and also a pair of electric pumps.

“What you have to do is remove the top from the cylinder and weld the round plate on to the cylinder making sure it is watertight. Then following the sheet of instructions on the bench you connect the pipes from the pump to the cylinder and complete the wiring up of the pumps, agitator motor and the float switches. When you have finished call me on the phone extension and I will show you where it has to go. This should be quite a simple job for you to do and when it is eventually completed and installed it will provide your Mistress with a very effective means of punishing a wayward prisoner and seemingly endless hours of humiliation for you.”

She swished out of the workshop and I wondered just what she intended to do with this equipment, although I had an idea forming in my mind and I was not going to be very overjoyed with its purpose if my guess was right. Because we were so far from the main road, the house used a septic tank for all the waste from the showers, sinks and toilets. The shower and toilet in my cell was pumped out to the septic tank and all the toilets used a macerator to get the waste to the septic tank. I could see that this new tank I was working on could be connected into the pipe system to the septic tank and I could only guess at what she intended to do with thirty gallons of sewage.

I studied the sheet of instructions and set to work cutting the top off the cylinder and welding the plate in place. After several hours work I had finished the welding and completed all the wiring and the pipe connexions between the pumps and the cylinder. I was by now fairly certain about the purpose of the cylinder. I rang through to the house and waited for Mistress to come out to show me where the cylinder had to go. She unlocked the padlock securing me to the tether chain and clipped the lead to my collar.

“Put the cylinder on the sack trucks and then wheel it into the house.”

I followed her through the kitchen and down the stairs to the cellar. She pointed to a corner of the cellar and I placed the cylinder on the floor. It was right underneath all the pipes from the house toilets, now I was sure I knew the reason for the cylinder. The cylinder would act like an interceptor and when it was full a float switch would operate one of the pumps to send the contents on to the septic tank but would always leave the tank full of sludge. The large motor worked a paddle inside the tank and would ensure the contents were kept well stirred up, and from the pipe work I had fitted, I could see the second pump would deliver some of the contents of the cylinder to somewhere else. I could imagine what she was intending to do with the contents of the cylinder and I guessed she was having some sort of rubber enclosure made or had already bought a rubber enclosure to use with it.

“Tomorrow you can connect up all the pipes to the cylinder and by next weekend I will make sure you have enough demerits to warrant a punishment with this new toy. Nurse White is coming tomorrow evening to remove your catheters and to give you an anti-biotic injection to make sure you don’t get any infections. You can eat your evening meal with me upstairs, and you can try out the nice new ‘dining chair’ I have had made especially for you. I will release all the padlocks and you can remove all of your working rubber uniform. Look in your cupboard and find and put on the double thickness hospital sheet rubber full cover suit. The one with the attached boots, gloves and open face hood. Then replace your wrist manacles and padlock them together behind your back, then come upstairs and wait at the top of the cellar stairs.”

She released all the padlocks and went upstairs. I made my way back into my cell and removed the rubber working uniform. I found the double thickness hospital sheet rubber suit and put it on. I replaced the wrist manacles and then with some contortions I managed to slip a padlock through the rings and secure my hands together behind my back. I wondered for a moment why on earth I had done it. I had deliberately secured myself into bondage when I had a chance to affect an escape attempt. I was obviously accepting my new situation as a real rubber bondage prisoner and I was accepting the total control Mistress now had over me. Mistress seemed to be aware of my acceptance of my escape proof situation and was allowing me some small relief from her constant preoccupation with my security. Perhaps she was more astute than I thought and she was quite confident that I wouldn’t be able to escape even if I was given the opportunity. However the truth of the matter was that I was once again her rubber bondage prisoner and I had no choice but to go along with whatever she intended to do to me.

I climbed up the stairs and waited just outside the doorway to the cellar. She came down the hall pushing a wheel chair, but as she stopped in front of me I could see it had been modified. The seat was higher off the floor and the back, arms and sides had all been modified and extended. There were straps fitted all over the chair and I could see that once I was strapped into the chair there would be no getting out until Mistress was ready for me to be released.

“Sit down in the chair and sit right against the back of the chair.”

I sat down and I was immediately aware of the way the chair fitted tightly around my body and legs. A wide leather strap went around my chest and another around my waist, and these were buckled tightly behind the back of the chair. Two more straps attached to the seat of the chair, between my legs, were threaded through loops on the waist and chest straps and went over my shoulders passing through slots in the back of the chair. She pulled these straps tight and they were also buckled behind the chair forcing my back hard against the chair. She lifted my feet up onto the steps and a strap harness secured my feet to the platforms. Further wide straps were buckled tight around my ankles and above and below my knees.
All the buckles on the straps were totally inaccessible to my exploring fingers; I could only move my head, hands and arms.

“There I’m sure you will agree you are quite secure and you can’t go anywhere now unless I decide to push you around in the wheelchair. Now there is just a little extra item to make sure you are very secure and also it will ensure you keep yourself nice and clean.”

From a shelf underneath the chair she lifted up a large, loose bundle of black, thick rubber. She unfolded it and dropped it over my head and pulled the edges down over the sides of the chair and down over and around my legs. It was a fully enclosing rubber cover with a small opening for my head to pass through. The opening had a high, stiff collar fitted around it, which she secured tightly around my neck with two attached straps and buckles. She pulled and stretched the sides of the rubber cover down around the chair and secured the edges with a cord threaded through eyelets and fastened to rings fitted to the chair.

“Push your arms out through the sleeves until they are above your elbows.”

I looked down and could see fitted into the front of the rubber cover were two short sleeves. I pushed my hands and arms through and the ends of the sleeves only reached to above my elbows and Mistress secured the sleeves in place with attached straps and buckles. So there was no way I could withdraw my arms back inside the rubber cover, but I would be able to use my hands and arms presumably to eat my evening meal.

“There now I think you are even more secure and any mess you make when you are eating your meal will be quite readily observable and demerits will be awarded for every bit of mess. Just to make sure there will be some mess I have prepared a very messy dinner for you so be ready to earn a nice lot of demerits.”

Mistress pushed the chair down the hall and into the dining room and pushed the chair up to the table. The arms of the chair slid underneath the table and a length of chain passed around the back of the chair was fastened to rings on the edge of the table. I found I was close to the edge of the table at a normal sitting position but unable to move away from the table. Mistress went off to the kitchen and soon returned with two dishes of soup. She placed one in front of me and sat down and started to consume her own bowl of soup. I picked up my spoon and made an attempt to feed myself. But the heavy rubber cover and the fitted arm sleeves only allowed me limited arm movement. I found I couldn’t move my head forwards because the tight rubber cover held my head back against the chair and the stiff, tightly buckled collar stopped me from bending my head downwards. My first attempt to get a spoonful of soup into my mouth was a disaster. The double thickness rubber suit made bending my arm very difficult, and being unable to lean forward I had to raise the spoon up very high to get it to my mouth. The contents of the spoon poured down over the rubber cover. However, I tried again and this time I managed to get half a spoonful of soup into my mouth and only a half a spoonful down over the rubber cover. I persevered and managed to empty the soup bowl, but I knew there was nearly as much soup down the front of the rubber cover as what I had eaten.

“Goodness me prisoner you have been very messy. I have been counting the number of times you spilt your soup and I made it eighteen times. You earned 50 demerits for each spillage so that’s a total of 900 demerits. With those added to last night’s total you need just a few more and I will be able to administer a punishment.”

She took the dishes away and returned with the main course. She had prepared a ham salad for herself, but I had a bowl of spaghetti hoops with just a fork to eat them with. I could see she was deliberately making it as difficult as she possibly could for me to eat my food without making a mess. The end result was a foregone conclusion there were just as many hoops on the rubber cover as the number I had managed to eat. She picked up the dishes and looked down at the rubber cover, but she made no comment and went off to the kitchen. She returned with a dish of fruit and for me a bowl of jelly and just a fork to eat it with. I had no better success with the jelly; I knew it would be almost impossible to eat it without dropping some of it. By the time I had finished the rubber cover was plastered with dropped food and there was quite an accumulation around my mouth.
Mistress took away the empty dishes and came back and pulled her chair round in front of me.

“If this is the best you can do prisoner we shall have to go back to force feeding. I gave up counting the number of times you dropped the food, but I will be very lenient and add just 2,800 demerits to the 900 you have already earned, and also the 3,300 from last night which makes a grand total of 7,000 demerits. More than enough to warrant a punishment and I think I know just how to punish you.”

She went out to the kitchen and came back with a wet cloth and a towel. She cleaned my face and wiped it dry.

“Open your mouth nice and wide.”

She pushed a large stuffer gag into my mouth and secured it in place with a strap harness around my head and face. She pulled a thick, rubber hood over my face and zipped it up at the back. There were no mouth or eye openings, and large pads fitted inside the rubber hood blanked out my sight. There were just two nostril tubes to breathe through, and then I felt her fit a Sou’Wester over my head and buckle it tightly under my chin.

“I’m going to wheel you outside and hose you down to clean all the mess off of the rubber cover, then for your punishment you can spend the night in the wheelchair with some minor improvements to your security and comfort.”

She wheeled me outside over to the car wash area. I felt the hosepipe pouring water over the rubber cover and a brush being rubbed across the rubber cover. Then I was wheeled back inside the house as far as the kitchen. bondage mittens were fitted over my hands and buckled tightly around my wrists. Then my arms were folded across each other and my mitten encased hands were placed along each forearm and straps secured my hands and arms together in a folded position. Over the stiff collar of the rubber cover a heavy leather posture collar was buckled in place making it impossible to move my head.

“Well I’m off to bed. I have put a fan heater underneath the chair so it should blow hot air up under the rubber cover and keep you nice and warm. If you get too hot don’t make any noise to disturb me or I’ll double your demerits for your next punishment. Have a pleasant night prisoner and you have my permission to try and escape.”

I heard the kitchen door close and then I could feel warm air around my legs and then it was forcing up inside the rubber cover. I could feel the heat rising and I slowly got hotter and hotter inside the double thickness rubber hospital sheet suit. There was nowhere for the hot air to go and the heat built up inside the rubber cover until it was like a sauna. The sweat was pouring out of me and I began to feel faint. At some point I must have passed out for I came to feeling cold and wet. I assumed the fan heater had been on some sort of time switch and had shut down and now I was being made to suffer the opposite way. The cold, wet rubber suit was stuck to my body and I could feel the pools of cold sweat around my feet. Just as I began to shiver in the coldness of the kitchen the fan heater started up again.

Very soon I was bathed in sweat again. I wondered if this night-time punishment was going to be a regular thing, because I was going to be very short on sleep if Mistress kept it up. I wondered how on earth I was going to be able to avoid earning these demerits. She was setting the rules and was making sure I broke those rules. I could only hope she would tire of amusing herself at my expense, but somehow I didn’t think that was likely. As on previous occasions when she was making me endure a punishment tiredness overtook me and I finally dozed off to sleep.

Mistress unstrapping and removing the gag and then releasing the rubber cover awakened me. She unstrapped my arms and removed the bondage mittens, unstrapped the collar and lifted the rubber cover clear of my body and the chair. The rubber cover was folded up and placed on the shelf underneath the chair. She released the harness and all the straps securing me to the chair.

“Right up you get prisoner. Go down to your cell and undress, have a shower and use the toilet. Clean up the rubber suit you have been wearing all night, then put on your working rubber uniform and the harness. padlock the harness, then fit manacles to your ankles and wrists and padlock those as well. Then find the short hobble chains and padlock them between the wrist and ankle manacles. Then come up to the kitchen to have your breakfast.”

I made my way stiffly back down to the cellar and into my cell. I stripped off the double thickness rubber suit and eased some of the aches out of my body and limbs underneath the shower. After drying myself I turned the rubber suit inside out and dried it out, powdered the inside, turned it back right side out and hung it up in the cupboard. I took out my working rubber uniform and eased myself into the thick rubber suit. I put on the harness and with some difficulty secured all the padlocks. As before, the hardest struggle was fastening the wide collar and fitting the locking pin and padlock. I put on and padlocked the wrist and ankle manacles, and after a search I found the short chains and padlocked them between my ankles and wrists. Once more I was amazed that I had carried out my instructions from Mistress to the letter. Not once had I considered trying to attempt some sort of escape. Although now I was thinking about it I realised I had nothing but bizarre rubber clothing to wear and Mistress was still in the house, no doubt fully alert should I try to make an escape. I made my way upstairs and into the kitchen. There was a plate of toast and marmalade and a mug of tea waiting for me. When I had finished my breakfast Mistress checked over the way I was dressed and secured.

“I think you look far too comfortable like that.”

She unlocked the harness and hobble chain padlocks and removed the harness and also the short hobble chains. Then she released the padlock and pin and unstrapped the collar and removed it.

“Wait there I am going to fetch a little extra item for you to wear.”

She was soon back carrying over her arm a heavy rubber lined SBR Mackintosh. She shook it out and held it out in front of me, but back to front, and I slid my arms down into the sleeves. It reached almost to my ankles, and she pulled the edges together behind my back and fastened the 24 buttons. She turned up the collar and secured the straps at the back of my neck. The harness was fitted back on and buckled up tighter than when I had put it on and the padlocks were refitted.

She padlocked a long chain between the ankle manacles and a chain fixed to the centre of this chain was padlocked to a ring on the back of the waist belt of the harness. A long chain was padlocked between my wrist manacles and a sliding chain was padlocked to a ring on the front of the harness waist belt.




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