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The Piano Teacher Part 4

by Colloredo

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© Copyright 2009 - Colloredo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; latex; catheter; rainwear; public; hum; electro; hood; toys; reluct/cons; X

continued from part 3

A forth part written by Colloredo
Reading the story  “The Piano Teacher by Rbbral”  inspired me to take the subject further. I think the subject has some good potential to develop in many ways, here is the first part of a few more to come.

While he lead her back to the house, carefully directing her steps, she was thinking about all the changes in her if which had happened just within the last few hours. Things she had been fantasizing about for such long times and never believed they would become true one day. And here she was. An immense craving for sex were the best words to describe the feelings of  Walters rubber slut at this point. Right after that extremely humiliating haircut scene, Walter had taken her to a little restaurant, where he obviously was a well known and  appreciated guest.

She had no other explanation for the fact that she got her arms tied strictly in her back by a young waitress who was ordered to do so by Walter, while the owner of the restaurant helped him out of his Mackintosh. Needless to say that the piano teacher was ordered to stay in all of her humiliating gear except of the rubber cape, which was unbuttoned by the waitress and then stored in the wardrobe, together with Walters raincoat. She was lead to a little stool and told to kneel down on it.

The waitress brought a large raincape, made of thick, transparent plastic. Just a few moments later Walters slave found herself buttoned up and properly hooded in the cape. Again moments of intense shame and humiliation. Naturally the scene was watched with interest by the few other guests dining on the tables around hers. She was not asked what she would like to eat. Walter ordered a vegetable dish for her and asked the young waitress to feed her, while he sat down with the restaurant owner at the next table and had dinner with him.

Just when they were about to leave, the young waitress came by. She was smiling when Walter asked her to button his slave into her rubber cape again.

“Do you really keep her dressed in that stuff day and night? And in that strict bondage?” she wanted to know.

“For sure.” Walter replied with a big smile ins his face. “And she is more restricted than you would think of. She even can`t hold her own piss because she is catheterized! Do you want to see it?”

Within seconds, the face of Walters slave was red with shame again. There was no way to escape the fact, that Walter lifted her rubber dresses and made all the tubes and rubber equipment between her legs clearly visible. And just in this particular moment another rush of urine passed the catheter tube and filled up her urine bag even more. Again some tears of shame trickled over her face.

There she was. Dressed up totally in heavy rubber with a pungent smell. Rubber that made its existence aware not only by the strange feeling of the shiny material on her skin but also by its loud crackling and rustling noise with each and every of her smallest movements. Rubber that could be smelled easily even a few meters away from her. Here she was – her head almost shorn bald, just a few reminders of her former pride and glory, her sumptuous hair, had been left and she could feel the rubber of her hoods against the skin of her head.

Three rubber hoods over her head, tied and knotted – even padlocked -  so cruel and strict that she could not see almost anything. Her head bowed into the position of submissiveness as ordered by her master.  Her rubber gloved hands locked behind her back under the large black SBR raincape in which Walter had her buttoned up when leaving the restaurant.

With each step she felt her rubber knickers, her shame pants in which she had been locked up now for so many hours. Shame pants which were totally wet inside not only from her sweat but also from the liquid which now seemed to pour out of her craving cunt. Her cunt which was filled with that thick and rigid black rubber balloon and the electric discipline device. She felt the urine bag which he had strapped to her thigh and which must be almost full now. With every step she was reminded that even her bladder was controlled by a rubber tube, a strict catheter, and she knew that she was to wear this humiliating device for a very long time.

She felt the thick rubber shaft in her anus. The plug wih the integrated enema rubber tubes which was inserted an straped into her rectum now for more than five hours. And still there was no sign that her Master would decide to remove it from the narrow orifice. She felt the enema tubes dangling between her legs and she blushed when she reminded the scene at the hairdresser when all these tubes were visible because the seam of her black rubber robe moved upwards while she was sitting in the chair and waiting to have her hair cut short. And reminding all this she knew that she was up for far more strict and humiliating treatment then she ever could imagine.

Walter lead his slave carefully to the entrance of the house. Before he opened the door he took her in his arms, he pressed his mouth against the lips of his rubber clad slave and kissed her passionately. Willingly she opened her mouth when he pushed his tongue against her lips and she played him with her tongue as well. Walter run his hands over her back, over the long black rubber cape and felt her arms which were tied so cruelly in her back. Then he caressed her head, felt the thick rubber hoods which he had tied so strictly around his slaves head. She tried to move her head a bit, tried to get closer to her master. Again she realised the enormous noise the rubber made with every move. She sighed.

“Do you like the way I treat you, slave?” he asked.

“Yes master. I need to learn how I can please you. You know that I have always fantasized about being a mans rubber slave. But feeling these fantasies getting real is a different thing. The way you are taking control of me is so strict and merciless. I never thought I would loose even the control of my bladder and be forced to piss under me in a urine bag while beeing right in the middle of a shopping center!”

“May I remind you that you have signed a contract which allows me to humiliate and use you however I want? A contract that makes you my rubber slave which I can treat as I want without asking?”

“Yes Master, I know. And I will obey. You may have to force me to do certain things – like getting my head almost shorn bald. I want you to be very strict and consequent and break my will if necessary. I need to be humiliated as much as possible. I need to be tought that I am nothing but a rubber slave.  Your rubber slave that needs to be under your total control!”

“Be sure my beloved slave that I'll break your will whenever necessary. And be sure that you will endure much more and very severe humiliation!”

Not much more than thirty minutes later she stood in front of him. He had unlocked the padlock which had secured the drawstring of the outer rubber hood and removed the SBR cape from her. Also he had unlocked the restraints which forced her hands and arms in that cruelly tight position in her back.

“I want you to undress now, except your shame pants and your tubing of course. I expect you to report to me in the punishment room in five minutes, you will put on a set of your heavy black rubber stockings and the matching long gloves again. And don`t forget to take your proper slave position!” She hurried to obey to his orders.

When he entered the punishment room she had taken a position in the middle between the dreadful punishment chair and the stocks, which were placed close to a wall. She spread her legs wide apart so he could easily see all those tubes and her urine bag which was almost full now. Her hands rested in the back of her head which she bowed into the position of submission, pressing her chin against her chest. She felt very vulnerable and unsecure, a sensation that was reinforced by the feeling of the cold air aginst her frshly shorn, short haired head. And finally she knew that she was bound for some severe rubber punishment and humiliation right now. Finally her master entered the room and walked slowly around her.

He enjoyed very much what he was seeing. The proud piano teacher – now completely tubed and plugged and pissing constantly through a rubber tube in her semitransparent rubber urine bag. He enjoyed her new haircut very much. Especially from the rear. This way her head looked like being completely naked and bald, the vey short remains of his slaves former pride and glory were almost invisible now. Finally he stood in front of her again. He kissed her and then stepped back.

“Raise your head” he said. “I think the first thing we need for you now is a name. A new name which represents your status as submissive rubber toy and slave. What is your first name?”

“Raissa” she said with a trembling voice.

“Hm, Raissa. A nice name. But I am sorry – you will have to forget about it. From now on I will name you RS. Simply RS. RS stands for Rubberslave, or Rubberslut. You will be called RS wherever we are and you will respond to your name immeditely! What is your name and what does it stand for?”

“My new name is RS and it stands for rubberslave or rubberslut!”

“Ok, RS, you are learning quick. Do you like your new haircut?”

She shook her head “No, I don`t like it. It is strange and humiliating. I feel like being bald!”

“Well, you aren`t bald. But I agree – from the back side of your head you definitely look like being bald. The reminders of your hair can`t even be seen from a short distance!” He smiled at her.  “I like that very much and we will keep your hair that short now for a very long time. I think tomorrow I will tie your head very strictly into a nice transparent plastic hood while you will do the shopping for us. Well, it`s time to take care of your training now. You know that you are bound for some strict punisment.”

“Yes, Sir, I know and I need it!”

“It is time now to lock you I your punishment and humiliation mask. The earlier you get adopted to it the better for you, because you will wear it not only for many hours but for many days! The only exception will be if I decide to change your outfit, which may happen once in a while. Come over here and kneel down in front of me!”

RS stepped in front of Walter and knelt down on a small, rubber padded bench which stood in front of him. Obediently she crossed her arms in her back and waited to be locked in the dreadful rubber punishment mask Walter had selected. The punishment helmet was made of very thick, black rubber. Rubber which had a very strong, pungent smell. It had two eyeholes of just the size of her eyes. The holes were covered with clear pvc which was glued with great care to the small openings.

She saw two red rubber tubes, not too long but reasonably wide which were designed to be fitted into her nostrils. Wide and strict enough to cause a bit of discomfort and remind her constantly that she was rubbered even inside her nose. Wide enough to distort the nice contours of her face in a strange way and humiliate her. Walter showed her that a short length of the red tubes were to be seen also on the outside of the mask. They ended in two small silver coloured metallic sockets which were obviously designed to be connected to other punishment devices.

The mouthpiece of the mask was fitted with some kind of thick, soft rubber tube that worked like a rubber rim and would force her to keep her mouth open even if she would try to close it. The rubber would reach deep into her mouth, behind her lips and also into the front part between her cheeks and her teeth. The neck part of the mask was designed like a neck corset. Very strict and rigid as Walter explains to her that a strong leather inlay was worked between the two rubber sheets that formed the outside of the neck part.

The mask was to be closed with two rigid zips that were glued into the back side. The lower and basic zip would be covered by another rubber flap with a rigid metal zip. The skid piece of the zip had a small steel ring. The integrated neck corset had two small integrated locks and the ring of the zip would be connected to the lower lock of the neck corset. Even if she would be not in bondage it would be absolutely impossible for her to unlock or destroy the restraints. She was to wear that rubber punishment helmet as long as Walter would want.

“Ok Rubberslut!” Walters voice sounded stern and defined. “Time to lock you into your punishment mask. To get you accustomed to it you will wear it day and night during the next days. The only exception will be when I make you go outside. Then you will be dressed in cheap, slutty plastic so you can show your shorn slaves head to everyone! This is just a beginning of the humiliation training you will suffer! Open your mouth and take the rubber tube in!”

Slave RS obediently opened her mouth and took the thick, soft rubber tube in. Walter made sure that it fitted properly behind her lips and between the teeth and her cheeks. RS shuddered when she got exposed to that extremely strong smell of rubber. All of a sudden she hesitated a moment. Beside the rubber smell there was something else she smelled. The rubber was wet and shiny inside. She saw the glistening wet spots spread all over the inside. Automatically she tried to move her head back but Walter had put his other hand behind her head, expecting this reaction of his rubber slave.

“You better don`t move, slut!” he said. “Or I will add some of your piss to my cum, which I used to lubricate the inside of your punishment mask! Yes – you shall feel, taste, smell what you are from now on: nohing but a rubber slut with a set of three holes to be used by her master!”

Tears sprung into her eyes. She realised that Walter was pushing her humiliation to the utmost extend. Further than she ever had fantasized about. A few seconds after this shock she also realised another strange feeling. The fact that she was forced to undergo this humiliating procedure, the fact that there was nothing she could do about it, made her pussy crave again. She could do nothing against the fact that Walter was now sliding the two red rubber tubes up in her nostrils, that he finally pulled the wet, smelling rubber over her face and over her head.

She could feel how he closed the two zips of the mask. First the inner one who pulled the rubber a bit closer to her shorn head, then the second one which was responsible that the rubber helmet now fitted absolutely close and tight to her skin. Finally came the neck collar which made her unable to move her head more then a few millimeters in each direction. She heard the clicking of the locks and she knew that she finally was locked into the rubber device for a very, very long time. Walter checked the mouth piece once more, then he kissed her on the rubber helmet.  RS moved her tongue a bit, finding that almost everything she could touch with the tip of it felt like rubber. She could not close her mouth completely, the strict rubber rim prevented her from doing so.

“So far, so good, Rubberslut. Does your humiliation mask fit properly or do we need to readjust? Remember – you will be wearing it for long hours!”

“Ches chaster, che chumiliatichon chood chits chroeerly, chou  chont cheed to cheadchust it!”

This time she was glad that her face was hidden in the strict rubber mask. Right after the first words – or what she thought would be words – she felt the shame shooting into her rubber clad face. She was no longer able to speak properly and even worse – a constant flow of saliva started to drip out of her mouth.

“Well, I think you should have a look at your mask before we go on!” Walter took a mirror and held it in front of her. She looked at the black rubber helmet and it took her a few seconds to realise that it was herself. The mask had all sorts of Rings and hooks on the outside which were designed to fitted with more restraints and punishment items.

Her rubbered face looked quite grotesque. The two red rubber tubes with the silver metal fittings poked out of her nostrils. Her nose was distorted and flattened as a consequence of the two long, thick rubber tubes inside her nostrils. And then the two small, pvc covered eyeholes – it seemed like this was not her head anymore. But the ultimate humiliation to her was the word, which shined in red letters, cut properly out from rubbersheeting and glued to the black forehead of her heavy punishment mask: rubber – whore.

“Tell me what you feel, slut!”

“I cham cheeling chery  chuuumichiated!” RS stammered her answer while more saliva was dripping out of her mouthpiece. “It chooks  cho  ugly, I chant  cheak  chroperly and chou  named me  chhore.”

“Yes, indeed, I named you whore. This is what your future destination will be. You will be my personal piece of rubber, ready to be fucked and used whenever I want it. And I may decide to let you be used by others as well. And yes – its time you get accustomed to the thought that you rarely will be allowed to look nice and sexy. Actually I am planning to invite some guests in the near future and you will be presented to them. Of course wearing your punishment an humiliation mask! It was you who wanted to be humiliated and trained as a rubber slave, isn`t it?”

“Ches Chir, it was me cho chanted to be a chrubber chlave and chumichiated!”

“I love you for your submission, slut. And I promise to take you behind borders you never have been dreaming of. Its time now to fix the humiliation gag in your rubber mouth and get you in the punishment suit.”



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