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The Piano Teacher Part 9

by Colloredo

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© Copyright 2015 - Colloredo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; D/s; bond; latex; pvc; bdsm; crop; cath; enema; analplug; gag; slaves; hum; urine; cons; X

continued from part 8

Part 9

In the meanwhile RS had started to sweat considerably in her thick rubber encasement. Her position in the heavy stocks was quite uncomfortable and she wondered where Master Walter was gone and what he had in mind for her. Despite – or may be just because of – feeling uncomfortable she had developed a good state of hornyness and wanted nothing more but being tied, humiliated and fucked very hard.

Realising that her Master was coming back she started to wriggle in her bonds and showing him that she was ready to undergo some hard use. But all of a sudden she found that Walter wasn`t alone but lead another person, dressed in heavy rain gear, into the room. She couldn`t believe what she saw: her beloved Master with someone else, with another women. Because of her heavy rubber mask with only small, plastic covered holes for her eyes she could not see too much. She heard the almost deafening noise of the plastic material and all of a sudden here was that typical smell of some old piss. A smell that she just had got to know very well recently.

By watching Walter and the strange person she got aware that he had brought another slave into the room. She couldn`t believe that he, her beloved Master, was about to part her with another slave. However, she couldn`t do anything about this new situation and just had to accept whatever was going on. She saw that her Master made a gesture to the other slave, ordering to stand still. Then he moved over and behind her. With a harsh grip from behind between her legs he made her breathing hard.

“You like that, slave RS?” he asked her. She tried to nod with her head, speaking in front of that unknown person, especially with her fully rubber gagged mouth, made her shivering from shame. “Slut, your Master did ask you something. Do you like to be trained and used as a rubber whore?” Walter grabbed a riding crop and placed it three times quite hard on her rear. RS tried to fight the bonds, but of course in vain. She gave in.

“Yeefff Mafftrrrr, I li…eee it  ffry  mutfffff beein uffed aff rubber whore, sir!”

“That sounds better now, you useless rubber whore. Did you ask me yourself to be treated as a rubber whore?”

“Yeffff,, Maffteer, ffe  rubber whore aafke you to treat her like a rubber fflut and aff hard afff poffible…” Walter grinned. He liked when RS was stammering and humiliating herself with words again and again. Again he grabbed her hard and pulled slightly at her catheter.

“You are still pissing in your rubber bag, slut. Why can`t you hold back your piss?”

“Maffter haff fitted  hifff rubber whore wiff a piffing tube so whore can`t hold back her pifff any longer. Fiff ifff very humiliating for rubber whore, Ffffir!”

“Slut, did you agree that I can use you in any way I want?”

“Yefff Maaffftr, pleaffe uffe yourr fllaafffee afff you want and punifff me afff hard afff poffible, Fffir!”

“This is exactly what I have in mind, Slut. There is some changes to the initial plans of your humiliation and training, because of a second slave who has the deep desire to submit to your Master as well. From now on you will be just one of two rubber slaves. But now look whom we have here!” Walter led RW in front of the stocks and pulled the thick plastic hoods from her head. RS was in shock when she saw who was with her Master.

“You know that slave, Rubberslut? Who is she?”

“Itfff my ffiffter,, Ffiiir!”  RS was still out of breath and wondering why her sister was here, and even more why her sister was dressed in all that old fashioned plastic raingear.

“Ok slut.” Walter grinned. “At least you are still able to recognize your sister. As a matter of fact, she and me have worked out some sort of deal. It seems to me that she has an open account with you. However, from now on she is my personal slave whore as well and I guess once she is able to speak properly she will let you know how things will proceed. As for now you both will undergo a severe humiliation training. I think this is the proper way to deal with such rubber whores you are! And of course I am interested to see who of you both tries to be more submissive to me.”

Walter announced that he would release RS from the stocks. Once done he ordered both slaves to undress completely, the only difference that RS would stay fitted with her anal rubber plug and tubing and her catheter. Five minutes later the two slaves stood naked in front of him, spreading their legs to make each and every part of their body available for his inspection. To his surprise he found that RW was already pierced. Two large rings were fitted into each of her labia, one ring was placed under her clitoris. Also her nipples were fitted with two sturdy shackles. He lifted her breast upwards several times on these rings and let them fall back down on her chest.

“This is a good base to enlarge your udders!” he stated. “I have a preference for large, sagging udders since they make nice objects for punishment. And you,” he turned around and addressed RS, “you should have a look at those piercings. That`s what is waiting for you in the near future!”

He took two large ring gags from one of the boards and strapped them into the mouths of his slaves. Two padlocks made sure the gags would stay in place as long as he wanted. He ordered RW to sit down on the rubber covered bed and made her spread her legs as wide as possible. He grabbed a catheter set and a transparent rubber urine bag from the shelf. The baq was strapped to RW`s left leg.

After this he took the catheter out of its sterile packaging, connected one end to the rubber tube of the urine bag and finally forced the catheter into RW`s pisshole. RW grunted when the thick red rubber tube of the catheter widened her urethra. Shortly after her yellow liquid ran down in the rubber bag and her cheeks blushed when he told her that even her pisshole would be under his total control from now on.

“Ok, next for you sluts are these rubber stockings and the gloves and the bathing caps!”

Walter threw two pairs of stockings made of thick, black rubber, two old fashioned white bathing caps with chin straps and two pair of black heavy duty rubber gloves on the bed. He watched his slaves following his orders and once everything was in place he pulled two rubber straps tightly around their upper arms and locked them as well. He ordered RW to make sure all of her long, brown hair was hidden under the cap. Then he made her turn around and kneel on the bed, presenting her buttocks.

He took an inflatable rubber plug with integrated enema tube and ordered RS to plug her sister and inflate the plug as hard as possible. RS was still perplexed, not only about her sisters presence but even more about the heavy piercings she showed, but after a short moment of hesitation she started to push the long rubber shaft into her sisters anus. She stopped for a second once RW started to moan into her gag while saliva dripped out of her sisters mouth. But then she decided to go on and stuffed the rubber plug deep into RW`s ass and pumped it up.

“Do you really believe that this plug is pumped as hard as it should be?” Walter pushed her aside and grabbed the pump. A few seconds later RW started to throw her head around since Walter made sure the plug was as thick as she could endure.

“This is what I call as hard as possible! And now you will give her a full punishment enema. And make sure its really a punishment for her! Meanwhile I will chose the shame and punishment uniforms for you worthless horny rubber slaves! As soon as you have filled up RW as hard as possible with her enema you will present her to me!”

RS nodded silently. All of a sudden the strange scene started to make her horny. Whatever the reason for her sisters presence was – obviously she was part of the game and she would not risk to make Walter angry again by trying to be careful about RW. She pushed RW towards the bathroom and filled a large, red rubber bag with water. RW was trying to fight her for a second, but RS locked her hands with cuffs behind her back and connected the enema tube to the tube of the rubber plug. It took twenty minutes or so before the complete content of the bag had found its way into RW`s bowels. She now looked like being pregnant in the eighth month.

RS moved her head slowly from one side to the other. Being forced and treated like this made her wet. And this despite the fact that it was her sister, who had treated her like a slave so many years earlier. Making sure the enema bag was completely emptied RS disconnected the rubber tube from the inflated rubber plug which secured her sisters anus and made sure that she was sealed properly. Then she ordered her sister to stand up and present herself. Somehow she felt jealous about the heavy piercings RW already sported. She was just about to start to play with Rw`s udder rings when Walter came back in, carrying some garments over his arm.

He smiled when he saw RW`s thick belly. RW lowered her head in shame and her cheeks blushed. He smiled even more when he saw how she tried to prevent her saliva dripping out of her mouth. She tried to close her lips around the black ring gag but the only result of her attempts were some slurping noises and more saliva dripping out of her mouth. Walter ordered RW to walk around in the room. Again he grinned when he saw that she had quite some difficulties to keep her balance due to her big, enema filled belly.

“I guess, Rubberwhore, you need some exercise to learn to walk decently while being filled up. Tomorrow I will walk you in public, of course properly filled up and dressed in some very humiliating rubber outfit. Normally I would keep you like this for the rest of the night, but I have some other plans with you sluts right now. RS, get her over to the toilet and empty her. You both will keep you catheters and urine bags, but you are ordered to remove the plugs from you assholes and report to me as soon as possible!

While the slaves disappeared to follow Walters orders, he rolled an infusion stand to each side of the bed. He unfolded the plastic bedsheets which had a very strong smell. A mix of plastic smell and the typical odour which is produced by extensive wet games filled the room immediately. He pulled the old plastic spreads over the rubber covered pillows and placed a metal bar, fitted with some shackles, chains and D-rings, across the foot end of the bed. Just when he had finished sorting out some rubber garments and bondage items his slaves came back.

“Ok, sluts. Present yourself to each other. Spread your legs wide, hands behind your back and bow your heads properly! Next thing is changing the gags. I don`t want to hear any word from each of you. You will remove your ring gags and fit these bit gags on each other. And make sure they are fitted properly!”

Walter handed a bit gag to each of his slaves and watched them removing their ring gags. RW was the first to get the bit gag strapped into her mouth by her sister. RS did not hesitate to make sure the black rubber was fitted tight in her sisters mouth, forcing her to keep it open. She pulled the strap very tight in RW`s neck making sure the gag forced back the corners of RW`s mouth nicely.

Now it was time for RW to take care of RS. She pushed the black rubber piece hard between her teeth and ran the rubber strap around her head. All of a sudden she pulled the strap extremely hard with force, forcing the rubber piece extremely deep into RS mouth. RS grunted in shock when she felt the humiliating gag forced extremely deep between her teeth. And if RW`s mouth wouldn`t have been fitted with the gag already she had been able to see some sort of smile in her sisters face.

RS tried to get some relief by pushing her tongue under the rubber bit piece and gtrying to force it abit out of her mouth. But RW had done a good job. There was no slack at all in the bondage strap holding the devilish device in her mouth. RS turned her head around and looked at Walter, trying to signal him that he should intervene and change that situation. But he did not react at all.

Instead he donned a rubber bra to each of his slaves. They were made of thick, brown rubber. Inside their cups they were fitted with metal pins. These pins were not sharp but at the first sight it was clear that already after a short while of wearing they definitely would get quite uncomfortable. This time both slaves did their very best to secure the punishment bras to the utmost extent, not taking care of each other possible feelings. Walter was pleased with the fact the his rubber sluts seemed to compete now in punishing themselves as hard as possible.

“Ok, sluts. Seems you need it really hard. I have never seen such sort of horny rubber fuckmeat. Spread your legs, I need to take off your urine bag, RW. The catheter will stay in place of course!”

Carefully he removed the bag and sealed the catheter with clamps. Then he hung it on the infusion stand beside the bed. Despite the fact that RW had worn her urine bag only for a short time in comparison to her sister, who had been fitted with the humiliating device from early morning on, she had produced a good half  of the amount of yellow liquid that had been collected in her sisters bag.

to be continued...


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