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Prisoner in Rubber and Bondage - Chapter 4: The prisoners future is explained to him

by rbp818

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© Copyright 2008 - rbp818 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; rubber; bond; straitjacket; chast; cons; X

continued from part three

Chapter 4: The prisoners future is explained to him.

“I think you will have to agree that you really are my Rubber Bondage prisoner. Your future here with me will be one of constant and very secure Rubber Bondage. I have quite a few more of my own designs for you to try out sometime, and I think even you will be surprised at my ingenuity in making you Totally Secure with no possible hope of freedom until I decide to release you. Your next month will be taken up with some plumbing alterations to the house waste system. I have ordered all the materials you will need and there is a set of plans for you to follow to get the installation done properly for my purpose. I don’t intend to tell you what the alterations are for, but I’m sure you will form some sort opinion as the work progresses. You will discover what the alterations are for in due time, suffice for me to say it is to be a part of your Punishment Programme.”

“Your Punishments will be awarded on a sort of points system. You earn Demerits for poor performance and poor workmanship. In fact they can be earned for almost anything. Your Punishments can range from the very mild by having to wear extra Rubber Clothing or perhaps extra heavy Chains when you are working. Then there will be very severe, or very prolonged periods of Rubber Bondage, at night, or over a weekend in your Rubber Bed or on one of the pieces of equipment in your room. When you are secured to a piece of equipment then there will be some attention to your cock and balls and your nipples, which is an area I have neglected in the past.”

“Another Punishment will be when my friend’s visit, you will be dressed as my Rubber Maid and made up to look like a tarty Rubber Maid which is a very mild form of Humiliation right through to very severe Humiliation, which you will do your very best to avoid, and I will do my utmost to make you suffer it. You will still in between all this keep the house clean and tidy and do repairs and maintenance as required. It is when you are performing these duties you will earn your demerits. They will be added up at the end of each week and we will discuss your performance and how best to improve it, then your accumulated Demerits will be worked off as a Punishment. Of course if you have to wear extra Rubber Clothing or heavy Chains as a Punishment when you are working then you will have to be very careful not to let your standards drop or you will earn even more Demerits. Life is not going to be the bed of roses you have been accustomed to in the past. You wanted a life of Rubber Bondage and I am quite prepared to provide it for you.”

“But you will have that life on my terms. Perhaps one day you might become a perfect Rubber Bondage prisoner, in which case Punishments will no longer be needed. But I’m sure you will always need to be Punished from time to time, so you have a very exciting future to look forward to.”

“You will always address me as Mistress and always you will ask my permission to speak unless you are replying to a direct question from me. The correct way to address me is ‘Please Mistress your Rubber Bondage prisoner wishes to speak to you’ Lack of respect will earn you Demerits, which will result in a Punishment.”

“This will also apply to my visitors as I shall encourage them to do their very best to embarrass and humiliate you. I may on some occasions apply an instant Punishment when I feel you need to be given an immediate reminder of your failure to perform properly. These instant Punishments will not remove any Demerits from your weekly record. Demerits are only removed when a Punishment is applied and completed, which will generally be at the end of the week.”

“You will no doubt be relieved and I’m sure very pleased to learn that Corporal Punishment is not on the agenda, as I have been told about some very ingenious ways to apply Punishments.”

“You will in time discover what they are. There is however a penalty clause to ensure you don’t try to avoid a Punishment by pleading for mercy after it has started.”

“If for this or some other reason you fail to complete a Punishment session then a half of the outstanding demerits will be added to the outstanding demerits, which will result in a more severe Punishment being awarded for your next Punishment. If you feel this is unfair then I suggest you try to avoid having the situation arise in the first place. I do not intend for you to waste my time as if we are playing some sort of game. The games are over, your future with me is for real, and everything I do to you will be very real, and it is to ensure that at all times you are my respectful and obedient Rubber Bondage prisoner. Now then do you have any questions you want to ask me?”

I lay in my Rubber Bondage totally dumbfounded by this long elucidation by the woman who was actually my wife but had now become my Rubber Mistress. I guessed she had got a lot of these ideas from some of her fetish friends she had met on her visits to the clubs. But I could tell from the tone of her voice that she was very serious about my future life with her. I was on the one hand overjoyed at this turn of events, but on the other hand I was quite apprehensive at what the future had in store for me. Punishments were something that had never entered into our Rubber Bondage relationship, and I wondered how I would cope with this new regime that she was going to implement. I decided I would have to ask her at least one question as I didn’t want her to think I had accepted everything she had said without any sort of protest.

“Yes Mistress there was just one thing I was wondering about, when do I have free time to relax from all the work you are going to get me to do?”

“Free time prisoner! Your free time will be at night when you are secured into your Rubber Bed and when you are being Punished with immobilising Rubber Bondage. I thought I had made myself very clear, the holiday camp is now closed. You are my Rubber Bondage prisoner in my Rubber Bondage prison and my Rubber Bondage prison rules will be applied and be adhered to at all times. Rubber Bondage prisoners in my Rubber Bondage prison do not get free time. You have a lifetime sentence to serve in my Rubber Bondage prison, which you will serve by working very hard to make my life easier. I intend to make your life a constant round of work in Rubber Bondage, and suffering and pain and Severe Rubber Bondage. Now, unless you have some sensible questions to ask this conversation is finished and on Monday your sentence will begin in earnest.”

I shook my head as I felt she was not in the mood for any sort of idle chatter, and I couldn’t think of anything sensible to say.

“Lift your head up off the pillow while I make sure you keep quiet during the night and don’t disturb me with any moaning and groaning. Because you will soon discover just how uncomfortable your first night in your new Rubber Bondage night clothes and your new Rubber Bed really is.”

She slipped a heavy Leather Harness over my head and Buckled it up tight. A large Stuffer Gag was pushed into my mouth and Strapped tightly to the Head Harness.

She pushed my head back down onto the pillow and attached a Chain to a ring fitted to the top of the Head Harness. She stretched the Chain out pulling my head down into the pillow, and secured the Chain to the top of the bed.

Two more Chains were attached to rings on the sides of the Head Harness and these were stretched out and secured to the sides of the bed. My head was now pressed down into the pillow and immovably fixed so that I could only stare up at the ceiling.

“There that will keep you quiet for the night. I will mention that there are some improvements due to arrive on Monday.”

“These will make your Rubber Bed even more enjoyable. All the Chains will be replaced with tensioned solid bars and there are adjustable solid bars to go between the leg Manacles. When the solid bars are fitted they will reduce the small amount of movement you have at the moment to total rigidity. Just how a Rubber Bondage prisoner serving a life sentence in my Rubber Bondage prison should be secured. That method of Bondage will be reserved for when you are being Punished, so enjoy your Rubber Bed, as things can only get worse.”

“I have decided not to let you make any of your Bondage equipment, because I am sure that with your ingenuity you will make things that can be easily escaped from and I have no intention of letting that happen. Everything will be made by a Bondage Company I have been dealing with for some time now, and who are very much into Escape proof Bondage. Most of the items will be made to my own specification, or will be adapted from their current designs. So when I put you into Rubber Bondage you will stay in it until I decide to release you and that could be for very long periods of time. I shall be getting my Bondage Company in to make some alterations to the equipment in here and they will install one or two new items. The alterations will make it easier for me to secure you properly, and the new equipment will I’m sure make your eye’s water.”

“Oh yes! One other matter, that I suggest you commit to memory. This is no longer going to be called the ‘playroom’, because as I have made quite clear, playing is over. This is your Prison Cell and it is also your Punishment Cell. There will be no playing Rubber Bondage games in here ever again. Whatever takes place in here in the future will be very serious Rubber Bondage and you have no idea yet just how serious that Rubber Bondage will be.”

She walked across my newly named Prison and Punishment Cell and turned out the light and locked the door behind her.

I tested my new Rubber Bondage and found I could move my legs a small amount as the long Chains could be pulled in towards the centre of the bed. But my head was utterly immobile. I couldn’t lift it up from the pillow nor move it from side to side. I could only stare into the empty darkness of my new Prison Cell. I marvelled for a few moments at this sudden change in my Mistress, and I then I started wondering if I would be able to cope under this new regime she was so intent on subjecting me to.

I knew it was what I had always wanted. I had talked to my wife/Mistress endlessly about my dreams of being a real Rubber Bondage prisoner, always dressed in restricting Rubber, kept in totally Escapeproof Bondage, Gagged to prevent any protests about my Treatment or Punishment, and the Treatments and Punishments to cause untold suffering and misery.

But now the reality of my new situation was beginning to become apparent to me, and I wondered if I was doing the right thing in going along with everything my Mistress was planning for my future life with her.

But my lack of protest when she gave me the opportunity, had, I now felt sure, convinced her that this was what I wanted, and she could have a totally free hand in making my dream become reality.

All I could do for now was see how things worked out and if I couldn’t cope, try and negotiate some sort of change to her plans. With this resolve I felt a lot happier and drifted off to sleep Secure in her new and Escape proof Rubber Bondage Bed.

I awoke several times as I found myself straining against my Bondage. But after realising my situation I drifted off to sleep again.

I was awakened when Mistress came in and turned on the lights in my Prison Cell. She quickly released the Chains securing my head, then opened the zips on the Rubber Sheets and released the Manacles, Waist Belt and Collar.

“Time my prisoner was up and about. You are going to try on your new Working Uniforms. Yes, I did say Uniforms. You will now have two different Rubber Uniforms to wear depending on what you are required to do.”




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