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Pig 2: Bondage Animal

by M88

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© Copyright 2014 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; drug; captive; latex; rubbersuit; mask; gag; bond; cuffs; stocks; bdsm; whip; cane; toys; insert; enslave; cond; denial; oral; climax; cons/nc; XX

story continued from part one Part 2: Bondage Animal

The whip made light work of her beautiful rubber ass as it smashed powerfully into it again and again. Her gag and hood removed all but the loudness of her screams, moans and cries from reaching him. Not that they had any impacted on his relentless games and sickening torment. The bull whip had left her legs and butt completely sore and red. The pain had made her fall into her restraints as sweat dripped from her rubber pig hood. The metal stocks she was bound in stayed totally still and immovable. The rubber slave captive within them was starting to break. She was crying to herself under the warm sweat filled hood as she feel a light tapping on her right breast.

The tapping was getting strong and started to hurt as the rhythmic drumming worked it's way around her tit. Under the blindfold and hood she couldn't see the wooden cane repeatedly striking her. The caning was starting to feel like hell as it cut into the rubber covering her breast. The restraints clicked and rattled as she struggled to rip free. Air whistled through the snout of the rubber as her breathing got quicker. She was full on shut behind the huge rubber gag deep inside her mouth. But the sounds dropped off the second it left her muzzle gag and the hood almost made her completely mute.

By now her right breast felt like it was bleeding and covered in large red marks. He then started working on her left breast. Tears had now mixed with the sweat dripping from her bound head as the torture made her life a nightmare. All sides of her breasts were now on fire as the hits rained down. He slowly lowed the number of hits, but made them brutally hard. Blood-curdling screams escaped her gag as drool, tears and sweat ran down her rubber pig suit. She was hit another 10x on each breast, before he stopped. She was hating the bdsm toys with which he made her cry. She wanted to turn back time and read ALL the paperwork and then not sign it.

She then felt a soft vibrating behind her caged pussy lips and deep inside her ass. He was now going to pleasure her and make her orgasm. She felt her pussy get wetter and wetter as the vibrators got faster and stronger. Her cries of pain, had quickly become cries of enjoyment as she built up to her first bondage orgasm. But the second she was about to go over the edge and explode with the happiness from an orgasm. He stopped the vibrators and then gave it a couple of minutes before starting them up again. She was kept on edge for three hours and then at last he let her have a beautiful moment. As she had the biggest orgasm she had ever had and screamed loudly as it rolled over her. The pain almost left her body the feeling was that good.

It would be the last thing she did that night and after 6 hours of torment and mind bending bondage she needed to sleep. But instead of undoing her restraints and give her the money. He stabbed a needle through the rubber around her collar and sent her to sleep. He then removed her from the metal stocks and placed her inside a small metal cage. The cage had been bolted to the ground and was only just big enough for her. Her tear, sweat and drool covered rubber suit stayed locked around her as the door was padlocked closed.

Even after the sleeping drug had passed through her system, she was still asleep. The day of pain and pleasure had taken it out of her. But she would still be a bondage pig in the morning and have another day of fun to look forward to. Day: 2

He had been sleeping in the master bedroom in the lovely house above Mary's horrible basement bedroom. Her rubber suit was now itchy from the sweat and her legs, ass and breasts felt like someone had set fire to them. She was awaking up slowly and kept going back to sleep throughout the morning. That was until he made his way into the playroom. He had hoped to see her waiting for him, like a good little pig slave. But she was sound asleep with her head on her hooves. Needless to say he was not happy with his new plaything.

As it happens he had already seen this type of thing happening and had got a nice gift for her. Three large buckets each filled with three different liquids all the way to the top. The first one was filled with ice cold water that would woke her up. The second was filled with pig manure to help humiliate her and make her feel more like a pig. The last bucket was filled with the paperwork she had ignored. He walked over to his rubber pig and tipped the freezing cold water over her. The water had the right results as she jumped back from the dream world.

She was wide awake and had rolled up into the recovery position. Her breathing was scared and rapid as he poured the second bucket into her metal cage. The warm liquid manure covered her rubber outfit and her hooves tried to block her nose. He couldn't smell a thing as he was wearing a gas mask. Mary was not and she had been gagged as well. He aimed the last bucket right over her head. He had photocopied the contract and was now laughing as it dropped over her shit covered body. It was added humiliation for the stupid cunt and give hm a large smile. Just like the one he had given her when they first met. He had knew right away she was a stupid and lazy slut that he could control.  

She was pushing the snout of her pig hood through the metal bars of the cage. She was also removing the wet pages of her contract from her back and legs. She was not a happy bunny in her cage right now. He reached through the bars and locked a lead to her collar. He then opened the cage door and dragged her out of her metal home. She was tired and low on energy as she was pulled into the centre of the playroom. The metal lead was bound to the ceiling and she was left to stand unable to escape. He got another bucket of water and poured it into the cage. The cage had a drain build into the bottom of it. Which meant of the water, manure and wet paperwork went down it. He continued to refill and empty the bucket into the cage until it was clean again. She was trying to undo the lead with her hoofed hands with no luck.

He wrestled her hands behind her back and cuffed them together. It was easy to put her in bondage as she had nothing left in the tank. Her smelly wet rubber suit was soon covered in cuffs. Her upper arms, feet, above and below her knees and all had been chained together. The chains also linked into her bondage belt and collar. She was now well bound, but still able to walk. Which seeing how she was bound to a machine that would be walking her around the playroom all day was maybe going to be a good thing. Her collar was joined to a track in the ceiling through the lead. She would be pulled around the track and if she struggled she would be shocked.

He started the engine and she felt a forceful pull on her collar and started slowly walking. Her chain rattled and the rubber squeaked as she walked around and around. Her legs started to feel the stress as the torment continued. She then started to fight it and was shocked in the stomach with a cattle prod. She was kept struggling to walk for another two hours. He needed to use the cattle prod a lot over all the 120 minutes. She was moaning and sobbing by the time the machine had finished it's cycle. Her legs and feet were numb as pins and needles had hit her hands.

Her willpower had completely gone as he freed her from all restraints, but her handcuffs. She almost hit the floor when he undid the lead. He helped her to the floor and removed her collar, pig hood and head harness. He walked to a table and picked up a bottle of water and a couple of breakfast bars. He sat behind her and put his right hand around her rubber stomach. She rested into him with her legs flat on the floor and her hands bound behind her back. He then started feeding her the water and bars with his free hand. It was a lovely moment as it was the first time she felt cared for. She had been horrified and alone from the second she signed the contract and now felt wanted. But she also wanted him to lock her back in the harness and hood. She had no idea why, but with each passing minute it felt wrong.

The reason she was missing the hood and harness was very simple. She had been broken into a submissive slave. He had seen it in her eyes when they first met and made it real. It was never going to take a lot for her mind to snap and become the perfect bondage sex slave.

After she was done eating and drinking he put her back in the cage with her hands still cuffed. He then cuffed her feet with the joining chain going around the outside of the cage's bars. Her feet would now stay at up end of the cage and stop her turning or moving forward. He then forced a metal pole under her elbows, which kept them right at the top of the cage. The pole also kept her hands high up and meant she was bending over. Her harness, hood and collar when back on next.

She was not too happy going having the gag pushed into her mouth. Or having the stinky rubber locked back around her head. He had add three chains to the collar which met with padlocks on the cage bars. It was going to keep her head and neck completely still. He then reached through the bars and wrapped a leather strap around her upper body and pulled in shut. He worked large metal cuffs around her thighs and locked them to the side of the cage. She was now unable to move as he turned on her vibrators and the cattle prod.

With her getting close to a huge orgasm, he hit her with the cattle prod a number of times. He then turned the vibrators off and started canning the poor girl through the bars of the cage. It was hard to reach her body with the metal bars in the way. But he was still able to torture her body, working the cane over her back and tits. He was quickly tapping her breasts and sending down hard smacks on her back. Her breasts still felt painful from the torment the day before and even the soft canning was hurting her. He worked his way around her whole body from her toes to her face. Sometimes he was soft and other times he hit her hard. He played with her for over an hour before her whole body was bright red under the rubber suit.

He then started the vibrators again and let her orgasm again and again. She was now being forced to cum as the plugs did an amazing job on her ass and pussy. Her pussy juices had gone through the chastity belt and had started running down her legs. She was a brainless slut when the vibrators finally stopped.

He was now completely happy he had broken her and open the cage door. Removed the collar, hood and harness and ordered her to give him a blowjob. Her head and neck could now move freely, but the rest of her body was still restrained. He sat with his legs sliding down the sides of the cage. She lowered her head and licked his dick from balls to tip. She then started slowly pushing it deep inside her mouth. His cock when all the way in, all 7 inches of it. She was gagging and swallowing on his huge manhood.

Her tongue and lips moved quickly around it and gave him an amazing feeling. Semen and drool started pouring out her mouth as he come closer and closer to cumming. He then face fucked her for the last 30 seconds and cum shot from his dick into and around her mouth. He rubbed his hands over his cock and then her face to add to her humiliation. Her face was now covered in cum as he put the harness, hood and collar back on.

He left her for the night and would move her to a new level of bondage in the morning. The code name was called.

Project: Hopeless

She was going to make him a lot of online money with the videos he had made. And he went to bed that night feeling like a million dollars. Mary's was left in her stinky rubber suit with her face covered in cum. She was still well bound and still wet. She wanted him to punish her or make her orgasm again.

She would have to wait till the morning.


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