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Prisoner in Rubber and Bondage - Chapter 6: Demerits and Punishments

by rbp818

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© Copyright 2008 - rbp818 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; rubber; bond; outdoors; maid; susp; cage; cons; X

continued from part five

Chapter 6: Demerits and Punishments.

After Mistress had left, locking the door as she went out, I tried a few tentative steps in this second rubber uniform and bondage. I was quite surprised to find I could cope fairly well with the high-heeled boots. Because they were laced so tight around my ankles I was able to keep my balance without my feet splaying out sideways. However the seemingly simple set of chains was another matter. I quickly came to terms with the ankle hobble chain by taking short steps, which helped with keeping my balance on the high heels. But the two chains attached to the padlock secured around my cock and ball root were proving to be very devious. As I lifted up my foot to take a step forward the loose rings would slide down the hobble chain towards my other ankle. Then when I put my foot on the floor the chains would tighten and pull at the padlock. The only position where there was no tension on the padlock chains was when the rings were in the middle of the hobble chain and some slack could be taken up. Every time I took a step forward the rings would slide first one way and then the other way and each time I put a foot on the floor the chains would go tight and tug at the cock and ball padlock.

Whilst it was not painful, the tugging of the padlock on my cock and balls was a constant reminder that my Mistress had total control of me and I was most definitely not a free man. I was indeed her rubber bondage prisoner. The new ingenious magnetic padlocks made sure I was unable to remove any of the rubber clothing or bondage that she put me into. I reasoned with myself that I could of course refuse to do what she asked, and I wondered what her response would be if I did refuse. I guessed she would leave me locked in my cell until I came to my senses, and I wondered if she would starve me into submission. I could see she had the upper hand and anyway I had no real desire to oppose her. I was now getting all the rubber bondage I could take and it seemed it might become more than I was expecting.

But it was what I had always wanted, I had wanted to have a rubber clad Mistress who would control my every moment day and night. I would be her rubber bondage prisoner, dressed in layers of rubber clothing day and night and always in escape proof bondage. My Mistress was doing just that, so I couldn’t understand why I was having these negative thoughts. I felt that perhaps it was the unknown part of my future that was worrying me. I wasn’t too sure about serving her visitors and having now been dressed in my new rubber uniforms I wondered how I would manage to carry out all the tasks she was going to set for me. But I reasoned that whatever happened I wouldn’t have much choice in the matter. Mistress had made a decision and I would have to go along with her wishes and demands.

I felt life would now settle into some sort of routine and I would enjoy most of that routine. I could see that my old way of life was now over and I would have to accept this new life Mistress had taken so much trouble and expense to plan for me. I was unsure about the promised punishments, and I could envisage the nights would either be an extension of those punishments or they would take the form of some sort of rubber bondage ordeal. No doubt Mistress would adjust her plans to suit my response to her regime. Well I sincerely hoped she would. I could envisage the nights would either be an extension of those punishments or they would take the form of some sort of rubber bondage ordeal.

While all these thoughts had been running through my mind I had been walking around my cell trying to get used to the restriction and the weight of my rubber maids uniform. I was able to breathe quite well through the holes around the tongue gag and apart from the tugging on the cock and ball padlock I could walk about without too much difficulty. I had to admit that my Mistress had designed it very well. I was constantly reminded of the restriction of my rubber uniform, and I was very much aware of my inability to make any attempt to escape. Certainly running in the high heeled boots and the simple, but clever ankle hobble chain and the linked cock and ball padlock chains made that option impossible. I wondered how far along the track to the house I would get before I would have to give up because of the cock and ball padlock. But where could I go, I had some friends but they were over a hundred miles away and I wondered who would consider picking me up dressed and masked in black rubber and chained up. Looking like some sort of transvestite maid.

I would probably be arrested and no doubt taken back to the house where Mistress would be waiting to greet me and the police with some very plausible reason for my appearance. She would then administer heavens knows what sort of punishment for my attempt to escape. I decided I was far better off staying where I was and accepting my future as her rubber bondage prisoner. While I had been walking round and round the cell I thought I could occasionally hear the sound of an electric hammer drill. It appeared to be echoing through the walls of the house. But I couldn’t imagine that my Mistress was doing some construction work so I was completely puzzled by the sound.

During this time I had forgotten about the demerit and punishment document she had left for me to study. I was surprised to find it was just a single sheet of paper. The first part of the document explained that demerits were awarded for any misdemeanour, faulty work or being incorrectly dressed, and there were no exceptions no matter how minor the offence might be. They would be awarded in blocks of fifty demerits and Mistress would decide what determined an offence, how serious the offence was, and how many demerits I would be awarded. Well I thought, that’s fairly straightforward, she can make up the rules as she goes along and I have no idea what is going to be the outcome. The second part of the document simply said that punishments would be given to remove the demerits. It didn’t actually say what form the punishment would take, just that a simple punishment applied for one hour would remove one hundred demerits, and the longer the punishment lasted then more demerits would be removed.

Simple punishments would be applied at any time, but the removal of large amounts of demerits would be applied at the weekend unless my presence was required to attend to visitors or any other requirement. In that case they would be applied during the following week at night. Night time punishment could be applied during my time in bed and could remove up to one thousand demerits. Or I could be restrained in any of the cells equipment. This could be applied any night during the week especially if the total of demerits outstanding was mounting up. I guessed that the special rigid bondage bar set Mistress was waiting to have delivered would be the main punishment she would administer. So I was no further enlightened by her document, it seemed punishments were going to be as Mistress determined.

I could see that another part of my new life was as yet unexplained and uncertain. I heard the door being unlocked and Mistress swished and rustled into my cell. She was now wearing an ankle length black rubber dress, black rubber gloves and black rubber boots. Around her waist was a belt with a pouch attached to it hanging down at the front and I could see the edge of the demerit book poking up out of the pouch.

“Now then prisoner I trust you are familiar with the demerit and punishment system. It is very simple as I’m sure you are now well aware. I decide how many demerits you earn and I also decide how you will be punished to remove those demerits. You have no say about your punishment, and I reserve the right to apply whatever punishment I think is appropriate for the time that is available. Now you can remove that posh serving rubber apron and put it back in the cupboard on a hanger. Put on your old working rubber apron and then come and stand in front of me.”

I did as she ordered and stood in front of her. She released the padlocks and removed the wrist gauntlets and quickly replaced them with a pair of stiff leather bondage mittens, padlocks secured the wrist straps on the bondage mittens. She bent down and removed the hobble chain between my ankles and padlocked the rings on the cock and ball padlock chains to the ankle manacles. From the cupboard she fetched an ankle length, heavy, rubber lined, back to front SBR Mackintosh. This item was impossible to remove once it was on and buttoned up. She held it open for me and I slid my mitten encased hands down into the sleeves. She lifted the SBR Mackintosh up to my neck and pulled it over my shoulders, the wrist straps on the Mackintosh sleeves were buckled up and then she pushed my mittened hands down into the long, deep pockets. My arms vanished inside the pockets to above my elbows, then reaching inside the Mackintosh she pulled the rings on the tips of the bondage mittens out through reinforced holes in the bottom of the pockets and padlocked a length of chain to each ring. She stretched out the chains and padlocked the other end of these chains to the outside of the ankle manacles so there was no way I could extract my mitten encased hands from the Mackintosh pockets.

Then the twenty-four buttons down the back of the Mackintosh were done up and the wide waist belt was threaded through a series of loops and buckled tightly at the back of the Mackintosh. She turned up the collar of the SBR Mackintosh and buckled the neck strap snugly around my neck. The ring on the front of my leather neck collar she pushed through a slot in the seam of the Mackintosh collar. Then she went over to the cupboard, and this time she returned with a close fitting, ankle length, heavy rubber lined SBR Cape. She dropped it over my shoulders and closed the front zip from the neck down to the hem at the bottom. The SBR Cape tapered in around my body and upper legs. Below my knees it flared out just a little to allow limited leg movement. Next she fitted over my head a rubber lined SBR Sou’Wester and buckled the strap tight underneath my chin. She pulled up the attached rubber lined SBR Hood on the cape, tucked the SBR Sou’Wester inside the SBR cape hood and drew the drawstring around the edge of the hood tight around my face. Then she padlocked a length of chain to the ring, - which she had carefully left outside the cape collar - on the front of my prisoner legend collar. I reckoned that all the rubber clothing and bndage items added up to about 20kgs. of weight, and I wondered just what Mistress had in mind with me dressed in this way.

“There I think you are suitably dressed and secured ready for your evening exercise walk around the house. While you have been occupied down here today, my bondage company have been in and erected a walking track around the house. I shall be having all the windows and doors replaced with UPVC double glazed units.”

“Also the gutters, fascias and soffits will also be replaced with UPVC. This will remove the need for any further maintenance such as painting and puttying.”

“You will of course still clean the windows and attend to the flower beds and borders from time to time so your walking track will serve a dual purpose.”

She caught hold of the chain attached to my collar and gave it a sharp tug.

“Right follow me and you can see how clever your Mistress has been. Also you can have some fresh air and some exercise. It can’t think it is good for you to be stuck in this cell all the time.”

She led me out of the cell through the cellar and up the stairs to the ground floor of the house and then through the kitchen and out through the back door. It was just getting dark and the outside security lights came on as we walked out from the house. I could see fitted to the wall of the house on cantilevered brackets a metal track. It was located above the level of the door and was about 800mm away from the wall. I had about a year ago put down a gravel path all round the house so as to make access to the back door easier from the gravelled courtyard at the front of the house. I could see this now made a perfect all weather walking track and also the crunching noise when the gravel was being walked on would keep Mistress aware of my progress at all times. Hanging from the metal track on a four wheeled metal bogie was a large box with a length of cord hanging from it and also a cable with a waterproof switch box on the end. Mistress pulled on the cord and a thick metal bar descended from the metal box with a ring on the end of it. She padlocked the chain attached to my collar to the ring on the metal bar hanging from the box.

“When I turn on the switch the trolley will move along the track and you will have to follow it or find yourself being dragged along the ground if you decide to be stubborn and resist. The trolley is self-powered with it’s own built in battery which is kept charged up with a solar cell. It will keep running for up to twelve hours before the battery goes flat. So if I decide to use it as a punishment I can leave you outside walking round and round the house while I’m at work, or if you need some severe punishment then I can leave you walking round and round all night. There are two trolleys’; this self powered one and a free running one. There is a special piece of sidetrack where the one that is not needed can be left. So when you are working outside you will be chained to the free running trolley and pull it along with you as you move around the house doing whatever job I have given you. The chain will be long enough to let you climb up the ladder to clean the windows and to reach all the flowerbeds. Now I have some phone calls to make so while I’m doing that you can have your evening exercise.”

She reached up and operated the switch and the trolley moved off, running smoothly along the track.

I was pleased to find it moved at a speed that - encumbered as I was with very heavy restricting rubber clothing, chain bondage, high-heeled boots and my hands and arms enclosed and secured inside the rubber clothing – I was able to keep up with it. From time to time I stumbled, as the tight fit of the SBR Cape would not let me take long steps and I found it difficult walking in the high-heeled boots on the gravel path. After two circuits around the house I was beginning to get quite hot and I could feel the sweat running down inside my rubber underwear. But there was no sign of my Mistress to stop the trolley and I was compelled to follow it round and round the house. On my fifteenth circuit Mistress was waiting for me by the back door of the house. She switched off the trolley and unlocked the padlock. I was bathed in sweat inside the layers of heavy rubber clothing and I was breathing heavily through the holes around the gag.

“Did my prisoner find that a bit strenuous,” She said with sarcasm in her voice. “Well you know that’s one punishment you have to try and avoid don’t you.”

She caught hold of the chain and gave it a sharp tug and led me back inside the house.

As we stepped inside the kitchen the warmth of the house made me break out into an even heavier sweat and I could sense there were drops of sweat falling onto the tiled floor. Mistress also noticed the drips and quickly pulled the book out of the pouch on her waist belt and made an entry in it.

“There you have earned your first demerits. I have awarded you 50 demerits for making a mess on the kitchen floor. If you continue to drip over the hall floor and anywhere else then you will earn some more demerits.”

She tugged at the chain again and I followed her into the hall and down the steps to the cellar and my rubber bondage cell. As she led me along she kept looking back behind me and I was fully aware of the drops of sweat falling on to the floor. When we were in my cell she locked the door and taking the book out of the pouch again she made several entries in it.

“Well that has cost you very dearly prisoner. You dripped sweat in the hall, then on the stairs and then on the cellar floor and now on your cell floor. So that’s another 50 demerits for each offence, but for being disobedient by repeating the same offence you have earned another 150 demerits for each offence. Now that adds up to a total of 850 demerits and as I want you to start off each week with a clean page in the demerit book I think you had better have your punishment tonight. I think you can spend the night dressed just as you are in your rubber and bondage in the suspension harness hanging in the bondage frame. I think the addition of a rubber sauna bag will make sure you don’t get cold during the night. Also you will avoid earning any more demerits as you won’t be able to drip all over the floor.”

She went across to the store cupboard and came back with a bundle of rubber in her hands. I was very familiar with the rubber sauna bag, which had been made specially from very thick, heavy rubber. It was one of her favourite items she would leave me in it overnight as a torment. Entry was through a rear zipped opening and the attached Hood totally enclosed the head and face. There were no openings in the hood apart from four small air holes underneath the chin. This ensured your body heat was kept inside the rubber sauna bag and ensured you were made to sweat very profusely. But I realised that my night dressed in rubber underwear, the rubber maids dress, the rubber lined SBR Mackintosh and the rubber lined SBR Cape and the fact that I was already producing ample amounts of sweat meant my punishment was going to be very severe. Added to all this she was going to leave me suspended in the bondage frame secured inside the suspension harness. This was a simple mesh of leather straps, which surrounded the whole body, legs and head. There was a small wooden platform at the bottom of the harness to stand on. It was quite loose around the body and legs until the suspension was taken up. Then the leather straps tightened around the body and legs and you were tightly compressed as the straps became tighter and tighter. A steel ring at the top of the harness made sure the straps stayed away from the hood on the rubber sauna bag so as to avoid cutting off the air supply.

She opened the zip in the rubber sauna bag and I carefully stepped in through the opening. She drew the rubber sauna bag up over my body and pulled the hood over my head and closed the rear zip. She pushed me across the room towards the bondage frame and I had to step very carefully now I was enclosed inside the rubber sauna bag.

She guided my feet onto the wooden platform and I could feel the harness being drawn up over my legs and my body.

Then slowly the straps became tighter and tighter around my body as she slowly hoisted me up off the floor until I was swinging from side to side and slowly twisting round and round.

“There we are prisoner your first taste of real punishment. Of course you haven’t been able to drain your catheter today, so I’m sure you will have a very uncomfortable night as your bladder fills up and finds it can’t empty itself. It does produce some doubts in my mind about the removal of your catheters as they can be used to add to the severity of your punishment. But I think it may well be for the best if they are removed. But don’t worry, your modified chastity belt when it arrives will be more than a suitable substitute for your catheters. I can sleep very relaxed tonight knowing that I shall find you still here in the morning having endured a night of rubber bondage punishment. Something you were always asking me to do to you and I would never agree to thinking I might harm you. Well those days are over, I now know just how much a rubber bondage submissive can be made to suffer before he is even slightly harmed, so we shall have some very enjoyable times together finding out how much suffering you can stand. My evenings at the Fetish Club showed me just how much a rubber bondage submissive could take before they used their ‘safe word’ and their Dominant stopped. However we don’t have a ‘safe word’ do we prisoner, so your suffering may well be more than you can bear and being kept properly gagged as you will be most of the time you’ll find your cruel rubber Mistress won’t know when to stop. I do not intend to wish you a pleasant nights sleep, because this fairly mild punishment is not meant to be pleasant. It is meant to teach you to be on your best behaviour at all times. Now you know how easily the demerits can mount up I’m sure you will do your very best to be my model rubber bondage prisoner at all times. ”




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