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Prisoner in Rubber and Bondage - Chapter 3: Mistress introduces her new Regime

by rbp818

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© Copyright 2008 - rbp818 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; rubber; bond; straitjacket; chast; toys; cons; X

continued from part two

Chapter 3: Mistress introduces her new Regime.

As Mistress released the tight Straps the feeling came back into my legs and arms. The shoulder zip on the Rubber Bondage Suit was released and the Hood was pulled off my head and slowly the Rubber Bondage Suit was removed from my aching body. The Head Harness was unstrapped and the Gag deflated and then the Rubber Suit was unzipped and my Rubber Hood was removed. I blinked in the bright lights of the playroom and as my eyes adjusted to the light I could see my Mistress kneeling beside me. She was dressed in a totally enclosing Rubber Cat suit with an open face attached Hood. For the first time since we had embarked on the Mistress/prisoner roles she was looking at me with concern on her face.

“Is my prisoner all right,” she said, “I’ve sent that little sadist packing. Of course I wanted you to experience some real suffering, but not quite so severe as our little minx put you through. However I feel sure you enjoyed yourself for part of the time, so don’t think for one moment there will be any relaxing of your situation. There will be a continuous programme of suffering that only I will administer. I obviously can’t trust any of these, so called friends I have been meeting with lately. So to make sure the programme is continuous I shall devote every moment of my spare time to making you suffer, and as a Rubber Bondage prisoner you will eventually come to accept the suffering I will administer as your normal daily routine. That means my Fetish Club visits are at an end, and I shall cut down on my work load so as to give me in addition to the weekend at least two extra days a week to implement your programme of discipline and suffering. Once a month there will be some time set aside for pleasure, as I will still need you to satisfy my sexual needs. But you can expect to satisfy my needs at other times but only to please your Mistress; there will be no pleasure for you. Now, when you feel you have recovered from your ordeal strip off the Rubber Suit and have a shower and shave yourself all over and release your Catheters. Then kneel by your Rubber Bed and wait for your Mistress to come back and deal with you. I have decided that you will have a day and a night of total rest to recover from your ordeal, but there will be no relaxing of your Rubber and Bondage. I shall spend the day working out your programme of suffering, and when it is completed I shall let you know what I have planned for your future as my permanently suffering Rubber Bondage prisoner.”

She held the back of her Rubber Gloved hand up to my lips.

“You may kiss the hand that is soon to deliver your permanent suffering. Also I have decided it will deliver Punishments for poor performance of any kind. I shall give some thought as to what those Punishments will be, but you can rest assured they will be very unpleasant.”

I gave the Rubber encased a hand a firm kiss and then she stood up and left the playroom, leaving me still lying on the floor and locking the door behind her.

As I moved to try and get up I was acutely aware of the ordeal I had just been through.

Every joint and muscle ached as I slowly got to my feet and made my way over to the shower cubicle. I stepped into the cubicle and carefully removed the Rubber Suit. A large quantity of sweat spilled out of the feet of the Rubber Suit and was surprised at just how hot I must have been. I hung the Rubber Suit up outside the shower removed the Chastity Belt then stood in the cubicle and let the warm water run over my aching, sore body and limbs. The relief was wonderful but I knew Mistress did not intend me to waste time with my toiletries.

I opened the two Catheters and let them drain into the shower and flushed the waste away with the showerhead.

I then spent several minutes shaving my body all over, although there wasn’t too much growth since the last time I had shaved, about three weeks ago.

I dried myself and went over to my Rubber Bed and knelt down beside it. I knew I wouldn’t have long to wait as I guessed Mistress would be checking on my progress from time to time on the CCTV. She soon came in carrying a tray.

“I’ve brought you a meal seeing you missed your breakfast, but first I want to check that you have shaved properly then you can put on a Rubber Coverall while you eat your meal.”

She examined me all over and seemed satisfied with my efforts.

“I’ll be back when you have finished your meal.”

She went out locking the door. I went over to the store cupboards and took out a Rubber Coverall. This was a very loose fitting Rubber Gown. But the bottom was closed and had attached Rubber Socks for the feet, attached Rubber Gloves and an attached open face Hood. Now I was dressed in Rubber again I felt that I had recovered somewhat from my ordeal. I realised was indeed feeling hungry, and I had soon eaten the food Mistress had brought in.

Shortly after I had finished the meal she came back carrying a large cardboard box, which she placed on the Rubber Bed beside me.

“Something new for you to get used to prisoner. I get fed up tucking your Rubber Sheets in every time I put you to bed. This is a set of security Rubber Sheets, which are secured to the mattress, so once you are in and the locks are secured you can’t get out until I release the locks. You can strip your old Rubber Sheets off your bed and then help me get these fitted to the mattress.”

She lifted up the box and I put the pillow on the Bondage Bench, then I removed the top and bottom sheets from the bed and folded them up and put them on the Bondage Bench beside the Rubber pillow.

“You can take the Rubber Cover off of your pillow as these new Rubber Sheets have the pillow case built into the bottom sheet.”

I removed the Rubber pillowcase and folded it up and put it on top of the folded Rubber Sheets. She opened the box and I could see a large folded bundle of Rubber and a smaller cardboard box. She lifted out the bundle of Rubber and laid it out on my bed. I could see the sheets were made from very heavyweight Rubber and the bottom sheet had a valance all around the edge of it with Straps and Buckles attached to it. She pulled the valance down over the side of the mattress and I did the same to the other side.

“Now then lift the mattress up and turn it right over and let it lie on the bed upside down.”

I did this and she fastened the Straps and Buckles together securing the bottom sheet to the mattress. She then helped me to turn the mattress back over so the Rubber Sheets were on the top. She opened a pair of zips, which secured the top Rubber Sheet to the bottom one and turned back the top Rubber Sheet. She picked up the pillow and pushed it into a compartment at the top of the bottom sheet and secured the closing flap with press-studs. I could see this was a much better arrangement as the pillow wouldn’t move about and get out of place.

“Right up you get and sit up on the bed with your feet right down to the bottom.”

I sat on the Rubber Bed as she had ordered and she lifted up the top sheet and dropped it over my head and I could see there was a shoulder cowl that reached down to my waist at the back. A short zip closed the high, stiff collar around my neck.

“Now lie back down on the bed and make sure your head is in the right place on the pillow.”

“For this first try out I am not using the contents of the small cardboard box that was in with the Rubber Sheets. So you will be able to move and turn very easily. It won’t be so easy the next time I can assure you.”

She reached down to the bottom of the Rubber Sheets and closed a heavy-duty zip up each side of the Rubber Sheets securing the top sheet to the bottom one. A Padlock was clicked shut through each of the zip runners to ‘D’ rings fitted to the bottom sheet and I now understood what she meant when she had been talking about being locked in. With my body lying on the shoulder cowl, and the zips Padlocked there was no way I could get out from between the sheets. With the bottom sheet strapped to the mattress I wouldn’t be able to slide off the bed and possibly get free that way. They were indeed security Rubber Sheets and I wondered what was in the small cardboard box.

“Now you can rest and have a sleep and I will be back this evening to talk to you about the new programme I am preparing for your future life as my Rubber Bondage prisoner.”

She turned out the light and locked the door and before I dropped off to sleep. I thought for a few moments about this new and relaxed Rubber Bondage situation I was secured into. But I felt sure it wouldn’t stay relaxed for very long as I was quite certain my Mistress already had plans for my future as her very secure Rubber Bondage prisoner.

Mistress unzipping the Rubber Sheets awakened me.

“Time for our little chat prisoner, but first I want to make you more secure before we talk about your future life. Get off the bed and take off the Rubber Coverall and I’ll get you into the Rubber Outfit that goes with the Rubber Sheets.”

I removed the Rubber Coverall and Mistress held up a thick, heavy Rubber Strait Jacket. I slid my arms into the sleeves and she closed the front with a heavy-duty zip. Two Straps passed between my legs and were Buckled tightly at the front of the Rubber Strait Jacket. Then six Straps and Buckles were secured tightly across the front of the Rubber Strait Jacket. She folded my arms across my body passed the Straps on the ends of the sleeves behind my back and secured the Buckle at the front. She fitted a Manacle around each arm just above my bent elbows, then slipped a rope through the rings on the Manacles and pulled the rope tight and tied off the ends. This drew my elbows into my sides and made it impossible to slide my arms around my body.

She pulled the attached thick Rubber Hood over my head and face and closed the rear zip up to the top of my head. The Rubber Hood had nostril holes, small eyeholes and an open mouth. She held out a pair of thick Rubber Trousers with attached feet and I slid my feet down inside the Trouser legs. The upper section of the Rubber Trousers was shaped to fit over my folded arms, and the top was secured with Straps and Buckles across my shoulders. I could see that even if I hadn’t been secured into the Rubber Strait Jacket it would be impossible to get out of the Rubber Trousers. She opened a zipped pouch in the crotch of the Rubber Trousers and pulled my cock and balls out through a tight hole in the crotch and tucked them inside the pouch and closed the zip. I wondered where my Chastity Belt had gone, but I was relieved at not having to contend with the vibrators and the electric shocks. She now opened the cardboard box that had been packed with the Rubber Sheets and tipped out onto the bed a pair of long Chains with Manacles, a wide Waist Belt and a wide Collar attached to them at various positions along their length.

She positioned the Chains out along each side of the Rubber Bed and secured the top of the Chains to rings on the top edge of the Rubber Bed.

Then she stretched out the Chains and the other ends of the Chains she pushed through reinforced holes in the top Rubber Sheet and secured the Chains to the bottom edge of the Rubber Bed.

“Right get up onto the bed and sit up as before with your feet right down to the bottom and your legs spread apart and we’ll see about getting you well and truly secured into your nice new escape-proof Rubber Bed.”

“This was all made to my own design, so see if you can disappoint me by escaping from it sometime.”

She secured the Manacles attached to the Chains around my ankles and above and below my knees. Then she dropped the Shoulder Cowl over my body, closed the collar zip, and pushed me back down onto the Rubber Bed. She reached in underneath the top Rubber Sheet and buckled the wide waist Belt attached to the long Chains around my waist, and secured it with a Padlock through the buckle.

Finally she secured the Collar that was also fastened to the side Chains with short lengths of Chain around my neck and closed and Padlocked the two zips on the sides of the Rubber Sheets. To say I was secured into a Rubber Bed was an understatement. I was encased and secured into a Rubber Strait Jacket and a pair of enclosing chest high Rubber Trousers, then Manacled and Chained between zipped and Padlocked Rubber Sheets. I could see there was no possible chance of disappointing my Mistress by managing to make an escape from this Rubber Bondage. I now understood what she had meant when she said earlier about things would not be so easy the next time.



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