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Poison Ivy and Latex

by Rubbermand

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© Copyright 2010 - Rubbermand - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; latex; catsuit; gasmask; enclosure; shine; climax; first; cons; X

“You’re a very lucky woman.”  The doctor said as he came into the room.  “If your neighbor hadn’t brought you in you might have completely asphyxiated.  What were you doing?”

“I was gardening.  I just bought a brand new house and was trying to clear the backyard.”

“Well, you had enough poison ivy oil on your skin that we had to give two nurses steroids and benedryl.  Did you know you were so allergic to Poison Ivy?”

“No, I’ve never come across it before.”

“Hmm,” he made some notes on his chart.  “Well, it seems that when you started burning it you got it in your throat and that swelled shut.  We can guess that you nearly asphyxiated and fell over.  Had your neighbor not driven you in you may have died.”

“I’ll have to thank him.”

“Well Ms. Murphy, the swelling should go down in a few hours and so long as you stay on your prescription all will go well.  I suggest if you’re going to do this again you find some sort of protective wear and not burn the Poison Ivy.” 

“Thank you, I’ll be sure to do that.”

“Alright, the Nurse will be in in a moment and they’ll process you out.”  With that he turned and left Kate to consider her predicament.  She still had a rash over most of her skin, but the swelling had dropped and she could breath normally.  She’d been in the hospital overnight, but was glad Paul had taken her.  True to the doctor’s word the nurse came in and got her ready to go.  She dressed and the nurse rolled her in a wheelchair to the registration desk, where Paul was waiting.

“Thanks Paul.  I can’t thank you enough for coming to get me.”

“No problem Kate, I’m glad to help, are you feeling okay?”

“Just fine, thanks to you according to the doctor.”  She completed the paperwork and the nurse rolled her out.  At the door she stood and thanked the nurse, and followed Paul to his car.  The drive home was relatively quiet.  Kate kind of liked Paul, but wasn’t sure he liked her.  Her shyness prevented her from asking a simple question as to his relationship, but she’d seen a car she didn’t recognize parked at his house for days on end and assumed he had a girlfriend.  So instead she sat across from him, making small talk to the best of her ability.  Kate noted that the car had a strange odor, not unlike the hospital, but she wrote that off to her memory of just having been discharged.  Finally Paul dropped her off in front of her house and she again thanked him for all he’d done for her. 

Whatever happiness she felt at being out of the hospital evaporated as she stood on the sidewalk in front of her house.  She smiled and waved as Paul pulled his car into their shared driveway and down to his garage.  Then she turned and sighed at her fairly dilapidated house.  Upon getting her first real job after getting her a Masters it had seemed like such a good idea to buy a house rather than continuing to rent.  Unfortunately while this house was well within her price range the realtor had been more than generous in describing it as a ‘fixer upper’.  There was water damage, a bug problem, and a myriad other things wrong with the house.  She knew Paul had disliked the prior owner, and despite not knowing him Kate was inclined to agree with this assessment.

Paul had watched her house last night, so everything was in it the proper order, such as it was.  Kate walked to the back window, looked out, and sighed.  The backyard was one of the big reasons she’d bought this house.  The house itself was smaller than her previous condo, but the backyard was something new.  Unfortunately the previous owner had let it run wild and she now knew that it contained a large amount of poison ivy and that she was highly allergic to that plant.  The barrel she’d been burning yard waste in was still in the backyard, but she wasn’t about to go touch it without getting some protective clothing.

With that in mind she headed for her computer and began to do research.  She’d grown up in the city and never bothered herself to learn even the rudiments of botany.  Now she found out all about the oil from poison ivy plants and how it could be thwarted.  Her attention turned to protection and she found something that sounded promising on a company that produced rubber clothing.  They called it a total enclosure suit and while there were no illustrations it sounded like what she needed.  Kate was surprised by the thoroughness of the measurements, which went far beyond her normal near-24/36/24 frame and included things like her armspan, thigh and calf diameters, her head size, glove size, and so on.

Kate could not get all these measurements by herself.  Her friend Nicole worked in fashion and had been begging for Kate to model for her.  Certainly she’d be willing to take the measurements.  Her house wasn’t far, so Kate printed out the sizing diagrams and headed for her car. 

Initially Kate wondered if Nicole was home or not.  She rang the doorbell three times, knocked twice.  Nicole’s car was in the driveway and certainly she was far enough from town and the train station to make it inconvenient to walk to either.  Finally Nicole answered the door, looking somewhat disheveled, but still happy to see her friend “Hi Kate.”

“Hi Nikki.  Sorry but I have a favor to ask of you.”

Her demeanor changed slightly, “So what brings you here?”

“Well, I was hoping you could help me.”

For a moment Kate thought her friend might turn her away, but then she glanced at the paper Kate was clutching and grinned, “Sure, come on in.”

Inside Kate explained her predicament and her proposed solution.  She showed Nicole the measurements she needed for her total enclosure suit and Nicole bit her lower lip.  “So you need these measurements for your umm, gardening suit?”  Kate wasn’t sure but thought she heard her friend chuckle slightly as she said the last bit.

“That’s it exactly.”

“Okay, strip naked and I’ll get a tape.”

“Huh?  I can’t be dressed?”

“Oh no, no, these measurements need to be exact.  You can leave your panties on for now.”

Kate stood her ground for a moment, but relented.  After all, she had dropped in on her friend unannounced and asked her for urgent help.  She lifted her shirt off and heard Nicole gasp.  “God what happened to you?”

Kate pulled the shirt over her head and dropped it to the ground, her face glowing with embarrassment.  “It’s scarring from the poison ivy.  The doctors say it should fade in the next few weeks.”

“Wow, I had no idea it was so bad.  Well, off with the bra and pants too. I’ll be right back.”

Kate reluctantly removed her undergarments and unzipped her pants.  When Nicole reappeared with a tape and a pad of paper she stepped out of her clothes clumped on the floor.  She shivered slightly, but Nicole quickly set to work with clockwork precision.  Most of the sheet was filled in before Kate had noticed, Nicole nearly crawling over her nearly nude body getting her vital information. 

Finally Nicole stood back from Kate.  “Ok, off with the panties.”

 “Now what?”

Nicole held the diagram up to her friend. “They want to know the distance from the front of your pelvis to your vagina and around your ass.”


“Yep.”  She handed the pad over and sure enough there it was.

“Oh alright.”  She slowly worked her panties down to her knees and let Nicole move in to take her measurements.  Her fingers were cold and it was all Kate could do to keep from yelping as she slid her finger between her lips to take the proper measurement.

Once Nikki announced she’d finished with the measurements Kate grabbed her clothes and, naked made a break for the bathroom to dress.  It didn’t occur to her until later that she’d already been at her most vulnerable in her friend’s living room.  Certainly she was slightly humiliated by Nikki’s insistence on her nudity, regardless of what the specification called for.  She stayed for some coffee so as to avoid being rude, but made her exit as quickly as was otherwise possible.

The next few weeks she rose early and headed to work, her boss wasn’t happy with her absence, but understood once he saw her.  Each weekend seemed to creep by, her backyard beckoning to her to tame it.  But she healed quickly, from pronounced blisters to scars that gradually faded into invisibility. 

On the Wednesday, nearly a month after she’d been released from the hospital her package finally arrived.  She’d had a particularly bad day at work and as she came walking up the street from the station she was surprised at the size and heft of the box.  Surely she’d have the means to get her yard in order now.  She brought the box inside, set her stuff down and opened the box.

What came out of the box surprised her.  She’d been expecting a white smock or maybe orange hazmat suit.  What she held in her hands was black and, from the way it slithered in her hands, looked extremely thin.  Holding it up she could see that it definitely would not have the bulk she’d thought it would.  The other objects, the gas mask and the boots were also black, and the starter kit was quite substantial. 

She wasn’t sure what to do, but really wanted to do something about the yard.  Her first thought was that the order had gotten botched, but according to the invoice it was exactly what she’d ordered.  Kate shrugged, picked up the instruction sheet that had come in the box.  There was a DVD atop the starter kit labeled “Extreme Starter Kit How To”, which she pulled out and set in her player.  She was greeted by a dark haired woman sitting on a chair with a shiny black dress on.

“Hello and thank you.  We here at the Latexworx Rubber Company wish to thank you for your purchase and assist you with your introduction into the rubberist world.  To that end we provide this video to assist you with the suit you have purchased and provide suggestions for entertainment with rubberwear.  For now simply tie your hair up, undress completely and continue to the next section.”  Kate almost balked at that, but the woman went on, “you may feel embarrassed, but please do not, any sort of fabric underwear under your latex suit will only provide discomfort.  The provided latex underwear will provide the maximum protection and total enclosure possible.  Please do not be embarrassed, and remember you will be fully clothed once the suit is on.”

Kate chuckled at this startling bit of foresight on their part and paused the movie.  After she ran upstairs to grab a rubberband and follow the first instruction, she started shucking her clothes.  Her work outfit laid in a heap to her left, her bra came off, and she dropped her panties.  She’d never had a great body image, but had frequently been told she was undeniably beautiful.  The first package made her quail, for it was a pair of underwear made of the same rubber material with a condom integrated between the leg openings.  Still, if it helped her get out in the yard she really couldn’t complain.

Now she restarted the DVD and noticed that her host certainly had no problems whatsoever being naked.  As instructed by her naked guide on the DVD she retrieved the bottle of lubricant from the bottom of the box and began coating her feet and legs with the fluid until they took on a glossy tone.  Then, still following the DVD, she slipped the pair of latex underwear over her glistening legs and slid them up, dropping more lube on the sheath before inserting it into her vagina.  It wasn’t particularly erotic, but certainly wasn’t as uncomfortable as she’d feared and the prospect of total enclosure and impunity before the elements did turn her on slightly.   The guide went on about preventing damage to both her vaginal wall, the latex liner within it, and how a pair of lube reservoirs at the top of the sheath would provide for hours of enjoyment.  Kate shrugged at this and poured a copious amount of lubricant into her sheath.  Kate followed along as her host used a tool from the box to fill the reservoirs.  The woman clearly enjoyed this process, but for Kate it was like having just the head of the penis in her.  She was slightly dismayed she got a good deal of the fluid on her hands, but she simply picked up the large suit and rubbed it on the inside as the woman on the DVD did.

With her underwear fully seated on her body she turned her attention to the large suit, pulling the zipper down, and preparing to envelope herself in it.  It took a bit of work and more lube to get her feet into the black latex socks integrated into the bottom of the suit.  But once in it slid up her well oiled calfs and she began rolling it up her legs.  The distinctive noise of the latex suit, making the same noise as a large, slack rubber sheet slightly amused her and she jostled it around her midsection, smiling as it bounced in synchonicity with her breasts.  She pulled it up to her waist and admired how the suit hugged her body, better than any of her jeans, or even her wetsuit, ever did.  The latex briefs betrayed just the faintest line under the suit.

Now the host paused and retrieved the bottle of lubricant to begin coating her upper body with the stuff.  Kate flushed slightly as she noted just a slight look of playful enjoyment in her host’s eyes when she reached her breasts and began massaging them into glossy visions.  But soon enough Kate found herself doing much the same.  Forcing herself to calm down, she regained her composure and, suitably lubricated, returned to donning her gardening outfit. 

The instructor was now showing the many ways the three-way zipper could be used to expose different body parts under it while keeping the suit on.  Karen took note of this practical feature, and moved two of the zippers around from the front to just below her posterior, sealing the rubber across her sex, which was now becoming embarrassingly wet.  Karen followed along as the host pulled the suit up to her chest and placed her one hand into the suit’s arm and fitted her fingers into the glove attached to the end, then repeated the same procedure on the other side.  The host got up and turned around, showing how to pull the suit’s first zipper up to begin enclosing her body.  First she gathered the latex that hung somewhat limply in front of her, pulled it taut and held it with one hand, then moved the zipper sliders up to the middle of her back with the other.  While she imitated what she saw on the screen Karen took tremendous amusement from the fact that she had to pull the two zippers out of the crack of her ass.

With the zipper up to the middle of her back and just the hood hanging loosely around her neck the host now had her begin sliding her fingers across the rubber to smooth out the wrinkles her donning the suit had put into it.  The host occasionally would pinch an area between her gloved fingers and snap it back down onto her skin, flattening the rubber against the skin.  Karen again resisted following along out of fear for the pain that would undoubtedly result when she snapped this giant rubber band down on her skin.  But seeing how smoothly the latex settled around her guide’s legs and how amazing it made them look Karen dutifully began snapping the latex to her skin, finding it wasn’t nearly as painful as she’d feared. 

The smooth latex covering her body didn’t betray a ripple and seemed to absorb light, with just her head poking out.  Now that the suit made her entire body look like she’d been dipped in a very thick coat of flat black paint up to her neck the host told her it was time to complete her total enclosure.  Karen followed along as the woman on screen pulled either side of the hood’s zippers toward her head, and put the opening for her face in its place.  For a moment Karen had a moment of panic as her face met with the rubber which would cover the top of her head, but she pulled and the hood fell into place.  Still mimicking her guide, she held the two sides of the hood with one hand while again moving the slider up from her mid back to her head with the other hand. 

This drew the latex taut over her upper body and completely overloaded her mind.  The smell, the feeling of her entire body held in this smooth suit sliding over her body was too much.  She lay on her back and began rubbing one gloved hand over her crotch while the other worked over her breasts.  She unzipped the crotch zipper and slid a pair of fingers into her very slick, lubricated hole, agitating wildly for satisfaction.  Her first orgasm built quickly and within no time she was panting her way through the third.  Under the suit her whole body felt electric, massaged by every inch of the amazing material and that feeling drove her to new heights of sexual ecstasy.  Every movement she made in it seemed to move the latex over some erogenous zone in the perfect way. 

When she sat up she found the DVD had paused in anticipation of her advancing it to the next chapter.  She zipped up her crotch zipper, wiped her hand off, pushed the forward button and the host, with an impish smile said, “If you have been enjoying your new suit, good for you, you bought the suit to have fun in, right?”  Kate shrugged to herself.  She didn’t consider yard work much fun, but so far it seemed the suit might help.  The instructor went on, “If you have yet to have fun with it, this may help,” she then produced the bottle of polish in one gloved hand and a small rag in the other, and sprayed her ebony legs.  One look at the transformation from flat powdered latex to the brilliant, deep gloss of the polish after the sponge moved over it and Kate jumped up, ran into the kitchen, grabbed a sponge from under the sink, and aped her guide.  She began vigorously polishing her body to a mirror finish, enjoying every moment as her hand slid the sponge over every inch of her increasingly glossy body.  Her breasts and crotch received some extra attention and again she found herself convulsing helplessly on her back riding earthshaking orgasms as her own fluids pooled in the suit and added to the lubrication. 

Again she sat up, feeling more satisfied and reveling in the feel of the latex massaging her skin, and noticed the DVD player had again stopped at the end of the chapter.  She chuckled to herself, “The producers clearly knew what they were doing.”  Kate looked at the screen and saw her host now holding the gasmask hood.  She rummaged in the box and pulled out the plastic bag containing the gas mask.  The print on the bag proclaimed it was “An authentic Royal Army S10 with zippered latex hood”.  Upon pressing play she could see that the host simply polished the hood, opened the zipper up the back, slid it on her head, and then reclosed the zipper.  Following along Kate slipped her head into the mask, slid the zipper down, and sealed herself into her latex total enclosure. 

She took a deep breath and inhaled the deep rubbery scent.  Another few breaths yielded a soft click as the diaphragms opened and closed on the intake and exhaust ports.  It excited her in an odd way that her breath now came through that one port.  Placing a latex covered hand to the one port and breathing in sucked the gasmask to her face.  This restriction turned her on in a way she could not explain. 

She rose and walked through the house, looking for a mirror.  Her fluids ran down her leg and added to her lubrication until she felt as though her legs were floating within the latex skin.  She wound up in her bedroom, staring at herself in a full-length mirror.  Kate could not believe how incredibly hot she looked.  She was not human; she was a gleaming ebon goddess, completely anonymous and utterly dehumanized, yet entirely sexual.  Her head was hidden by the mask with her two lustrous eyes behind the windows the only hint there was a human within the rubber..  There was not a ripple in the custom fitted latex suit, so it reflected the room with a deep black mirror-like luster.  Kate was so turned on she dropped to her knees and started rubbing herself softly right there.  But  a quick look out the window confirmed the sun was slowly drifting toward the west.  As much as she was turned on by what she saw she felt a need not to burn any more daylight and start taking advantage of her new suit to tend to her yard. 

In her TV room she checked the bottom of the box and found the boots.  She was disappointed to see they were completely useless.  They too were rubber, simple in design, but with a 5 inch stiletto heel.  Kate had generally eschewed such clothing, had almost no experience with heels, and it didn’t take too much imagination to see her boots sinking into the soft soil in her backyard.  But she shrugged and at least decided to try them on.  With the side zips down she slid her feet into them and found it to be well supported in spite of the elevation.  A bit of the polish and they gleamed like her suit, the seam at the top nearly disappearing into the glossy black material covering her calf.

She grimaced under the mask.  The boots certainly fit perfectly with her suit, but they were utterly impractical.  As she pulled them back off her feet she wondered absently if there was some other outfit she could wear them with.  Certainly she couldn’t understand why protective clothing would come with such impractical elements to it.  With the included boots off she set off to find her rain boots, a simple glossy black pair of Wellingtons such as had been popular with college age women when she’d been in school.  Their one distinguishing feature was a very modest if wide 3 inch heel, which led Kate to refer to them as “her stilettos” more than a few times. The finish had worn down over the years, but a bit of polish brought them back to nearly the same glossy hue as her catsuit.  It wasn’t perfect, but she didn’t particularly care.

A last check of the box revealed the accessories for the gas mask: a pair of air filters, tinted lenses, and a water bottle that attached to the front of the mask.  She opened the lenses and fitted each one into its respective eye hole, then screwed the air filter into its receptacle on the side of the mask.  She appreciated the nice touch of the drinking tube and water bottle, but she knew she wouldn’t get much work done before sundown in a few hours.  Still she could at least make a tour of her yard in utter impunity from the plants that had nearly killed her. 

In a final fit of narcissism she stepped back into the bathroom to check herself out again and could not believe that she actually looked better.  The suit was a second mirror, reflecting back a smaller image of herself distorted by the latex stretched taut across her stomach and formed into beautiful hemispheres around her breasts.  Behind the lenses she couldn’t even see her eyes, the last link between herself and this glossy black creature before her was totally gone.  From head to toe she was an ebony vision.  She whimpered, bit her bottom lip, and rubbed her gloved hand over her equally latex encased thigh.

Thus inspired, Kate walked quickly through her house to the back door, but there she froze.  It started as a brief hesitation touching the handle but stretched on agonizingly.  She now knew that this suit was completely incorrect.  She’d purchased and clothed herself in a pervy outfit worn by sexual deviants.  She’d known all along, but something drove her on to complete the outfit.  Maybe she was a pervert and just didn’t know it.  But she was standing at her backdoor in a full body condom, shined up like a prostitute’s patent leather boots.  There could be no mistaking this suit for anything other than something to have sex in and she knew full well none of her neighbors would understand if she gallivanted around her yard in it. 

On the other hand she knew she was well sealed within the suit, and that this was likely her best chance for the next few weeks to get out in the yard.  Her yard was well protected from the neighbors.  Only Paul’s house had a relatively clear view of the yard by virtue of the shared driveway between the houses.

With this realization she felt paralyzed by indecision.  What would Paul think if he saw her like this?  She didn’t want to completely freak him out and blow whatever chances she had with him out of the water by appearing a completely crazed pervert.  On the other hand she arguably hadn’t looked more beautiful since her senior prom.

Kate settled on a compromise, poking her head out the door slightly and looking for his car on the apron in front of his garage.  It was absent, so she felt she could safely assume he was away.  She pushed the door open and took a tentative step onto the rear stoop.  This was the one spot another of her neighbors could see her, looking down the row of houses.  She quickly dashed down the steps into the relative obscurity the trees surrounding her yard provided. 



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