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Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; drug; captive; latex; rubbersuit; harness; mask; gag; bfold; toys; insert; chast; bond; stocks; bdsm; whip; cons/nc; XX

Mary was a 25 year old student living in small flat in the centre of Bedford. She worked on the checkout at a large local supermarket for a well knew brand. It was to help pay the bills from her university as well as the rent. Mary was a fantastic looking girl with long red hair and soft brown eyes. Her body was slim and her breasts popped out from it perfectly. Her ass was to die for and was often talked about by her work colleagues. Mary was well liked at work and at university as she was a fun loving girl who took risks. And on this Sunday morning she was going to take a risk too many.

She was working on the checkout again and had been for the last three hours without a break. She was unbelievably tired and a still little hangover from the night before. She wanted to go home and go to bed for the rest of the day. But she needed the money and going home could get her sack. Which would be the worst possible thing to happen to her. Or so she thought. The store was almost empty with it being a Sunday morning and the customers she had serviced had been quiet and unfriendly.

The next customers was different and had a huge smile on his young face when he said hello. He had a very rock and roll or metal look to him. He was buying some odds things you would not normally buy together 99% of the time. Like who buys condoms, plastic wrap, duck tape, dog food and lube. Mary had no idea why and turned red the second she did. But she asked what he was planning to do with all this stuff as it looked a little bit kinky. He smiled at her again and had a quick look round to see if they were alone. No one was in ear shot so he told her.

That he owned a fetishes website and was using models to star in bondage porn films. To which he give them a lot of money to do kinky fetish sessions. The reason he was buying the odd items in front of her was because he had a shoot in an hours time with a girl who liked mummification. She then asked how much money did the models get. She was left wide eyed when he told her it was around £1400. She then did the unthinkable and asked for his number and got a little bit wet at the idea of working with him. He quickly give her a plastic card with all the information on it. She put it in her shirt pocket and spent the rest of the day working hard, till it was 5pm and then she went home.

She had completely forgotten about the fetish man until she got home and looked in her shirt. The idea of having a shitload of money by doing some modelling sounded easy to her. If she had known what a poor girl was going through on the other side of town she would have changed her mind. The girl was completely covered in tight plastic wrap and duck tape. She had been made to eat dog food and drink piss. She had also being fucked in all three of her holes once and he was coming round again. She had also been whipped, slapped and canned as well as shocked with a cattle prod. And the night was still young with many more toys to get through.

She called him the next morning and asked if she could do some modeling for him. He asked her how hardcore she wanted the shoot to be. With one being normal bondage for a night, two heavy bondage for a weekend and three extreme bondage for as long as he liked. He also told her if she did the extreme bondage she would get more money. He told her about his mummification session last night and how the girl had been paid £1400 for a normal bondage shoot. She had no idea how painful and degrading it had been for the poor girl.

She asked if she could have an extreme bondage session for as long as he wanted. He asked her for conformation, which she give him. If she did the session she would be paid an amazing £6800 in full. He just needed to know all her measurement and if she had any allegies to latex or rubber. She told him all the information he needed and asked when the shoot was. In four weeks time was the poorly received answer. She wanted the shoot and the money now.

Four weeks later.

She was give a time and a location to meet him at in a long letter. She was told to have a good meal and clear her diary for the next week. She so was told to have a shower and cut her finger and toe nails. As well as do her hair and make up to a high standard. She had a quick look at the time, it was 9:35am and the meeting was at 4pm. Over the next 6 and a half hours she did anything in the letter and was standing outside a normal looking family house. The house had roads on all four sides and was a little bit cut off from the rest of the street. It was it's own island in a sea of houses and other buildings. Mary looked at her phone for the time and saw it was 4pm and quickly jogged to the front door. She rang the doorbell and as soon as she did so the door opened. He give her a warm smile and welcomed her inside the house. She headed inside as he closed the solid wooden door behind her.   

She was first taken to an office and after setting down was given a mountain of paperwork. Mary could not see the point in reading the whole thing and just found and read the last page. Out of 52 pages she only read one before signing it. She missed all the dark and dirty plans he had for her. She also missed how long she would be kept restrained for and how she would be bound. It was not the best idea she'd ever had.

He was in a bit of a shock see how lazy and stupid she was. He asked her to wait for him to file away the paperwork and they would begin the second he got back. A minute or two later, he jumped back into the room and pushed a needle into her neck. She screamed and went to stand up. But she couldn't move. She tried to scream again, but her mouth was numb. Her eyes slowly closed and into the darkness she descended. 

He could not believe his luck and quickly set about moving her and the paperwork to the filming room. He had anything already set up in the secret underground studio. To enter the studio he needed to go through a hidden door in a bookcase and down a large staircase. He unlocked and opened the bookcase door and struggled with her down the stairs. Another door was waiting for them at the bottom of the stair this time the door was made from thick metal. He once again unlocked the door and went inside the massive soundproof room.

He placed her down on the floor and went back up the stairs and closed the outer door. He then shut the inner door and put the signed paperwork in a folder built into the door. It would be used as evidence if she ever questioned him about her bondage agreement.   

He picked up a large suitcase and laid it out next to her. He cut her clothes away from her now naked body. Her perfect body was like a picture. Only moving as she was slowly breathing in and out in the warm basement. He stoked her carefully with his right hand as he opened the suitcase with his left. He put one item after the other on the poor slave girl. The large suitcase had been filled with a mass of equipment for a prolonged and degrading bondage session. Soon she was covered head to toe.

Steel and rubber chastity device. The device comes with a built-in glass dildo and butt plug. Both are on the large size with build in vibrator and e-slim as well. Just to kept her on edge or jumping around the room. The steel wraps itself tightly around her stomach and pushes the sex toys deeper inside her as it goes between her legs. The rubber outlines the steel of the device and covers her pussy and ass in another layer of frustration. The rubber was soft and adds comfort and longevity of the belt. It also locked it place by two large padlocks and would be impossible to remove or pleasure herself through. A full bondage suit made from very thick and tight rubber was squeezed over her helpless body. The suit went from her neck all the way to her toes and finger tips. The pink rubber suit was deigned to make her look like a dirty pig. Her fingers and toes had web like rubber across the gaps that would link to another bondage device. The suit had a pig tail right over her stunning ass. The suit pressed into her skin as the rubber kept an amazing shine and shape on the outside. On the inside it felt like it was crushing her body as her lungs struggled to push the rubber away. The rubber was miles tighter at the base of her breasts and forced them away from her body. The suit was to humiliate and dehumanize her. She then had bondage mittens pushed over her rubber coated hands. The mittens had been built into pig hooves that joined with her hands and feet. Not only did it add to her humiliation, but stopped her using her hands. The mittens kept her fingers in a claw shape in the hooves. They had built-in cuffs and the rubber over the wrists and ankles was unbelievably tight. It would be unthinkable for her to remove the mittens. Her humiliation continued as he added a head harness which had a built-in gag, ear plugs and blindfold. The gag worked in two parts. The first completely filled her mouth with a thick rubber device that stopped her from making sounds. It reached all the way to the back of her throat making her gag if she swallowed. It wrapped itself around her tongue and kept it motionless. Her teeth went into a trenches in the top and bottom of the gag. They stopped her from moving her jaw and spitting the gag out. You could see the red rubber in the centre of her beautiful lips. Over the top of the rubber device was the leather harness. The harness had a muzzle gag built into it which pressed down painfully on Mary's mouth. The harness had built-in ear plugs and headphones which cut off all sounds. It also had a blindfold which made her completely unable to see anything. The harness was tightly locked around her head and neck with thick straps. Padlocks were then locked to the buckles and straps to stop it coming off. She was now deaf, mute and blind. Her head was then pushed and pulled into a degrading rubber pig's head. The hood was a very tight fit against her head and the harness as it was zipped closed. The pig hood was black and faceless with a small rubber snout and ears the only clues in was a pig hood. Oh and the fact the word "PIG" was written across the forehead. The hood was padlocked closed as Mary breathed through the snout. A large metal collar was placed on her neck. The vice like collar stopped her from moving her head more then a couple of inches in any direction. It also looked amazing between the suit and hood.   

She looked great as a dirty pig and now ready to be restrained like one. She was bound in metal stocks in a standing position. The stocks kept her neck and wrists bound at the same level. Her ankles which had been spread apart with another bar. The two bars linked into a metal framework that was locked to the floor and ceiling. The stocks would not be moved in any direction. A number of other restraints helped hold her still. Above and below her elbows and knees had been cuffed and locked to the frame with strong chains. Her stomach had a metal bondage belt forced around it and was bound to the framework by chains as well. She could struggle and get the chains and rubber to click and squeak, but that was it.

She started to come round after over three hours and was horrified to find she couldn't move or speak. She was now being filmed and he was ready to start her long bondage session. 

She was now completely awake and struggling madly to break what was stopping her from moving. She had totally forgotten about her bondage agreement and no idea what was going on. He had just picked which toy to use on her first. A large leather bull whip which was going to be a painful way to start the session.

As the hits rained down on her bound legs and her cries softy exited the pig hood. She remembered what she had done and how she was regreting that right now. The bull whip continued to crash into the thick rubber around her legs. A heavy stringing feeling and unbearable pain came from each stroke. As he worked his way up both her long legs. The rubber was giving her no protection as the skin under it turned bright red. Each flick of the wrist send the whip higher up Mary's legs till it found her ass. Then the fun really started. Soft moans escaped from her pig hood as the rubber squeaked loudly from the ongoing torture.

How long would the bondage session go on for?


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