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The Piano Teacher Part 6

by Colloredo

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© Copyright 2010 - Colloredo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; chast; latex; pvc; rainwear; enema; hum; reluct; XX

continued from part 5

Part 6

“Ok, slut, it`s about time to dress you for a little shopping tour!” Walter looked at his slave RS and smiled. RS had just finished to lick the porrridge out of the steel bowl in front of her. She did not dare to raise her head and look at Walter. Especially after she knew that the thick rubber mask which covered her head and face showed clear signs of the slimy substance she had to lick up wih her tongue for breakfast. Walter stood up, walked around the table and unchained his rubber property.

“Get over to the bathroom, clean your punishment mask with a sponge and then wait for me in your slave room!”

RS stretched her legs and arms. Kneeling at the table was quite uncomfortable when being chained in a position which did not allow more then just small moves. Especially after she had to spend the night strapped into the punishment chair. A cold shiver went through her rubber clad body when she remembered the last night. The ordeal of having to swallow her own urine until the last drop, before the cruel colon flushing system stopped its constant punishment.

It was almost two hours after midnight when she finally fell to sleep, exhausted, still craving for some sex, her fantasies turning wild and leaving reality far behind her. In her dreams she was submitted to the most incredible punishments and ordeals by a group of rubber clad men and women. She was whipped, suspended, bound into weirdest gears her mind could come up with.

She woke up when Walter came into her slave room and started to loosen the strict rubber straps, which had forced her to the punishment chair. After she had stretched and made a few steps to regain full mobility, Walter applied a regular enema to wash her out. When she tried to complain, reminding Walter that she had been given a colonic punishment washout during the last night, Walter simply told her that from now on this was her daily morning routine, no matter how she had been treated the afternoon and the night before.

After her morning washout she was allowed to undress.  She was not allowed to take the punishment rubber helmet off, also her catheter stayed in place. While he inspected her wet cunt with his rubberised hands, he told her that she would wear rubber diapers on a regular schedule instead being catheterized. One week would be four days of catheter and three days of rubber diaper, the next week would be four days of diaper bondage and three days she would be catheterized again. And so on, most probably for the rest of your life, Walter added with a big grin in his face.

After he had dressed her in a loose fitting overall made from thick stiff hospital sheeting, she was leashed and led to the breakfast table. There she found two bowls: one with the porridge, the other one with orange juice. No way that he would allow her to use her hands. She had to lick up from the steel bowls what she wanted for breakfast. Walter did not hesitate to make some humiliating comments to her. And she wondered, what he had planned for her new day of rubber ordeal and humiliation.

She bowed before her master and went off to follow his orders. Just four minutes later she stood in the middle of her slave room, her legs wide open, the hands in her back and her head bowed as much as she could, her chin touching her chest. A few seconds later Walter stepped into the room and looked at his slave.

He gently slapped her tits which protruded through the narrow holes of her thick rubber punishment leotard in the most obscene way thinkable. RS moaned, but she did not dare to speak. She still had some hope that Walter would step back from his decision to convert her breasts into large, sagging milking udders.

“Ok,” he said, “lets pull your udders a bit more upwards to make sure they mark you well once you are in your uniform!” He wound some rope around the base of her breasts and pulled the two loose ends up to the ring on her rubber neck corset. He pulled the two strings very hard before he knotted the ends into the ring. RS breasts were now pointing upwards. Gently he twisted her nipples and made them even harder this way. “We will have to take care that these don’t poke through your raincoat, darling!”

“Well, now it`s time to put your enema pants on!” He pointed to a piece of thick rubber.

“I already had an enema!” RS started to complain. She did not like the idea of being fitted with another rubber shaft into her anus, and even more, being filled with an enema again. She preferred to have her masters hard shaft in her craving cunt. She was his rubber slave now for almost a full day and he had showed no intention so far that he would make use of his new posession. She definitely wanted to be fucked now.

“Shut up, slut!” Walters voice sounded stern and serious. “You have not been allowed to speak! And after all, there is a difference! Your morning enema is meant to clean you out and make sure you can be used this way without any further notice. A matter of hygiene, if you understand. If I decide you are ready for a punishment enema this is something different! So get in your enema pants now!” While Walter was speaking he took a penis gag and strapped it into RS mouth.

“Suck this rubber penis, you disobedient slut! Rember that being a rubber object is the purpose of your living now. And again: you are not allowed to speak without permission!”

Walter pulled the leather strap behind RS head and closed it, forcing the thick, black penis shaped piece of rubber deep into RS mouth. Only a muttering, stiffled sound escaped from her mouth and a few seconds later she started to suck the rubber cock as requested by her master. He pointed to the brown rubber enema pants made from very thick, double sided sheeting. “And now hurry, put these on. And don`t forget to push your pissing tube, your catheter, through the small hole right next to the shaft destined for your cunt!”

RS picked up the enema pants. The material was incredible heavy and stiff. The pants were very wide, resembling to very old fashioned bloomers. Now she could also see that the rubber pants featured some sort of integrated chastity belt. A rubber covered band of elastic steel was integrated in the pants waist, two attached D-rings in front provided room for secure locking once she would be in the rubber pants. An additional very thick and obviously reinforced Y-shaped rubber band was attached in the back, designed to be strapped to the front passing between her legs and locked to the two front rings already mentioned.

Looking inside the pants she started to tremble again. The first thing she saw was a very thick and long penis shaped rubber shaft, much thicker and longer than anything else she had been fitted up her anus so far. Through a hole in the tip of this instrument was poking a red rubber tube, about twenty five centimeters long. Attached to this shaft were to ring shaped inflatable rubber seals, one right behind the tip, the second one almost at the end of it.

Mounted next to this horrible enema device was a large, pear shaped rubber plug. At the widest part she estimated the diamter of this thing to be about eight to ten centimters, the rest of the shaft had the shape of a very good sized mans penis. This thing was made of massive rubber, it had very little flexibilty and she found that a metal bar was mounted into this plug, the other end of the bar being outside the pants as well as a good length of the red rubber enema tube. Around the front plug she found a number of short but stiff rubber spikes, designed to push against her shaved labia and her naked clit and the small hole Walter already had mentioned. The hole to take care of her catheter.

RS hesitated, but Walter made a harsh movement with is hand. Full of fear and resignation she pulled the pant over her legs and bent over a chair, so Walter could insert the inner length of the red rubber tube into her asshole and push it up steadily. She moaned loudly into her gag and shook her rubber masked head frantically when Walter pushed the tip of the enema shaft through her narrow anal passage. The same thing happened again when the pear shaped rubber shaft was forced into her cunt. This is what a fisting must feel like she thought while she threw her head from side to side. Finally the two rubber instruments were mounted deeply into her anus and pussy. She felt her muscles cramp around the hard intruders and she trembled again heavily when Walter asked her to stand straight again. He took her in his arms and kissed her on her gagged mouth.

“The worst part for now is over, my little slave. I think you will be accustomed quite well to your slave pants by tonight, before I will lock you into your rubber cell. And I think in about two or three weeks from now you will be adjusted well to your punishment pants. Wearing them day by day will help you quite a bit!”

RS started to scream again. She could not believe that she would be strapped into these ugly and extremely uncomfortable rubber punishment pants from now on each and every day. But she had learned enough by now to know that Walter was serious about his decisions. Walter adjusted the catheter tube which protruded through the small hole in front of the punishment pants. RS looked into the mirror while Walter pulled the chastity strap from the back through her legs to the front. She could see the metal shaft coming from the hard rubber plug in her cunt, which ended just between her legs. Two red rubber tubes coming out from the thick enema plug in her rear. One would be used to fill her bowels with the punishment liquid, the other one had a little valve at its end and was to be used to drain her if necessary. Furthermore she could see two smaller black rubber tubes with rubber ball pumps at their end to inflate the two seals inside her anus.

With a sharp last tug Walter pulled tight the straps between his slaves legs and locked them to the front rings of the reinforced belt.  RS stammered helplessly into her penis gag. Now she felt the spikes inside her punishment trousers working on the soft flesh of her labia and her clit. She felt that the two thick rubber insrtuments were forced into her openings even deeper. While she still tried to adopt to the new situation Walter locked the punishment pants around his slaves legs, just under her knees. He selected a transparent rubber urine bag and strapped it to her left knee after he had connected it carefully to her catheter tube.  RS closed her eyes in shame. She did not want to see what happened when Walter opened the clamp which had sealed the catheter until now. She did not want to see the rush of urine flowing through the transparent tube into the bag, clearly indicating that she was not able to control such an intimate thing like her bladder by herself. But Walter was merciless:

“Open your eyes, rubber slut and look how you piss in your urine bag!” he ordered. “I guess I need to make a little video sequence of this procedure and make you look at it as often as possible. You need to be aware that you are a totally controlled rubber whore evey single second of your life!”

Walter pointed to a pair of black heavy duty rubber boots with a thick, red rubber sole. RS hated these rubber boots from the depth of her heart, because they were so ugly and heavy. But finally she slid her rubbered feet and legs into the boots, knowing that she would have no alternative anyway. Both boots were fitted with two rings at the upper end, these were locked to matching rings on the rubber pants.  Now Walter grabbed a short chain and used it to connect the inner two rings on the shame pants right below RS knees. Finally he connected the vertical metal bar from the rubber pear in RS cunt to a ring in the middle of the chain between her knees.

“Oh, I was about to forget that I still have to inflate the seals of your enema plug!” He grabbed the two rubber bulbs which dangled between RS legs and started to press them slowly.  RS, who thought she had already reached the maximum of possible stretching, shook her rubber masked head again. She had the feeling that the device in her anus had doubled in size. Obviously the intense pressure in her rectum had influence on her bladder as well. She could not prevent another shot of urine running through the catheter tube into the urinal bag strapped to her leg.

“Ok, next thing are the rubber gloves!” Walter took a pair of long sleeved industrial grade rubber gloves from a shelf. He pulled them carefully over RS already rubber gloved hands and arms.  Two leather straps fitted tightly around her upper arms and made sure the sleeves would not be able to slide down again. RS looked at her hands and tried to move her fingers. The thick rubber glove worked just a additional bondage. The only thing she could do with her hands now was to open and close the fingers, but she would not be able to grab anything smaller than an apple or so.
“Ok slut,” Walter stepped back and looked at RS and smiled when he saw the perfection of her humiliating outfit. “Before I will dress you for our little shopping tour I want you to walk around here in the room. I just want to make sure that everything fits properly and is as tight as necessary!”

He ordered RS to walk up and down in front of the large mirror. It didn`t take RS more then four or five steps to realise in what a particular humiliating situation she was by now. With every single movement her punishment pants made squeaking noises, loud enough not to be muffled by any other garment she would wear on top. With every single step she felt moving around the thick rubber pear in her wet cunt. A strange sensation in the middle of pain and arousal. She felt the spikes insider her punishment pants, felt the heaviness of the thick rubber boots which made her steps even harder.

“Ok slut. Everythings seems to work just fine. It`s time to dress you up for our little promenade. I will remove your rubber mask and your gag now. Be aware that you are not allowed to speak under any circumstances, unless you are asked by your master!” Walter unlocked the penis gag  and pulled it out of RS mouth. Then he removed the rubber mask which had covered RS head and face for so many hours by now.

RS closed her eyes again in shame when he carefully pulled the rubber from her head. Since she had sweated quite a bit under her heavy punishment mask the platinum blonde short remains of her hair were invisible in fact. It looked like if she was completely bald. Walter run his hand over her head and smiled. “You look really like a bald slut!” he said. “I like this very much! And now we are going to present your new haircut outside!”

Walter took a long robe from one of the shelves. It was made from industrial grade pvc, very stiff and with this typical smell. It was semi transparent, grey material she had seen never before. He opened the robe and pulled the long, wide sleeves over her arms.  A few minutes later her body way wrapped into the stiff, strange smelling shiny plastic. The lower seam of the robe reached all the way down to her ankles. Walter started to close the snap buttons in her back one by one.  While she listened to the clicks of the buttons which indicated that she was confined to another shameful dress she looked into the mirror again. Although the plastic was very thick and semi transparent, all the tubes, the bondage gear and her humiliating rubber underwear could be seen quite clearly. She sighed and wondered what Walter had in mind for her now. He had reached the neck of the robe now which had a very special design.

The collar of this strange robe featured an integrated neck corset made from solid transparent pvc. Obviously it was a modified orthopedic device that enclosed all of her neck, reached under her chin in front and almost up to her lower lip. The side areas were reinforced with steel and reached up to her ear lobes. All this was covered with the same plastic material her strange robe was made from.

Walter laced the neck corset as strict as possible and locked it afterwards. RS was now forced to keep her head absolutely upright and she could not move it to any side more than may be two or three millimeters.  Walter adjusted the laces once more and stepped back.

“I like the way you look now, slut!” he said, “I can`t wait to present you to some friends, but you definitely have to learn a few things before I show you around! And now it`s time for your raincoat!”

He picked up a raincoat made from thick, clear plastic. I seemed to be the same material the robe was made from. Like a gentleman he helped her into the coat and buttoned it up.  Again a number of heavy duty snap buttons, again another layer of the stiff, noisy material she disliked even more than her rubber punishment pants. Walter grabbed between her legs and bent the rubber tube coming out of her enema plug and pulled it through a hole in the back of the plastic raincoat. He did the same with the two cables which still were dangling loose between RS rubbered legs.

“Time for your gag again, slave!” he said. “I need to fix this before I can close your hood!”  He grabbed a piece of plastic and while he folded it she saw the wet glistening. “This is the detachable hood of an old plastic raincoat!” he explained to her. “I took the liberty to lubricate it for you with a good portion of my cum. You shall as well taste what you are, a horny rubber slut. And now open your mouth wide!”

Meanwhile she knew that it was better to obey immediately to his orders rather then getting into more trouble and punishment. She opened her mouth and felt the wet plastic slide into her mouth, filling it with the taste of his juices. Then he took an M-shaped metal device. The two outer legs of the M were made from some sort of elastic band, the middle part of the M was made from rubberised steel rod. He slipped the middle part into her mouth, over her tongue and between the folds of the plastic sheeting.  The plastic matrial was pushed deeper into her mouth and covered most of her tongue. Walter hooked the outer parts of the gag device to some rings on her neck corset. She felt how the corners of her mouth were pulled back quite sharply. The only visible sign of her gag were the two small metal braces that run horizontally across her cheeks, now linked unremovable to her neck corset.

“Do you like your gag and the way it tastes?” Walter aksed his slave. “Yeff Fir!” RS tried to answer, she found that she could speak with some difficulties. And for the price that her saliva started to drip out of her gagged mouth petty easy because she could not swallow it properly. “It iff a ftrange feeling, Ffir, but I like ffe tafte off your cum!” Oh yes, she did like it but again she was already craving for getting fucked hard by him. Walter smild when he saw that she was not able to hold her saliva back. The gag worked exactly as he had planned it.

“Great you like your new gag! From now on you will have to wear it everytime you leave the house! Ok now, time to get you dressed for shopping!”

Walter attached the plastic hood which belonged to to the robe. It was made from the same material and was snapped on the integrated slave collar by heavy duty snap buttons to guarantee a perfect connection. Instead of a drawstring the hood had an elasticated seam, which was very strict. But it made sure that the hood fitted absolutely tight and perfect around RS head, leaving free only a small portion of her face between her eyebrows and her chin.

“Hmmm, nice!” Walter run his hands over RS plastic clad head, “you now look as if you were really completely bald. I am sure this will attract a lot of curious looks! And now it`s time for your mac!”

Walter grabbed a hooded plastic mac from the wardrobe. It was made from the same stiff, rustling heavy duty material like her robe. The part below the wide and strict belt was cut like a wide, pleated skirt. The sleeves were wide and puffy as well, while the narrow cuffs were reinforced and lockable. The coat featured an additional short cape attached to the shoulders and two hoods at the same time.  The first and inner hood was designed like a hood of an anorak or ski jacket. It was made from double layered material and sported two flaps which could be buttoned over the lower part of the wearers face. The second hood was fitted wis a tight elastic rubber band in the seam again. A few minutes later RS was fitted into the heavy old fashioned plastic mac and Walter had pulled the first hood over her already pvc covered head.

“Now for the final additions” he said. “You need a rubber raincoat to be well protected, hm, let`s take this old one here!” He grabbed a black rubber raincoat from the wardrobe. It was indeed a very old fashioned piece, single breasted but with a wide skirt and a wide belt, and it had a hood fixed to it. He helped her into the raincoat and buttoned it all the way up and tightened the belt. Instinctively she run her rubber covered hands over the surface, searching for some pockets to hide them. He grinned.

“No way, my dear little slut. You will show your nice rubber gloves everyone out there. To make sure you obey this coat does not have pockets!”

When she looked into the mirror again she realised that the rubber coat was a bit shorter than the pvc mack she wore underneath. Without any problems anyone looking at her would notice that she was locked into multiple layers of plastic and rubber garments.

“Ok, and now for your back pack, my rubber slut!” Walter grabbed a black backpack, made from reinforced rubber. Again it was not at all a fashion affair. The black rubber container looked more than a miltary tornister. He strapped the unit on her back, securing it strictly with the various rubber bands which run across her shoulders and around her hips. She wondered about the weight – this thing was considerably heavy. He pulled a red rubnber tube through an opening on the bottom of the back pack. She was orderd to bend over and she felt that he was nestling with some of the tubes dangling between her legs. Finally he told her to stand upright again.

Walter had something in his right hand which looked like a remote control. He smiled at her and pressed one of the buttons on the device. She heard a faint humming noise coming out from her backpack and all of a sudden some she felt that some enema liquid was pumped into her anus.

“I can`t go out like fifff….” RS stammered helplessly. She looked at herself in the mirror. She could not believe that she was forced to go outside like this. Her head with her bizarre haircut clearly visible through the thick, transparent plastic material of the vinyl raincoat, the long, black rubber mackintosh with a second hood on her back, the rubber backpack which was quite uncomfortable and unfashionable at the same time, the waders and after all her hands covered with the thick black rubber gloves. Gloves that were intended for fishermen or workers, but not for young ladies. Gloves she could not hide because the black mackintosh had no pockets at all.

“Hmm,” Walter smiled at his slave, “you are perhaps right, my dear little rubber slut. I agree with you, the hood of your plastic mac is not yet tight enough.” He stepped in front of her and pulled the drawstring of the plastic hood much faster than he had done before. She felt the seam cutting in the flesh of her face, the hood now covered everything of her face and head except the small space between her eyes and her lips. This time Walter used a polished brass shamelock to secure the strings of her hood. He run his hand over her plastic covered head.

“That`s fine, my dear. I am sure your nice dress will get you lots of attraction. And now let`s hit the road, we have got quite a lot of things to do!”  While Walter chose one of his favourite macs she looked in the mirror and started to scream again. No longer she looked like a fashionable young lady. Now she was a rubber and plastic clad matron in a very oldfashioned outfit. An outfit that was more than kinky and which presented her as a rubber and plastic slave. She could not prevent htat some of her saliva was slowly but constantly dripping out of her mouth, leaving glistening wet spots on the black rubber surface of her oldfashioned rubber mac.




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