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The Piano Teacher Part 7

by Colloredo

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Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; chast; latex; pvc; rainwear; enema; electro; public; hum; reluct; XX

continued from part 6

Part 7

She felt that her public ordeal wold never come to an end. For almost two hours Walter had made her walk around downtown, presenting herself in her strict and bizarre slave uniform. She was forced to stroll through a mall and present herself to the public. Her cheeks were red from shame, sometimes she had to fight her tears again and again.

Over the time she got hot in her heavy rubber slave outfit and all the plastic. She felt her sweat drippling over her skin, the layers of rubber and plastic sometimes seemed to be glued onto her. Whenever she tried to fight Walters orders, she was treated with the electric discipline system and since the remote enema system was put to good use, she felt like being pregnant in her eighth month now. And still there was a lot of liquid in the container in her backpack, as the weight told her.

Her ugly and stiff rubber boots made squeaking noises with every step. She got the feeling that the noise made by her multiple layers of rubber and plastic were to be heard all over the place and attracted curious looks of the crowd around her. The situation seemed to be a never ending ordeal.

Later on she was somewhat relieved when she was ordered to leave the mall and she found that it had started to rain outside. The rain was not very hard, it was a constant drizzle which had led to the fact that very few pedestrians sought their way in the roads. Temperatures in her rubber and plastic confinement were back to normal and when Walter walked beside her, offering her his arm, all of a sudden she felt extremely happy. Her lust was raising fast and with every step, which each little disciplination shock sent through her craving wet pussy, even with those unexpected shots of enema liquid which were sent up her bowels and which she hated so much, she got as horny as she had never felt before. It was one of those very first moments that she did not fight her fate and accepted again, that she had wanted to be a rubber slut and bondage slave herself so much. 

Suddenly she recognized a young lady in the pedestrian area, dressed in a nice shiny black hooded trenchcoat and walking up directly in her direction. She thought her heart would stop beating immediately and turned around, her face blushing dark red of shame.

“Pleaffe, Maffter,” she stammered as fast as the gag would allow her and she did not take care of the large amount of saliva dripping out of her mouth and running down over the breast of her rubber mackintosh, “pleaffe not fiff way – pleaffe let uff turn around and walk fomewhere elffe..” Her stammering got faster and faster, while she threw her hooded head around. She stopped immediately when Walter activated the remote control unit, pumping more enema fluid into her bowels and sending some considerable discipline shocks through her vaginal rod.

“What`s all that about, slut?” he asked.

“Fforry, Maffter,” she replied stammering and started trembling again, “but my fiffter iff coming up ffe road, I don`t want her to feee me like fiff…..” A rush of saliva dripped out of her mouth and ran over her mac.

“Stop your misbehaving immediately” he said with a stern voice. “You never told me you have a sister in town!”

“You haffe neffer affked me, Ffir” Another rush of saliva made its way out of her mouth and downwards over the surface of her raincoat, leaving clearly visible wet stains. Again she tried to avoid a confrontation with her sister, but Walter disciplined her again very harsh.

“I don`t see any problem why someone – even your sister – should not know you are a rubber slut and a rubber slave. It was your decision that you wanted to be treated like this.  Now that your dream has come true, there is no way out as you have agreed yourself. Keep on walking, slut!” RS moaned and threw up her hooded head frantically. Walters words were accompanied by an intense rush of enema fluid pumped in her bowels through the anal punishment device. Her face was red with shame by now and her only hope was that her sister would not recognize her due to her bizarre costume.

Raissa tried to slow down her steps and at the same time to bow her head as good as the discipline dress would allow her. Walter was merciless. More enema fluid was pumped into her immediately and the discipline device in her vagina started to sent shocks into her wet pussy. Another rush of urine ran through her catheter, she felt the warm liquid filling up the rubber bag which was strapped to her leg. Another sign that she was utterly helpless and had to obey, whatever her master asked her to do. As a consequence Raissa started to shake her rubber clad head over her shoulders and stammering she asked for relief again and again. Of course more saliva dripped out of her mouth. All this lead to the fact that the young lady in her black shiny trenchcoat looked at her even more.

“Walk slowly, slut!” Walters command came with a stern voice, accompanied by more fierce shocks from the electric discipline system. RS couldn`t avoid it. All of a sudden tears of shame broke out of her face, she sobbed while she slowed down as she was requested by her master. With satisfaction Walter stepped back a little bit, so that RS was just walking a short distance in front of him. And with even more satisfaction he watched the scene, as the young woman in her black, shiny pvc raincoat showed curious interest in his slave. Without hesitation she stepped in front of RS and watched her closely.

“Oh, that’s you, Raissa!” she shouted. “Haven`t seen you in a while, my dear. Are you into those old habits again? Enjoying still your old fetish? Getting dressed in that oldfashioned rubber raingear? Hm, what happened to your hair? Going bald, eh? Met someone showing you your way finally?”

While she was talking she ran her hand over Raissas plastic and rubber clothes and she grinned when she saw the shame of her sister. With a big smiled she looked at Walter and asked him: ”Is she yours now?”

Walter was somewhat surprised about the type of conversation. Obviously Raissa's sister did know about her fetish preferences. He wondered what history the sisters seemed to share and why Raissa's sister kept so calm on the scene. He stepped by and had a first, intense look at Raissa's sister. Most probably she was just a bit younger and seemed to be a very nice, young lady. He shook her hand.

“Yes, she asked me to take care of her and train her as a slave. By the way – my name is Walter. Glad to meet you!”

“I am Vera, Raissa's sister, as you know by now. Well, that`s a development. Finally she got someone treating her as she deserves.”

“Tell your sister what you wanted me to do with you, RS!” For just a second RS had the idea of not following her masters order, but just a little shock from her anal rod brought her back into reality.

“Yefff, I haffe  affked Walter to make a rubber slaffe off me. You know ffht I haffe alwayffs loved raincoatff and rubber cloffing.”

“Ah well, Raissa, yes, I did not forget that it was you who made mother always make us wear that rubber stuff when we went outside. You know that I hated you for that, bitch.”  All of a sudden Walter realised that there was may be a very interesting story about those two girls and he wanted to learn more about it.

“Well, Vera, may I invite you for a cup of coffee or a drink?”

She looked all over him and smiled, while she pulled the hood of her shiny raincoat over her head and pulled the string in the seam tighter. “Hm, why not, you look like a handsome Master. But what about that piece of rubber slut here?”

“Oh, she is well dressed up and will not get wet – at least not from the outside!” Walter smiled back at Vera. She can just wait in front of the café and we will watch her standing out there in the rain.”

“Ok, Sír, I am convinced, invitation accepted! How about the Ghirardi`s just down at the corner of the mall? Should be some people down there despite the rain. I think it will be fun watching her standing in front of the entrance and how people look at her!”

Walter accepted, while RS tried to protest again.

“Pleaffe, not back don ffhere again. Pleaffe no. It ifff fffo humiliaffing…..”

“Shut up, slut!” Walter turned around and looked at RS. “It was you who wanted to be humiliated and treated like a slave. It was you who signed a contract to be treated like that by your own, free will. It was you who signed over the complete control of your body to me. It was you who couldn`t get fast enough into all sort of bizarre rubber stuff. So don`t complain if you get what you want! And since you spoke again without your Masters permit, you will be strapped into the punishment chair for the next night again and you will receive another punishent urinal session. And now shut up!”

“Punishment urinal session? You are forcing her to drink piss? Oh, wow, you really have her under full control!” Vera smiled at Walter. “I`d really love to see this!”

“Can be done!” Walter grinned and pulled the seams of Raissas Cape and Coat open as far as possible. His slaves face got red of shame in a matter of seconds. Having her sister looking at all the rubber tubing, the cables and electrodes, the rubber bulbs from the thick rods strapped up her ass and cunt, and finally the transparent urine bag strapped on her leg and connected to her catheter was a humiliating treatment of it`s own. Walter pulled both the coat and the cape down again.

He ordered RS to walk in front of her sister and him down the road to the mall again. As expected, there were still a good number of visitors entering and leaving the mall. Ghirardi`s was just beside the entrance. Walter positioned his slave in a way that she could be seen properly from one of the tables at the window front. RS was ordered to stay there, her legs spread well, hands on her back. Walter pulled the hood of the rubber cape over her head and closed it so tight, that she could merely see the tips of her rubberboots when she bowed her head as much as possible.

“You`ll stay like this until we pick you up again! And don`t dare to move!” He pulled the string fos RS`s rubberhood even tighter, until only her nose and her lips were visible, spread open by the special gag. Using the remote control system, he made her feel some more considerable heavy shocks in her wet, rubber plugged cunt and also he filled her up with some more enema liquid. Feeling the constant pressure in her bowels and the cramps in her pussy, RS could not prevent that a lot of her saliva ran out of her mouth and all the way down over her rubber raincoat. She tried to hold it back but all she achieved was that she made some slurping noises.

“Oh what a rubber pig you are, Raissa! Can`t you behave? But what do I expect from a rubber slut that is pissing in a rubber bag because she is not able to control her bladder. If I were in charge of you, I would keep you day and night in rubber diapers and bloomers and force you to show them in public!” Vera spoke quite loud and RS felt even more ashamed, being addressed like this by her own sister.

RS felt her tears rising again. Her emotions were a strange mix of humiliation and horniness. As ordered she spread her legs wide, presented her heavy black rubber boots, kept her hands in her back and bowed her hooded head as good as possible. The drizzle now had changed to a constant rain. Vera and Walter headed for the coffeeshop.

Inside, they chose a table near the one of the great windows, from where they could watch rubberslave RS standing motionless with spread legs in the pouring rain. Walter was satisfied that she definitely obeyed and followed his orders. He looked at Vera. The way she presented herself in her black, shiny PVC-raincoat appealed to him. She slightly bowed her hooded head when she realised he watched her.

“Vera, may I help you with your raincoat?” he asked politely.

“Hmm, I think I will stay dressed and just drop my hood if you like. And I expect you to wear your rubber mac as well. You look very handsome in it – I like that sight very much!”

Walter smiled and helped her with her chair. Vera loosened the seam of her hood and shook her head, her brown hair was quite short, as he realised. She smiled and closed the upper button of her coat.

“You like that view, I assume?”

“Well, you are torturing me visually!” Walter grinned and buttoned up his rubber mac as well. When they waitress stopped by their table, they ordered Cappucinos. For a short while they watched RS out there in the now pouring rain.

“I like the idea that she is now the one suffering humiliation and all that stuff. However, I am convinced that the harder she is treated, the more she will get off and get horny. She is an extremely submisive and masochistic piece of slave. Actually she would be an unbelievable asset for any sort of kinky domina studio. Did you say you made her already swallow piss? How long is she yours?”

Walter told Vera what he had done with RS just the day before. He described how he had tubed her and forced her to take her own urine. To his astonishment Vera seemed to listen very concentrated and was not upset at all. He told Vera that RS was just a few days under his orders. Vera smiled. “She must have been craving for that sort of treatment for a very long time. Well – at least she choose someone to train and enslave her, who was may be beyond her own fantasies…..”

She sipped from the Cappucino and started to tell Walter about the past, when she and RS lived with her mother. Their parents were immigrants and her father died in an accident when the sisters were stilll young.

“Mother had always the idea that we were not allowed to look nice and posh as other teenagers. She insisted that we had to wear raincoats, raincapes and so on even when there was no sign of a single cloud. That should teach us to be modeest and shameful. I hated that attitude, but Raissa always agreed when mother ordered us to wear our rubber macs and put the hood up. ”

“I think she must have developped that sort of kink very early. It was always her who talked mother into buying strange garments like PVC-saunasuits, rubberised garments of all sorts like jumpsuits and raingear. The selling point mother followed always was, that these garments could just be showered and didn`t need to be washed extensively. And since mother had to work to make our living it was her who was in charge of me and how I had to dress. ”

“So I found myself always in those rubber, nylon and plastic garments which she made me wear. It was useless to complain, my mother just told me to do what Raissa wanted me to do. Later on she started to tie me, when I tried to fight that rubber and plastic stuff. Of course she herself dressed up always. Telling me, how practical rubber and plastic clothing was. Things got a different turn just one or two years later. I think she was seventeen when she tied me the first time in a way that I had to kneel in front of her. Completely dressed up in layers of rubber and plastic and the hoods tightened in a way that I had never experienced before, covering my eyes and taking away my sight. This was the first time when she forced me to lick her cunt. ”

“The first two or three times I had to lick the plastic of her raintrousers between her legs or she made me lick her rubber boots. Later on she used to wear plastic macs and I had to lick her naked clit. If I tried to resist she put a plastic bag over my head and suffocated me until I did everything she wanted. I hated her for that, but on the other side after a few times I had some feelings of my own!” Vera smiled. “Strange story, isn`t it?”

“Yes,” Walter answered and looked again at his rubber slave, still in the same position as they had left her. It seemed strange to him that his obedient rubber slut should have a dominant touch as well. “Indeed, a very strange story. But couldn`t you explain to your mother, what was going on?”

“Hm, mother. She was always tired when coming back of work. She asked us to stop our arguments and most probably we would both end up in somes gasmasks which we forced to wear for sometimes the whole weekend. A way of rubber punishment usually suggested for both of us by Raissa. She knew perfectly that I feared and hated those rubber gasmasks with their strong smell.”

“So by now, everything “rubbery” causes aversions and disgust for you?”

Vera smiled and gave Walter a big grin. “Not really. Things turned out to be complicated for me. On one side there was the feeling of disgust. I tried to get that history out of my memory. But as you see, it didn`t work. I got around it when I went to college. Lots of other things to do. Studies, courses and so on. And during that time I tried to find my own way through sexuality. Not easy, as you may imagine.”

“Hm, sounds really disturbing and I don`t know if I should proceed with RS as I had planned…”

Vera put her hand on Walters arm. She touched the rubber of his raincoat, let her fingertips run over the soft and shiny material.

“Don`t worry. I think Raissa is just on the brink of what she really wants. Again: she is the most submissive and masochistic woman I ever met. And I should know – I am her sister. And I know her history as well. You see, it turned out that I somewhat found my freedom with bisexuality. For women I am absolutely domme, when it comes to the male species, I am definitely sub and want to be treated as a slave. And if you believe it or not – when it comes to bizarre rubber treatements – after all those years: it turns me on again.”

“It must have taken lots of energy and force to find your way, I think!”

“Yes Walter, definitely. The biggest problem was always the fact that I was  not able to find the right kind of people around and for me. When I was focused on a woman, men always complained that they were not the center of my interest and vice versa. Far too complicated to build up a solid relationship with trust and understanding. One of the things I definitely need to be able to live all those things and fantasies, you see?”

“I can imagine that things weren`t easy for you. I am admiring that you finally managed your way. May be I should release Raissa…”

“Releasing Raissa? That would kill her. Believe me – she wants much more from you, a much harder and stricter treatment. Raissa is the kind of slave which will do everything as long she feels force and consequence. You could have easily insisted of having her head shaved bald completely. She will accept everything as long as she is craving to be fucked. And I know that she gets horny as hell when she only gets in sight of a piece of plastic or rubber. Being forced to live like this and feel her status day and night is paradise for her.”

“Okay, but what about you?” Walters voice sounded rough and somewhat uncertain.

“Well, Walter, let`s speak frankly. You are a handsome man and I like what I see – to speak modest due to the fact that we have met just about two hours ago. Seeing you both have just fired up my fantasies in an incredible way. I think you are the kind of guy I would love to take care of me. Just like Raissa. On the other hand, I am honest when I am saying that I would love to take some sort of revenge on her. I know she can be transformed into a perfect rubber slut and slave. I don`t know yet your status with her. Did you already have sex  with her?”

“No, actually not. I wanted her to beg and ask for it. I wanted to break her will and proudness and make her feel like a rubber slut, before I take her.”

“Hm, that`s good. Would you love to have a second rubber slave? Someone you can treat as harsh as Raissa?”

“Tempting idea!” Walters voice seemed to tremble and Vera just smiled.

“Ok, I am offering you a deal. I will submit to your fantasies and rules fully and without any restrictions. You can treat me like Raissa or try other things with me, just as you want. I have been looking for someone to train and treat me for quite a long time. But you will have to pay a price for this!”

“And that would be?”

“Raissa will be both our slave. That means, I will have the full right to dominate and treat her like I wish. In every way you can think of. We both will decide what she will have to suffer, but the final word is spoken by me. Once I have decided, there is no mercy, whatever you think about my plans with her. And since she is yours as well: you can fuck her up her ass or use her mouth – whenever you want and whenever I can`t tease you to make use of me. But her cunt is mine. She will be chastised completely and when she gets fucked in her cunt, it will be by me with a strapon. You and maybe others will watch. Again, her mouth and her ass are yours as well. And one more thing: despite I am willingly accepting to be your slave in any and every aspect, my place will be beside you. During the day as well as at night in bed. Unless you decide I will have to spend some time in a cage or a night in one of your ingenious urinal chairs. My cunt is yours and this will be the only one you use. Agreed?”

“Well, if you are sure you want to be treated like her. I mean, you may end up dressed like her, you may lose most or all your hair yourself, you may have to swallow not only mine or your own piss, but hers as well, you will be kept in rubber and plastic, bound and gagged and….”

“I know all this and I accept it, Walter. I have fantasized of things like that for years. But I never found the right constellation of people to live all this with trust and confidence. I just feel that I have to take this chance – why don’t you give us some time to try?”

“Ok, it seems that at least for the moment I have nothing to loose but the right to fuck RS in her cunt. Since you are offering yourself to make up for this, I guess I should take advantage from the situation. Ok, we got a deal – but as you see with RS: be aware that I am extremely consequent. I want you to sign a statement that you are signing yourself over to me. I certainly won`t be able to use that in court, but I want it as proof that you want to live that bizarre lifestyle, ok?”

“I don’t have any problem with this!” Vera's voice got stern, her eyes seemed to lighten up while she looked at him. She touched his arm, put her head on his macintoshed shoulder and all of a sudden kissed him. “Master, speaking honest, this seems to be a case of great love on the first glimpse. Watching you and RS has made me jealous on the spot. I want to be yours with every consequence!”

Walter did not answer. He watched Vera very closely, run his hand over the shiny pvc of her raincoat. After a while he asked Vera how she made her living and how she thought that she would be able to combine the life of a rubber slave with that of someone working. Vera told him that she had invested in shares of a small medical company, producing orthopedic equipment, braces, corsets and all sorts of medical stuff. She confessed to him that she did that because some of her fetish and kinky interests were focused on this topic as well.

“It is,” she said, “a very good investment, I am making some good money. Of course I will have to go and see them sometimes, because by now I own almost eighty percent of the business. But I am sure we will be able to create a convincing legend why I will look and be dressed diferent when I go there. I am sure that they will be absolutely ok with a story that I have developped some strange allergies!” She smiled all oer her face. “And believe me: there will be a lot of other benefits from this. I promise that  I will be available to you day and night, whenever you want to make use of your new, obedient rubber fuck toy!”

Another fifteen minutes passed by and Vera leaned against Walter. “Imagine how it will look when you see both of us standing out there while you have coffee and read a newspaper!” she said. And with a big smile she added: “But there will be definitely no third rubber slave! Just to make sure. This is a very unique situation.”

“Well, it looks like I will have a very tight agenda in the near future.” Walter smiled back at her. “We are still in RS` apartment and I don`t believe that this will be convenient for a very long time. We will have to make some decisions and move to a bigger place, I guess….”

“Ok, for the night we will be at RS place. You go there and prepare what you think you should, while I am heading for my place to pick some stuff we might try out and play with, ok? ”

“Fine with me. You know your way?”

“Haven`t been around for quite some time, but I will find it again without problems. Let`s just hurry up, my love. Oh, how are you going to call me, Master?”

“Hm, you have offered yourself almost like a whore, true?”

“Yes Master, but only with good intentions!”

“Do you think, that getting fucked by me and chastizing RS, your sister,  is good intention?”

“Hm, viewing it from this point….”

“You will be called RW, which stands for Rubberwhore, from now on.”

They paid and left the coffee shop. It still rained very hard and Vera pulled Walters hood over his head with a caring gesture and then asked him. “Would you mind putting the hood of Rubberwhore on her head and close it as tight as you want, Master?”

RS looked at the scene, which seemed to be very strange for her. She could not believe the way her sister was talking. Walter put RW`s hood over her head and then closed the string with force. The seam was cutting deep into the soft flesh of Vera's face. He made a triple knot to keep the string as tight as possible. RW`s head was now covered with the black and shiny material, leaving visible only the space between her eyes and her nose. After Walter had closed her hood she stepped back and bowed in front of him with a very submissive attitude.

“How does Master Walter want his personal Rubberwhore to be dressed when she calls in for her punishment and future training?”

“Since I don`t know what to find in your dressing room I order you to dress up completely in rubber and plastic and you will choose those garments, in which you feel ashamed as much as possible. At least three layers are required! For your further uniforms and rubber clothes we will check what`s in your wardrobe. Hurry up, whore, I don`t like the idea of having to wait very long!”

RS opened her eyes wide. She felt like being in some strange movie scene. What had happened and why was Walter calling Vera “Rubberwhore”? She was puzzled and tried to understand. Vera all of a sudden turned around and looked into her face.

“Just to let you know, Rubberslut, it seems that there will be some significant changes in your life as a slave from now on. Be prepared that you will be punished, transformed and made into a rubber toy as complete as possible. And I am glad that Master Walter has adopted some of my ideas and let me decide from now on whats going to happen with you, you horny rubberslut! Just take the time until I show up at yours to enjoy the last hours of easy rubbering for you. Now it will get really hard for you, babe. You know that we still do have some open balances….!”

RS was speechless while Vera smiled at her, kissed her on her gagged mouth and disappeared in the grey rain. Walter ordered her to follow him back to the car without saying a single word. Since she was too puzzled she obeyed. When they arrived at the car, Walter took out a chain collar and a leash. He locked the collar around her neck and attached the leash. And even when they had arrived at home RS had not spoken a single word. She had the uncertain feeling that she wouldn`t be able to say much in the future anyway.

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