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The Piano Teacher Part 8

by Colloredo

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© Copyright 2012 - Colloredo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; D/s; bond; latex; pvc; rainwear; cath; enema; gag; chast; foot; enslave; cons; X

continued from part 7

Part 8

Back home Walter led RS into the punishment room. He ordered her not to speak a single word and then helped her to undress completely, only the various rubber tubes which controlled her orifices staying in place. He disconnected her rubber urine bag, which was filled by two thirds now with her yellowish piss, from the tube and hung it up carefully to a medical infusion stand which could be rolled around in the room. He first thought of putting her through a self urinal again but then came up with the idea, that someone else would may be the perfect candidate for a humiliating procedure and a severe slave test. He looked at RS's stomach which was still filled with an enormous amount of enema liquid. All of a sudden he had a certain vision for some new humiliating experiences for RS and so he allowed her to the bowl and opened the clamp, which sealed off the enema tube which was connected to the inflatable rubber anal plug. RS sighed when allowed to release herself. To her, it was again a very strange and humiliating feeling to empty her bowels through a thick rubber tube. As soon as she nodded with her head to let her Master know that she had finished, Walter clamped the tube again and then pumped up the inflatable rubber plug in her anus as hard as she could barely stand. After this she was ordered back in the middle of the punishment room again and Walter told her to kneel down and put her hands behind her back.

He ran his hand through the short, almost transparent-white stubbles which composed the reminders of her once long and glorious brown hair. “Hm, looking and feeling this I guess it my be still considerably too long” he said. RS did not dare to say anything. She felt almost being bald with her short hair and hearing Walters voice and comments she sensed that it would be most probably not long of a time when she was bound to loose the rest of her hair as well and be shaved bald completely. However, she still hoped that Walter would leave her at least with some signs of human dignity, although she already got wet again imaging the feeling of a razor running over the skin of her head while being completely helpless and held in severe rubber bondage.

Since Walter did not know when Vera, or RW as she was to be called from now on, would show up, he decided to dress RS in an ugly and heavy rubber overall. First of all she had to kneel down in front of him. Walter pulled one of the black rubber punishment masks over her face and head. The mask had only small eyeholes, covered with clear soft pvc. There were two red rubber tubes which slid into her nostrils. On the outer side of the mask they were about 25 inches long. The part which was to be pushed up her nostrils was about an inch but significantly thicker than the tubes on the outside. Once fitted properly the two tubes deformed RS's nose quite strongly and this could be seen very clearly despite the fact the her face was now covered with thick, black rubber, leaving accessible only the mouth opening of the mask so far for inserting a gag up to Walters choice.

Before he had chosen a heavy butterfly gag with an attached set of straps made of thick, clear plastic, he tightened the mask in the back of her head as hard as he could. Then the deflated rubber bladder slid into RS's mouth, which she offered wide open and willingly to her master. The transparent plastic shield covered her mouth and gave way to look at the black rubber bulb, which was now inflated without any mercy. Walter liked the sight of her mouth forced wide open by the intrusive rubber gag. Her lips, which were spread around the black rubber bulb and the long black tube with the pump at its end. He used the pump two times more and smiled when RS started to shake her head frantically because the rubber seemed to push her cheeks out more and more.

“Hm, that’s about right for you, slut. Isn`t it?” He looked at her and saw that the first traces of saliva where about to drip out of her mouth. He slapped her breasts. “I did ask you something, slut. Is that rubber gag the right treatment for you, Slut?”

“Mfff, Mffter, iff    aight  eat…mnnnnt frr a slllt!” Walter was aware that his slave was far away from releasing any understandable syllables from her rubber filled mouth. But he wanted to induce the dripping of her saliva as much as possible and so he made her repeat her answer four times. Next came a set of long, thick industrial grade rubber gloves. He made sure that RS pulled this up properly all the way to her shoulders. The gloves were followed by a rubber shirt made from brown hospital sheeting. It featured strict elasticated wrists and RS had to push her rubberised arms and hands with some force through the long sleeves. The shirt had two openings for RS large breasts. Around these openings there was  a seam with a string inside. Walter pulled this strings as hard as he could and this way RS suffered some considerable tight breast bondage. Her large breasts stood away from her chest almost horizontal when he had finished pulling. On the lower seam, which was reinforced with metal was some sort of belt which he closed as well.

Again he slapped her breasts. This time much harder than the last time. “Oh, I can`t wait to transform these into sagging udders. And of course you will be fitted with some heavy duty piercings so we can make use of your tits in a proper way. I guess you know that already, slut?“

“Yiff, I  knouff ffat I shall haffe udders, maafftr..“ RS again tried to follow the orders of her master and answer as good as she could with her rubber filled mouth. Walter smiled when he saw that now her saliva started to drip out of her mouth. He looked trough the shelves again and came up with some sort of heavy, olive green rubber overall. A garment which was normally designed for sewage workers or work in other dirty areas. It was made of heavy rubberised nylon and featured some additional straps and D-rings, which obviously had been added to the thick and strong smelling garment later on. The legs were attached to thick and heavy black rubber boots. When Walter pulled the garment open it could be seen that the area, which would cover the breasts of RS, had harsh rubber spikes inside.

Walter did not allow RS too much time to dress up in the heavy and ugly rubber suit. He pulled the front zip all the way up under her chin after he had pushed her catheter and her anal tube outside the suit through the corresponding holes. He pulled the hood of the overall over her head, attached the urine bag again to her leg and connected it to her catheter. The enema tube was left dangling between her legs.  For a second he massaged her breast through the rubber suit and listened to her moaning. He could imagine well how the rubber spikes inside the suit were doing their work.

Finally he lead her to the stocks. He ordered her to put her wrists and her neck in the respective openings and closed the upper part of the stocks and locked it safely. And to make up for more bondage he fitted a spreader bar between her legs that forced her to stand still in the stocks with her crotch freely accessible at her masters mercy.

Walter decided to make some preparations for the evening. He would force RW to pass a very strict ordeal. She should suffer utmost humiliation right away from the first hour. The thought of making use of her made him hard. He decided to dress up himself. He chose a black hooded overall made from rubberised nylon and added a pair of black hunter rubber boots. After he had dressed he decided that RW would have to prepare the bed for her treatment herself. He decided that she would have to put up the old pvc bedspreads which were made of old shower curtains. A material which had a strong pvc smell, combined with some clear hints that it had been used for some wet games as well quite often. Just as he grabbed a harness with an attached bit gag and a riding crop he heard the doorbell ringing.  He took some time and let her ring three times before he went to open.

When he opened she knelt in the door, her hands behind her back and her head lowered. Two large bags were standing beside her. When Walter stepped aside she crawled into the hallway on her knees. Walter grabbed the bags and got them inside and closed the door. At the first glance he could see that she was dressed in stiff, old plastic garments. On top she was wearing an old, semi transparent pvc rain cape, that she had buttoned properly all the way up. Around her neck she wore a wide collar made from thick plastic, which was secured under her chin with a large padlock. Around her head were at least two hoods, both properly closed with their strings, while the hood of the rain cape was on her back. Walter just wanted her to stand up but decided differently in the next second. He put one leg forward and placed the rubber boot right in front of her.

“Reference Rubberwhore!“ he commanded. RW immediately understood what was asked from her. She bent her body further down and put her mouth right above the tip of his rubber boot. Then, without any further comment from him, she started to lick the boot with her tongue. She pushed her tongue out as far as she could, thus making sure he could enjoy her submission quite good. After she had licked his right boot for about five minutes he pushed the other leg forward and made her lick the second rubber boot as well properly. With satisfaction Walter stated that RW did not make any attempts to stop licking his rubber boot, pushing her tongue out as far as she could so he could watch her easily. Finally he pulled his booted foot back again.

“Stand up, whore! Spread your legs and put your hands behind your head!”

Immediately she followed his orders. While standing up and taking the request position her plastic garments made loud, squeaking noises. It was now that Walter realised how stiff and thick the plastic material was from which her clothing was made. He touched the cape and slid his hand through the inside of the hood on her back. The material was not only very stiff, but also extremely smelly. He scented the strong smell of the material and he got the feeling that it was some sort of composition between the typical smell of old pvc and to his surprise a bit of a typical rest room smell – indicating that the cape had been used for some wet games occasionally.

Once she stood upright he discovered that she was dressed in three layers of plastic, the large and wide swinging cape on top being layer number four. Under the cape she was wearing a large overall made from the same material in some sort of metallic silver colour. The legs of the suit were tucked in heavy black rubber boots. Since the cut of the suit was very wide the material was rubbing against the cape and the other garments causing that extraordinary loud noise with every movement.

A wide band of shimmering metal, most probably stainless steel, was locked safely around her waist. Two smaller bands were locked around her wrists, making sure she could not take off the thick black rubber gloves which covered her hands. Walter unbuttoned the upper part of the rain cape and studied the rest of her dress. The zip of the overall was closed all the way up. The tight hood was fitted with a very strict elastic band in the seam instead of drawstrings. The elasticated seam pulled the hood very harsh around RW`s head. Only a small area of her face between her mouth and just above her eyes was not covered with the thick plastic. And only the fact that Walter was able to spot two more elasticated seams, fitted similar to the two additional hoods under the third one indicated that the slave had dressed up in three layers. Walter slid his hand firmly through her crotch. He could feel some stiff device.

“I have locked myself in one of my strict chastity belts!” RW explained.

“I can feel this. Did I ask you or order you to speak, slut?”

“No Sir. The whore was not ordered to speak!”

“You will be punished for speaking without permit!” This time RW nodded with her plastic covered head.

“You think this is a humiliating outfit? As you know you have been ordered to dress up as humiliating for you as possible! You really think this matches my orders?”

“I am sorry, Sir. But for me having to walk in public in layers of old fashioned, stiff and smelly plastic is a very hard humiliation. But I am sorry if the slave did not meet your requirements and the whore definitely deserves hard punishment and humiliation then, Sir!”

“Well, whore. This is the last time you will be able to revise your decision. You are aware that you will be treated at least as hard and humiliating as your sister, but most probably even harder? You are aware that I will take full control over your body and that you will be shaved completely bald if I should decide so? You will live in plastic, rubber and nylon from now on without any exception, be it at home or in public. Do you still want to submit to me and be trained as a fetish slave and whore like your sister?”

“Yes Sir. Please train, humiliate and use the Rubberwhore to your desires. I am fully aware that I will be in the same position as my sister Rubberslut or even worse if you should desire so!”

She raised her head and looked firm into his eyes. “On top of the stuff in this bag you will find an envelope. It holds a letter in which I declare that I want to be treated like this from my own will and that I am aware what might happen to me. Included are the keys for my car and my house.” A smile run over her face. “And you will find my credit cards. You wont be able to use these without me but if you lock them aside I as well will not be able to use them without you. Please decide over the fate of your personal Rubberwhore as you desire, Sir!” Without any command she knelt down in front of Walter and pressed her head in his lap. Walter took the handcuffs and managed to lock her hands in her back. It took some while because the steel wristbands had to stay in place so far. He ordered her to stand up again and close the snap buttons on her cape again. Then he took the bit gag and held it in front of her face.

“Whore, from now on you will be gagged 24 hours a day. This is to make you aware that even your ability to speak is under my control. And others shall be aware that you cannot speak normally, which hopefully adds to your public humiliation. When necessary you will be fitted with a special gag that allows you to articulate in a way that enables others to understand you at least. But whenever possible you will be gagged like a slave. Whore, what do you think? How should a gag be fitted in the mouth of a slut which asks to be humiliated and used and trained as a fetish and rubber slave, who accepts to be shaved bald and who offers herself like a cheap whore in the backstreet? Should she be gagged normally or as tight as possible, slut?”

“A rubber whore like this must be gagged as hard and humiliating as possible, Sir!”

Walter stepped beside her and RW opened her mouth. The rubber piece was fitted between her teeth and then Walter tightened the belt as hard as he could, thus forcing the bit gag deep into RW`s mouth. The rubber piece cut deeply between her lips and pushed the corners of her mouth backwards. Walter pulled the hood of the plastic cape over RW`s head and closed the strings. Then he lead RW into the punishment room, where RS was still locked into the stocks.

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