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Prisoner in Rubber and Bondage - Chapter Chapter 7: First taste of real Punishment

by rbp818

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© Copyright 2008 - rbp818 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; rubber; bond; sauna; bagged; susp; cage; cons; X

continued from part six

Chapter 7: First taste of real Punishment.

“I have turned up the heating in your cell to maximum as I don’t want you to get cold during the night. I have opened the drain tube on the bottom of the rubber sauna bag and placed a bowl underneath it to catch the dribbles of sweat that will drain out during the night. So don’t swing about in your suspension or there will be drips of sweat on your cell floor and each drip will earn you fifty demerits, plus one hundred and fifty per drip for disobeying me.”

I could faintly hear Mistress moving about and then I heard the door close and lock, and I was alone in my rubber bondage. I couldn’t believe she was going to leave me like this all night. I kept telling myself that she would be back soon to release me and let me have a proper nights sleep. But as the time slowly dragged by I came to the conclusion that she was indeed going to leave me like this all night. I could feel the temperature building up and the heat in my cell was making me more and more sweaty. I could feel rivulets of sweat running down over my body between the tight fit of the rubber corset. I was aware of the drain outlet on the bottom of the rubber sauna bag and I guessed she had left the bowl positioned under it on the floor. I tried to relax inside the layers of rubber and the compression of the suspension harness.

But standing in the high heeled boots was becoming more and more of a strain and I needed desperately to move my feet on the small platform in the bottom of the suspension harness. But I knew any attempt to change my position would make the suspension swing about and I didn’t want there to be any drips of sweat on the floor when she eventually came back to release me. But in the end I had to give way to the need to move and as I shuffled my feet on the platform I could feel myself swinging from side to side. I realised I had slid down inside the suspension harness so I carefully straightened myself out and immediately the suspension started to rotate round and round. I had no idea how big the bowl was she had left underneath me but I felt sure it wouldn’t have been very large if she thought drips might fall on the floor. I was sweating profusely and I could visualise that it was by now running out of the drain outlet on the rubber sauna bag.

Encased in the rubber maids dress, the SBR Mackintosh, the SBR Cape and the rubber sauna bag, which were all compressed tightly around my body by the suspension harness made it impossible for me to keep perfectly still. The sweat was running off my bald head down over my face and neck and I desperately wanted to wipe it away as it was making my face itch. But every involuntary movement I made with my head and my attempts to pull my hands out of the pockets of the SBR Mackintosh made the suspension swing about and spin round. I could imagine the floor being awash with my sweat as I visualised the drain outlet on the rubber sauna bag was spraying my sweat everywhere but in the bowl.

I had no idea of the passage of time but at some point I must have dozed off. I awoke with a start to find myself swinging violently round and round. Sweat was pouring down over my body and I could feel it dribbling down my rubber clad legs. I realised in my half asleep state I had been struggling against my bondage and had set myself swinging about. I realised I had to stay awake to stop this happening again but it was an unequal struggle and I eventually dropped off to sleep once again.

I was awake again and found the pressure from the suspension harness was gone. I was soaking wet and every inch of my body ached.

“Is my prisoner awake yet?” it was Mistress, “Keep still and I will remove the suspension harness and open the rubber sauna bag and let you out.”

I felt the suspension harness go slack around my body and my feet touched solid ground again. My legs felt weak and I wondered if I would be able to stand up. I felt the zip on the rubber sauna bag being opened and the hood was lifted off my head and face. Mistress came and stood in front of me dressed in just a rubber bra, rubber pants and a pair of rubber boots.

“This place is like a tropical hothouse, I forgot to turn the heating down last night so you have had a really good roasting. Now then step out of the suspension harness and the rubber sauna bag and I’ll release the rest of your rubber bondage.”

I managed to lift my feet out of the harness and bag and stood waiting for Mistress to release the rest of my rubber bondage. She opened the hood on the SBR Cape unzipped it and lifted it off my body. Then she unbuttoned the SBR Mackintosh and released the chains attached to the bondage mittens and pulled my hands out of the pockets. She removed the bondage mittens and pulled the SBR Mackintosh off of me. Then she went round and opened all the padlocks with her key.

“You can get yourself out of your rubber maids uniform and then you can shower, have some breakfast and clean all the rubber bondage you were secured into, clean up the floor, put on your rubber working uniform and wait until I come for you. Oh yes, the mess you made on the floor has earned you just 3300 demerits but only because I am in a generous mood as I mistakenly left the heating on all night which was not really a part of your punishment.”

She went out locking the door behind her and I struggled with the zips to get myself out of the rubber maids uniform, the hood and the rubber underwear. Eventually there was a pile of wet, messy rubber on the floor and I got into the shower and had a long, relaxing soak. After drying myself I put on a rubber coverall and stood at the bondage bench and ate the breakfast Mistress had brought in. I spent some time cleaning, drying and powdering all the rubber clothing and hanging all the items in the store cupboard, and then I carefully cleaned up all the mess on the floor. Next I took out the rubber working uniform and the harness and all the attachments, and laid them out on the bondage bench.

Then taking my time I carefully put them on. I made sure all the straps were tight and using the padlocks Mistress had left behind which were all open, I managed to secure myself into the rubber strap harness and secure the chains. The most difficult item was the rubber collar, which I managed to get done up tight and after some struggling I fitted the pin through the buckles and secured the padlock. I checked everything several times to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything as I didn’t want to earn any more demerits. While I waited for Mistress to return I wondered what work she had in mind for me to do. I remembered she had mentioned about some alterations to the toilet, but she had not said anything further as to just what she wanted to have done.

Mistress swished into my cell wearing a long SBR Mackintosh and rubber Boots. She checked over all my rubber Uniform the rubber harness and the manacles and chains and seemed to be satisfied with the way I had dressed myself.

“You will be working outside today in the workshop. All the materials have arrived so we will take a walk and I will explain what I want done. Tomorrow you will be altering the plumbing from the macerator toilets in the house, so you will spend tonight in your rubber working uniform. Where and how you will spend the night will depend on how well you have done your work today. It is now nine thirty so you should be able to start work at ten o’clock. I shall expect you to be finished by six o’clock so you will be working an eight hour day.”

“If you were a rubber bondage slave you would have to make yourself available to your Mistress twenty four hours a day. However as a rubber bondage prisoner your hours of work will be much more civilised and I shall expect you to appreciate the fairly easy regime I am subjecting you to. Step out of line and things will not be so easy going.”

Mistress pulled my hands behind my back and linked the wrist manacles together. Then she clipped a lead to the ring on the front of my collar and led me out of my cell. We went through the house and out across the rear yard and into the workshop. This was a large wooden shed that I had put up and fitted out with various woodworking and metal working machines. Lying on the floor in the centre of the shed was a pile of heavy chain. Mistress picked up the loose end of the chain and padlocked it to a ring at the back of the rubber harness waist belt. The other end of the chain was fastened to a steel ring bolted to the floor. She unclipped the lead and released my wrists.

“There we are prisoner, the chain was fitted and supplied by the same company who put up the overhead track around the house. It is long enough to let you move anywhere within the workshop and also you can go outside if you need to drain your catheter. I am well aware that you have the necessary tools out here should you decide to cut the chain, but just consider how far you would get dressed like you are. Any attempt to escape will earn you twenty thousand demerits, and it will need a very severe punishment to remove that many demerits. Now then this is what I want you to work on today.”




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