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The Piano Teacher Part 2

by Colloredo

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© Copyright 2005 - Colloredo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; latex; hum; catheter; rainwear; toys; cons; X

A second part written by Colloredo
Reading the story  “The Piano Teacher by Rbbral”  inspired me to take the subject further. I think the subject has some good potential to develop in many ways, here is the first part of a few more to come.

The next morning she could barely concentrate on her work.  She spent two hours with two other students, but she was always thinking of what she would have to expect when Walter came back for his lesson. She was wearing some of her rubber pants under her normal dress and every time she moved she felt the material touching her naked pussy. 

She was thinking about the punishment room next door and its contents.  Her emotions were mixed. There was some fear because she knew that the arrangement she had signed was final. She was absolutely sure that Walter would not hesitate to make her obey to every single command and order he would issue. She was sure that he would make extensive use on her of every single piece of the bizarre equipment she had seen in her new rubber dungeon. And she knew that she would have to expect an considerable amount of discomfort, even some pain.

On the other side she got aroused only by thinking that she would finally be forced to obey. She knew that here was no way out of her rubber slavery. She would be forced to do whatever her Master would ask her to do. She would have to obey, she would be used, used as a rubber toy and rubber sex slave. And most important of all: she finally would be severely humiliated. She would be humiliated not by her old mother but by the man she had started to love. She would be severely humiliated and she would be made to bear shame and and submissiveness at large. And finally – she had signed the contract which made her a slave, but was too late to change her mind – and after all she did not want to change it anyway. 

Walter showed up precisely on time. She made him work on some Bach Fugues. She knew he hated this, because he was far more into romantic composers. But she always said “knowing Bachs work profoundly is the key to understanding other composers!” She had chosen the topic for this lesson with purpose. May be she could make Walter a bit more feeling like taking a revenge on her. She had longed so much for his strictness and dominance and she wanted to make sure he wanted to satisfy her needs.

She did not know that Walter had already decided to take his new rubber slave to his boundaries and over them. She was somewhat disappointed that her student did not protest in any way, even when she made him exercise some complicated passages again and again. She started to fear that Walter would have changed his mind over the last night and that her dreams of slavery would turn out to stay dreams rather than becoming realitiy. Sixty long minutes passed very, very slowly, Walter saying almost no word and concentrating completely on his piano lesson. Exactly after sixty minutes he closed the piano and turned around to look at her.

“Stand up!” he said. “Spread your legs wide and lift your skirt!”

Immediately she stood up in front of him and lifted her skirt. First he looked at her rubber pants, than he touched them and squeezed the material with his fingers. It was too obvious what had happened during the last hours.

“Are your rubber pants wet, slave?” he asked.

“Yes, they are. And my pussy as well.”

“Why are you wet, slave?”

“I am wet because I was always thinking what you would do with your new slave and how you will use her. And because I am thinking all the time of wearing strict rubber outfits and being put in severe bondage!”

“Are you ready to fulfill the contract you have signed, slave?”

“Yes, I am!”

“Without any exception?”

“Yes, without any exception!”

“Good, slave!” Walter smiled at her and her heart immedialtely started to beat faster. “As you know Monday is a public holiday and this is a long weekend. Since this I your initiation as my personal slave and rubber slut I have decided that we will spent the next days together. You will serve me twenty four hours a day and hopefully you will learn some of the rules to which you have adopt very, very quickly! You will undress completely and report to me in three minutes naked beside your gynchair in the punishment room. Legs wide apart, hands folded in the back of your neck!”

She bowed her head to confirm his order and disappeared through the door to her bedroom, which was adjacent to her punishment chamber. Walter looked out of the window. It was a perfect day for his plans. It did not rain yet. The grey, cloudy sky seemed to be undecisive about pouring some rain or not. People were hasting across the streets, most of them thinking about their plans for the long weekend to come. He had made his plans already and he was eager to begin. He felt his blood pressure raise when he thought about the delights and entertaiments to come. 

He looked at his watch. The three minutes were over. He followed his slave in the punishment room. There she stood: a mature woman in all her glory, a tight, feminine body that had been taken care off very well over the last years. As she was ordered she had folded her hands in the back of her neck. That positon lifted her large but tight breasts and showed them off very nicely. They were far larger than he had expected and seemd to invite him to come up with some additional ideas for training and punishment.

Her pussy was completely bald as he had ordered. The rash which was a consequence of the electrolytic treatment which had her pubic hair removed forever was gone. And he could see easily the shimmer of the moisture which was slowly dripping out of her vagina. He started to run his hands over her body. First his fingertips, than he got more and more decisive. He squeezed her large nipples and pulled them a few times. He did it very firm and finally in a way that caused her to moan loudly. And of course he did it with purpose.

“Did I ask you something, slave?” he said?

“No Sir” she replied and she knew immediatley what she was bound for. He picked up a rubber ball gag with a strap and stood behind her.

“Open your mouth, slave!” he ordered and she obeyed. Thirty seconds later the large ballgag was strapped tightly into her mouth. He continued his inspecton of her body. He probed her pussy wih his fingers and realised with pleasure that she was wet, very wet. He pulled her labia, even made her turn around and bend over the whipping horse to probe her anus as well. Again she moaned, but he did not care. Finally he ordered her back into the initial position.

“Ok slave,” he said, “ the first lesson you have already started: you will from now on only speak when you are asked or when you are allowed to do so. Of course you will obey to this rule also when you are gagged – what you will be most of the time anyway. You shall make the humiliating experience of not being able to control your speech and voice. And I am looking eagerly forward to see some saliva dripping out of your wonderful mouth. Do you undesrtand this, slave?”

“Ches, chundrr  chand   chicch, chachtr…” she stammered and she blushed when indeed the first drops of her saliva dripped from her lips, run over her chest and made their way down to the floor. 

“The next rule you will have adopt too is that you will wear much more rubber and sometimes pvc than you expected. You will wear it almost every time and even more important – you will wear it whenever you leave the house! I will lock away your old clothes later and your chance to wear some of them again will be etremely rare!”

With some satisfaction he saw her eyes widen as if she could not believe what she was hearing.

“You will learn what I mean in the next few hours, slave!” he said. “You will be dressed up in one of your new outfits. And then I will take you out. First we have to see a hairdresser!” 

This time her eyes widened in shock. She had not forgotten that there was a paragraph in her contract that allowed him to have her head shaved bald if he wanted. He smiled at her again.

“No, it is not what you think. I like your hair. And as long as you don`t give me a profound reason your head will be not shaved bald. But you will be wearing lots of masks and helmets, punishment gear and so on in the near future. So I want you to wear your hair very short as it was fashionable in the twenties. A nice, short bob will adorn you very well and we will spare some hassle with your punishment uniforms. And if you are a good slave I may allow you to grow it back to its full glory once your initial training is completed!”

This mesasge was only little relief to her. Her long hair was her pride and he knew it. Taking off at least three quarters of it was another sort of humiliation. But funny enough – understanding that she would have to obey anyway made her fell horny and wet again.

“Since you will be wearing the clothes of slavehood from now on very extensively you need a story to explain to others why you have to do this. I think a severe allergy against all kind of natural fibers and other things will make a good and understandable story. And now we need to hurry to get you dressed up. I have made arrangements to take you out for dinner after we have visited the hairdresser. And after this you will have your first punishment lessons and serve me!”

She was irritated and also a bit frustrated. She had hoped that he would dress her up in one of the punishment outfits right away and make use of her. She was eager to be used and feel his shaft inside her craving pussy. But it seemed that she had to be patient. She did not know yet that she would not be allowed to have an orgasm for a long time, but instead she would be kept in an almost endless, agonizing state of sexual arousal. But she had no time to think about anything. 

“Put these on first!” Walter said and pointed to a set of long transparent latex stockings and a matching set of long sleeved gloves. The material was not very thick but astonishingly firm. She had no problems to pull up first the stockings and then the gloves. 

“These will be part of your outfit whenever you leave the house or whenever you are off duty as my slave. You are only allowed to take your gloves, and I mean the gloves only, off when you are giving lessons. As soon as your lessons are finished you will put them back on. Unless you have other orders! When leaving the house you are allowed to wear mesh gloves or satin gloves over the rubber ones unless you are ordered to show them or I have other plans with you. And you may wear your nylons over the rubber stockings. But not today, since I am going to make you wear boots later. And now these!”

He pointed to a pair of long brown rubber trousers. They were designed in the tyical bloomers style. The waist band was wide and very tight, the legs ended just below her knees and sported to narrow seams which fitted closely around her legs. And then on each leg were a set of D-rings with two locks and so she found herselfed locked into a bulky garment which he called one of her rubber shame pants. They were shame pants indeed. Not only that the material was stiff and made a deafening crackling noise whenever she moved but they also had a very pungent, strong smell of rubber. 

“I want to make sure in any possible way that my litle rubber slut gets the attention that she deserves. It shall be obvious to everybody that you are dressed in a very different way and I hope this adds to your shame and humiliation!” Walter said while he produced one part of her new outfit after the other. 

Next was a tight fitting rubber leotard with a high neck collar. It was closed in her back, the collar was locked as well of course. The leotard had two very narrow holes for her breasts and once she had pulled them through according to his commands, her breasts popped up from her chest in the most obscene way she ever could imagine. Then she was made to wear a wide but very narrow belt made of reinforced rubber. It was almost a very tight fitting corset and added to the slutty look of her breasts very much. 

“Since we will be out for some hours and I won`t have the chance to undress you, I will unfortunatley (he grinned saying this) have to fit you with an urine bag and a catheter. And since I am working on your lower orificices anyway I think I will make you wear the inflatable punishment enema plug right away – this saves us some time later. And you can adjust to the fact that in the futrure you will be plugged completely unless I want to make use of one of your holes!” 

Ahh – this was what she had longed for. His speech got more and more stern, he started to humiliate her with words and letting her know she was just a mere slave and rubber slut. Never before she had been catherized and she wondered what the feeling of not being able to control her bladder anymore might be. In very few moments she should know.

“Get on the gynchair!” he said, “Normally I will strap you into the chair tightly. Not only for security but also for you knowing that you will spend a lot of time in this vulnerable, humiliating position. But since we have not too much time left for now I will just go on. You better don`t move, otherwise you will be punished!”

She mounted the gynchair as fast as she could. It was a strange feeling to pose this way in front of her master. He took a large catheter and showed it to her. 

“This is the rubber tube that I will fit into you. This little balloon on the tip of it will be inflated once it has reached your bladder. This will ensure it stays where I have put it as long as I want it. You won`t have to worry about restrooms anymore slave. I hope you will get accustomed very fast to the fact that from now on you will be constantly pissing through your rubber tube in your rubber urine bag.”

And there it was. She felt the tip of the strict rubber tube on her vagina, the entrance of her urethra. All of a sudden she moved her legs, tried to avoid the humiliating tube. He put it aside without saying a word. Five minutes later she found herself strapped completely helpless in the chair. And not only this. He also had clamped her labia and pulled them wide open. A speculum was inserted and spread, she never before had felt exposed like this. With great calm he took the catheter again, slowly but constantly he passed it through the opening of her urethra and pushed it up very, very carefully. Not a minute later she felt a short, burning sensation in her bladder. The first time in her life a rubber tube had passed this way and she heard her urine dripping out in a steel bowel he held under the open end of the catheter. She realised that she was no longer able to control even her bladder, the most intimate of things was under his control. Tears of shame flooded her face and she sobbed into her gag. 

“Since you did not obey you will be punished slave. This rubber balloon will be inserted into your vagina. Be aware that it has some electrical contacts to it – this will enable me to punish you whenever I want via remote control!” 

The rubber bladder was inserted into her. This was a good feeling – her craving pussy finally filled up at least with some rubber, although she had hoped for other entertainment. He pumped up the bladder very strong, she felt filled out and widened in an incredible way. And finally he announced to her that as an additional punishment she was to wear the largest inflatable enema punishment plug available for the whole evening. Without mercy he mounted the stiff rubber instrument through her sphincter, pushed it into her rectum deeper and deeper. Since she had not too much anal experience this was a very new sensation to her.  Quite uncomfortable on one side due to the large diameter of the punishmnet instrument, intriguing on the other side when she felt the intruder move slightly against the thin membrane separating her vagina from her anus. Finally the large plug was in place and inflated. A few minutes later she found herself standing on her feet again, legs apart and staring at the image of herself she saw in one of the mirrors on the wall. 

There was the brown catheter tube, now connected to a semitransparent yellow rubber bag which hung from a rubber strap around her thigh. A transparent tube with a rubber pump on its end and two cables, belonging to the rubber bladder which was inserted into her vagina. A black rubber tube with another pump attached to it, belonging to the enema plug. A smaller yellow rubber tube, this was the tube which would be used to administer her the punishment enema once they were back and a large red rubber tube which should be used to dipose her of the punishment enema. 

All this was now secured safely with a belt that was strapped to the back of her waist corset, then run through between her legs and locked securely to the front of the waist belt. While she looked again and again she found that she could walk only with some difficulties, too much she felt spread and plugged.

“You will learn to walk in this state with elegance and grace again. It is just a matter of getting accustomed and trained. I guess in a year from now or so it won`t bother you anymore!” Walter said.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. He would take his rights, no way. And she would have to obey. One year – and no end for her slavery.

“Ok, slut. Time to get you dressed now finally.”

She was made to put on a set of high heeled black patent leather boots, lined with black rubber. On the top of the boots there were two D-rings in front and in back. These were locked with two padlocks to matching D-rings on her shame pants. He then pulled the two enema tubes trough her legs and fastend them to another ring in front of her shame pants, so they wold not hang down between her legs. 

The next piece of clothing was a robe made of stiff, rustling rubberised nylon. She knew that material from old fashioned raincoats, but she never had seen a robe made of this material. He helped her slip into it and she found that the robe had a corset like upper part, which shaped her body in a very intriguing way once it was closed and the laces in her back pulled tight. Of course it had a stiff, high collar as well which was again locked in the back of her neck. Collar and the cuffs around her wrists were designed in a way that the material was reversed. It was easy to see for the avid spectator that this strict garment was made of rubber. Again it had a very strong smell of rubber and it added quite considerably to the noise of the shame pants. She also found that some sort of stiff rubber tubes were installed inside the long, wide cut sleeves. Once she had pushed her hands through the sleeves she could not bent her arms any more, leaving them hanging down beside her body almost useless. She wondered how she would have dinner without being able to use her hands. 

She tried to move around and to find out how she could walk. There was no way that someone would take no attention of her – the rustle of her rubber clothes must been heard still in two blocks distance. Then she realised that the robe was quite short. Once she moved uncarefully the legs of her brown rubber shame pants would be clearly visible. As well as the humiliating locks which were used to confine her to her rubber uniform. And finally she found out that the corset part of her rubber robe was designed in a way that gave very little support for her breasts, which popped out through the narrow holes in her rubber leotard. She was running the risk that they would leave her rubber compartment as soon as she moved her upper body to fast and thus she would expose herself with naked breasts. 

There was not too much time to think about all this. He took a long black rubber raincoat from the wardrobe. The coat was made in a very old fashioned design. She had to wear a rubber raincoat like this as a young girl when it was raining and she hated it very much. And now again she was to be dressed in such a garment. The outside of the black rubber raincoat was shiny, on the inside there was a thick rubber lining as well but it looked rather dull and unpolished. The coat was single breasted and had an attached hood with drawstring. The lower part of the coat was wide and swinging and rustling with every step. Around the wrists were to straps to close them and lock them with two small padlocks if wanted by her master. A wider strap designed the same way was to fit around her neck once the hood was pulled up.

She sighed into her gag again when she slipped into the heavy garment. Carefully he helped her to button up the coat, then he closed the wide belt arround her waist as narrow as possible as well as the wirst straps.

“Slave, I am now going to remove your gag. I do not want to hear one single comment from you!” 

It seemed to her that she never would be able to close her mouth again, her jaws ached considerably. But she did not dare to utter one single sign of discomfort. He pulled up the hood of her raincoat and tightened it firmly around her face, leaving only the litle area between her eyebrows and her lower lip uncovered. He tightened it strictly, she felt the seam of the hood pressing in her cheeks and she found that it was hard to move her head from one side to another once he was finished. Finally he closed the wind strap under her chin. And he took a hooded raincape from the hanger, made of the same material. He put it over her shoulders and while buttoning her into the cape he said:

“From now on you won`t leave the house without a correctly closed rubber raincoat. No matter what the weather will be! Correctly closed means that all buttons are closed, straps and belts as well and of course you will wear your hood under any circumstances, meticuously closed and the string tightend to the utmost extent. I must be tightened in a way that does not allow me to push my finger through between your charming cheeks and the seam of the hood. Once your hair is trimmed in the requested way you additionally will wear a lock of shame in the drawstring of the hood. If there is the possibilty of rain as today, you will wear an additional raincape on top of your raincoat. If you disobey you will severely punished. Besides the additonal punishment you will be locked into a strict rubber burka for some weeks when leaving the house. And should I realize that you disobey to my order wearing your hoods properly your head will be shaved bald merciless. It is up to you, my dear slave. And now tell me how you feel”

“Sir, I have a lot of mixed feelings. I am thankful that you spend your time training your useless rubber slut to be a proper slave. I feel very much humiliated and ashamed when I feel the rubber tubes in me and I know that I am constantly pissing under me in my urine bag being completely uncapable to stop this. The sound and feel rubber when I move. I fear the moments of shame and humiliation when you are going to make my slavehood public now. On the other hand I am very aroused and horny – I feel that his is the beginning of a very special relationship and my dreams of submission, shame, humiliation and some pain seem to come true. All this rubber – and knowing that this will be my permanent way of dressing. I will be constantly reminded of being your sex toy, your rubber slave and your obeying slut. I can only ask you to be patient, but very strict and consequent with your rubber slave. And I want you to force me to obey under any circumstances if I should hesitate to fulfill your orders. I know I need to be punished very often since I may have tendencies not to take your orders serious enough, but I will try my very best!”

Meanwhile Walter had chosen a black, shiny Mackintosh for himself and dressed up in it to leave the house. He stopped for a short moment before opening the door and leading his rubberised slave to his car. He took her rubber covered head in both hands, kissed her with passion on her full lips.

“Be promised: I will be a very strict master to my beloved rubber slave. Sometimes you will wish that you never asked me to do this, I am quite sure. But you have agreed to be mine and I will make proper use of you and the agreement you have signed. And now let`s head for the hairdresser and I can`t wait to take my rubber slave out to the club!”



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