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The Piano Teacher Part 3

by Colloredo

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© Copyright 2005 - Colloredo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; latex; catheter; rainwear; public; hum; electro; toys; reluct/cons; X

continued from part 2

A third part written by Colloredo
Reading the story  “The Piano Teacher by Rbbral”  inspired me to take the subject further. I think the subject has some good potential to develop in many ways, here is the first part of a few more to come.

Walter opened the door. She realized that she was at the brim of her new life as rubber slave. A public rubber slave. From now on everyone would be able to see her rubber clothes. The clothes of slavehood and humiliation which she was to wear from now on almost twenty four hours a day. She felt the blood shooting into her face. Her face was red with shame and also excitement.

“Time to leave, slave!” Walter said and looked at her. She bowed her head, which was strapped tightly in the large rubber hood attached unremovable to her black rubber raincoat. Since the material was very thick it was almost impossible for her to move her rubber clad head to the side. With some difficulty she managed to get a glimpse of her in the large mirror in te entrance hall. The only thing she realised was that the full, long rubber cape which Walter had her made to wear over the black rubber raincoat did not have any armslits. The hood of the cape was still not up, thus allowing everyone interested to see that she wore at least two layers of rubber. 

She took a deep breath. At least nobody could see at this time that she was actually clad into four layers of rubber. And for what reason the cape should have armslits? She could not use her arms anyway very much since they were fixed into the two stiff tubes inside her rubber robe. 

Walter shut the door behind her and she hoped that no one else would leave the house at the same time. That would have been too much of embarrassment for her at the moment. Walter opened the door of the lift and bowed slightly, making a curtious gesture with his hand. Inside the lift he stood in front of her and she realised how good he looked in his tightly belted black mackintosh. Yes – this was the master she had always been dreaming of. 

After they had left the house she got the first impression of how it was to have to walk dressed into a heavy rubber outfit and having all sorts of strange equipment strapped into her lower orifices. She felt the warm sensation of the rubber urine bag strapped to her left thigh, which seemed to fill slowly but steady. The large rubber bladder which Walter had inserted in her vagina and then pumped up as hard as possible. And of course the rubber rod with the punishment enema nozzle, which had been inserted into her anus. 

She had hoped that the extreme noise produced by her rubber outfit would be somewhat faded when being outside. But she was wrong. It got even worse because the wind grabbed the wide swinging cape and moved it furiously around her rubber clad body, thus tripling the noise. The way to Walters car seemed endless. He had parked it  a few hundred yards away from the house with purpose, because he wanted to make her walk in pubic in her rubber uniform. She should get a first idea of what her future appearances in public would be.

He took his arm around her and pressed her slightly on his own body. All of a sudden he stopped and when she stood in front of him he kissed her passionately again. 

“How do you like your first public apperance as my rubber slave?” he asked.

“It is so embarassing, Sir!” she said. “I feel very much ashamed and aroused at the same time. Having to wear the tightly strapped hood of this rubber raincoat even so it does not rain. And the raincape on top of all this. I feel like everyone is staring at me.”

“Hopefully they do, slave!” Walter said and smiled at her. “The more you feel ashamed and humiliated, the better for your training as my rubber slave. Remember: you will not leave the house without wearing one of your properly closed raincoats and tight fitted hoods unless given other orders, slave!”

“Even when the sun is shining and there is not the slightest sign of a cloud or some rain, Sir?”

“Even then, my slave. And now for your next lesson: whenever you walk at my side, properly dressed in your rubber outfit of course, you will keep your head constantly in the position of submission and shame! You will bow your head until your chin is almost at your chest and you will stay this way until I tell you something else, slave!”

Immediately she lowered her head as her master had requested. Now she was forced to look down on her long rubber cape, getting some additional awareness of her situation. He did not talk to her again until they had reached his car. He opened the passenger door for her and made a slight gesture, telling her to take her seat.

It was not too easy for her, because she could not use her purposedly stiffened arms very much. She was kind of falling on to the seat and she felt the thick rubber rod and the enema device being forced into her rectum even deeper. Finally she pulled her legs inside the car and put her hands to rest on her knees under the rubber cape. He fastened the seat belt around her and went on the other side of the car and took his place on the drivers seat.

“Hmmngh…” she stammered. She tried to prevent to say anything, but a sharp electrical shock had hit her vagina, which cramped around the large inflated rubber bladder inside.

“Slave, you have been told to keep your head in submissive position!” he said. “I can`t remember that I have given you other orders so far!”

Still surprised by the way he had disciplined her she immediately put her rubber covered head back into the requested position. 

“You just have experienced one way how you can be disciplined if you don`t obey in public. The device in your pussy is radio controlled and I am able to make it work over quite a distance. Also this was just a decent reminder – it can get much worse if you feel tempted to ignore my orders, slave!”

Calmly he looked at her again, then he started the car and drove up the narrow road to the highway entrance. Even so she was not able to see too much of the outside she knew that this was the highway leading to one of the larger shopping malls in the area. She sensed that she was bound for much more public humiliation. 

Walter pulled the car up into one of the adjacent parking lots. It was getting a bit darker now, the feeling of some coming rain was in the air. She dared to raise her rubber clad head just a little bit and saw that the center was still quite busy. Again she felt the shame rising in herself. She knew that within a few minutes she would be a rainwear rubber slave in public. Walter had left the car and walked around it and opened her door. He unlocked her seatbelt and made a move with his hand again.

No – she could not submit herself to that sort of shame. She was dressed in layers of black rubber from head to toe. Rubber that made an extreme noise with every of her moves. Rubber that could be smelled in ten feet distance. Everyone would notice in which state she was.

“Ouuch!” All of a sudden she shaked in some pain. The electric device connected to the inflated rubber bladder in her vagina had reminded her very stern that she was to obey. It was obvious that Walter did not spend one single thought on the idea of changing his mind. She sighed and started to leave the car, which was not easy without being able to use her hands. When she finally stood up she felt a rush of urine running through her catheter into the bag. 

Walter put his arm around her and lead her to the main entrance. He took an envelope out of the pocket of his mackintosh, openrd her cape for a second and slit it into one of the pockets of her rubber raincoat. 

“Here is a picture of your new haircut!” he explained. “You will ask the person serving you to give you exactly the same cut!” 

“May I have a look at it, Sir?” she asked.

“Yes, slave, as soon as the envelope is opened by the person doing your hair!”

“But how shall I undress from this rubber cape and my raincoat? I even can`t open the string of my hood!”

“Well, slave, you will have to ask for assistance, I guess. I think you will be able to find the right explanations. And before I forget it: after your hair is done you will ask the person to help you back into your rubber raincoat and to tie the hood as I did. Make sure that it is tied as strict as possible. Everything else will leave you with a good number of demerits which you will have to work off later. The hairdresser is right in the middle of the mall. You will ask to be placed in one of the seats that can be seen easily from the outside – right next to the entrance! And of course I will watch you as well. Rember that you will be disciplined without mercy if you should not follow my orders. Do you understand this?”

“Yes Sir, I am understanding.”

What a situation. Again she felt ashamed as she had never before in her life. She never had expected Walter to be such a skilled and consequent master as he turned out to be now. Slowly she started to walk across the large parking lot, heading for the malls entrance. The closer she came the more other people took the same direction. She felt curious eyes gliding over her rubber outfit. Especially men seemed to be very intrigued by her sight. 

Just before the front door she hesitated again. She was still hoping that Walter would may be only test her willingness up to a certain point and then call her back. But immediately she felt the discipline device inside her rubber filled vagina taking action. Her muscles cramped around the thick rubber inside her. This time the shock which had hit her was much more powerful and painful than the first try Walter had made her to experience. 

She bowed her head into the shame position, her chin touched the rubber which was covering her breast. As soon as she had entered the mall she had the feeling that everything around her stopped. She had the feeling that an incredible silence was there. Each and every move of her, accompanied by the deafing noise of her rustling rubber uniform, could be heard throughout the whole mall. She had the feeling that literally everyone was staring at her. 

But this was of course her own very personal impression. Naturally there were a good number of curious looks concentrated on her, but in general people were far too busy to spend more than just this look on her. Steadily she walked down the hallway until she reached the hairdressers shop. It was the largest shop in the mall, large windows permitted an undisturbed sight from all the way in front down to the back. At that time of the day it was full with mostly women, only a few businessmen taking their chance for a fast haircut. 

Knowing that it would completely senseless to try to escape her fate she slowly walked in and got welcomed by the girl at the front desk.

“I would like to have a haircut” she said. “Do I have to wait very long?” She hoped the ordeal would be over very fast. But there was not too much hope.

“Sorry, you will have to wait about twenty or thirty minutes!”

“Well, I think I'll go for it!” She felt it was better to avoid another shock by the discipline device inside her. 

“Ok, my name Is Gila and I will be with you in about thirty minutes! Take your coat off!” the girl said.

She felt the blood shooting into her face again. How should she manage to undress from her rubber cape and her rubber raincoat without being able to use her arms properly? Finally she took a heart:

“Sorry, but would you be so kind and help me out? As a matter of fact I am somewhat handicapped and can`t use my hands as I would like to do at this time!”

“Oh, sorry to hear that. Of course I will help you!”  Gila started to unbutton first her cape, she took it off her and brought a coat hanger. 

“Ah – I see we are not yet done!” Gila said and smiled when she saw her black rubber raincoat. “Funny that some of these old rubber raincoats are still around. I thought they were out of fashion these days.”

“Err, hmm, you know…” she felt her voice trembling, “I do have some serious problems with allergies. I have to avoid as much as I can all sorts of things and natural fibers like cotton and so on. This is the reason why I have to dress up in a slightly different way. I am not really accustomed to it myself but what else can I do?”

“I am very sorry to hear this, Madam!” Gila said while she loosened the drawstring from the hood and unbuttoned the heavy black rubber raincoat. She did not make any further comment when she discovered that her client was wearing even more rubber: the black robe in which Walter had locked his slave.

“Where do you want to take your seat? May be a quiet place in the back?”

“Oh no, thank you. I think I will feel much better when I sit right next to the door. Some fresh air will suit me well!”

“As you like – but be warned: it can get cold there – the air from the mall is constantly blowing in our shop!” 

“Oh!” she blushed again, “don`t worry. As you can see I am well protected by my robe – I will take this seat if you don`t mind!”

Gila realised that the black robe her customer wore was made from thick, rustling rubber as well. She waived with her hand and led her strange, rubber clad customer to the seat right next to the entrance. She waited until her client took her seat and the girl realised that the strange lady was not able to use her arms and hands properly. 

“I will help you with the cape!” She took a hairdressers cape from a hook, but just before she pulled it over her client she stopped.

“Oh – I forgot that you have allergic problems. This cape is not made of man-made fibres, it won`t be very good for you. I just recall that we have still some of our old hooded plastic capes somewhere in the back. Now it pays off that we have not yet discarded them all. You know, our clients did not like them very much. They say they were too stiff, have a strange smell and make too much noise. But in your case it is may be better you use one – or even better two. It is quite cold here at the entrance.”

Before the surprised piano teacher could say anything Gila disappeared and came back a few minutes later with two large, hooded capes made of stiff, rustling clear plastic material. Each cape had an attached hood which could not be removed and a tight rubber band in the seam of the hood. The capes sported a high and obvioulsy stiff collar and a short zip just under the chin to make it possible to pull it over the wearers head. 

Without any comment Gila opened the zip – a few seconds later the piano teacher found herself dressed in this heavy plastic cape. Gila closed the zip and then pulled the hood over the teachers head without saying anything. But the shameful ordeal did not end yet. Gila took the second cape as well and put it onto her client in the same way. 

“I will leave you know until I have time to take care of your haircut, Madam!” Gila said and went back to the client she had been working on before. 

Walter had taken a seat out on one of the benches. Carefully he had chosen a position from where he could see his wonderful rubber slave without problems. He smiled when he saw what had happened to her and he thought that it had been a good idea to inform his friend Gila which he knew from high school about the strange customer and his special wishes for her treatment. He looked at his slave, sitting there clad in rubber and covered by the two large, stiff hooded plastic capes. And he knew that she felt very humiliated.

The piano teacher indeed felt this way. She had lowered her head in the shame position as required by Walter. The elasticated seams of the two hoods were very tight and she felt them cutting in the flesh of her face. Only a small area between her lower lip and her eyebrows were free, the rest of her head was completely covered with the two stiff layers of the pvc hoods. And again the slightest move of her head or her body caused incredible noises of the stiff material.

After ten or fifteen minutes she dared to raise her head just a little bit to take a look at herself in the large mirror in front of her. She realised that through the clear, stiff pvc cape each single detail of her rubber robe could be easily seen. And then she saw that the seam of her rubber robe had been sliding up, giving free a view on the legs of her shame pants. A good part of the bulky garment together with the two padlocks which secured them just under her knee and even more, some of the tubing, a part of the steadily filling urine bag strapped to her thigh could be seen as well. 

A wave of shame and humiliation took possesion of her. Again she felt her face blushing and in an attempt to hide her situation at least a bit she pressed her thighs together as good as she could. She regretted it immeadiately when a shock of pain hit her cunt, caused by the remote discipline device which Walter had inserted. She had to take a very sharp breath and she rolled her hooded head over her shoulders several times to cope with the feelings. After a minute or so a series of lighter shocks started to run through her. It took only a few seconds for her to understand that these shocks were a signal to open her thighs wider and wider, as wide as the seam of her rubber robe would allow. She was forced by her Master to reveal as much of her shame as he wanted. 

Another fifteen minutes went by. Again she pressed her chin against the chest, felt the cool plastic. She did not dare to make any other move and she fearfully thought about what would be up next for her. 

“Ok, here I am, sorry that you had to wait that long. How do you want your hair done?” Gila asked.

“Oh, I forgot – there is an envelope in the pocket of my raincoat with a picture in it. This should give you a good idea what I want!” 

“Yours was the old fashioned rubber raincoat, right?”  Gila asked.

The piano teacher blushed again. She wished Gila would not speak as loud as she did. Their conversation seemed to attract more attention then she wanted. Gila went over and came back with the envelope. She opened it and took the picture out. She took a sharp breath through her clenched teeth. 

“Wow, Madam, this is a very cute design, very strange but it has quite a look to it!”

She put the picture on the table in front of her customer and it was the first time the piano teacher could take a look at her new haircut. Immediately tears started to shoot into her eyes. This was a haircut that would attract lots of curious looks, she was sure. And even worse – with that haircut she was supposed to loose more then eighty percent of her full, long and wonderful hair! 

All hair above a line reaching from the highest part of the back of her head slightly downwards to the top of her ears was to be cropped to a length not much more then an inch. And everything below that line, almost most of her hair, was to be clipped to a length not more then two to three millimeters. And even more – the remaining short stubbles were to be dyed to a platinum blonde colour, making the very short hair almost invisible from any distance greater than a yard and giving the impression that her head was bald. Gila smiled when she saw the irritated face of her customer.

“You will look very exoctic with this haircut!” she said, putting a good part of emphasis in the word exotic. “Are you ready?”

The piano teacher bowed her head in a gesture of helplessnes and submission. As soon as the sharp scissors cut their way into her glory she felt tears rising up and she could not prevent to start sobbing. Gila did not react at all, with great expertise she had trimmed the piano teachers upper hair to the required short length in not much more than fifteen minutes. Next was the cutting machine which made the piano teacher shiver. The cold steel against her warm skin, slowly but steadily cutting through the remainders of her lower hair and leaving only extremely short stubbles. 

“Oh” Gila said after a short while, “is this a lock on the collar of your rubber robe? Does it mean you can`t undress yourself if you would like to?”

With a smile Gila noticed that her customer blushed again very heavily. Walter had promised her some extra money for humiliating her customer in a very subtle way. His idea was that his slave should be constantly reminded that she was dressed in rubber and that everyone looking at her was aware of it. 

“Err, yes,” the piano teacher answered with some hesitance. “I am not yet really accustomed to the sort of clothing I have to wear now and I was always tempted to undress when I started to feel uncomfortable. However, this is no good at all for my allergies and so my doctor and I agreed that it would be safer for me to be forced to stay dressed like this. After all – anything else will cause me additional problems!”

“Oh I see” Gla said, “it is a strange story. Isn`t there any chance that you may dress up again in more fashionable and, well, let`s  say, ususal clothes like all others do?”

“I fear that there is only very little chance. As far as I have been told things may even get worse and I don`t know what I am up for in the future.”

Gila smiled. Knowing Walter and his weird fantasies she knew that this rubber clad lady in the stool in the front of her was just at the beginning of a long and very humiliating way to be trained as a perfect rubber slave.

“I think your new haircut will look even more exotic when we shave your temples completely. And also everything down the line from the middle of your ears on the middle of the back of your head. This will give you a very distinctive look of submission!”

The piano teacher was surprised that Gila used the word submissive, but she did not link her behaviour to Walter and his instructions. Still thinking about how she should react Gila had already fulfilled her words. Almost all of the lower half of the piano teachers head was bald now. Whilst her client was silently sobbing and mourning the loss of her pride, her long hair, Gila applied the dye on the remains of the former glory.

“Ok Madam,” Gila said, “it will take about forty-five minutes before the colouring has worked out right. To make sure it works out right I will have to pull those plastic hoods over your head again. Just to make sure we keep it at the right temperature!”

Before the piano teacher could say anything her head was covered by the two thick, stiff plastic hoods again. Gila made sure that the seams of the rustling material were pulled over her customers eyes. Walter had given her instructions to be as strict as posible with his slave. And the piano teacher did not dare to say anyhing, because whenever she tried to move her body or shake her head to indicate that she was not really pleased with Gilas proposals she felt the thick rubber balloon in her crotch with the discipline electrodes reminding her what she was expected to do. But Gila was not yet content with the look of her customer.

“I think the hoods are still too loose to work out right for the dye. Would you mind lifting your head just a little bit?” 

The piano teacher reacted as expected. As soon as she had lifted her plastic covered head Gila took something which looked like a short but wide belt made of stiff transparent pvc. She put the stiff band around her customers neck and locked some snaps in the back. The belt worked just like an extra neck corset and forced the pvc of the hoods much narrower around the piano teachers head and made her hold it perfectly motionless and upright. Through the layers of the clear, stiff plastic hoods she could see herself. A slave covered in rubber and thick plastic capes, her freshly shorn head clad in plastic and covering all of her face except her nose and her mouth. A slave which was forced to look at herself by a very strict and rigid neck corset. A slave which was humiliated in public in a very sophisticated manner by her master, who was controlling her with a rubber bladder forced up her cunt and hooked up to an electronic discipline device. A slave bound for much more rubber treatment, bondage, submission and humiliation than she could imagine at this point. 

She had to stay in this position for almost an hour.  A time which seemed endless to her. She felt the curious looks of the other customers. Indeed she was a strange sight. A young lady completely dressed in rubber, covered with those two hooded plastic capes made from thick PVC and the very strict neck collar on top of it. The dye had done its work and her hair was almost colourless. She looked if she was bald! Finally Gila came back.

“Ok, we are almost done. I need to rinse the dye out and then some final trimming!”  She loosened the collar around the piano teachers neck and pulled the two hoods off. The remains fo the dye were rinsed out and the piano tacher did not say anything when she found that Gila took the hair cutting machine once more to action, leaving just mere stubble in the areas were her head was cut so short. The piano teacher felt that this haircut was much more humiliating than being completely bald. The extreme haircut would make her a sight and many more people would stare at her. And would of course realise that she was dressed and locked in rubber garments.

“Ready now! I hope you like your new haircut!” Gila smiled at her blushing customer. The piano teacher thought it would be best to get out of the store as soon as possible. In the large mirrors she could see her strange, forced punishment haircut from all sides – and it took only a little distance to give the impressoin that she was shaved bald completely. She could hardly keep her tears back when she thought about her wonderful hair, that was now wiped careless from the floor. 

“Would you mind helping me in my coat and my cape?” she asked with a trembling and low voice. 

“Yours is the black rubber raincoat and the black rubber raincape?” Gila grinned at her. She spoke loud and clearly so everybody could hear the conversation and of course many customers turned their heads with curiositiy to watch the scene. Gila helped her customer first in the black rubber raincoat and buttoned it up for her. Then followed the black rubber cape. 

“Would you mind pulling the two hoods over my head and tying the strings for me?” the piano teacher asked. She reminded that she was due for punishment when she came out of the store without the hoods tied properly. 

“I will do my best!” Gila grinned, but she tied the strings very sloppy. Walter had given her an extra tip to make sure he would find a very good reason to punish his rubber slave when she came out from the hairdressers shop. 

“Can`t you tie it stricter?” the piano teacher pleaded helplessly. Gila grinned at her and pulled the strings just a bit more, but still loose enough to make sure Walters orders were respected.

“I think this should do the job!” Gila said. “As far as I can see in our records your haircut has already been paid for – so have a nice evening then!”

The piano teacher blushed again, than she felt the harsh shock of the discipline device inside her vagina. A shock that forced her bowels to cramp and she felt a rush of urine running through her catheter tube into the urine bag which was strapped to her thigh. 

Walter smiled at her and kissed her. Then his voice got stern, his fingers played with the strings of the two rubber hoods.

“This is not what I would call correct tied hoods!” he said. “Obviously you have not asked hard enough to get your hoods tied as strict as you are supposed to wear them! You will receive some extra punishment right away and more once we are back home!”

He ordered his rubber slave to pose I front of him. Then he pulled the two rubber hoods over his slaves head and tied them extremely strict, leaving just free the space between her eyes and the lower lip of her mouth. He pulled the strings so hard that she felt the seams of the two rubber hoods pressing harsh against the delicate skin of her cheeks. Then he took a large and shiny brass padlock out of his pocket and locked the strings with it. He stepped back and looked at his work.

“Ok, this is what I call correctly tied punishment hoods!” he said “and now for your immediate punishment, slave. You will walk up and down twice the whole mall very slowly, keeping your rubber hooded head absolutely upright so everyone can look at your shame padlock! If you dare to walk fast or bow your head into the shame positon you will be disciplined immediately! You better beware! And now walk!“

She had no choice. The punishment took more than an hour. An hour full of humiliation and shame. She felt her sweat under the thick rubber clothing. She felt how the rubber clinged to her skin, and she felt the rubber on the skin of her head now as well. And she felt aroused. Despite the fact that she was full of incredible shame, her face red from the public humiliation, she felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter with every step. Finally she had finished her punishment and Walter kissed her passionately again.

“Well done, slave!” he said, “now let`s hurry, I guess dinner is waiting for us!” 



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