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Obsessed by Rubber

by KrokR

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Chapter 1. Beginning of the Story

Another boring online meeting was finally over. Linda switched off the webcam and closed her notebook, then leaned back in her chair. Deep in thought, she started to undo the buttons of her white office-style shirt, and another layer of her garments, hidden beneath cotton cloth, appeared. It was a black, skin-tight latex suit, without collar, with shortened legs and arms, specially designed by Linda to be worn under her office uniform. The wide, round neck cutout was not visible even with a few buttons undone, and nobody in the office could ever imagine what a secret such an unassuming young trainee would keep. However, being very cautious, she wore her suit to the office quite rarely, and was very happy when lockdowns caused everyone to work from home. This allowed her to put on her favorite clothing anytime she wanted to. After several months of lockdown, Linda was practically living in latex, taking it off only to wash, dry and put on again. Usually she enclosed herself totally, with hood and gloves, removing it for online conference calls, as she did today, and covering her upper body, visible on the webcam, with her office shirt.

Her fingers slid under her shirt and started caressing her nipples through the thin layer of rubber. She half closed her eyes in pleasure, and her mind flew far, far away to the past, where everything had started...

As a child, Linda was the usual little girl – lively, laughing, sometimes thoughtful. She cannot remember the exact year when but it was certainly at the time in her formative years where she was becoming aware of her surrounding environment and her own likes and dislikes. She remembers being at her grandmother’s home near the sea, where she went each summer. She had seen a movie on the TV, showing divers in the deep sea. Only much later, she found out that it was Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s famous ‘Adventure’ movie. She was captured by it from the very first moment she saw it. Of course, there were a lot of large, colorful fish, sunken ships, kaleidoscopes of coral reefs and other amazing underwater scenes. However, it was something else that captivated her attention and caused her to sit before the TV set for hours. The beautiful divers – both muscular, strong-built men and slender, athletic women – were enclosed in black, skin-tight wetsuits, shining and dripping with water, when they emerged to the surface. She rushed to the TV room when each episode was starting, and saw them all, and again and again when the programs were repeated, and these pictures left a deep imprint in her yet innocent mind.

As time passed by, her passion for diving remained and Linda gained a scuba diving certificate as soon as she could, in her teenage years. Her parents gave her the perfect birthday gift – a black neoprene diving wetsuit. She fell totally in love with this suit, putting it on not only for diving, but often just at home, when she was alone. The suit gave her indescribable feelings – she felt herself mighty and strong, invincible and invulnerable, at the same time protecting her as the safe outer shell of her body, and caressing it on each move with its soft hugs. Once she added a neoprene diving hood and a pair of rubber gloves to the suit, laid in her bed and covered herself with a heavy warm blanket. Soon she started to sweat a lot, but strangely, she liked it. Since that day, Linda started to experiment not only with different skin-tight garments, but also with diving masks and hoods. She became passionate about her new-found hobby and penchant for skintight clothing, but she had no idea where it would lead her.

At the age of 18, Linda was a pretty brunette, with sparkling gray eyes and an athletic, slim body. Her long legs and small, shapely backside made most men turn their heads when she walked by. This was especially because she always loved to dress in something shiny and skin-tight, like faux-leather, lycra or vinyl leggings. Her parents were quite happy with her diving hobby, not suspecting anything about why it became such an ardent passion. Linda was spending a lot of free time in the pool, developing her diving skills, and soon she got a further diving certificate. This allowed her to put on her own diving gear, and watch other divers, men and women, all equipped in skintight outfits similar to her own. When Linda finished the school and graduated to college, her parents gave her another gift – a week’s diving liveaboard trip to Egypt on a cruising yacht around the Red Sea.

To say that she was happy was an understatement. She was unable to stop thinking about the trip. She spent all her money on two more wetsuits – one thinner and one heavier with built-in hood, and a drysuit. On the last day before the flight, she had trouble with her suitcase, because she could not fit everything in it. Only when she threw off most of her normal clothes, she could lock the lid. It seemed like for the most part of the holiday, Linda would be wearing only her diving outfits… 

When she arrived at the yacht, Linda was first a little bit embarrassed. All the people here were older and more experienced divers than she was. Despite the friendliness and nice atmosphere, she felt like a stranger. Men paid her attention, but all of them were here with their wives or families, so it was no more than subtle flirting. The only person who was really taking care of her from the very first day of the trip was Regitze. Regitze was an older woman, very attractive and sexy, with short cut bright red hair and no visible signs of aging. She was a very experienced diver, with an instructor certificate, and also arrived at the yacht alone. When she invited Linda to be her dive buddy for this trip, the girl accepted this proposal with much gratitude. Starting from their very first dive, Regitze was providing her with a lot of support and very useful tips, helped her to assemble the equipment and constantly monitored her underwater. Linda’s dream finally came true, as she was in the tropical underwater world, which she had seen before only on TV in the world of Cousteau’s ‘Adventure’! She was very excited during the dive, and seemed to become careless, somewhat lost in a dream state. After they returned to the yacht, Regitze complimented Linda on her diving skills. Linda was very proud and encouraged by this, and felt somewhat turned on by being praised by an older, confident woman, standing statuesque in her skintight enclosure.

In the evening, they were sitting together on the upper deck, chatting and sipping sweet cocktails whilst watching the sunset. Being quite shy, Linda was not the type to open up completely to a stranger, but unexpectedly she told Regitze almost everything about herself, omitting only her sexual adventures involving diving gear. Regitze was a great listener, she seemed to be really interested in what Linda told her, asking lots of questions and giving smart comments. Regitze also shared a lot about herself – she worked in senior management in a bank, was happily divorced and did not have children. Her job provided her with a lot of money and much free time to travel, and Linda envied her. Before going to sleep, Linda thought how lucky she was to meet such a cool woman and decided that Regitze would be a good friend. As they lived in the same city, their friendship would have a great chance of success.

The next day the weather changed. The wind became cold and strong whilst the sea was quite rough. After the first dive, the cold of the sea seeped so deep into their bodies that Linda and Regitze smiled in disbelief at their uncontrollable, chattering teeth. Changing from wetsuits to normal clothes on the dive deck was impossible because of the rocky sea, so they were allowed to change in their cabins. Regitze asked Linda to come with her in the cabin to help undo the zipper of her wetsuit, which she said got stuck quite often, and both girls went upstairs to the living deck.

They entered Regitze’s cabin, which was at least twice the size of Linda’s, with a king-size bed instead of a narrow bunk and a big window instead of a small porthole. Regitze locked the door from inside and turned to Linda. At the same moment a large wave hit the yacht and the yacht’s bow lifted. Both women fell on the bed - Linda on her back, and Regitze face down over her. Both were laughing loudly, but when the ship returned to its normal position, Regitze didn’t hurry to dismount from Linda. Instead of this, she settled herself over her more comfortably, with one leg pressed between her legs, holding her weight on her elbows. Linda could feel Regitze’s body, encased in the tight wetsuit, slip slightly over her own wetsuit. She felt Regitze’s weight and warmth, sensed the pressure of Regitze’s leg to her crotch, and heard her subtle breath against her cheek. Suddenly Linda felt herself wet under her suit and her breathing became shorter and irregular. With chattering teeth just minutes ago, she was now as hot as a volcano. She raised her hands and started stroking her friend’s back, feeling how her body was responding through the thin neoprene layer. Then her hands went down to Regitze’s firm buttocks, tightly encased in wet black neoprene, and started rubbing and squeezing it, feeling its softness and elasticity. Saying nothing, Regitze pressed her lips to Linda’s mouth and gave her a long tender kiss, and she responded happily, opening her mouth and closing her eyes, enjoying her first ever kiss. It was explosive. Their tongues were playing with each other, their black neoprene-clad bodies were slipping over each other with a rustling sound, their hands were traveling up and down, caressing and rubbing each other’s necks, shoulders, breasts, abdomens, and thighs. Not parting her lips from Linda’s mouth, Regitze started to rub her crotch tenderly through the suit. Her touch became more and more insisting, and Linda felt as though her arousal grew like an ocean wave. In less than a minute, grunting and convulsing, she finished with a huge orgasm, seizing Regitze’s head with both hands and pressing her lips to her mouth.

Worn out, they both lay side by side saying nothing, listening to the sound of sea waves crashing into the yacht and caressing each other’s relaxed body. After some minutes, regaining her breath, Linda asked Regitze, “Do you still want me to help you with a zipper?”

Regitze laughed in reply:

“To be honest, the zipper never was a problem, my dear. I just needed a reason to get you to my cabin, that’s it. Are you ok with that?”

“I don’t mind at all, why?” exclaimed Linda with a happy smile. “It was the best dive I have ever had!”

“Oh, something gives me a feeling, that you have a lot more interesting dives ahead,” stated Regitze whilst winking, “…but now I’m starting to feel cold again. Let’s get out of these suits and have some hot tea!”

Getting out of the bed and turning her back to Linda, Regitze now asked her to undo the zipper. Pulling it down, Linda could not hide her surprise and cried out a firm “wow”. Under the neoprene wetsuit was another layer of shiny black material, which looked like latex. Linda had only ever seen latex in pictures and never with her own eyes, but she recognized it immediately. Pulling the wetsuit down her shoulders, Regitze turned back to Linda and winked again.

“This is something you didn’t expect, Linda, eh?”

“Why do you wear this under your wetsuit? Is it warmer to dive with this added layer, maybe?” asked Linda with curiosity.

“Not especially warmer, my dear. I just like how this latex suit caresses me while I’m underwater,” explained Regitze with a smile, whilst continuing to pull down her wetsuit. “Could you help me to pull my third skin off my legs, dear?”

“Of course, Regitze.”

Regitze sat on the bed and Linda knelt down and pulled down the wetsuit from one leg, and then the other, revealing Regitze’s whole body, completely encased in black shiny latex. Even her feet were covered with latex toe socks! She looked fantastic, like a real latex Goddess, as the latex encased her curves perfectly, and Linda could not help but keep staring at her in admiration.

“Can I… touch you?” asked Linda hesitantly.

“Of course, dear, you can, no need to ask permission,” smiled Regitze. “Now you know my little secret, so I’m completely in your hands!”

Linda didn’t waste a second. Still kneeling before Regitze, sitting on the bed with her legs spread wide, she started to caress her latex-clad hips and thighs, feeling the smoothness and elasticity of latex and warmth of Regitze’s body going through it. Her nostrils were full of this strange but somehow pleasantly sweet scent of warm rubber. She listened to the sound of latex, creaking under her fingers, and she knew already for sure that she wanted to hear this forever. She felt small electric jolts jump between her fingertips and the smooth surface of the latex. She heard Regitze’s moan as she arched back, letting Linda rub and squeeze her breasts and erect nipples, protruding through the thin latex. Linda undid the small zipper on Regitze’s crotch, and the taste of her juices made Linda forget anything about the outer world. Regitze’s pussy lips were hot and moist, and the girl started to lick them with the tip of her tongue. Regitze pressed the back of Linda’s head firmly into her crotch, apparently wanting a quick release. 

Linda has never done anything like this in her life, but any woman instinctively knows how to please another woman. With Regitze’s guidance, being expertly directed by her firm hand to her desired places, she sucked and licked perfectly, as though she had done this before. Within a couple of minutes, Regitze started to breathe hard, her body stiffened, and in a second she let out a muffled scream and all of her body twitched in the convulsions of a heavy orgasm.

Catching her breath, Regitze then bent towards Linda, placed her hands around her head and gave Linda a hot, passionate kiss on her lips. Linda responded enthusiastically and felt an exciting, comfortable rush in her head. Both women felt that what had just happened was not just sex – but it was a beginning of a long story, that they would create together. The kiss was long, but finally Linda parted from her friend’s lips and looked directly in her eyes.

“Now I know exactly what my next dream is,” she said resolutely.

“And this is…” smiled Regitze back.

“Such a suit as yours. I want it, really want it! You… you see, maybe… There are some things which turn me on and…” Linda broke off shyly.

“Come on, girl, don’t be embarrassed!” encouraged Regitze. “There is nothing to be shy of. Believe me, you’re not the only one who gets excited just by seeing or touching latex or other similar things.”

“But… How did you understand it? I’ve never told you about that!” exclaimed Linda.

“Ohh, it’s not a problem for experienced eyes like mine. It was enough to see your facial expression while you were putting on your wetsuit yesterday before the dive. And what has happened this morning… was just a confirmation of what I suspected about you.”

“And what did you suspect?” asked Linda suspiciously.

“You are the same as me,” answered Regitze.

“Do you mean… Neoprene and latex also excite you?”

“Not only neoprene and latex, but also a lot of other things, which you wouldn’t call ‘normal’. I would be happy to tell you more right here, but I suppose now it’s time for breakfast. I’m hungry as a wolf, and you?”

“And me as a tiger,” replied Linda, “but don’t you want to take your suit off?”

“Oh yes, thank you for remembering,” laughed Regitze. “Sometimes I forget about it, ’cause it feels like a second skin. Now I’ll go to the shower to undress, and you probably want to take off your suit too?”

“Yes, it’s dry already. So I’m going to my cabin and see you at breakfast!” answered Linda and left.

The rest of the day went by quickly, filled with diving and sunbathing, and at sunset both women sat at the upper deck again with their cocktails.

“So, my dear Linda, I remember I promised to tell you more about myself, and I’m going to do it,” started Regitze. “But first, I want to know about the things you kept from me yesterday. I understand why you did it, and don’t angry because of this, but now I’m going to be absolutely honest with you, and I expect the same from your side. So tell me, what turns you on, and how have you discovered it?”

And Linda told Regitze the story of her fetish, how it appeared and developed. First, she felt like a sinner confessing to the priest, but at the end she was relieved and encouraged, thanks to support and total acceptance from Regitze.

“Do you have a boyfriend, Linda?”

“No, not yet. In fact, I’ve never met in real life a guy who could fully understand me, share my interests and maybe whose interests I’d like to share. All guys I know are so boring, so… normal, you know… They are only interested in cars, football and video games… But it doesn’t mean that I dislike all men in general, not at all! Actually, they’re cool, strong and… They have their entertaining cocks… One day I’d like to know men more closely…” At this point Linda blushed, embarrassed. “Anyway, it’s not actually a problem for me! Especially since I met you.”

Linda took Regitze’s hand, and she smiled.

“So I suppose you’re still a virgin, aren’t you?” Regitze moved closer to Linda.

“Yes, I am. But yesterday I made a decision. I want you to deflower me and I would be proud and grateful if you agree to do it,” she said firmly.

“Oh, my dear, nobody has ever asked me for such a favor!” exclaimed Regitze, obviously surprised. “Though it would be a great honor for me to do it, and I can assure you that you’ll never regret it! But first I want to tell you something, so why don’t we take another cocktail?”

They went to the bar and returned with fresh glasses, then Regitze continued.

“Now I want you to know my other name – Mistress Rubber. Do you know who people call ‘Mistress’?”

“Not exactly,” answered Linda honestly. “Is it something related to BDSM? I know very little about this, but it always was very interesting for me!”

“You’re right, it’s a BDSM title, for a woman with strong mental and physical skills to dominate people, who want to be dominated – both men and women, there is no difference. Domination means exchange of power between people – submissives voluntarily give the Dominant, or Mistress, the power over them, finding their enjoyment in this. Dominants, on the other side, enjoy taking this power and they have ability and skills to do anything with their submissives, of course staying on the safe and consensual side. That’s the essence of BDSM in a couple of words!” Regitze grinned, sipped her cocktail and continued.

“Most Mistresses, or Dominatrixes, as some of them called themselves, perform mostly on a commercial basis. I can understand why, because being a Mistress is not cheap – you need a lot of garments, toys, devices, and you need an equipped studio for each session. You also have to look after yourself day by day, to be in the best shape physically and mentally! For example, I spend two or three hours in the gym four days a week, just to be fit and attractive!” Regitze demonstrated her well-rounded biceps.

“Forgive the question but isn’t it the same for all women taking money for their sexual services?” asked Linda hesitantly.

“Yes, you’re right again, but thank God, I don’t have to earn money by doing this – my job gives me enough to practice it only as a hobby. This gives me the freedom to choose my submissives – I prefer younger guys and girls, nice and fit, and most important for me – those who share my fetishes! As I’m Mistress Rubber, and rubber and latex are my fetishes, all my domination is based on using the power of it! Though it’s not the only fetishes I have – I also like good leather, shiny steel, gas-masks and hoses, medical equipment… the list is quite long, actually!”

“So… if I dare ask… would I suit you as a submissive?” Linda blushed and held her breath, waiting for the answer as if her destiny depended on it.

“My dear Linda!” laughed Regitze. “I have much bigger plans for you, young lady! Since the moment we met, I cannot stop seeing myself in you! When I was your age, I was the same – curious to all things new, unsure and lonely. It was a tough time, until I managed to understand who I was and establish my life in a desirable way. But you’re lucky – you met me, and I’m not going to let you make all my past mistakes and wrong turns! You can call it my mission, and maybe this sounds a bit pretentious, but let it be. So, let’s get close to the point. I own a studio in the center of the city, it’s fully equipped with everything I need, and I miss only an assistant – a promising young lady like you, who will help me with my hobby, and maybe who will find out that it’s her hobby also! Of course, you will be in total possession of the full wardrobe with all kinds of rubber garments, custom made to fit your size, all sex toys, lot of torture devices, restraining tools, bondage furniture, breathplay and medical equipment, and many more! What do you think about such a proposal?”

“I… I’m lost for words. Nobody ever has understood me better than you, though we have only known each other for just a couple of days,” Linda was almost crying. “I promise you to do everything for you, follow all your orders and fulfill all your wishes!”

“Come on girl, don’t cry,” Regitze hugged Linda and patted her cheek tenderly. “I’m sure you will, otherwise I wouldn’t have asked you to serve me! But first, you’ll have to go through serious education and training in many skills, most of which you’ve never even heard of!”

“I’m ready to start my training right now, my Mistress!” blurted out Linda, not even noticing how she had called Regitze.

“Good girl,” she kissed her cheek, “but here and now I’m not your Mistress, remember it. Call me Mistress only at work, ok?”

“I understood, Regitze, sorry,” blushed Linda again. “I just wish it would be as soon as possible…”

“It will, my dear, it will…” assured her Regitze. “But now the sun is already set, it is getting colder on the deck – why don’t we go back to my cabin and simply make love?”

She hugged Linda’s shoulders and they left the cold deck to go to the living cabins.

Appearing in the cabin, they locked the door and closed the curtains on the window, then hugged and kissed tenderly, their hands wandering around their bodies. Finally, Regitze parted and said:

“I’m going to dress for this special night and want you to be dressed as well. Unfortunately, I don’t have a suit in your size here, but I’m sure I’ll find something for you. Tomorrow we’ll take your measurements and send it to my latex atelier, so the suit will be waiting for you on your return home.”

Linda could not believe her ears. All her dreams, even the most secret ones, had started to suddenly come true! She even secretly pinched herself, just in case she was dreaming.

Meanwhile, Regitze opened a big suitcase and started to search through it. After a couple of minutes, she came up with a black latex outfit, comprising a pair of stockings, a garter belt and shoulder-length opera gloves.

“Do you want to try a latex hood, dear?” asked Regitze.

“Of course I want to, Regitze, no need to ask! I’ll be happy with anything you propose, and the only reason I am not asking you to try things is because I don’t know what they are called.”

“I see, I see,” Regitze grinned, “you have a lot to learn.”

She turned to the suitcase and took a black latex hood with holes for eyes, mouth and nostrils, and a zip on the back.

“I suppose it will suit you. And now I’m going to change, and you’ll help me.”

She quickly undressed, and Linda saw her naked for the first time. She noticed Regitze’s elegant tattoos and a lot of piercings, decorating her intimate parts – probably Regitze took them out when going diving and that’s why Linda hadn’t noticed them before. Her labia were pierced in three places with steel rings on each side, along with her clitoris and nipples, which were decorated by solid, shiny steel rings. Regitze saw Linda’s amazed look and asked:

“Have you ever thought of decorating your body?”

“Yes, I did many times, when I saw a girl with a tattoo or piercing, I imagined it on my body, but I’d never do that while in school!”

“Well, now you have grown so if you want we can start to decorate you. It would be nice if we both could share the same style.”

Saying this, Regitze opened the drawer and took out her black latex suit.

“To put it on quick and easy Linda, it’s necessary to lube the skin well first.”

Then she took the bottle with clear substance within, poured it on her palm and started spreading it over her legs, backside and shoulders. Then she gave it to Linda.

“If you’re going to dress, you undress first and lube your legs and arms too, so start now.”

Linda obediently took off her daily clothes, noticing Regitze watching her intently.

“You’re so young and beautiful, Linda.” she smiled. “Your naked body is amazing, but I’m a strange person – I prefer to cover it and admire it covered!”

“You know, being covered, especially in something skin-tight, always meant being much more beautiful to me,” answered Linda. “So we’re both strange, but we’re strange in the same way, that’s what is most important!”

“Yes, you’re absolutely right,” nodded Regitze. “Now start lubing up.”

Linda spread silicone oil over her body. It felt so pleasurable, and she liked how her hand slid over her skin, soft and shiny. Then she took a latex stocking and sat on the bed, starting to roll up the stocking in her hands.

“Be careful and don’t hurry,” advised Regitze. “First gather all stockings on your foot, then pull it up to your hip. Use only your fingertips, not nails! Latex stretches well, but it may easily tear if you poke it with a sharp object.”

Slowly and carefully, Linda inserted her foot into the stocking, then pulled it and stretched it up as she was instructed, until it almost reached her crotch. Her leg now became an ideal shiny black shape! The latex squeezed against her skin slightly, making Linda feel a little restrained, and it was a wonderful moment for her. Sliding her hand along the hip down to her ankle gave her a strange feeling as if she touched somebody else’s skin, but at the same time she felt her sense of touch much stronger than when naked. Latex somehow accentuated these touches and distributed it evenly along her rubberized leg.

“It’s… I don’t have words to describe it!” moaned Linda. “I knew latex is an unusual material, but I couldn’t even imagine how magical it is! That feeling… It excites me with every touch!”

“Now you can understand how I feel in my catsuit,” grinned Regitze. “And soon you’ll feel the same, so carry on.”

She wondered how it would feel in the whole suit if she had gained such heightened pleasure by only putting on one stocking. Linda repeated the same procedure with the other stocking, and then with both gloves. She was trembling in excitement, her arousal grew as a rising tide, and her pussy was so wet, even without being touched, and juices started flowing down the side of a rubber-covered leg. Regitze had to help her with a garter belt, because she was unable to close the buckles due to her trembling fingers.

“Oh dear, it’s the first time I see somebody reacting so intensely to latex!” exclaimed Regitze with a surprised look. “Now I see I made the right choice when I chose you to be my companion!”

“Don’t have any doubt about this,” nodded Linda.

She sat on the bed and watched as Regitze pulled her suit on. It had no zippered entry, only a neck hole, and it first seemed impossible to her that Regitze would manage to pull it on and not tear, but she seemed to be very experienced in putting on the latex suits. Noticing Linda’s surprised look, Regitze laughed:

“Just practice, dear Linda, a lot of practice. After a while, you’ll be able to do the same!”

Regitze again looked like a statue of an antique goddess, cast in black shiny latex. Her suit had toe socks attached, which Linda had already seen, and now Regitze added short latex gloves to it. Next was a black latex hood, which she pulled on her head, and thus her enclosure was complete, leaving only her mouth, nostrils and eyes open. Stretching her body back and forth, she banished any wrinkles in the latex, and the latex surface of her body became oil-slick, shiny and smooth. Next, she took a latex corset from the suitcase, and with Linda’s help laced it tightly around her waist, which made her become the hourglass Goddess that she was.

“Now let me help you with the hood,” proposed Regitze, and carefully pulled the latex hood over Linda’s head.

Linda eagerly felt each inch of coverage as the tight material was pulled over her head, and the light compression against her skin was indescribable, as was the silence caused by the restriction in her hearing. Her breath started making strange hissing sounds when going through the small nose holes. Touching her skull with gloved hands gave her a very strange sensation, equally as if somebody else were touching her, and as if she were touching someone else’s head. The two layers of thin rubber between her fingers and her head had caused her to gain a new identity. She felt the birth of her becoming a rubber being. An object. An escape from her daily life. But something that would become her daily life.

“Look at yourself, Linda!” exclaimed Regitze, turning Linda to the big mirror on the door of the drawer.

First, Linda couldn’t understand who she was looking at. There was an amazingly beautiful young woman, probably the sexiest one she’s ever seen, looking at her from the mirror with a piercing look from her eyes, especially bright being the only recognizable features shining visibly through the hood. She needed several seconds to realize that in fact this young woman was her, but she still couldn’t believe her eyes. Turning her back to the mirror, she looked over her shoulder, and saw the woman’s small round backside, pushed up with latex stockings.

“What… What did you do to me?” she asked her friend with a weak voice. “I could never imagine that I could look so wonderful!”

“Oh, dear, it’s just the beginning, believe me!” answered Regitze. “Soon even that look will be too casual for you!”

“I believe you, but cannot believe my eyes,” sighed Linda delightedly. “And these sensations… the touch of latex is making me crazy and horny as hell!”

“I see,” winked Regitze, looking at her inner thigh, wet with pussy juice. “Now lay down and relax, young lady. I’m going to add some more fun for myself now.”

Saying this, Regitze took down from the shelf a bright steel anal plug with shiny glass base and unzipped the crotch zip of her suit. Generously lubing the plug, she bent over and parted her legs wide. With an audible sigh of pleasure, she pressed the plug inside her and zipped the suit back up again.

“By the way, have you ever tried to plug yourself?” she asked, turning back to Linda.

“Not yet, but I have always been thrilled by this idea since I’ve seen this in erotic movies. How does it feel?”

“It’s difficult to explain, probably you have nothing to compare it to. But for me it adds the feeling of completion, aside from wonderfully massaging my anus from the inside at every movement. Did you know that the anus has twice as many nerve cells than the vagina?”

“No, really?” wondering Linda. “Would be interesting to try it someday.”

“Why wait for another day?” laughed Regitze. “I can deflower both of your orifices at once! That would be a perfect combination!”

“Sounds great, but I’m still a little doubtful. Could you use the smallest plug you have?” asked Linda doubtfully.

“Of course, dear. In fact, I have only two plugs from my collection with me now – small and medium. At home I have much bigger ones but didn’t bring those on the trip.”

Regitze took another plug, the small one, from the same shelf, and lubed it, then ordered Linda to get on all fours with her pert backside in the air.

“Part your legs wider and lift your pretty little ass higher!” commanded Regitze and then applied the lube to Linda’s hole and started slowly to press it inside. “Relax, relax, dear! The more relaxed you will be, the easier it will go.”

Linda felt as the cold steel point of the plug pressed into her, stretching her sphincter muscles wide. First the feeling was quite unpleasant, but then she relaxed as Regitze had told her to and felt the plug slide inside her. The feeling was very strange and unusual, as if something huge rested inside her, but what aroused her much more was the awkwardness and kinkiness of the situation. Now there was a big steel object inside her, and she liked it! Who would expect something like this from such seemingly ordinary young women? She felt herself slutty and tainted, like a dirty cheap whore, but for the right person, and this excited her even more. 

“My congratulations, dear Linda! Now your ass is officially not a virgin anymore!” proclaimed Regitze ceremoniously. “Next step is your pussy!”

“Regitze, there is something more I want to ask you,” told Linda, settling on the bed and getting used to her new insertion. “Could you please restrain me now? I’ve dreamed of being restrained while fucked for such a long time, but was never able to do it alone.”

“Sure, girl, today is your day, and although as your Mistress I do not expect being told what to do, on this occasion this is something I enjoy myself so your wish is my command,” grinned Regitze. “Now lay on your back, lift up your arms and bend your legs.”

She drew a bunch of straps from her magic suitcase, and, in a minute, Linda’s arms were fixed to the headboard, and her ankles were tied to her thighs. Linda felt herself opened wide, easily accessible, and her pussy started dripping with juices, ready to accept everything that Regitze was going to give her. She tried to move a little, just to check how tight her restraints were and understood that she could not move an inch. She was helpless in the experienced hands of her friend, and this excited her even more.

Meanwhile Regitze stood before her, looking at her as if in some doubt, then she said decisively:

“I know what is missing here, the very last but very important detail!”

Then she took from the drawer a small red plastic ball gag with two leather straps, pushed it into Linda’s opened mouth and closed the buckle at the back of her head.

“That’s what I call a perfect setup. Easy and still unescapable!”


Linda tried to explain that it wasn’t necessary to gag her, but at the same time she understood how much it added to her helplessness – now she was unable to speak or call for any help. She gave Regitze total power over her, submitted to her dominance exactly that way she was told before, and now all that was left to her was to relax and enjoy it.

Regitze was taking her time, lying beside her young friend, caressing her smooth skin with her gloved fingers, pinching her erect nipples, and kissing her cheek through the latex hood. Linda moaned and squirmed in ecstasy with her eyes half closed, she already felt herself in heaven. Then Regitze parted from her and unzipped her suit again.

“Now it’s time to prepare the only necessary tool,” she grinned. “My favorite one is strapless, it will give me as much of the sensations that it will give to you, and allow me to control everything so precisely!”

She pushed the short part of the bright pink strapless dildo into her pussy, sliding inside so easily as it was already very wet, then she closed the zipper of her suit again. The outer part of the dildo, shaped like a phallus, protruded from her smooth crotch, covered by black latex. Kneeling between Linda’s legs, Regitze touched her dripping wet pussy with her latex-clad fingers, then slightly pressed it inside, searching for the hymen. Directing the dildo inside Linda’s pussy, she lowered slowly, penetrating her. Linda moaned in delight, with her mind floating deep in a sea of passion. She barely noticed the short prick of pain when her hymen was broken, as the movement of the phallus inside her turned this pain into pleasure very quickly. Bound, muted, her holes plugged, with arms and legs encased in shiny latex – she was now at the highest peak of excitement and arousal in her life. Turning her head, she could see their reflections in the mirror – there was a perfect black latex-clad figure penetrating another one, restricted and gagged, and again it took some time for her to understand, that it is not an erotic movie what she is looking at – it was Regitze and everything was happening in reality!

Regitze continued to move slowly in and out, giving Linda some time to accommodate, then she started to speed up her thrusts, sensing as Linda’s body responded. Linda started to raise her hips with the same rhythm, as if begging Regitze to go inside her deeper and faster. Both of them were panting heavily and moaning in delight, feeling as the edge of the sweet abyss became closer with each movement, and it did not take long before both came simultaneously, crying and shuddering in delight. 

Regitze fell down on Linda, still keeping the dildo plunged deep inside her. She sensed as her submissive’s body was trembling in excitement, heard her soft moaning and felt her rapid breath gradually getting slower. Finally, Linda opened her eyes and mumbled indistinctly.

“I wonder if it is time to take off your gag, rubbergirl...” said Regitze thoughtfully, and Linda nodded.

She undid the buckles and pulled the gag out of Linda’s mouth, with a thin drip of drool dragging behind it. Linda closed her mouth, returning her jaw to a normal position, then smiled and kissed Regitze as passionately as she could.

“Mistress, may I ask you to free my arms, as I feel the need to stretch?” she said, and after Regitze undid the straps holding her arms, Linda hugged her friend, pressing her body to her own with all the strength she had, as if she wanted them to merge. “I want to stay with you, my rubber Mistress. I’m your property now,” she whispered.

They kissed and caressed each other, not willing to break apart. When Regitze finally got up and slowly withdrew the dildo from Linda’s pussy, which was the wettest it had ever been, Linda asked her if her Mistress enjoyed being taken by the strapon dildo by a submissive. With cunning eyes, Regitze agreed as she wanted to test Linda’s natural urges. Linda enjoyed this free reign, attached the strapon, whilst Regitze chose her preferred position on all fours on the bed. Linda took Regitze from behind, grabbing her perfectly-curved hips and impaling her with thrusts from the strapon. Regitze cried and moaned, and lost count of her orgasms, whilst juices were flooding from under her catsuit. Linda was restless, in being allowed to pleasure her Mistress like this, and continued to thrust again and again, cumming herself several times. Finally, they both collapsed on the bed, breathless and covered in rubber-scented sweat. It took them about ten minutes to regain their ability to speak.

“I can hardly remember ever having such intense sex in my life,” Regitze confessed to Linda, patting her cheek. “Now it’s me who will not let you go anywhere, forever… or for at least for a very, very long time, my dear Linda!”

“The word ‘forever’ always scared me, but now I’d like it more, you know,” replied Linda amusedly.

“Let’s see, girl, let’s see!”

They fell into a deep sleep, and the first thing in the morning, Linda moved into Regitze’s cabin. Since that night, they became inseparable, spending the days talking, diving and sunbathing, and the nights in bed having hot and passionate sex, mostly with Linda bound and tied in different positions. Diving every day also became more and more kinky for her, going underwater sometimes stuffed with a dildo in her pussy, sometimes ass-plugged, sometimes both. On the last day of the trip, they found a good use for Linda’s new diving suits also. That morning Regitze ordered Linda to put on latex panties, bra, stockings and gloves, followed by a thin neoprene wetsuit, and finally to cover all of this with the drysuit and thick neoprene hood. Linda almost came involuntarily while Regitze packed her into this gear, especially when she discreetly secured on the back of her head the mouthpiece of the air regulator, so she couldn’t push it out of her mouth. Being gagged, stuffed and plugged, fully enclosed in several layers of rubber, equipped with bulky buoyancy jacket, fins, mask, heavy weights, air tank, gauges and hoses, Linda stayed on the sunlit jump-deck, hot as an oven, waiting for the speedboat, to take them to the dive site. Linda was sweating a lot under her tight rubber layers, but felt herself as if in paradise, to be exact, in her personal version of paradise – hot, sweaty, tight and rubbery.

After some minutes, they tumbled into the water over the speed-boat's side. Thanks to Regitze’s instructor level certificate, they were allowed to dive as a team, without any form of supervision. As for every dive, cold and silence engulfed Linda after she submerged, but this time her feelings were different. She felt more compressed than usual due to additional latex layers, and each stroke caressed her crotch through the dildo and plug, inserted deep into her. There were no other divers visible around them, and they were alone, weightlessly floating in the middle of an endless blue world. Holding each other’s hand, they were swimming above the beautiful coral reef, and sea life was lively and colorful, but this time Linda paid very little attention to it, completely focused on the arousal growing inside her with each movement. After some minutes, Regitze, also stuffed, plugged and encased in her latex catsuit under the wetsuit, swam close to Linda to hug her tenderly, looking questionably right into her eyes through the mask visor. Linda knew what Regitze meant by this silent question, and nodded back, confirming that she was ready.

Regitze reached her hand behind Linda’s head and turned down the valve of her air tank, restricting the air supply. With another hand, she started to rub Linda’s crotch through layers of rubber, pressing the dildo deeper inside her pussy. Instinctively, Linda tried to inhale, but the restriction limited her ability to take a deep breath. Her lungs were becoming empty. She felt Regitze’s hands caressing her body. The dildo and anal plug were sliding in and out of her, giving her incredible pleasure and excitement mixed with hesitation and fear, pushing her closer and closer to the edge.

Regitze didn’t look away from Linda’s face, continuously monitoring her state. She saw her friend’s eyes half-closed in arousal, indicating that the finish was near. Linda knew that Regitze was caring for her and would not let anything bad happen, but at the same time she felt helpless in her hands, giving her the full power over her body, and this feeling was exciting her more and more, replacing the natural anxiety and fear of the situation. The combination of the inability to breathe, the constant sexual stimulation and lowering level of oxygen in her blood drove her crazy. She saw white sparks circling in her eyes, and panic started to rise deep inside her mind, but at the same moment Regitze opened the air supply and Linda was finally able to take a deep breath, filling her lungs with sweet air. It tipped her over the other side. Her body began to tremble uncontrollably; she moaned, clenching her teeth on her regulator’s mouthpiece, and stared into her friend’s eyes. The hot wave of ultimate pleasure swept through her body, leaving her relaxed and peaceful. Regitze smiled and continued to hold her, until Linda could regain her breath and control over her own body, then they parted and continued to swim further, happy and satisfied.

That was the last dive of their trip, though Linda was craving a repeat of that experience. But everything comes to an end, and finally they returned together to their home city. At the airport, Regitze gave Linda her business card.

“Here are my numbers, office and mobile. Call me when you feel ready for it. But don’t hesitate too much!” She wagged her finger to Linda jokingly.

“Oh Regitze, I’m ready to start right now, just give me a couple of days to settle something,” laughed Linda. “I promise not to make you wait for too long.”

“Anyway, your catsuit will be ready soon, and it will be shipped to your home. Maybe with a couple of small souvenirs from me,” winked Regitze.

“Can’t wait for it!”

With these words, they kissed and went in opposite directions – Regitze walked to the company car waiting for her, Linda – ran to catch the city bus. All the way home, she was dreaming about her new friend and their future adventures…


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