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Poison Ivy and Latex Part 2

by Rubbermand

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© Copyright 2010 - Rubbermand - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; latex; catsuit; gasmask; outdoors; shine; first; sex; climax; tease; cons; X

continued for part one

Part Two

Slowly she began to stroll around the yard, taking careful note of where the poison ivy was located.  Kate had no intention of doing any gardening.  But in her black skintight outfit she but did realize the cover dark, still hours away, could provide.  Kate decided she should look into a head lamp of some sort so she could garden at night, away from her neighbor’s prying eyes.  As she moved around the yard she luxuriated in the feel of the suit sliding over the lubricant, her sweat, and her juices.  She stirred up some mosquitoes, but realized she had absolutely nothing to fear as it was virtually impossible for them to get close enough to her skin to bite. 

The rush of feelings, sensations and impressions was so novel she felt she was drowning in them.  Her hand brushed against her crotch, sending a shudder of pleasure through her whole body.  Both hands went to her zip, ready to yank it down, ready to drop to her back and thoroughly enjoy whatever her fingers could do in the sheath.  Instead a noise from behind her caused her to freeze in abject terror. 

She knew the noise was the latch on the gate between the driveway and her yard and her stomach immediately became a ball of lead.  Slowly she turned around, certain she’d see a neighbor upset by her erotic display.  She tried to tell herself that given her anonymity she could play it off like she was a prowler, run off into the woods, wait for dark, and hope to sneak into her house later. 

What she saw was not an upset neighbor, but another figure dressed in nearly the same outfit as her.  It was covered from head to toe in shiny black rubber, with a gasmask of a different type from hers obscuring its face.  It took Kate a second to realize the figure appeared to be male, but when he spoke any doubt was erased.

“Kate?”  Just one word emanated from his mask’s diaphragm.  Despite the distortion his mask created and the two layers of latex over her ears she thought she heard a familiar tone to the way it was said.

“Paul?”  She began walking toward him. “Is that you?”

He took a few steps toward Kate, “It’s me.  I had no idea you were a rubberist.”

Her face was beet red with embarrassment.  But the realization that he could not see her face, know just how embarrassed she was to be caught in this outfit, and the fact that he was dressed identically to her gave her a surge of confidence such as she’d never had before.  She reached him and wrapped her arms around him, while he embraced her.  The feel of their two warm bodies separated by just a few millimeters of rubber sent an amazing shudder through her, and her response, “A what?” came out as more of a spoken orgasmic gasp.

His hands on her back slowly massaged her shoulder blades and lower back, and even in these completely non-erogenous zones it felt amazing.  She tried to reciprocate; letting her hands drink in the feeling of his rubber covered body.  Their bodies pressed close together and she could feel his manhood pressing into her stomach through the suits.  Kate, staring transfixed into his eyes could see his eyes smile through the smaller lenses of his gas mask at her recognition of this.  Still he couldn’t feel just how wet she was, although the heat coming from her crotch had to be considerable.  She yearned to peel away the suit and have him take her right there, poison ivy or no.  He responded, “A rubberist is a person who enjoys wearing latex or rubber clothing, sometimes while having sex.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that,” Kate responded somewhat lamely, only half listening while she tried to reconcile this situation.  She moved her hands down to grasp his ass and was rewarded with him doing the same.

“You mean you have an amazing total enclosure suit like this and have never used it?”

“No, I just got it, and I bought it for gardening.”  Then her thoughts about the pervy outfit came back and she grinned impishly under the mask, “but I’d love to try your way first.”  Under the hood she grinned wolfishly, but realized her eyes were hidden by the filters on her lenses.  She snaked a hand back around to her own crotch and began lowering the zipper, exposing her still-lubricated cunt. 

“It’d be my pleasure.”  His own hand lowered the crotch zipper and his manhood, encased in its own latex sheath.  They fell to the ground together.  Kate landed on top of him kneeling, so she straddled him, and impaled herself on his black unit standing erect from the zippered pouch where it’d been held.  The lack of foreplay did not seem to faze him, and she’d been moments away from doing much the same thing to herself.  Merely the parting of her lips behind the slick rubber was enough to send almost orgasmic release through her.  The gas mask fogged slightly as she exhaled deeply on the release.

But this was just the beginning.  After the initial release, Kate found that he’d lubricated his sheath as well, so they slid together, writhing in an accelerando accented by her muted screams.  His hands reached up to massage her breasts, stomach, and anything else he could find.   She was screaming in an ecstasy she’d never before experienced within moments, her entire body tingling where the suit moved mere millimeters over her skin on a layer of sweat and cum.  They rolled, giving Paul the top and placing Kate’s back on the ground.  It wasn’t until she was quaking her way through her third mind blowing orgasm that she felt heard Paul grunt and sheath warm with fresh ejaculate.  His penis remained somewhat hard in its enclosure, so she rode it to another, smaller orgasm. 

He withdrew, but crawled backward and thrust two fingers into her.  His other hand immediately began massaging her breasts.  She was again wheezing her way through another pair of orgasms through his skilled efforts despite the latex on both his hands and her vagina.  Her stomach muscles ached, so as she panted out her final orgasm she sat up, in part to deny him access to her hole.  They just stared at each other, each drinking in the other’s visage.  Then she crawled to lie next to him, draping an arm against him and feeling her breast press against the side of his chest.

Finally He cleared his throat.  “So, gardening.”

She was still panting, but said “Yeah,” and proceeded to tell him about it while his hand traced the contained globes of her two breasts. 

“I hate to break it to you, but that suit is worthless for gardening, especially here.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not absolutely certain, but I think I’ve heard poison ivy oil can leak through latex.  And its so thin you’d probably puncture it at some point doing yardwork”

“Really?”  Suddenly Kate felt completely naked.  She jumped back from him and grabbed for her knees.  The thought of spending any more time in the hospital was less than inviting.

“Don’t worry about it too much.  I think we have time, so lets try to wash it off.”  He motioned downward and Kate saw that they’d laid atop one of the plants she so despised when they’d hit the ground.


“Alright, lets go get cleaned up. I should have the stuff in my garage.”  He got to his feet and zipped his penis sheath back under the suit, Kate followed suit, pulling the zip back across her sex.  As he walked over to the gate he said. “Careful now, not many folks out, but Mrs Hatcher across the street likes to keep an eye out.”

Kate just nodded silently, she knew anyone could look down the driveway between the houses and see them silhouetted against the white garage doors.  Paul stuck his hood through the opening, grabbed her hand and pulled her behind him as he dashed to the waiting gate on his side of the driveway.  Once safely inside they paused while he shut the gate.  Both of them heard a car drive down the street and neither of them doubted they would have drawn a lot of attention from it with their mad dash across the apron.  Beneath her mask Kate grinned, “Just in time, eh?”

She heard Paul chuckle, “Yeah, I don’t wear this stuff outside the yard too much in daylight.  And lately I haven’t even worn it here because I worried what you might think of me.”  Behind her impassive mask Kate gasped silently at the struggle she’d unknowingly shared with him moments before.  Paul began walking across the yard behind the house and Kate turned to follow.  She’d never paid much attention to his yard, but now she saw that the yard was meticulously maintained, with a small pond and waterfall, a deck off the back of the house, a swimming pool with a diving board, and a gazebo in the rear corner beyond the pool.  A swing set stood incongruously opposite it, while deck chairs were arranged on a patio next to the deck.  The far side of the yard had a line of tall, thin evergreen trees which effectively screened any view of it from the houses beyond, much as her yard was virtually impossible to see from any house other than his.

He reached a short stairway which ended at a doorway which apparently lead into the basement or the garage.  Kate couldn’t be sure and desperately tried to remember the layout of his house from the front.  He held up a hand “One second, I have to get some stuff out and it’s a mess in there.  I’ll dig it out, and if you want, while I’m doing that, there’s a hose reel around the corner.”  He pointed at the opposite corner of the house. “If you want, you can wheel that over here and we’ll get started.”  Kate nodded and he turned.

As he disappeared down the steps Kate walked across the yard and found the garden hose in question.  She unscrewed the hose and as instructed, dragged it across the yard to the edge of the patio.  It took a few more minutes for Paul to reappear in the doorway, but he came out burdened with a number of things.  Kate rushed over to help him, and it seemed as though he hurried away from the house.

Upon reaching him she said, “Here, let me get something,” and pulled the bottle of cleaning fluid he’d nearly dropped from his fingertips.  Amongst the rest of the products in his rubber covered arms were two hose nozzles, a large bucket, a plastic jar with attachments at the top, a broom, and what looked like a weed wacker with a brush built into the end of it.  He dropped the load on the patio’s edge, next to the hose reel she’d wheeled over. 

Laughing slightly he aped wiping his brow with his gloved hand over his mask’s top and said “It’s a car cleaning set I got years ago, but I barely use it.”  He walked over to the deck and retrieved another hose reel. “In this case I think it’ll work.”  He took the cleaning fluid –the bottle said “Simple Green” on it- from her, and set about pouring it into both the bucket and the bottle.  While he did this, he told Kate to attach both hose reels to the hot water outlets next to the deck.  He indicated where they were, and she was easily able to find them.

When she’d turned around he had the attachment that looked like a weedwacker attached to the hose end, and was pouring the cleaner into the plastic barrel.  While she walked back across the patio he screwed the top on the small, clear barrel and began attaching the hoses.  It took Kate a second to figure out the water would flow from the spigot through the soap filled barrel before going to the hose.  With the weedwacker-like car washing attachment on the other end soapy water would come spraying through the brush and hopefully wash away the oil from the ivy. 

Paul held up the attachment, “It’s water powered.”  He pulled the trigger in the handle and as Kate watched the scrubbing brush revolved and soapy water sprayed through.

“Ah, a little turbine or something at the brush head?”

“That’s it exactly.”  With the brush spinning sedately he held it to his knee for a few seconds. “Ok, doesn’t look like it’ll damage the rubber.  Lets give it a shot.”  He motioned for Kate to walk out in the yard with him.  She complied and he began working methodically over her body with the rotating brush.  The sensation of the bristles working over the latex was exhilarating.  Kates knees went weak, but she remained standing as Paul worked the device over every inch of her rubberized skin.  One hand found her crotch while the other grasped at the latex over her breast. 

Paul seemed be enjoying the show; she noticed his free hand slowly stroking his own crotch.  Perhaps after seeing her notice this he moved the spinning brush over her head, obscuring her vision with rivulets of soapy water over the lenses and pounding her ears with the overwhelming sound of the spray nozzles behind the brush beating on her second latex skin.  He brought the brush device down her body, methodically removing anything that could even hint at being plant matter from her gleaming latex body.  She realized he had paused over her breasts and the massaging created by the water spray striking her suit was almost too much.  She was ready to fall on the grass again and satisfy herself with or without him, but resisted. 

Finally he moved on to her crotch and she was glad he didn’t spare much time there.  Her legs were finished and she barely felt the brush as it worked over the thicker rubber of her boots.  She was surprised when Paul had her remove her boots, but then she saw the amount of water that poured out of them, all of it likely containing some oil from the ivy plants.  The brush was back on her, scrubbing away at her lower legs, then he pulled it away to focus on the interior of the boots. 

While he did this he turned to Kate, “Why don’t you lay on the ground, umm, over there.”  He pointed to a spot closer to the patio while simultaneously sticking the brush into her boot’s lip. 

Kate complied, figuring it has to do with the oil somehow.  She calmly walked over and sat on the grass, feeling extremely satisfied at how this had gone so far.  As Paul removed the brush from the other boot she thought to ask, “Why?”

He turned in her direction, “Because,” he crossed the few feet to where she sat reclining on the grass, her legs spread, “I’m not sure I got all the oil off.”  And with that he placed the brush between her legs, spraying the latex right over her vagina and sending her to cloud nine.  Kate began gasping for breaths between her cries as the first orgasm she’d been building up to erupted.  Her hands both found her nipples and began massaging them through the thin rubber of the suit.  She noticed the brush changed angle, but from her position couldn’t see what Paul was doing.

Then a cold spray hit her suit.  It quickly warmed, but she gasped out a yelp as the water and an orgasm struck at the same moment.  The water worked its way over her skin, washing what soap suds remained off, while the brush remained firmly fixed between her legs, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body.  

Abruptly they both cut off.  She sat up slowly to see Paul had the attachment in one hand, the spray nozzle in the other.  “Did you enjoy that?”

Kate laid her head back on the grass panting and staring at the sky while her left hand massaged her aching abdomen, grabbing ineffectually at the taut latex over her stomach.  “Fuck yeah.”

She saw Paul stand over her and offer a hand to help her up.  Kate grasped it and was lifted to her feet.  He then sprayed her some more with the hose nozzle, a blast of non-soapy water, mostly on her back to remove what little soap remained.  He picked up her boots and gave them a similar shot of water, then handed them back to her.

“These should be clean now.”

“Awesome, so, your turn?” 

“Yeah.”  He handed the car washing attachment to her.

“I’ll try not to be too rough.”  She knew the impish smile was wasted with the gas mask on, but hoped it carried through in her voice.  Still she had no intention of titillating him as he’d done to her.  Why ruin what was to come?  Kate went through the cleaning very matter-of-factly, moving efficiently from one part to another.  She also instructed him to remove his boots, a flat-soled Wellington, but had him begin spraying himself with the hose nozzle while she carried on cleaning the boots.

She could see the confused look in his eyes as she finished up spraying him off.  All he said was, “Nothing?”

Kate smiled under the mask.  “Oh no, I intend to pay you back in spades.”  With that she grasped his crotch zipper and pulled it open, pulling his hard manhood out and holding it in her palm.  She guided him toward the patio furniture in this manner and he complied, leaning back onto the deck chair.  “First, lets ditch the hoods.”  She slid the zipper up on her hood and it came off with a pop.  He grasped the base of his hood and pulled it free of his head.  Kate saw that he too was wearing a suit with an integrated hood that framed his face.  It was extremely strange to see what moments ago had been an anonymously sexual object suddenly transformed into the face of her neighbor, framed by the black that covered the rest of his head. Kate breathed deeply the sweet, fresh air, slightly scented with the smell of their warm latex suits.  Then she dove onto him, pressing her mouth to his and forcing her tongue into his mouth.  After a moment’s surprise he reciprocated, and she released her hand from his cock to slide her own crotch zipper down. 

This time she slid herself slowly onto his cock, savoring the way it parted the sides of the sheath within her.  She began to slowly rock, leaning over, and letting his erection play on as many parts of her sheath as she could get it to.  His hands reached up to grope at her breasts, the wet latex squeaking as he’d occasionally lose his grip.  She was already in ecstasy, rhythmically bouncing up and down on his cock, working her legs, trying to draw as much of him into herself as she could.  Kate cried out with carnal pleasure as she climaxed, her latex clad legs gripping his pelvis for all it was worth as she again felt the sheath warm with his cum. 

Panting, she laid down on top of him, pressing her body against his as she again slid her tongue between his lips.  Now they were just a glistening black mound, two bodies as close to fusing with one another as they could get.  She finally withdrew her and sat up slightly.  “So, now what?”

“Well, how about we clean up and get something to eat?”

“Mmm, sounds good.”  She gave one more squeeze of her thighs on his pelvis, then pushed herself up off the ground.  She extended a rubber covered hand and helped Paul off his back and to his feet.  Kate gripped the hood around her face and drew it back, revealing her head and thoroughly mussed up hair.  She ran her fingers through her hair in a vain attempt to straighten it out, but gave up.  Her hair remained a sweat sodden mass above her head while she followed Paul.  Under his direction she gathered up some of the tools while he did the same.  Both of them had picked up the cleaning implements when Paul suddenly looked uncomfortable.

“Ok, I suppose you have a choice now.  I’m going to warn you that I’ve had this fetish since high school, and the basement is, umm, interesting.  I’ve done some photography and have more than a few props there.  We can go through the back door into the Kitchen, where there is nothing, if you are uncomfortable with anything.”

“Eh, I don’t think anything would really shock me now.  I’m ready for the red pill”

He smiled, “We’ll see,” as he stepped down the stairs and worked the door handle with his elbow. 

Kate followed him through the door and simply said, “Oh wow.”  His basement was divided into four distinct areas.  One area was completely black, likely covered in latex, with a shiny rubber covered four post bed with rubber sheets hung from the posts.  Another corner was covered in faux brick, with medieval-looking implements scattered about.  Another area was a simple white wall with a number of large eye hooks in the ceiling.  A table in the center of the room had assorted rubber gear, sextoys, cameras, and photography equipment on it.  The other corner, which they were now walking toward, had racks and racks of clothing and accessories, and a door.  She recognized it from her own house as the laundry room and a small storage space. 

They entered it, and she saw that there was more rubber gear in various places around the washer and dryer, but they dropped the stuff from outside on the shelves in the small room at the back of the laundry room.  Paul turned, “So how do you like my studio?”

“This is your studio?”  She looked around a bit nervously.  Some of the medieval implements looked downright barbaric, and she shivered, both in anticipation and fear of their use. 

He grinned lopsidedly, “Sure is.  I’m a freelance photographer.”  He gestured to the cameras and lenses.  “I do a variety of news, magazine, and fetish shoots.  Some of the fetish stuff I can do here.”

“Wow, that’s impressive.”

“So Kate, what do you do?”

She fixed a smile on her face, none too comfortable to answer so pedestrian a question while standing in this environment with her clothing.  She nervously rubbed her hand across her stomach, but the slight squeak of the still damp latex only made the situation worse. “Nothing exciting I’m afraid, I’m just an structural engineer.  I work for a firm over in Hillside”

“Oh nice.”  His hand slipped around her waist, “Well, how about some food?”

Kate again rubbed her fingers across her stomach, “Sounds good to me.”

Paul lead her to the staircase, “I do have to warn you, I don’t know what I have, I was planning on going to the store before I saw you.”

“That’s okay, I don’t have much either.  I’m sure we’ll put something together.”

He opened the door at the top of the stairs, and led her out into his upstairs.  The ground floor of the house was completely in opposition to the exotic decoration of the basement.  Everything was completely conventional, with tastefully modern furniture and yet a thoroughly homey feel.  There wasn’t a sign of latex, rubber, or any sort of bondage implement she could see in her glimpse into the living room.  Certainly the house was in much better shape than hers.  The kitchen was well lit, and compared to her kitchen had modern appliances, clean tile, and nice cabinetry. 

Paul made a show of checking his pantry and refrigerator.  Meanwhile Kate stood and admired their figures in the reflection in the door of the oven.  Paul turned to her and smiled, “How about we order some pizza?”

Kate shrugged, “Sure, let me go get changed.”

There was a small sparkle in his eye.  “Oh no, this will be much more fun in rubber.”

Now Kate was truly confused. “Huh?  But the pizza delivery man...”

“...Will never see either of us.  Or at least our faces.  I haven’t done this in a long time, but believe me it’s hilarious.”

“But this is insane.”

He glanced over his shoulder, “Is it?  Should we worry what some Pizza Delivery guy thinks of us?”  He picked up the phone book.  “What kind of Pizza do you like?”

This was going a bit faster than she was comfortable with, but she managed to stammer, “Umm, Sausage, Pepper, Mushroom, Pepperoni, pretty much anything but anchovies.”  Her rubber encased hand was yet again nervously caressing the taut latex over her stomach.  But far from comforting her, all the two layers of latex between her fingertip and stomach did was illustrate the insanity of the past hour or so in stark reality.

“How does Sausage and Mushroom grab you?”

“I guess that sounds ok.”

“Okay.”  He pulled the phone from its base unit, dialed Luigi’s Pizza, and ordered a large pizza.  “...fourty five minutes, sounds good.”  When he’d replaced the phone on its cradle he turned back to her.  “Okay, now what do we wear?”

For a moment it was too much for Kate, “Wear?  I’m already wearing a pervy sex suit.”

Paul chuckled and dismissed her comment with a wave of his hand.  “This is kiddie stuff, lets go find something more fun, and more anonymous.”  He took her hand and lead her back down the stairs.

Kate began to peruse the racks herself.  Everything was completely unfamiliar to her, but she knew she at least wanted her face covered.   She walked through the racks and tried to find something, but just wound up just flipping through the clothing, occasionally stopping to stare agog at some improbable implement or piece of clothing. 

She’d worked her way through the first  two racks when Paul laid two things over the rack in front of her.  “Ok, lets see if you like this.”  He held up a short suit.  “How well do you think you can pull off a dominatrix?”


“You know, a woman who likes to dominate their sexual partner?”  He saw that she still didn’t quite get it.  “Well don’t worry, just pull your hood up and put this on.”  He tossed a black rubber garment to her along with a tube of lube. 

“What the...” was all Kate could say.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s just like a shorter version of your suit.”  He walked around the rack, picked from her hands and lowered the zipper.  “Here, your leg goes here.”  Kate did as instructed, but was becoming somewhat frustrated with how brusquely she was being treated.  He got her other leg in, then rubbed some lube on her upper body and arms.  “Ok, just one more thing, your hood.”  She pulled the hood of her suit around her head, once again enveloping herself in latex.  “Alright, now the arms.”  She slid her gloved hands down the length of the new suit’s arms, and Paul pulled the arms smooth, then drew the zipper up to the back of her neck.

Kate ran her hands along her second layer of latex clothing.  She looked down at her breasts with dismay.  Where two orbs had been contained under her suit just moments before there was now just a hint of their former glory.  In their place were two limp pieces of rubber.  She held one up, fingering the metal object at the end.  “What is this thing?”  Kate asked in the iciest, most annoyed manner she could muster.

Paul smiled. “An inflatable tit leotard.  Here, let me show you.”  He stood up and grabbed a small ball, of the type used to inflate blood pressure cuffs.  A simple screw mechanism attached it to the metal device at the end of the rubber sac and as he squeezed it transformed the sac into a taut expansion of her left breast into a comical extension of itself.  Then without explanation he deflated them.

Kate again held up the limp bag.  “Why’d you do that?” 

Paul grinned, “We have to do something else first.”

Kate glared at him, as best she could through the latex mask. “What do you mean?”

“Don’t worry, just two little things. Now stand up and turn around.”  Kate wasn’t sure why, but she obeyed.  Despite her annoyance, it was kind of fun to be used as his dress-up doll, especially for something so novel. He said “Arms up”, tapped under her elbow, and she complied.  She saw something red in front of her eyes, and then it clamped around her midsection.

“A corset?”

“Yeah, with quicklocks.  Don’t even have to lace it.  They’re just like ski boot buckles.”

“Ugh, I can’t breath.  Take it off.”  She took a series of short, panting breaths as he worked each buckle, drawing her waist tighter.  She felt one last click into her abdomen. Then Paul tended to the two deflated sacs hanging on her chest, inflating each with a blood pressure cuff.  Kate ran her hand over her enormous black breasts.  “Well, that is interesting.”  She’d never been self conscious of her bust size, but these huge breasts were quite novel.

“Ok, that should do it.  Just let me shine you a bit.”  Kate stood up and Paul proceeded to spray her with some polish.  He worked slowly, giving attention to where the corset overlapped the inflatable leotard.  Paul lingered on her legs and crotch, teasing her by running his hand up and down her leg.  He stood back and grinned.  “I suppose that’s good for now.  Lets see.”  He grasped Kate’s hand and towed her over to a three-way mirror. 

“Oh wow.”  The red around her waist really set off the rest of the suit.  She ran her hands over the ridiculously fake boobs.  Kate pulled on her hood, feeling the difference between it and the gas mask she’d been wearing.  Her fingers worked up and down her corset, admiring the reduction in waist size. 

“You like it?”

“It’s somewhat painful, but yeah, I really do.”

“Ok, let me call in and then we’ll do my stuff.  It should be even easier, but I’ll need your help.”

“Alright.”  She followed him upstairs and stood, admiring her reshaped figure in the door of the oven while he called in the order.

He tapped her on the shoulder and she jumped.  “Enjoying yourself?”

She could just grin stupidly under the mask.  “Yeah, sorry, kinda shallow, right?”

“Not at all.  Come on, come help me get my stuff on.”  She followed him back downstairs.  “Ok, it’s pretty basic but I’ll need some help with the last bit.”

He pulled a large, thick rubber suit off the rack.  “Okay, all you have to do is close the shoulder zip. Then just slip my mask on my head,” he pointed to a large gasmask-like thing on top of the rack, “and zip it up.  Okay?”

“Alright, I think I can remember that.”  Kate then watched as he sprayed his latex covered body with some sort of lubricant and began sliding into the thick, loose suit through the open shoulder zip.  She noticed the lube was quite effective because he was quickly engulfed by the thick rubber suit, the attached hood flopping across his chest. 

“Ok, just give me a hand with this neck hole.”  He slid his head under the zipper and into the neck hole.  Kate guided his head through the base of the hole and up so the hole seated on his catsuit’s hood.  She grinned behind her mask as he worked the hole exactly onto the rim of his face.  “Alright, just draw the zipper.”  Kate did so, drawing it from his left shoulder to the right. 

“Is that it?”

 “Not quite, I need boots and gloves.”

“But you have gloves.” She pointed to the latex gloves he’d been wearing with his catsuit.

“Ah, but they’re not quite right.  Don’t quite fit the rest.”  He grinned and picked up a thick pair of gauntlets and heavy rubber boots from the shelf.  Kate had to help him pull the boots on.  Then he slipped the pair of thick rubber gloves on.

Kate had to admire the considerably more imposing figure he cut in this outfit.  She knew he was the same, but the bulk of the rubber suit made She saw him smile and he said “It’s the boots, they don’t look like it, but they add an inch or two.”

“Ahh, I was wondering.”

 “Ok, you need something else.”  From a hook he pulled a short bullwhip and worked it over nimbly despite his thick glove fingers.  “Have you ever used a whip?”

“Do jump ropes count?”

“Depends on how you use it I suppose, but give it a shot.”  He handed her the whip and she set about trying to get the characteristic crack noise.  After a dozen unsuccessful attempts and at least two instances of the relatively slow tip of the whip striking her own body, invariably resulting in a distorted yelp through the mask.  “Okay, okay, stop, stop.”  Kate could hear his chuckling over her headphones.  “Lets just stick with a crop.  It’s easier to handle.”

Kate rubbed her latex coated thigh where she’d whipped herself, “Sounds good to me.”

Paul checked the wall clock.  “Okay, another ten minutes, lets go upstairs and you can practice on me.”

They trudged upstairs, and he set her where he wanted her in the living room near the front door.  She was amazed by how he motivated her, bringing her to the point where she believed she was a dominatrix awaiting a sub.  Paul’s body encased in such thick rubber was an incredible turn on to her.

Kate was the first to notice the car in the driveway.  Paul chuckled, “Ok, places, all ready?”

“As ready as I can be.”  She was extremely nervous.  The doorbell rang and Paul opened the door.  The anxious feeling in her stomach evaporated as she watched the delivery boy, likely no more than 20, gape at Paul, then turn to stare at Kate’s curvaceous form. 

She smiled sweetly under the latex mask.  “Welcome young man.  I take it you have our delivery?” Silence was the only response.  “What’s the matter, nothing to say?”  She pulled the crop up and popped it against her palm.  “That’s okay, I like a quiet gimp, just like RubberMax here.”

Finally the delivery boy swallowed, “Yes, yes, ma’am, your pizza.”  He held out the two boxes.

“Max, get the food.”  As the pizza delivery boy handed the pizzas over to Paul she stepped over and let the riding crop lightly ran down his thigh.  “So, umm how much do we owe you?” As her other latex encased arm draped over his shoulder.  She embraced him slightly, rubbing her two enormous latex breasts against his chest, then slowly massaged his back, driving herself into him.  She smirked as he grabbed her ass.  Surely he thought she hadn’t noticed, but the latex perfectly conveyed his hand sliding from the small of her back to the bottom of her ass.  Kate disengaged, and held him at arm’s length.

Finally, the pizza  delivery boy, eyes alternating between her comically altered chest and her well defined crotch managed to stammer, “Umm, fourteen dollars, ninety cents.”

“Ahh okay sexy.”  She took a step backward and retrieved the twenty dollar bill off the table.  When she turned around it was apparent that his polyester pants didn’t hide much as his member was standing at attention.  She lightly tapped her crop on it.  “Here you are.  Keep the change, and be sure not to let your next customer see that.  They might not understand.”

“Ye, yes ma’am.”  As he turned around she gave his ass a swat with the riding crop.  Then she closed the door behind him.

She turned to Paul, now back from the kitchen.  “So, how’d I do?”

“Not quite a dominatrix, but a riding-crop wielding rubber slut is no doubt as bad for a kid in community college.”  Kate laughed and swatted playfully at his leg with her riding crop.  He motioned to his hood.  “Can you help me out?  I can’t eat in this getup, and neither can you in yours.”

Kate simply reached up and pulled the zipper.  A quick pull and the hood popped over her head, revealing her ivory face bounded by the inky black of her suit’s hood.  “There, I’m ready.  You want me to blend it for you?”

She didn’t hear the response from him in the kitchen. But from his gesture, she could definitely see he wanted out.  Kate, assisted by Paul’s hands where he could reach, removed the hood, and opened the rear zipper so he could unburden himself of the heavy rubber suit.  While he did that she removed her own mask.  Finally he stood in the living room in just the rubber suit she’d first seen him in.  He smiled, “Okay, lets eat.”

Kate found eating with the latex on a new experience.  The pizza left grease and dust on her fingers, while crumbs settled onto the nearly horizontal expanse of her still inflated tits.  This, and her attempts at knocking them off by simply smacking her breasts and then watching them bounce like balloons led to minor hysterics as they ate.  She did notice a slight rubber taste to the crust where she’d held the pizza, but did her best to ignore it and found that it didn’t really bother her.

Kate finished first, having polished off two pieces, while Paul labored his way through a third.  Paul wrapped up the remaining pieces and stashed them in the fridge while Kate disposed of the pizza box. 


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