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The Piano Teacher Part 5

by Colloredo

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© Copyright 2009 - Colloredo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; latex; catheter; straitjacket; hum; electro; hood; toys; enema; reluct; XX

continued from part 4

A fifth part written by Colloredo
Reading the story  “The Piano Teacher by Rbbral”  inspired me to take the subject further. I think the subject has some good potential to develop in many ways, here is the first part of a few more to come.

Walter took a strange device RS had never seen before. Obviously it was some sort of gag. The part which was to be slipped into her mouth consisted of three parts, made of black rubber. The middle part was shaped like a short but thick and strong penis, a short length of rubber tube was running through it, designed to make her swallow whatever Walter wanted. Connected to this with small tubes were two rubber cushions. The other side ended in the red feeding tube and three rubber bulbs which allowed it to inflate the three parts individually. All this was mounted on a piece of thick, transparent rubber.

Walter first inserted the two rubber cushions into RS`s mouth. Carefully he positioned them between her teeth and the inside of her cheeks. Then he pushed the penis piece through the opening in the helmet and fixed the gag to the mask with care. In addition he added a number of straps to make sure RS was absolutely aware that there was no way out for her. Sixty seconds later all three parts were inflated as much as possible, leaving RS speechless and staring at her face which now looked even more strange and distorted. Her cheeks were pressed outside by the strict cushions, her rubber mouth cramped around the thick intruder, the tubes and bulbs dangling in front of her neck.

“I wonder what our friends will say when they see you like this the first time!” Walter said and he was satisfacted when he realised that RS started to sob again. Finally it was her who craved for humiliation and he would make sure she got what she had wanted for such a long time!

“Stand up, whore!” commanded Walter. “Spread your legs, slut!”

RS obeyed immediately. She stood in front of her master, legs spread wide apart, and stared at him through the two pvc covered eyeholes in her rubber mask. Walter smiled when he realised the small movement of RS cheeks, barely to notice under the thick rubber of the mask. It was a good indication for him that his slave was fighting with the blow up gag which he had inserted into her mouth. He checked her long sleeved rubber gloves and the matching stockings. Everything was fine, RS had made sure that there were no wrinkles or even a sloppy fit.

All of a sudden Walter slapped her tits with his hands. Her breasts were by far larger than average, but still firm and tight. RS was proud of this and very often she did not wear any bra but shiny blouses which allowed a good idea of what was hidden under it. He slapped the breasts again. He did not hurt her but he made sure she felt well that this was the beginning of he next punishment. She grunted into her gag, tried to shake her head.

“Hm” he said, “nice breasts. You are proud of them, are you?” RS stammered into her gag again, trying to confirm what her master just had said. Walter grinned when he heard the strange noise she made.

“I can`t understand you. You need to speak loud and clearly, try it again!” Of course any attempt to speak in an understandable way was in vain.

“I think we need to try something else!” he said. “If you say “yes”, blink with your left eye. If you say “no”, take the right one! Are you proud of your breasts, slut?”  She blinked with her left eye.

“Ah, I see. But you know, beeing converted into a rubber whore and slut there is nothing to be proud of anymore. As a matter of fact, I like my rubberslut to have large, saggy udders. How do you like the idea of getting your tits doubled in size? Large enough to hang down to your waist? Do you like this idea?”

RS blinked with her right eye as fast as she could. No – she did not like the idea of having her breasts modified and tormented at all. But at the same instant she knew that it was far too late. She had no doubt that within a few months from now she would sport the sort of tits Walter had decided on. Extraordinary large and saggy rubber udders, which would make her face red of shame and humiliation whenever she would leave the house and people would start to stare at the strange rubber slave she was bound to be.

“You know that your obstruction just forces me to start with the process of modifying your breasts into udders right now! You wanted me to take over control of you and do with you whatever I want, isn`t it?” This time RS ended up with blinking with her left eyelid.

“Ok, slut, time to strap you into your punishment suit!” Walter selected a large piece of rubber from one of the shelves and unfolded it. The garment looked like a straight jacket, but it was cut in a size fitting her boday almost perfect. Not very wide, the sleeves were normal length and ended in very thick and heavy rubber gloves. It had a high collar which was made of flexible steel which was covered with the thick rubber material from both sides.  In the back of the neck two shackles were fixed which allowed to lock up the neck piece. The lower part of the punishment jacket was closed with an industrial grade heavy duty zip. Over this zip there was an additional rubber cover which would be laced very strictly once the zip was closed and the hook of the zip was locked to the lower shackle of the neck part.

The front part of the rubber jacket showed two relatively small holes in the breast area. This holes were reinforced with some sort of rubber rims, on which two small valves were installed. Furthermore there were a lot of rings and shackles which obvioulsy allowed the installation of additional devices and punishment equipment. Finally there were two rubber straps dangling from the lower seam on the front of the jacket, These were meant to be run through between the slaves legs from front to back, wheer they would be locked to another set of D-rings to make sure the rubber punishment jacket would stay in place absolutely secure.

Walter held the jacket open and ordered RS to slip it on. With some reluctance she pushed her already rubber covered arms into the long, thick rubber sleeves. It took her some force to push her hands with the first set of rubber gloves through the wrist elastication into the thick industrial rubber gloves which were glued to the ends of the sleeves. But finally she had managed to push her arms into the rubber sleeves as requested by her Master. She found that she could move her rubbrised hands and fingers only very little, the thick rubber layers worked like additional bondage.

As soon as RS had slipped into the jacket Walter closed the zip in the back and, with some force, also locked the upper lock of the neck part. RS found that she was not able to move her head anymore. She had to keep it upright and straight. Walter pulled the rubber straps between RS legs and locked them in place.

“Ok,” he said, “now for the more interesting part!” He took some sort of transparent cups from a sideboard. Cups that were connected to long, red rubber hoses, which were connected with some sort of machine. The cups were designed that they could be fixed to the rims around the openings of the punishment jackets. Once he had fixed them he locked RS hands in her back.

“Just to make sure you don`t get crazy ideas once I activate the milking system!” he grinned. “I really look forward to transform your breasts into nice, big udders. I really think I should talk to a friend which is in the medical business and find out if we can speed up the process and enhance possible results by feeding you some efficient hormones! Ok, here we go…. “

He turned a switch on the milking system and immediatley a hissing sound could be heard. RS felt that the air was sucked out of the cups. Her nipples slipped through the holes of the rubber punishment jacket. She started to moan in agony. It seemed that the openings were far to small for her large breasts and she had the feeling that her nipples would be sucked out of her breasts if Walter did not stop the system.

But Walter did not show any sign of understanding. Instead he turned another switch which made the system run faster and the sucking force on the tips of her breasts were even more cruel.

“Arrrrghhhhhhhh…….” RS stammered into her blow up gag. All of a sudden first her right and then her left breast were sucked completely through the narrow opening, a process which was accompanied by a plopping noise. Walter made sure that RS breasts had been sucked through the rims completely, the strict rubber now surrounding RS breasts tightly direct at there base. “Ok, that`s fine. I need to keep the suction for another few minutes until I have laced the back of your punishment jacket and locked it. Slowly Walter worked his way with the laces in RS back, then she heard another clicking noise, the accoustic signal that she was now locked and laced completely in her punishment jacket.

“Well, let`s see how this has worked!” Walter turned off the milking system and allowed air to flow back into the suction cups so he could uninstall them.

“Hm, that’s really nice!” her murmured and touched the stiff breasts of his slave. 

“Come on darling, have a look at them!” He turned RS so she could look into one of the mirrors. The feeling to her was like a strict breast bondage. The only difference being the fact that the elastic rims were not cutting into her sensitive flesh like a rope, thus restraining blood circulation. A way to treat her breasts chosen very carefully by Walter because it would allow him to keep her this way as long as he wanted. Again she was embarassed and humiliated when she saw what effect the bondage had on her breasts. They had gotten an almost ridiculous shape, looking rather like two rugby balls and standing off completely from her chest than the nice feminine breasts she had before she was locked into the rubber jacket.

“Ok slut,” Walter said, “this is just the beginning of your breast treatment and modification. You will wear this or similar device from now on a twenty four hour routine. Speaking frankly I almost can’t wait to dress you in some cheap, slutty plastic macs and show off your udders in public. I think a strict corset belt will enhance the impression of your tits even more. Well, I will have to wait until tomorrow. But now – for the shame pants!”

Walter took another bulky rubber garment from one of the hangers. It was a set of large black rubber bib pants. Waders were glued to the feet, the crotch was open to allow all the tubes and attachments to be reached easily. Walter made her step into the waders, which was not easy with the upper body almost unmovable. When he pulled up the upper part of the pants, the part which would cover her still naked, exposed breats she found that the inside was equipped with dozens of short steel studs which now teased her stiff and hard breasts. Walter fixed the supsenders very strict to make sure her breasts were in permanent contact with the metal spikes and locked them finally. Finally he changed the urine bag which was compltely filled now against an empty one. He closed the bag with a tight clamp and hung it upside down on a stand with four wheels, simlar to those which are used for infusions in hospitals. When he did this she realised that there was already a second bag filled with that typical yellow liquid, but only half full.

“Ok, slut. Time to strap you to the chair now. Walk around in the room before, I just want to make sure you are locked well into your punisment uniform, everything must fit snug and tight!” RS started to walk around in the room. The rubber waders were heavy and considerable stiff, it took her some efforts to walk and soon she started to sweat. “Ok slut, that’s enough for now. Get over to the chair and sit down!”

She walked over to the wooden chair which was bolted to the floor. He made her sit down. She had to spread her legs very wide because the chair had only small rests and he strapped her legs to the chair. Then he strapped her upper body to the backrest, using quite some force. Two wide straps, one above and one under her punished breasts, were strapped around her. Finally her arms were strapped to the armrests. The last attachmet was a short length of chain which he hooked on a D-ring on the top of her punishment helmet, the other end was fixed to a matching ring on top of the backrest.

“That’s fine!” he said. “Get accustomed to the chair quick – you will spend many, many hours on it. Since you have already managed to accumulate a considerable amount of demerits within that short time you will be given a severe punishment enema with some nice extras. Let me hook up the tubes for the enema!”

He started to connect tubes to the enema plug which she was wearing since noon. First he inflated it even more, thus generating a good amount of muffled moans coming out of her rubber filled mouth. He explained to her that she was to be give a colonic washout and showed her that the ontake hose was connected to a pumping system which was designed in a way that she could be filled up to the utmost she could bare, and then a relief valve would take over and allow some of the fluids to be flushed before the next cycle would start.

“I can keep you hooked up to this system for fourty-eight hours and more if I need!” he explained to her. “A time that will seem endless to you while you suffer from the constant flushing of your bowels. Sometimes I will activate the discipline device in your pussy, and if you are a good girl you can may be benefit from the integrated vibrator. However – it`s up to you how long you are going to be strapped to the chair. You may decide now yourself about the next part of your punishment.” He produced two envelopes which he showed to her.

“Ok, do you want me to open the right or the left envelope? Just answer by blinking with your eyes, slut!”

RS just blinked with her left lid. To her it did not make any difference, because she was to be punished anyway, and strange enough, she started to enjoy the situation again. At least until Walter had opened the requested envelope.

“I am sorry slut, you will have to taste your own piss and smell mine. If it would have been the other way round the amount of liquid would have been just half of it, but, may be next time…” he grinned at her while he started to connect a number of tubes to her mask. RS started to scream again. The announcement of being forced to swallow her own wastes, her own piss was a new dimension of humiliation to her. He was not only treating her as his rubber whore, but also as a toilet slut.

Walter had connected the last tube to the metal connections at the end of the nostril tubes. With her next breath the yellow liquid in the urine bag filled by Walter started to bubble and she smelled the pungent mix of rubber and Walters piss. A smell that sent her into agonies of humiliation while she tried to pull her bounds and escpae the malicious treatment. The results of her efforts were that she just had to breathe much deeper which exposed her even more to the punishment.

“Ok Baby, you better get familiar with that sort of thing. I guess in an hour or so you might even get aroused by this, you now, mens stuff contains a good portion of pherhormones, that should help!”

While she was still fighting with her sensations she could see that Walter did not hesitate to connect her feeding tube to her urine bag. In the middle of the legth of the tube she could see a small rubber ball, a hand pump as Walter explained to her while he strapped the balloon to her left armrest, directly under her rubber covered hand. “You just need to press it with your hand to feed yourself, slut!” he said. “I have strapped it on very carefully so you can`t loose it.”

No, she was never going to feed herself with her own piss. She was not going to swallow her own urine, even if she should stay a full week on this damned chair.

“Ok, slut, ready to go. Let me just place these two mirrors in front of you so can better look at yourself. Now you can see what a sort of rubber slave you are. You can smell it, you can feel it and you will taste it!” Walter rolled over two mirrors and placed them left and right before the chair on which he had strapped his rubber slave. RS was forced to look at herself. Dressed in heavy rubber, chained and bound to a punishment chair and ready to swallow her own waste.

“RS, you are going to stay in the chair until you have totally emptied your bag. So it depends on you how long you will be punished. And now – lets go!” Walter activated the system and the first thing she felt was a series of shocks in her pussy. The thick, hard rubber shaft which had been strapped into hernbefore they left the house hours ago started to send one shocking pulse after the other. At the same time the machine started to pump the enema into her bowels. Due to the unexpected feelings of pain and shock she was forced to take deep breaths and she was smelling that strange mix of Walters piss and rubber. She started to beg for pardon, stammered into the strict rubber gag which filled her mouth. But the only sound to be heard was some strange muttering.

While she tried to cope with the situation more and more liquid was pumped into her. Additionally the shocks in her pussy got more and more fierce. She started to cry. Walter looked at his rubber slave. He liked the way she tried to fight her severe bondage, he saw the play of her muscles under the thick rubber skin of her punishment suit. And he knew that she was suffering.

“Slut, I think you have not really understood what I expect from you! This is not some medieval torture – it is much more sophisticated. If you want some relief from the system you will have to use the rubber pump I strapped into your hand. I know you don`t like the idea of swallowing your own piss, but there is a flow sensor in the system. Once it senses that you are obeying and do what I want your reward will be some relief on the shocks and the enema. It`s up to you…..”

It took RS another series of shocks and a good additional portion of the enema liquid to make her realise that Walter was absolutely serious. There was no way to prevent the humiliating procedure. Helplessly she stared through the pvc covered eyeholes of her punishment mask. She looked at the transparent plastic bag filled with her own piss, the trasparent tube which was attached to the gagpiece of her rubber helmet.

And when Walter announced that he would increase the force of the shocks for the next round she finally started to press the little rubber pump which was strapped into her hand. Again she started to cry. Yes, she had always wanted to be dominated and made a slave. A rubber slave. She had always longed for humiliation. But she never had thought of being transformed into that piece of rubbered slave meat she was to be in the future.

The fact that her stomach was still swelling and that Walter had started to change the e-shock system to another level made her finally obey. Slowly but constantly she pressed the pump. The yellow liquid made its way further and further up through the transparent plastic tube. She had to press the pump a few more times before the yellow liquid inside the tube had reached the point where the feeding tube passed through the gag into her mouth. She watched the beginning of her next ordeal coming closer and then the first drops of her own piss were dripping into her gagged mouth. She closed her eyes in agony while she started to swallow the inevitable.

What a slut I am, a rubber whore, she thought. I have deserved nothing but this humiliation. I have deserved nothing else then being treated as rubber slave. And step by step she swallowed more and more of her own piss, closely watched by Walter who was taking pictures of her with his camera. In addition Walter activated a video system which was directed to RS on her chair. He had positioned the control monitor in a way it could be seen by RS as well. With a grin he explained to her that all of her punishments were to be videotaped so he could show her progress to anyone he wanted. 

The taste of her urine filled her mouth and mixed with the taste of the rubber gag. For a short second she felt like having to vomit, the taste was so unknown and discomforting to her. To adjust to her situation she stopped pressing the rubber pump strapped into her hand for a moment. Immediately the flow dripping out of her gag stopped and she felt relieved. But only a few seconds later a series of sharp electric shocks from the discipline devices in her cunt and anus followed by a rush of enema liquid pumped into her anus tube reminded her that this was not just a bad dream. This was part of her training to become a rubber slut, a rubber slave. Again she pressed the pump, now trying to keep the flow as slow as possible but constant enough to avoid more punishments.

Trying to swallow her urine with her rubber filled and gagged mouth she made slurping noises, sucking the liquid from the rubber pear. Walter stepped by and she heard him say:

“I like those noises you make when you swallow your own piss, little slut! I will make sure we have a good sound track on our little video show. I can`t wait to show you around and demonstrate in public what kind of rubber whore you are. Hm, you still have a long way to go to empty your bag. I guess I will go to bed and leave you alone for the night. Don`t worry – the system will shut off once your bag is empty. Your bowels will be flushed so you are empty for your morning enema when I pick you up, little rubber slut! Good night and sleep well, my dear, and have fun.  I guess you are enjoying your rubber filled cunt and if you get bored, just suck your rubber gag for a while. It`s a good training for such a piece of slave as you are!”

RS moaned in agony and shame. Another night being clad in layers of rubber, strapped to a punishment chair, and now relief and even more, no chance to be fucked hard and well this night again……..



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