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Nil by Mouth

by James W

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© Copyright 2009 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; bond; catsuit; breathplay; occlusion; enema; shave; electro; encased; cons; X

continued from part one

Part Two: New Regime

Opening his eyes slowly Sam was aware of the first glimmers of a new day. He took delight in the simple action of looking at the time on the bedside stand. This was a new experience for him; long denied any idea of the passing hours. It was 5.45am. This was the day he had long fantasised about increasingly as he journeyed ever deeper into the dark universe of his subconscious desires now manifest in the paradigm they had agreed on during his earlier submission under his ever demanding Mistresses interrogation. His heart leapt at the realisation of this special day.

 His complete subjugation to his ever demanding Mistress over the six months he had been under her Strict Regime had opened up a Pandora’s Box. He breathed in deeply luxuriating in the sensuous warmth of the latex sheets which enfolded him and his beloved wife/mistress. The heady aroma, a mix of warm latex and the special body pheromones of his partner pervaded the double bed they had retired to late last evening.

 He was completely naked excited both by the presences of his partner who would from today become his demanding and absolute controller and the reality that it would mark the beginning of his permanent latex enslavement.

 It had taken a long time to gather all the specialist medical equipment to facilitate the absolute control of him as her rubberised bondaged slave, her objectified plaything to be kept as she desired. He knew he would be kept encapsulated in latex 24/7, as well as always under some kind of duress of his Mistresses choosing to remind him of her absolute control over his existence and the fact that she took sexual delight in his suffering. The thought brought an immediate swelling in his groin, for the moment free of all encumbrances. He turned over and hugged his wife. She stirred; issuing warm contented sounds, but did not awake. He lay still, quietly blessing the day he had met her and marvelling at their fetish adventures together over the years.

On awaking, his love assumed the Mistress role and ordered her slave to remove himself from her bed and present himself in the dungeon where he should assume the kneeling slave position and prepare himself mentally for what was to befall him.

The figure entering the dungeon was indeed an apparition in shining white latex. Dressed as a surgeon; white rubber boots projecting from under the full length smock together with a white latex helmet, goggles and mask; her hands in white surgical gloves of the finest latex. She moved directly in front of her slave and looked down at her charge for some moments before addressing him, "Slave this is what we have dreamed of over many months of detailed preparation. You know very well the rules I imposed over your last period of six months on ‘Strict Regime’ and the consequences of any infraction of them so there is nothing to be said in that respect other than I shall of course enjoy imposing further petty rules which you must obey, because to not comply absolutely will make me very draconian in my reaction and will result in long and very difficult punishments for you to endure."

Changing the subject she continued, "Now I am going to begin your preparation prior to your suiting up. You must be absolutely clean both internally and externally so the preparation I shall be feeding you once you are properly prepared and under my complete control will pass through you easily. This means no solids are to remain within your alimentary system or intestines. To these ends I shall give you a series of enemas and higher colonic irrigation which will leave you ready for a liquid diet high in all the dietary requirements to keep you in peak condition".

With that she began strapping her slave to the bench situated in the wet area of the extensive dungeon. The first washout cleared the majority of solids from his body.  The second and successive enemas left him clean, only clear liquid flowed from him now. However his Mistress had only started and was keen to have her slave completely cleaned out with not one bit of solid within his system. To these ends she next installed a specially constructed retractor which fitted into his anus and effectively sealed him to the co-axial tubing which allowed for a full higher colonic washout. Any remaining solids within his system would be dislodged and vented along the co-axial tubing.  She turned on the tap of the large heated reservoir and the cleansing began. This allowed for continuous liquid inflow and outflow to ensure a completely clear passage from mouth to anus through her slaves internal system. Having her slave completely washed out and clean internally would allow free flow of any liquids she chose to input into her property.

 He felt light-headed as the continuous cleansing of his internal colon and large intestine went on. He had never experienced anything like this before.

Eventually his Mistress was satisfied that not one morsel of food remained within her slaves system. To make sure she informed him that he would take nil by mouth until she decided. Until then she would provide only a light liquid diet of electrolyte to keep his body fluid balance at the correct level. She removed him from the bench he had been strapped to.

Now the shaving of his entire body took place. This was something he had experienced once or twice before and had taken great pleasure in the act of supplication to his beloved Mistress which it implied. Now as very much part of the ritual preparation of her slave she took pleasure in administering to her property.  She wanted this act to be sensuous and formal; sensual for her slave as she guided the razor across his naked body and Formal as in the Mistress slave relationship.

 In doing this she wanted to bind her slave to her; to underline to him that he would only gain any pleasure through total acceptance of her power over him. She would provide totally for him, he would be wholly dependent on her for any sexual pleasure. He lay placidly accepting and enjoying the shaving process moving when instructed he was increasingly within the zone of total servitude. No words other than formal directions to him broke the charged atmosphere. He was like the insect held within the Praying Mantises grip. Eventually his entire body was shaven not a hair remained. The removal of his eyebrows signified the final ritualistic removal of any body hair he had. He was now completely shaven ready for the next step in the process.

He was showered by his Mistress who had pulled on a latex mackintosh in white the same material as the surgical outfit she was wearing. Under the cascading water she attended to her silent slave his eyes downcast never looking at his Mistress. The only sign of his silent pleasure a tumescent penis. She took an inordinate time shaving him keeping up the teasing of his shaven body pressing her wet rubber into his shining wet body allowing the latex to glide across his lubricated skin. An occasional groan escaped his lips as he fought to repress his growing desire to clasp his former wife.  The gradual rise of tension built as the ceremony continued this was a sensuous delight which they were both enjoying. Then as he thought he could no longer contain himself and would take the consequences of handling his Mistress it was all over.

"Out slave, stand with your legs apart and hands above your head!" Taking off her mackintosh she dried her slave carefully. Her intension was to make sure that he understood that he was the ‘Object’ of her focus having no purpose other than to give her pleasure for her own enjoyment. The gradual progression into the depersonalisation of her former husband had begun; he would become her rubber toy to be used for her own exploration of her wildest fantasies.

He was led to a bondage chair, strapped in securely. The specially tailor made ear plugs were fitted. They effectively sealed all extraneous sound. They had minute speakers within which would allow for connection to a control box which would in turn allowed the Mistress to communicate when she desired.  The special slave helmet was fitted. This was in heavyweight jet black latex having clear vinyl lenses. At mouth and eye openings there were buckles which allowed for the attachment of blindfolds, occluding lenses, gags and other esoteric apparatus to be fixed.  The helmet had ‘SLAVE’ in white on the forehead.  It was fastened with a heavy weight zipper and the addition of eyeholes and lacing each side of the zip on secure flaps of reinforced latex to allow for tightening. The zipper had both a lockable fixing as well as a lockable flap with a ‘n’ shaped staple projecting through which allowed the second lock to seal the slave into an irremovable working helmet. The wires from the earplugs were carefully affixed to the helmet in specially made fitments which allowed for tidying away. At the neck a small jack- plug was connected to further trailing wires and then to the amplification control box.   Speaking for the first time for what seemed like a very long time the Mistress spoke.  Her slave’s body showed his surprise as the complete silence he now existed in was broken by his Mistresses amplified voice deep within his bondaged head.

 "You are no longer my husband he has ceased to exist to all intents and purposes to be replaced with my own rubber slave. You will exist now as my property; you will soon realise that your life will consist entirely of servitude under my safe keeping. Now I intend to fit you into your new slave suit which we have long spoken of and which will become your default setting. From now on you will only experience total coverage in latex. You will never appear in front of me without complete encapsulation in latex. I shall soon forget your face; your old identity will now be replaced with the image which I choose to have in preference; that of your helmeted head. You know I am immensely excited by the image of you in a faceless black rubber occluding helmet it is the fulfilment of a long held fantasy image, now I have my own slave as my rubber toy!" Adding " You will become, if you endlessly please me, my own fantasy figure in my dreams as I plan ever more devious ways to test your devotion to me. Oh yes I haven’t even begun to list even a fraction of my wilder fantasies. You will just have to wait without hope of ever becoming the perfect slave. Perhaps one day you will realise that this is a one way exchange with you never able to achieve your fantasy of becoming even a reasonable slave. However you can take some small pleasure in knowing that you are what I have long wanted i.e. a rubber slave, rubber object, and rubber toy. Now let’s begin your preparation for my complete control and dominance over you slave!"

"Kneel there slave and wait whilst I bring and fit you into your working suit". As a indication of her intension to take away any remaining autonomy from her slave she fitted both an inflatable gag and blindfold.

She returned some minutes with the new purpose constructed suit.  By the time it was fitted there could be no doubt in her slave’s mind that his Mistress was both demanding and implacable as she oversaw the fitting of what she had long wanted, i. e. her own latex encapsulated slave.

The working suit fitted her slave like a glove; he was now a manikin in the tightest heavyweight latex suit of obsidian. The suit had shoulder entry lockable zips which finished at the top of the high collar of the suit. At the chest there were zipped opening with sealed flanges which would effectively seal the suit and stop any liquid leakage once sealed shut. These openings allowed fixing of gel pads for e-stim. There were similar openings at crotch. The integral gloves finished off the sleeves. Now a heavily boned latex corset was fitted and adjusted to maximum so only small breaths could be taken. This had a covering flap which could be locked. All entry points to the suit were similarly fitted with lockable tethers. Stainless steel wrist and leg fetters were fitted and locked. A high slave collar in polished stainless steel with letters in black metal embossed on the front with the word ‘SLAVE’ was the next piece of jewellery fitted. It had ‘D’ rings at front and sides. The blindfolded slave heard the lock on his name collar being snapped shut and sighed. There was no way of knowing whether this was of satisfaction or resignation.

He was led over to a gynaecological bench and strapped down. Lying on his back with legs high in the stirrups he was vulnerable.

"Slave, I am now going to catheterise you with an indwelling catheter of natural latex, you see even your internal organs are mine to control; I must say I think it is very fitting for your bladder to be intubated with the material you are addicted to, namely latex. The catheter will remain within your bladder until I decide to remove it. As my slave you will initially have no control over your bladder or colon. Any thought of you having any autonomy over your body whatsoever must be completely eradicated from your thoughts. You are now my slave and as such you have absolutely no rights, all these now rest in my devious hands. I shall decide when you will be cleansed or washed out or irrigated. I shall enjoy enormously my control over you."

"Now to add to your discomfort and to my enjoyment I shall fit a full chastity devise which will further control you and remind you of my complete domination of you. As a final reminder of your lowly position and to humiliate you further I shall now plumb you into an external clear latex bladder which will be affixed to your thigh and will remain like that until I decide otherwise; this will remind you that I have control of you at all times even when you are sleeping."

"For the foreseeable future your only pleasure will be in pleasing me you will have no sexual release until I say so and only after you have given me untold sexual pleasures. Now to other things, I am going to fit you with another latex devise which will give me further control over you."  He was released and ordered to present his rear. A double balloon anal catheter was fitted into his clean anus then both obdurating latex balloons were inflated, one externally, one internally, thus effectively sealing his anus. The outlet was closed sealing him and allowing her the total control of his body outlet which she desired.

"We are not finished yet slave, Oh dear me no, by the time I have finished you will know what total control means. You see I am going to begin as I mean to continue, your new life will be completely different from anything you have experienced before. You will need to change from your old ways which will seem like a rest cure to the regime you will exist under. Now, let’s continue with your preparation."  Deflating the breathe through gag and  removing it she brought over a stainless steel kidney shaped bowl containing the next item of control, a oesophical tube in red rubber which passed through a penis shaped black rubber gag and projected out from the head of the penis. This had straps which would allow fixing to the buckles already attached to the slave helmet.

"Open wide" her slave did as instructed; the latex tube was introduced to the slave’s mouth and gradually fed down into his stomach then buckled tightly.

"There slave, you have another latex device deep within your body, you must be feeling at one with all the latex both covering and deep within your body. Your dreams fulfilled, yes?" there was no indication of an answer as her slave knew that it was a rhetorical question which required no answer. "Now I have further control of you. This will allow me to introduce liquids into your body with you having no control or say as to what I," and here she underlined the ‘I’ "Introduce into your stomach. As you are intubated the oesophical tube passing through your sealed mouth you will be denied the normal luxury of taste. You see another simple body function removed from you and now very much in my own hands. The only sensation you will now experience is that of having some feedback as to whether the liquid passing along the tube is cold or hot. Of course I can and will deny you even that simple pleasure if I decide to, I can warm the liquid up to body temperature in which case you will have no perception of the ingress of liquid into your body. Now that just underlines my control over you, doesn’t it?" Again this was one of the Mistresses favourite devices that of the rhetorical question. The fitting of a respirator to his already heavily bondaged head completed the sealing of his head. From the front a corrugated black rubber tube extended. This would allow for the fitment of breathing control at a later juncture.

She released her slave and helped the silent blindfolded body to stand. Clipping a lead to his collar she led him over to a bench like apparatus with many hanging straps dangling from the sides. This was not an ordinary bondage bench, but a specially constructed long term bondage bed. Within the top of the latex covered bench a perfect match of his body had been made. This allowed for him to fit into the ‘bed’ perfectly.

Her slave was helped onto the waiting ‘bed’ then carefully placed into the depression face up. The catheters from penis and anus as well as the oesophical tube were carefully engaged with the waiting hoses snaking from the control consul. The communication wiring was unclipped a fed through a small aperture in the lid

 The Mistress fussed around her slave making sure he was ‘comfortable’ it was as if she had lost the hard edge to her; now she was like a nurse, solicitous of her slave’s comfort. "Nod your head if you are in any way un-comfortable, I don’t want you to be anything other than comfortable, are you sure there are no pressure points?" As her slave gave no response she continued, "I shall leave you now for an interval to accommodate to your new position. When I return you will indicate any discomfort by the nod of your head. If you do then I shall give you a note pad and pencil so you can communicate where any pressure points or discomforts are," and here her voice turned to the steely cold timbre of the implacable Mistress, "before we progress to the next stage in your journey into utter unremitting submission to my will."

* * * * *

Returning later the Mistress switched on the communication devise and asked, "Slave, tell me are you comfortable? Nod your head if you have any discomfort."

There was no movement from her slave. She smiled to herself; her fantasy of having absolute control over her own 24/7 fully rubberised slave had become a reality.

"Right slave we now begin the next stage in your journey. I am going to connect all of the various wires and tubes to your life support system which will maintain you in a state of stasis and allow me absolute control over your body. Whilst you are clamped immovably within this bondage bed it will allow you to contemplate your new life and prepare yourself psychologically for the rigours of your new situation. You are now my fully rubberised encapsulated objectified toy."

"When I think fit I shall begin to play with you for my own enjoyment. You will of course be kept here with all connections intact, but the stasis you will experience shortly will cease as I manipulate you via all those exciting tubes you have within your body. You can look forward to hours of fun with me, which I know I shall enjoy." 

With that she turned off the communicator. She connected the corrugated tube to another hose which snaked through the small opening within the lid of the apparatus this fed heavily scented rubber impregnated air into the slaves modified respirator.  The ‘bed’ was hinged along the far side and had the other half of the body form depression perfectly moulded into its lid, even to the imprint of the respirator that he was wearing. This would effectively seal the recumbent slave into the bondage bed. She then pulled the top half of the apparatus towards her and carefully lowered it onto her recumbent slave thus clamping within the confines of the ‘bed’. Closing the lid gave her a positive sexual thrill; she reached down to her baggy latex surgical trousers and pressed the dildo into her vagina. This was a dream come true!  The three lockable catches were snapped shut sealing her slave within his own rubber bed. There was no need for any other fastenings but she took intense pleasure in ceremonially locking each catch with a small padlock.

The Mistress moved over to the control centre to check all connections had been made correctly. The most important control was that of the breathing airline from the huge compressed air tank which had been filled to 300bar and would allow the slave to breathe for the next 24 hours for his extended ‘bed rest’.  A standby tank was ready waiting for the automatic switching to fulfil its purpose of allowing a continuous supply of air should that be needed.  A demand regulator had been fitted to step down the high pressure air within the dive tank to reduce the compressed air down to one bar. An aroma casket had been fitted to the low pressure airline feeding the slave life giving air. This device had a number of compartments which allowed various aroma producing items or substances to be placed within.  As the air passed through the compartment it picked up the aroma of the item contained within and delivered it to the airline leading to the slave; thus feeding impregnated air.  A considerable number of variations on the theme of control of the slave’s olfactory senses were thus possible. At the moment the section which breathing air passed through on its way to the slave contained very old slightly perished latex and rubber which gave off a heavy stench.  Slight positive pressure ensured that her slave would receive a constant supply of heavily impregnated air. In another compartment cotton wool soaked in the heady perfume the Mistress wore was waiting to be fed down the airline in another a shallow dish of the Mistresses urine waited; in yet another section, soiled latex underwear. An automatic timer switched from compartment to compartment at prearranged time intervals so the slave never became attuned to one aroma as his olfactory senses became overloaded.

 All tubes and wires were finally connected. The Mistress now satisfied that she had her slave exactly as she wanted leaned against the control consul, placed her latex gloved hands on her breasts and fingered her hard nipples tenting the front of her latex outfit. She shuddered taking enormous pleasure from the sight of the bondage bed holding her slave deep within its confines. She continued playing with her charged body but determined that she would not take pleasure until much later when she began ‘playing’ with her slave. She checked that all was well on the various dials monitoring her property then satisfied that all was well left the dungeon.

* * * * *

Deep within his latex confinement the slave breathed in, his olfactory senses on overload. Wow, my Mistress has begun as she obviously plans to continue, I can see that there will be no respite my subjugation to her every demand! I’ve never been so controlled; every single modality is under her control. I am intubated to the ‘n’th’ degree. Even my breathing is full of heavily impregnated rubber aroma! He shuddered as a spasm of sexual desire flooded through his body. A pang of anxiety at the very back of his mind was as yet not fully conscious; he sensed it but was unable to voice it. The fitting of both catheter and chastity device was a complete surprise; he had thought it impossible to fit but he had underestimated his Domina’s deviousness! I am truly her rubberized plaything. Then stronger emotions took over; unvoiced words remained within the total containment. ‘Mistress, I love you, I adore you, I serve you and I worship you. I’m on the very first steps on a journey into the deepest realms of rubberization and bondage and I feel nothing but exhilaration.  I’m so fulfilled. This is what I have always fantasised about, to be completely sealed in latex, to be completely subjugated to your will.’ He took a deep breath taking intense pleasure in tasting the tangible pungent rubber which pervaded his world now. He knew he was as an insect trapped in amber; how long he would remain sealed within this sarcophagus was beyond his knowledge. He was at one with his condition.

* * * * *

Over the next 24 hours the Mistress returned at intervals to check on her charge. Satisfied that all systems were working as planned, she noted the air remaining in the compressed air tank, the automatic switch of air cylinders would take place when the remaining air got to 5 bar.  She had so many plans for her slave and desperately wanted to begin playing with him as a cat plays with a mouse but she also knew she had her slave for ‘life’ so the urge to commence her toying with him was placed on hold for the moment. She felt so empowered by this permanent arrangement and was on a mental high. This was what she had long fantasised about. The twin intruders she had fitted prior to commencement of the preparation of her slave were now deeply embedded within her. The heavy strapping system keeping them fully engaged allowed for full penetration, the latex pants stopping any liquid leakage from her sopping wet vagina, now pulsing, as she took enormous pleasure from just looking at the bondage ‘bed’ holding her slave with the various tubes and wires snaking away to the control consul.

She returned to her latex bed to take ‘pleasure’ and dream up new ways of imposing her will on her slave.

* * * * *

 Now changed and refreshed she returned to the dungeon, she was dressed completely in jet black latex; the implacable Mistress even down to the fully enclosed helmet with her dark hair cascading from the central tube at the crown of her head. She had taken delight in fitting this hood taking every care to make up her eyes and lips  prior to its fitting, until she was satisfied that she was the fetishistic persona of the cruel Mistress.  She took delight in the sight of the bondage bed containing her slave.

 She switched on the communicator and spoke, "Slave, I have a surprise for you which I know you will take delight in. The original paradigm was for you to spend an initial period of 24 hours within this device then to be released for you to give any feedback as to any minor glitches within the system prior to commencement of your new life as my rubber encapsulated slave."  

Here her voice took on the steely tone which she used to instil fear into her slave when she was about to commence imposition of either punishment or a higher level of torment. "Slave, I have decided that you will not be given any respite from your present situation".

She left a silence to allow the message to sink in then spoke again, "There, I know you will take great delight in receiving this news. I am keen to begin as I mean to continue! indeed I shall, at my pleasure, commence my torment of you to test your devotion to me."  Here she paused leaving a long silence for the impact of what she had announced to sink in. then added.  "Of course you know this is for your own good don’t you slave"; knowing full well that these thirteen words would excite her slave enormously. She had learned long ago that these words were very special to her slave and acted, as psychologists’ would say, as a psychological ‘super releaser’ giving him, as her devoted slave, great sexual delight (as he processed the words in his mind) at the prospect of being both the helpless victim of his Mistresses impending intention to increased his duress as well to impose a test of his devotion to her. He was, of course, always powerless to resist; this caused a fantastic sexual frisson which she knew he would enjoy.

 The first part of the message "Of course you know that"…. implied that he already ‘knew’ that whatever was to befall him subsequently was good for him, just as one takes ones medicine from the expert who has both greater authority and knowledge as well as power and control; even though the tacit acceptance of the statement and the following action may well not be pleasant. In the past his Mistress had used these key words prior to increasing his ‘suffering’ he had always affirmed his acceptance of what was to be ‘given’ to him.

The second part of the sentence "For your own good!" was given as a solicitous nurse figure whose only aim was that of the welfare of her charge. Of course, this was always a statement of intent rather than a point for discussion. Feedback from her slave after earlier sessions, had established that it was the ambiguity of the message contained within the sentence which had so sexually excited him.  The rhetorical nature of the question allowed for no reply, not that he was often in any position to make one, other than a mute acceptance of that which in due course would be visited upon him!

She also knew from her knowledge of him that because of no clues, as to the interval of time between this statement and the commencement of her ‘toying’ with him, his anxiety levels would be rapidly climbing. "Of course," implied that he well knew that what was about to happen was already an established fact and would take place whether he liked it or not, he as a slave had no input whatsoever. This was a long established behavioural pattern; one that had happened many times before. The second part of the sentence carried the implied meaning of the caring nature of the words -‘For your own good.’ and the third part, the clear dominant nature of the overall message.

 She switched off the one way intercom and moved over to her Mistress chair where she took pleasure listing her many ideas for the enjoyment of her ‘Play time’ with her slave. This was a momentous occasion for her; the beginning of a new life without any constrains as to what she could or couldn’t do. She was the Mistress, her only responsibility that of her slave who would accompany her in her quest for perfection.

Her slave deep within his own space now breathed in the positive air supply pungent with the heavy rubber aroma, he was at one with it but the initial burst of olfactory sensors had diminished and for some time past become the norm; he was only able to discern it when he sniffed the air. Suddenly without warning his air supply abruptly changed to the pungent urine saturated air which was now being fed to him via the Aroma Device. ‘My Mistresses golden wine! His mind trying to come to terms with the ‘gift’ his penis immediately began engorging with blood only to be thwarted by the chastity device; his level of frustration progressively rising along with his anxiety.  Was this the beginning of his testing!? The short answer was ‘no’.

 Much later he was aware of liquid entering his intubed colon. A gradual build up of pressure within his colon took place until he was squirming within his bonds. His stomach began cramping; he felt the inexorable build of pressure until he was unable to hold back from crying out. The inflatable gag stopped any sounds issuing. The torment continued until he was screaming into the gag. The cessation of the ever climbing pressure held him in a pain filled universe but there was no pressure release; gradually by using his slave Mantra, ‘For the love of my Mistress.’ Over and over again he was able to accommodate to this new state although in continuous pain. The release when it can was a delight as he involuntarily voided. He knew that this was only the beginning and other parts of his intubated body would be the next to feel the presence of his Mistresses intention to ‘play’. Held within the bench unable to move any part of his body he was awaiting the next sensation to impinge on his bondaged body. In the press of the bench he was just able to perceive something happening to his stomach.  There was no intense sensation as before, when his colon began to fill. Rather it was the gradual sensation of a full feeling which gave a clue that his stomach was receiving some liquid of his Mistresses choosing. He remembered her words, ‘Only a light diet of electrolyte to sustain your body’s chemistry whilst I clean you out completely!’ was this what was being introduced into his stomach or had the Mistress introduced some other liquid? He felt increasingly full as the relentless inflow continued. There was no clue as to what was being fed to him via any taste bud feedback just as the Mistress had said. Equally there had been no sensation as to the temperature of the liquid being fed to him. Clearly the liquid had been at body temperature. He delighted in the helplessness of his situation knowing he was in good hands. His silent world was abruptly interrupted;

"Slave, you have been within the Bondage Bed for some 24 hours now and no doubt are savouring each moment. Well, I have news for you, Because I am now your totally demanding Mistress with complete control over you I have decided to release you from the bed because I want to begin testing your devotion to me and to do this I want to see you and to hear every single moan you make as I ‘Play’ with you. Once I have completed this you will be put back into the Bondage Bed whilst I decide my next test for you."

Now disconnected from the control consul but still intubated with collection bags strapped to his latex encapsulated body he stood erect awaiting his Mistresses attention. He felt apprehensive but sexually excited at the prospect of becoming the focus of his Mistresses desires. He was surprised that he felt no ill effects from the complete clearing of his digestive system apart from a slight light-headedness, he was held as it were in stasis for the time being.

"Right slave move over to the St Andrews cross; he did as instructed knowing he had no alternative. The Mistress took time in strapping her slave onto the cross taking pleasure in seeing her totally covered obsidian black latex slave subdued. She paid great attention to the fettering of her property until he lost any possibility of movement other than to shudder.  The release of the blindfold had him blinking in the dull light of the dungeon. Gradually focusing his eyes feasted on his Mistress and her gleaming latex outfit. His chastity device held his swelling penis in cruel constraint. He sighed as the combination of frustration and anxiety built. He repeated his devotion, ‘Mistress, I love you, I adore you, I worship you, and I serve you.’ devoting his mind and body to the tender care of his Mistress.

* * * * *

 Pulling up a stainless steel stool she sat close to her charge. Reaching out she tenderly touched her slave’s nipples knowing that this would inflame his masochistic mindset and produce a cramping sensation in his clamped penis. "Now slave let’s begin testing your devotion to me. I have long fantasised about having you completely under my control; you are so controlled now with complete intubation; the only thing you have any control over is your breathing and of course your own thoughts. Well I have news for you, I shall in due course, when I decide, take complete control of your breathing and begin the lengthy process of controlling your thoughts!"

Beside the cross, within easy reach, was a stainless steel trolley with all the equipment she would use in the testing of her slave

She continued fingering his nipples, rolling them between her gloved fingers gradually increasing the pressure until she had him squirming; his breath now rapid as the pleasure centres within his brain fired.

"I know you love the attention I devote to your nipples slave, don’t you?" There was no need for an answer, because this was one of her rhetorical questions. Suddenly she stopped and taking a pair of nipple clamps she clamped them onto his engorged nipples. Breath hissed from his gagged mouth. "You will wear these with pride for, let me see, yes, shall we say 3 hours, and then you will have a short respite for 5 minutes before we start all over again. Now I am going to washout your bladder with sterile water so you will be absolutely clean when I have finished with you. I am sure you will enjoy this; it will be another new sensation for you to experience. I shall take great pleasure in undertaking this new procedure, another clear sign to you that I have complete control of your body and you are my rubberised plaything!"

Taking up a syringe she attached it to the catheter having disconnected it from the clear latex collection bag now half full. She withdrew any remaining urine held within his intubed bladder. Then filling the syringe with sterile water she injected it progressively into her slave’s bladder. Her slave gasped as he felt the ingress of liquid into his bladder it was a unique sensation until he felt ready to urgently void his full bladder. "Slave you now have a full bladder with a syringe attached so no release can be gained for you. You see I have control, not you! Now for some more play. You will hold until I decide to empty your bladder. So you can devote your entire attention to this new sensation I shall now take away your sight." With that she refixed the blindfold leaving him in darkness. Next she took up the black latex feeding bladder and connected it to his feeding tube and hung it up from the stand. She screwed down the gate valve thus controlling the feeding process. It would take over an hour to drip feed the liquid electrolyte directly into her slave’s stomach. She knew that the gradual ingress of liquid into his stomach would inevitably drain into his kidneys and thence to his bladder. This was the fiendish plan of hers which would put her slave under considerable duress and in doing so she would gain sexual gratification knowing that he would be suffering.

 Pressing her body against him she spoke into the microphone. "Slave, you are my dream personified and I love the empowerment it gives me to know you are mine. To see you completely encapsulated and bondaged is sooo sexy. I can feel your sentient body warm against my body as I press my self into you. To have you so completely in my power is beyond my wildest dreams. I know you are entirely focused on me and that is what I demand, even as you undergo my test of your love and devotion to me." Adding "Of course you have no alternative and the key words; you know this is for your own good, don’t you slave. Now I am going to leave you to savour your condition. When I return you will undergo another test and I shall empty your bladder, now as you experience the duress which will gradually build focus your thoughts and meditate on me knowing that your discomfort is my exquisite gift to you as my slave."

She switched off the microphone and left the dungeon.

 Some time later she returned knowing that her slave would be under considerable duress both from the clamping of his nipples some three hours ago as well as from the effect of being continually fed liquid via his stomach tube. Switching on the microphone she spoke tenderly to her slave.  "Slave you will be suffering for me because in your suffering I gain enormous sexual pleasure just thinking about my absolute power over you".

Removing the nipple clamps she took delight in observing her rubber slave’s body tensing as he suffered the exquisite torture of feeling returning to his numb nipples.   "I shall now empty your bladder via the indwelling catheter you have within it. Of course, because it pleases me, I shall collect the liquid which will be a combination of the sterile water I introduced into you which will have been draining into you because unbeknown to you I have been ‘feeding’ you with liquid over the last three hours and your own urine".

With that she released the syringe stopping any liquid from flowing from his catheter and allowed the contents of his bladder to flow into the latex collection bag. "That is why your bladder has progressively become overextended and put you under duress. I note your collection bag is now only partly filled but is progressively filling as you are allowed to empty your bladder."  She took sexual pleasure noting the steady inflow of her slave’s urine into the collection bag. The flow ceased as the last drip eventually dribbled into the bag. "There, that’s better isn’t it slave. But I have not finished with you yet by a long shot. Although your bladder is now drained I intend to wash it out using a syringe to refill it with sterile water. I shall repeat this procedure until I am satisfied that you are completely clean. Only then will I inform you of your next test of devotion to me. Now I see that your rest period between nipple clamping is up." She toyed with his nipples as before then once engorged she reapplied them. The hiss of breath told the story of his increased suffering. She was delighted.

The cleansing process lasted long into this period of testing; each process gave her deep satisfaction; in a way it showed her commitment to her slave’s wellbeing. She kept up a one way running commentary with her silent slave.  Eventually she was satisfied.

 "For your next test of devotion I shall need you bondaged onto another piece of apparatus'. Removing her slave she attached a lead to the ‘D’ ring on the front of his stainless steel slave collar and led him over to the gynaecological bench. Once strapped down she stood over her slave so he could gaze up into her face through the clear vinyl lenses of his occluding helmet. He knew that a further test of his devotion to his Mistress was about to be conducted; he was apprehensive as to what this would involve. The washout process had excited him sexually knowing that he was being attended to by his Mistress without him being able to do a thing about it. The feeling of a growing pressure within his bladder and the need to urinate but being unable to do so kept him fully focused on the process. Then the release and withdrawing of the washout water was a completely new sensation and one which enthralled him.

"Slave, I note you are staring into my eyes. I have not directed you or given you permission to do so and in future an act like that will be taken as a direct challenge to my authority and will be punished most severely however as this is the first occasion of your future life I will overlook this infringement. Now, continue looking into my eyes as I inform you of your next challenge."

 She moved closer to her slave and bending over him fixed her eyes onto his; he responded with irises growing wide. "Now slave you know my intention to keep you sealed in latex at all times, well I am going to extend this into a literal experience for you. You will be connected to a breathing system which will allow me to control you further. You will eventually be sealed completely from any external contact with the outside world and self-contained within the closed rebreathing system with your own expelled air being scrubbed of any CO2.  As you will metabolise some of the air you breathe there will need to be the occasional addition of oxygen O2 into the system to replace the used up air. I shall control this process. As I love the idea of you being completely sealed within your own latex environment even to the extend of recycling as many inputs as possible I shall connect your own urine bag which is now very nearly full to your feeding gag and position this above your body so our friend gravity will work it wonders on the process of keeping you completely hydrated with nothing going to waste" She kept her stare on her slave and asked another rhetorical question. 

"Isn’t it exciting slave!? adding. "You may show your response now by blinking rapidly if you agree with me."

Her slave’s response was affirmative. Deep within his latex bondage he would have gasped if he had the power to do so but the solid penis gag with the feeding tube through the centre kept him absolutely silent. His penis strained against it cruel chastity device; a spasm of pure masochistic delight pulsed through his mind as his body readied itself for the next test.

 The apparatus to be used for this had been readied for some time; the various dive bottles containing100% Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, and Entonox, a mix of 50% oxygen/ air were all connected to the mixing consul. These would be used to subjugate her slave. The apparatus comprised of a series of valved compartments allowing for the mixing of gases and a rebreathing circuit as well as valves which would allow switching from any of the various connections to feed any gas mixture of the Mistresses choosing. There was a ventilator of the bellows type sitting within the assembly. 

Connecting up the corrugated black rubber breathing tubing to the full faced respirator she gently lifted her slaves head and affixed it to him making sure all straps were pulled in to maximum. Placing a gloved hand over the short tube extending from the full faced mask she checked that there were no air leaks around the edge. Then spoke to her slave.

 "I am now going to connect you up to the closed breathing system; you will initially be fed pure O2 until your rebreathing bag is full. I shall then close off any incoming O2 . You will breathe this for some minutes before I vent the exhaled Nitrogen from the vent valve so your body will progressively be breathing pure oxygen.  At that stage I shall make sure your five litre rebreathing bag is full before I switch off any incoming Oxygen. At this stage you will be breathing pure oxygen which will be recycled through the CO2(carbon dioxide) scrubber. You will then be completely sealed off from the outside world existing within your own sealed world shut off from any external contamination and under my complete control!" Her voice had taken on the steely cold timbre which caused her slave another spasm of delight. He willingly accepted all that his Mistress chose to impose on him.

Now breathing pure oxygen he had been aware of the switch tasting the unique fizzy signature of the gas. His Mistress had removed his blindfold before placing the respirator and in doing so had given the gift of sight to her slave.  Through the vinyl eye coverings of his latex helmet then through the visor of the respirator he could see. He was totally mesmerised by the pulsing of the black latex rebreathing bag which hung down limply over his prone body. Each time he breathed in the bag pulsed, collapsing as the recycled oxygen was drawn into his lungs and then re-inflated as he breathed out. The constant pulsing of rebreathing bags had always fascinated him giving him a special sexual buzz.

In the past being forced to rebreathe his own air into the black rubber bag had always ended when either the stale air could no longer sustain his consciousness or his Mistress had removed the bag.  Now he was into uncharted territory with the completely sealed system keeping him alive with all stale air being cleaned of CO2 and recycled to him. He sucked in the recycled air having to work that little bit harder than normal as there was a lack of any positive pressure, indeed it seemed to him that there was a certain degree of resistance. The realisation that he was totally sealed off from the outside environment caused a painful sensation in his penis as it tried to engorge ready for sexual congress.

He sighed accepting his status and condition; ‘I am my Mistresses slave undergoing a new process which will no doubt lead to many other trials and experimentations. I willingly accept my position as her rubberised plaything;’ taking another breath suddenly his head was full of his Mistresses voice.

"Slave you are entirely sealed from your outside environment held within your own rubber world breathing your own recycled air via the pulsating black rubber rebreathing bag hanging above you. I have turned off any incoming oxygen until you have metabolised the oxygen you have and need replenishment. I am monitoring the oxygen content you are breathing and will allow the gradual decrease of O2 to shall we say 30percent? I shall then feed you just enough oxygen to allow you to continue within your sealed world. You will be kept like this until I decide to release you. Now enjoy your new position because you are in no position to do otherwise!" Suddenly he was pitched into silence now completely cut off from any incoming stimulus.

Revelling in his new sealed state slave dedicated his thoughts to his beloved Mistress; his provider, his tormentor and his controller. Gradually he became at one with his new condition, excited beyond anything he had previously experienced; here he was trapped in a total rubber existence. Again, he was very aware of his chastity devise.  At some un-named period he was aware of coldness within his throat as the liquid being fed into his stomach became cooler than before and allowed the rubber oesophical feeding tube to make its presence felt deep within his intubed throat as the very slight difference in temperature was perceived. He knew that this was no accident; his Mistress left nothing to chance, rather it was a subtle reminder that he was being hydrated by his own body fluid within the ‘closed’ system which had been imposed on him.Now deeply relaxed within his bondage he welcomed the confirmation of his condition.

Some time later he was aware of the ingress of liquid within his colon, ‘another enema to endure!’ Gradually the pressure built until he was in very real discomfort. He remembered the words of his Mistress, "Your duress is my pleasure and you will at all times be under some form of duress!"  He was now taking very shallow breaths in an attempt to control the cramps which were building within his bloated stomach. Then as if this was not enough he became aware of growing stimulation of his nipples. The gel pads which had been fitted prior to his incarceration were now sending e-stim to one of his most sensitive erogenous zones. The immediate response was for the pleasure centres within his brain to fire, sending highly erotic signals to the very part most under the control of his Mistress, his penis now engorged with blood but held within the CB 3000 strained to gain release bringing further torment until waves of pure pleasure overcame any other stimulus as the pulses increased in intensity. All focus was now directed to enjoying the miasma of pure sexual charges. Deeply masochistic he was lost deep within the dark universe of his Mistresses choosing completely contained as her bondaged plaything. His sole objective now was to dedicate his life to the adoration and servitude of his Mistress. He was full of lust but denied any release; he had become her silent objectified slave contained within the endless unrelenting grip of his latex encapsulation.  

He remained held in pure ecstasy as the e-stim waves washed over him; pain/pleasure cycled endlessly until he was squirming within his sealed environment. The releases of pressure within his colon signalled that he was again completely washed out and clean within. He knew his Mistress insisted on complete cleanliness. He felt a gnawing pang of hunger but knew he could do nothing about it. It passed leaving him feeling cleaner than he had ever experienced. He continued to breathe in the recycled air unaware of any external stimulus.

He remained held like this for over three temporal hours. All this time his Mistress had overseen his every need taking untold pleasure in having for the first time in her life everything she desired; she had her own slave to control, play, tease, test, extend, and have total power over not for any specified time but for ever. The knowledge that she now had her wildest fantasies fulfilled gave her deep intellectual satisfaction combined with liberating sexual arousal; here was her subjugated slave willingly devoting his life to her. She had resolved some time before when she had her slave/husband on the six months of ‘Strict Regime’ if given the chance, to turn him into the perfect slave. Now she took great pride in controlling her slave; thoughts of him as a dedicated rubberist and devoted husband now progressively receding from her consciousness to be replaced by her total focus on her slave.

 She had begun a journey into the deepest recesses of rubber bondage and of control on into the future accompanied by her totally controlled slave; this was her utopia.

"Slave, I do hope you are having wicked thoughts about your Mistress? Because I have been overseeing every moment of your existence within your sealed environment; but enough of that, I am now going to give you another challenge to further test your devotion to me, you see, I insist that all your waking thoughts are completely centred on Me as your dominant demanding Mistress", she emphasised the ‘Me’. "You as my rubberised slave have no responsibilities other than to focus on your condition and on the one who keeps you."

"Now, let’s see how you get on with the next challenge. I am going to control further your rebreathing in my process of completely dominating you and underlining my desire to gradually turn you into the perfect slave. I am going to instruct you on breathing exercises; you will follow my instructions to the letter; of course I do not need to underline the consequences of not doing so, do I?"

"Now take in the deepest lungful of oxygen you can and hold it until I tell you to exhale. This way you will soon fill the rebreathing bag. I shall then turn off any incoming O2 so you will be rebreathing your own air. Gradually you will use up the air and the bladder will progressively collapse. I shall time you on your performance over a series of trials each time I shall expect you to extend the period of rebreathing. I shall log each session so when you next begin your rebreathing training I shall expect a better performance. Do you understand slave?"  Her voice assuming the steely cold timbre which instilled fear into her slave; adding, "Of course you know this is for your own good, don’t you slave?" Knowing full well that this would further excite her charge.  "Now breathe in deeply as if your life depends on this because eventually it will."  

Fully conscious of his position as his Mistresses plaything he carried out all instructions to the best of his ability. The rebreathing bag now distended, spherical as a balloon full of pure oxygen. "Right slave now you must conserve your supply; to do this you will need to inhale slowly sipping air until your lungs are fully inflated then you will hold and over an extended time very slowly exhale.  This way you will use up less air and your supply should last. Now begin!"  At the end of the next hour her slave had impressed her in his ability to prolong his air. He was completely exhausted but so completely under his Mistresses domination that anything demanded of him would be followed without question. Now satisfied that she had extended her slave beyond her initial expectations she put him back to the closed circuit without the demand of making every breath last for the longest time.

Lying completely at one with his controlled condition he drifted with his dark universe. Time had no meaning for him now only complying with every demand made on him. The external temporal hours passed.

Gradually he became aware of a new gas mixture being fed to him the taste was subtlety different. As he breathed in so he gradually began to drift within his dark universe until he was falling head over heels into the abyss. Consciousness faded as he became unconscious. Unbeknown to him he had been fed a mix of Nitrous Oxide and oxygen known as Entonox.

* * * * *

He gradually drifted back to consciousness aware of a weight pressing on his hips. As he focused he saw his Mistress sitting astride him looking down on him. Through the misted up lens of his helmet he averted his eyes knowing now the consequences of doing so. He was now back in his cell deep underground bondaged in a spread-eagled position on the large latex covered bondage bed. "Look at me slave!" he did as instructed to see his Mistress in a severe Victorian dress which had high ruffed collar full sleeves narrowing to tight ruffed sleeves and full skirt. She was wearing a full helmet in latex with her hair protruding through the tube at the crown of her head. He gazed totally engrossed by his Mistress.

"Well done slave, I am pleased with the way you devoted yourself to me. You have, I hope you realise, only just begun your new regime, of course you are, as it were, a novice slave and in need of full training. But you have impressed me with your ability to do exactly as instructed. I can see you are keen to avoid any demerits. Now I am going to replace your blindfold and leave you to consider your position. When I return I shall recommence your training. Now rest. You will need all your energies and reserves for the next test of your devotion to please me, as I expect perfection from you. I am determined to improve your endurance so you can remain under some form of duress of my choosing knowing that your suffering is sexually stimulating to me. Your pain is my pleasure; your pain is my gift to you sealed within your totally occluded rubberised world. Of course there is no escape from this because you know deep down that all of this rubberised suffering is for your own good!  You can take some small measure of comfort knowing that you are my plaything my focus and my fantasy."

* * * * *


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James W




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