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Nil by Mouth

by James W

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© Copyright 2009 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; bond; catsuit; breathplay; occlusion; cell; bdsm; electro; toys; cons; X

Part One: Trial Period

"Nil by mouth: total submission, total control; total dominance."

 "I Love you, I adore you, I worship you, I serve you." issued from the mouth of her latex occluded slave. The deflation and removal of the breathe-through inflatable gag and the direction, "Speak slave!" had elicited this response.  His saliva marking the obsidian black of his latex slave helmet, he remained silent knowing that he had to carefully choose each word uttered.  Any attempt to engage in conversation would be cruelly dealt with.

"Good, 12 words is quite enough from you slave. Now to continue your training until it pleases me to allow you any respite!"  His sight occluded by the tightly buckled blindfold and now silent from the insertion of the gag.  He awaited his fate with quiet submission.

This was a marriage made in heaven; having been married for 10 years, each had found the other after having given up hope of ever finding their perfect partner.   Yolanda and Sam soon discovered that they both had a love of the bizarre, particularly latex and a fetish life style. Over the years they had ridded themselves of the need to work, having run and been bought out of their successful business by a predatory multi-national company. They were financially independent.

They had both delighted in the experience that power exchange role play brings. 

Gradually, Yolanda became aware of her dominant side in sexual matters whilst Sam progressively realised his submissive nature.  Now able to realise their fetish dreams together they had embarked on an experiment some six months previously, after lengthy and protracted discussions as to the paradigm they would follow together. Eventually, after extended trials, tests and the sorting out of any teething problems or impracticalities they had begun this adventure together.

The fully equipped dungeon set deep in the basement of their secluded house was but one part of their fetish delights.  High in the house was a playroom which ran the entire length of the top floor and allowed unbroken access to the apex of the roof giving 15 feet of height in which to indulge. Sam had as a prerequisite to this adventure had tongue and septum piercings.  He already had a Prince Albert fitted and stretched to take a 5mm surgical stainless steel ring years before. His nipples were left un-pierced because clamping could not be accomplished with any piercing there.

Kneeling before his Mistress he had signed the ‘Slave Declaration’ accepting he was to undergo six months of the strictest regime under constant close Supervision and Training. He would be totally covered in latex for 22 hours each day with only a 2 hour respite for showering and complete body shaving.  The showering option would be entirely at his Mistresses discretion.  If this period was arrived at during any prolonged training session or whilst undergoing punishment it would be held over until the Mistress decided it was convenient.  During the 2 hour respite he would wear only loose latex garments to cover his body. No body contact with any other material would be allowed.

 The final act before initiating his training had been the filling of a tall stemmed crystal glass with amber liquid from the collection bag strapped via a catheter to his Mistresses latex clad leg. She handed it to her slave with the command. 

"Drink of your Mistresses body fluid to celebrate the signing of this declaration and my power over you!"

Nearing the end of the six months he had lost any idea of time passing soon after the experiment had begun. His life had become one long intense test of his devotion to his Mistress. Never allowed freedoms, even to the smallest extent he was kept completely under control at all times.

* * * * *

Lying on his back at with his body reclining at 45 degrees fully secured to the genealogical bench, legs splayed wide apart resting in stirrups, his hands double wrapped in inflatable bondage mitts he was at the mercy of his dominant wife and  Mistress. Cradling his occluded head in her hands she spoke kindly to her slave, as a carer speaks to the person under their charge. "Slave, I’m going to enjoy myself with you as I further control your well being."  Adding "You know this is for your own good don’t you." Adding, "and will give me intense pleasure knowing you are suffering for me.  You gain pleasure knowing you are serving me, don’t you slave?" She felt a slight nodding of his totally occluded head.  She fitted the respirator making sure of an airtight fit by pulling on the adjustable straps and unscrewing the filter to place her gloved hand over the air intake. Immediately the mask was pulled in tight to his head as he attempted to fill his lungs. 

"Good slave; you may now breathe in, take a big breath, then exhale and hold your breath whilst I connect you to your life support system".

He did as instructed holding his empty lungs, waiting for his Mistresses command. The connection completed she spoke again.

"Now you may breathe in normally, you are now on Life support. I have complete control over every breath you breathe from now on. Now I shall connect the e-stim leads from your nipples and genitalia to the control box. When I am ready I shall start playing with you, making sure your suffering will be both exquisite and prolonged."

Aware now of the gradual building of pulses alternately in his genitalia and nipples the slave sucked in life giving air via the air cylinders regulator which gave slight positive pressure.  The air was dry having a slight synthetic rubber taint to it having travelled along a length of black corrugated rubber hose with a black antistatic latex rebreathing bag pulsing as air was delivered. 

Now feeling the full effect of the e-stim he writhed as each unrelenting pulse built to a crescendo.  Holding his breath as the rapid pulses pushed him beyond his highest tolerance levels. Soon he was mutely begging for mercy; no sound issuing from his encapsulated form.  The only sign of his duress was the fluttering of the black latex rebreathing bag.  It brought a smile to his Mistresses highly glossed lips. Opening the through zip at his crotch revealed his tightly constricted latex sheathed penis and testis held in the vicelike grip of the black chastity device, locked; projecting from the end a catheter drainage tube which had been fitted. A gated clamp sealed the invasive tube.

She delighted in the tightly compressed straining member knowing that her slave although suffering exquisitely was turning here gift of pain into pleasure.  She moved her attention to his breathing bag which now had taken on a more regular cycle of inflation/deflation broken only when the highest levels of e-stim were arrived at.  She leant over and turned the air control device and reduced the amount of air flowing into the rebreathing bag.  She sat beside her charge fascinated as nothing seemed to happen for some minutes.  She was fully focused on the rebreathing bag. Gradually the speed of flutter increased as her slave fought to gain enough air from the increasingly saturated CO2 stale air he was being forced to breathe. 

She squirmed on the deeply embedded dual probes delighting in her control of her bondaged partner. Inexorably her slave gradually lost the battle to gain enough air; the rebreathing bag pulsing ever more rapidly then began to flutter, as a fish out of water until finally it fully inflated bulging straining to burst before all air was sucked from it and it hung limp. Immediately she reached across and opened the valve to release full air into his airline, excited beyond anything experienced before.  She took a shattering pleasure watching hawk like as the breathing bladder distended under positive air pressure then collapsed only to be re-inflated again as consciousness returned to her charge. She rose and left the dungeon.

* * * * *

Sitting in her Mistress throne her slave fettered to the high backed stainless steel bondage chair his blindfold having been removed to allow him to see though the misted up vinyl lens of his helmet. In place of the breathe-through gag his Mistress had inserted a solid black rubber penis shaped strap on gag with a central tube entering; this tube was clear, filled with an amber liquid.  The tube descended down over his chest to the exit tube from the catheter; the gated clamp had been released to allow rehydration of her bondaged slave. Nipple clamps with additional weights attached hung down stretching the tight latex of his total enclosure suit.

No movement was possible because of the many straps which held the slave as a fly in amber.  Rising from the throne the Mistress, resplendent in gleaming black latex cat suit, moved towards her slave. Her waist tightly corseted accentuated her wasp like figure.  Her long dark hair issuing from the opening in the crown of the open faced helmet she was wearing. She closed on her slave.

"Slave you have had enough rehydration from your ‘closed system’. The valve at the junction of the catheter was closed. She then began unbuckling the drinking gag.

"Slave it is time we spoke of your future. Soon you will have completed your programme of intensive training. Prior to that I shall need to interview you at length, primarily to decide in what direction we shall travel together.  You have responded well to all that I have demanded of you since I began testing your resolve to be my completely submissive slave kept in latex bondage full time and to complete my stringent demands on you. You have shown great resolve both physically and psychologically even when taken to extremis. You have, during this time, given me untold pleasure knowing that you are my rubberized plaything and I have absolute control over you. Just having you in complete latex bondage is very exciting in its own right. In addition, knowing that the pain I give to you as my ‘special gift’ and your ability to turn it progressively into pleasure gives me real sexual pleasure.  Whatever I demand of you, you always seem able to turn my gift of pain into pleasure.  I know you take your own deep pleasure knowing you are both pleasing and exciting me as I extend your own limits." She went on.  "Of course you do understand that all of this is for your own good, don’t you slave?"  She leant forward looking her slave full in the eye. "Choose your words well slave, what happens next depends on them. Will it be pain or pleasure?"

"Mistress I love you beyond all things in the cosmos, I am a willing supplicant to anything you devise; your pleasure is mine."

"Well spoken slave, you can be proud of yourself. Now once I’ve fed you I shall release you for your shower prior to my interview with you".

 Getting up she took from her belt two heavy weights and a feeding gag. Exiting from the front a red rubber tube snaked one and a half metres to an open ended blue latex bladder with a hanging strap at its open neck. From the back of the solid penis gag the tube extended for 450cm. She spoke again looking directly into her slaves eyes. 

"I am going to increase your suffering whilst you take pleasure from being fed; The Yin and Yan, pain and pleasure, delicious!"  She hung the weights from the chain between the nipple clamps; Air hissed between the teeth of the slave. "Well what do you say slave?"

"Thank you Mistress."

"Open wide." She fed the feeding tube into his open mouth. It disappeared slowly down her slave’s throat until the penis gag filled his mouth. It was then buckled tightly. Her slave had long ago mastered the autonomic gag response and could ingest the oesophical tube easily. The latex bladder was hung from the tall back of the bondage chair. Taking a sealed polythene bag she cut the corner and poured the thick nourishing mixture into the bladder then opened the gate valve allowing the slurry to slide down the feeding tube.

An exhausted slave was released to allow the cleansing process then redressed in his slave suit and taken to his cell. This was a small two metre by one and half metre area set into the side wall of the dungeon. It was completely padded in latex foam and covered in deep red latex.  It was only 1 metre high allowing only room for he slave to lie down. A ring bolt set into the ceiling had a length of chain dangling down to secure the slave to his slave collar, Albert ring or nasal piercing depending on the whim of his Mistress.

 Having fallen into deep sleep immediately he was now fully refreshed.  His cell was completely sound and light proof.  He was unaware of day or night.  The Mistresses demands had no pattern. He turned over and opened his eyes but for all he could perceive he could well have been blindfolded.  The rattle of his tethering chain to his locked slave collar the only sound he could perceive.  He speculated on what the interview would be about but deep down knew he was a fly trapped in the fetish web of his Mistresses making.  He smiled knowing he was a willing participant.  Now lying on his back he raised his hands to his chest and very carefully touched his nipples. A frisson of delight arrowed through his body, he felt his penis attempt to become tumescent and swell only to he thwarted by the chastity device he wore constantly.  A growing ache in his testis reminded him of his condition.  His Mistress had last used him to service her a timeless period ago.

A red glow from the ceiling indicated that he was to be taken from his cell.  His heart skipped a beat; he was ready for the interview.

"Crawl out slave and remain on your knees keep you eyes closed and assume your kneeling position once I have unlocked your tether and blindfolded and gagged you."

* * * * *

Now in the crucifix position he was aware only of his vulnerability and his inability to do anything about it.  The ache in his testis, as his manhood attempted to gain release was growing.  He could hear the rustle of flowing latex as his Mistress moved about in the dungeon. It was a sound he never tired of hearing.  Suddenly he jolted involuntarily as a stinging blow landed on his right nipple to be followed by a blow to his left. This pattern followed until he was mutely begging for cessation.   He knew he was being played with to satisfy his Mistresses need for sexual stimulus.  The whipping stopped, he was wringing wet inside his occluding latex suit.  His crotch zip was opened to expose his condition. The catheter tube flopped out with the gated valve attached.  He felt gloved hands manipulating his chastity device, and then his penis was free.  Bloated with blood it jerked up pointing to his chin.

"My, my slave! I can see you have taken pleasure from my beating of you; is their nothing I can do to you which stops your insatiable desire for punishment?"  With that she pressed her enshrouded body against her slave.  She felt his body shudder with delight and his distended manhood, press into her body, ridged and pulsing.  She clung to him whispering intimate demands holding his head in her gloved hands teasing him with outrageous demands.  Then she left him.

Some time later he was dimly aware of her presence again.  This time she removed his gag and blindfold.  Blinking to focus his eyes he saw before him an apparition in obsidian polished black latex.  A fully dressed nun with wimple and voluminous flowing outfit complete in every detail, her face completely at odds with the normal nun’s unmade-up face.  A white heavily made up mask with glossy red lips smiled at him.  She looked down at his latex covered penis and noted it rising stiffly upwards.

"Slave it is time for your interview.  The normal restraints on your speaking are to be put aside.  You will enter into a dialogue with me until I decide to end it when you will return to your normal slave mode.  Of course, at all times you are my slave", she emphasised the ‘my’ to underline her total dominance over him; "never forget that!"

Pulling up a high stool and placing it immediately in front of him she reached out and began lightly teasing his nipples.  "Now slave, let’s begin."  A smile emerged from her slave. This was going to be an intimate discussion between a loving couple man and wife; now very much Mistress and Slave.  "So what have you got to say slave?"

"Darling Yolanda, Mistress of my dreams, I am so in love with you.  The period since we began this experiment has been, with out doubt, the happiest period of my life.  Your have fulfilled many of my fantasies, you have extended me, tested me , made me your devoted slave, you have devoted your time to training me you have nourished and cared for me as I have suffered gladly at your hands."

His Mistress considered his words then spoke, "Even when I have taken you to dark places and kept you there long past what was reasonable only a few months ago?" 

Now smiling broadly Sam returned, "Even when I thought I could take no more and was at my wits end you kept extending me giving me no choice but to accept your gift of suffering until I came to accept all that you gave me." Here he took breath before continuing…  "And in accepting your gift I came to know you loved me in your own indomitable style. You know each day has been an incredible adventure together.  You have devised new and exciting ways of testing my love for you."

A mischievous smile appeared on his Mistresses face, eyes twinkling she was very part the perverted fetish latex nun.  Putting her gloved index finger into her own mouth she began erotically sliding it in and out before placing it into her slave’s mouth for him to suck. Pressing her body against her fettered slave she spoke.  "Darling Sam, slave of my dreams you are my fantasy personified.  You have taken everything I have demanded of you, not that you had any choice, after all you had signed a carefully worded agreement which we had both contributed to".

"You are right, I have increased your training and my demand on you as time has past. Sometimes I’ve wondered if I have been too exacting and you have begun to hate my training of you."  She winked knowing that this was not part of their symbiotic relationship. Adding, "You know sometimes I’ve laid awake feeling sexually charged fantasizing about you as my latex plaything and devising ever more devious ways of satisfying my need to keep you suffering and to extend your ability to receive my gift of pain and rubber love. I can’t tell you of the number of erotic dreams I’ve had of keeping you permanently in total latex enclosure or encapsulation." She stopped for a moment clearly considering her words.

 "I think encapsulation is a better word to describe how I would like you to be. Every time I come to you in the dungeon I get a sexual buzz from seeing you completely covered in latex. You have a figure to die for and are the sexiest man I have ever come across. I should love to gradually ‘up’ your training regime. You know, the very idea turns me on! The reality of you as my permanent slave depending on me for your very existence, with me controlling you absolutely every single second of every single hour of every single day, month and year into the future using you and controlling you as and when I decide is my strongest  fantasy and desire".

"You do understand, don’t you, that over the time you have been on this strict regime I have come to increasingly recognize my dominant sadistic streak.  No doubt you have on occasions whilst in my hands been aware of my demand to have you suffering.  You see the very idea of you suffering is now my main focus. I don’t mean torture or anything like that; that would be cruel and is a complete turn off for me.  Of course your suffering must always be whilst you are completely encased in latex. To have your encapsulated fettered, contained and restricted at all times is very much to my taste. I want you to be fully aware, whilst awake, of my demands that you should be suffering some discomfort somewhat like a chronic persistent ache." Adding as an aside, "For example, I suspect you were experiencing an ache in your testis prior to my releasing you? You must live with that and accept it as a constant reminder of your condition as my slave. Of course whilst undergoing either training or punishment you will progressively experience acute pain because I enjoy training you to suffer, to accept it, ‘for the love of your Mistress’".

"I have many unrealised fantasies which will allow us to continue our journey.  Now slave, as your Mistress and a latex nun I demand that you confess your innermost thoughts to me now!"

"Mistress, latex nun, I must confess that even when undergoing the most testing and exacting scenarios even to the point of oncoming unconsciousness when you had me rebreathing I was never fearful for my life.  I know certainly that your love for me is unconditional and you would never put my life at risk.  When you have returned me to my cell after extended periods of training or punishment for some infraction and both my mind and body have been exhausted, I have taken delight in my suffering as I lay waiting for sleep to release me from my aching body.  On awaking I have been proud of my soreness wearing it like a badge of honour.  Some times I’ve wished for more stringent training and for the pain /pleasure cycle never to end. I have wanted to explore the very outer reaches of this ever expanding universe of fetish delights.  To serve you darling Mistress and to continue suffering under your hands 24/7 is my ultimate fantasy".

"Before we started on this regime I did have some doubts as to my commitment to it wondering if at some stage I would want out and accept that I was not a serious dedicated rubberist able to remain inclusively as your slave, however this has never happened, indeed as time has passed my masochistic inclinations have become acute. I now fully accept my position and am proud to be your slave."

Raising a gloved hand she signalled for her slave to stop speaking.  Pulling up her nuns habit to expose her shaved vagina Yolanda grabbed hold of her slave’s latex encapsulated stiff penis with catheter and gate valve dangling she removed the gate valve. A warm stream of urine flowed into her cupped hands which she brought up to the month of her slave.  "Drink slave, lap your own body fluid before I use you to take pleasure."  When only the occasional drip emerged from the tube she took hold of his straining member and positioned it at the entrance of her glistening wet vagina.  "Now push slave and enter me, I want to take pleasure!"

Lips locked, tongues entwined she breathed deeply into her slave. It was something she had trained him to do.  She provided her exhaled breath for her slave to breath.  She dictated just how much air he would receive. Her arms now encircling the cross which held her partner fast, she pulled him into her for all she was worth; the catheter’s end tube grotesquely emerging from her filled vagina.  Within moments they both took shattering pleasures.  Releasing lips she cried out "Slave I love you!"  Then gaining her composure she dismounted his bondaged form breathing heavily. Her slave remained immobile gasping for breath.  There was utter silence for some time before he spoke.

"Mistress I commit my life into your demanding loving hands, I have no idea how long I’ve been on this regime. May I ask when it will finish? I am eager to move onto the next step in our mutual exploration.  Thank you for allowing me to pleasure you. Any suffering is small payment for such pleasure.  You know I dream of being used to fulfil you sexual demands".

"To your first request, yes, it is agreed  you will become my 24/7 slave you will  move up to 24/7 latex encapsulation with only very short showering or shaving sessions allowing you only enough time to take a quick shower and body shave. I shall take delight in awarding you punishments for any infringements of the strict time allowance. You will of course initially be unable to complete your schedule so can expect exquisite punishments until I have trained you to become ever quicker. Your time out of total latex encapsulation will progressively decrease".

"As to your second question", her voice becoming cold and aloof, "you should know I will never give you that information as it would give you knowledge which, as my slave, you are not privileged to receive. Indeed, to have asked such a question is totally presumptuous and you should know, completely unacceptable!"

"I shall take pleasure in imposing a punishment now!" her voice steely cold instilling fear into her slave. "Clearly you are attempting to move above your station and must be taught a lesson immediately. You will know when your time under this regime is up when I inform you, until then you have no rights what so ever; remember at all times  you are my slave!"

She moved away from him and out of sight. She returned with the black chastity device, an inflatable gag, blindfold, nipple clamps and a length of light weight chain.  Manhandling his genitalia she soon had the chastity device fixed and locked and the catheter gated. She pushed the whole assembly into the zip through crotch. Next she gagged and inflated the breathe through gag pumping it up until the slaves cheeks distended the latex of his helmet his eyes assuming the classic gag stare behind the misted up clear vinyl lens. Buckling up the blindfold her slave was now back in default mode. She teased his nipples until they tented the tight latex of his suit giving her just the right amount of definition. Squeezing open the heavy weight punishment clamps she affixed one to each nipple; a heavy chain extended between them. Her slave’s body tensed as the initial acute pain took its toll.

Next she opened a stainless steel snap ring which she carefully threaded through the two small nose holes in her slaves helmet and which allowed access to the stainless steel open grommet which pierced his septum.  She snapped the ring closed then brought up the nipple chain until it was pulled tight adding more pressure to the already cruelly clamped nipples.  She produced a heavy rubber strap from under her habit which she buckled around his forehead forcing her slaves head hard back against the vertical upright of the cross further tightening the tension between nose and nipple chain. 

She came close to her slave, her head close to his ear, and spoke, her voice cold and disinterested.   "Slave never forget that you are my slave and have no rights what so ever. To attempt to abuse my kindness towards you in the way you did must be punished severely.  You now have three hours to suffer and reflect on your completely inappropriate behaviour.  I shall return at the end of each hour to impose further torment on you."

At the end of the third hour his resolve to become the perfect slave was secure. The Mistress had set further clamps to his nipple area and spoken to him about his misdemeanours as she twisted his clamped nipples imposing acute pain whilst telling him in her most caring voice that, "this is for your own good slave."

Leading him back to his cell at the end of the three hours he was a chastened slave overdue for some respite from her attention. Before removing his blindfold and gag she spoke, "We shall continue with your confession and I shall disclose some of my plans for you slave. Until then rest well.  He was left locked securely in his cell until his next shower and shaving session.

* * * * *

Kneeling before the latex nun he was acutely aware of her presence and his position as her slave.  His thighs had been strapped to his calves so he was unable to move from the position. His hands were cuffed behind his back and a high neck corset had been fitted.  No lowering or turning of the head was possible.  His elbows had been drawn together and a single arm glove further restricted any movement.  Sitting very close, directly in front of him, his Mistress looked down directly into his vinyl covered eyes. No misting had occurred yet.  He was held in her gaze as a rabbit in cars headlights. She reached forward and deflated his gag then unbuckled one side. Pulling it out she allowed it to hang down wetly from the still buckled side.  Taking a tissue from under her habit she tenderly wiped the saliva from the limp gag first, then from around her slaves mouth piece.

"Slave no doubt you have learned you lesson and will control your desire to ask impertinent questions."  There was stillness as she waited for his reply.

"Yes Mistress, I beg your forgiveness, I have learnt my lesson." 

"I do hope so otherwise I shall punish you very severely, now to your confession. Tell me slave of your innermost desires and fantasies, leave nothing out, you are under oath to tell me of your wildest fantasies.  I know from what you have already confessed during your last confession that you have a lot still hidden from me.  I shall know if you are with holding anything, absolutely anything, I need not remind you of the consequences of this wilful action, now think carefully before you begin.

 There was a long silence before he issued his first faltering words.  Before long his confession was in full flow with only the odd question form his Mistress to prompt greater detail from her slave.

His confession lasted over an hour but laid bare all of his many fantasies, not least his desire to move to permanent slavery.  His Mistress was fascinated and excited to hear of his extreme need for permanent rubberization as her plaything.  He loved the idea of being totally controlled at all times. His fantasy of having every orifice on his body probed and fitted with esoteric control devices, totally dependent on his Mistress, had excited him enormously, especially over the last period of the agreed six months of the strict training regime. He had progressively come to release some of his deep seated fantasies which had laid dormant deep within his subconscious and was now keen to voice them to his Mistress.

 He had descended progressively and willingly into his absolute need to be under the complete domination and ‘care’ of his ever demanding Mistress. The very idea of his Mistress Intubateting he had become an over-riding fantasy as he had progressively become more and more dependent on his Mistress over the course of this six month training session. His desire to be fitted with internal devices for long term use to control feeding and cleaning had gradually emerged as he had no choice but to descend into his role of dependent slave.

 The experience of breath control which his Mistress had practiced on him over the time under the new regime had become an obsession for him.  He desired to have his breathing regulated and controlled and to become completely dependent on external control systems under the ultimate control of his increasingly demanding Mistress. He explained that this was in addition to the latex training he would continue to ‘enjoy’ under the hands of his ever imaginative devious Mistress. Of course the day to day training would carry on but be supplemented on occasions with the most stringent control such as he had described.

 The desires of his mistress to have her slave constantly aware of her sexual need to keep him in some form of duress had excited him enormously. He was amazed at the similarity of their individual fetishistic desires; it seemed their desires dovetailed perfectly. The extremes he had spoken of truthfully had not deviated in any way to those of his Mistress. There was an uncanny concordance in their joint wishes..

It was clear that her slave had given a great deal of thought to every aspect of their lives together.  A 24/7 lifestyle would allow the Mistress to attend to her slave as she desired. He spoke sensibly of the day to day realities of being under such a regime. Life would still go on; shopping would still need to be addressed as well as domestic duties; their garden would still need tending. He addressed all of these and other aspects of the day to day running of their home and how his training could encompass these.  Their powerful motorcycle which they had loved to tour on could all be worked into his new life style as a bondaged slave. All these mundane tasks could be accomplished as Mistress and slave. Of course any outings would have to be planned with his condition in mind. He suggested he could be taken out as a fully latex encapsulated wheelchair bound individual or fully bondaged in the boot of their car or indeed anything which his devious Mistress could dream up.  Riding their motorcycle and appearing fully dressed with crash helmet and darkened visor would allow her slave to appear in public whilst still fully dressed in his occluding latex suit together with any accoutrements.

* * * * *

To celebrate their mutual desires and their needs to follow their own destinies as Mistress and slave she took him to her bedroom; now a rare treat.

 There she enfolded her slave into a rubber lined piece of bedroom furniture. Flowing folds of glistening latex festooned the bondage box. This container allowed her slave to assume a kneeling position his bottom sitting on his folded legs, his hands behind him placed in a single arm glove. The double skinned heavy rubber lining was part of the fiendish contraption.  The hinged lid had a head size hole in it which allowed her slaves head to project through an inflatable collar which together with the lining could be inflated to compress the body contained with in the closed box. Closing the lid and padlocking it ceremonially added effect to the impending demands she was to make on her slave. Once inflated her slave would not move.  He heard or felt the lining expanding; willingly accepting his containment. He was held fast in the vice like grip of the pressurized system. His Mistress spoke, a husky sexually hungry utterance. "I shall keep you under my watchful eye until you have given me multiple pleasures then you may be allowed to remain in my bedroom for the night, a rare treat, don’t you agree , I may even use you again during the night."

  "Mistress I long to serve you." came the reply.  He was left, head protruding form the heavily padded latex covered top.  The sound of stretching latex could be heard but he was unable to move his head to search out the sound. The nun moved towards him lifting her flowing habit she displayed Mistress Pants the third leg hanging down ready for fitment over her bondaged slaves head. He was amazingly excited at the perverted image of his Mistress dressed as a latex nun. His bondaged penis throbbed in it’s constraining chastity device increasing his awareness of his position.

Fitting the third leg over her slave’s head she zipped it shut then began the process of lacing it to increase the pressure on her slaves head until she was satisfied that it both fitted correctly and would cause some discomfort as the hours passed.  He was now completely sealed into her Mistress Pants. She settled herself into a comfortable position which would force her slave’s face and mouth into her vaginal area.  She was panting now for the stimulation to take her over the threshold to orgasmic release.

 Pushing his tongue out of the mouth hole it fitted into a gossamer thin latex fitment which would allow him to stimulate his Mistress whilst not allowing him the intimate contact which he had fantasised about. Lifting her habit she draped the flowing garment over the stool completely sealing her slave within the folds of her habit.  She settled herself onto the tongue of her slave’s head which was pressed into her sopping wet vagina and squeezed her thighs together.

The warm intimate heady aroma of his Mistress mixed with latex was to be all the air that her slave was to receive whilst pleasuring his demanding Mistress.

Shuddering, head thrown back, hands working on her engorged nipples rolling them between her fingers to add stimulation to her, she took an immediate wracking pleasure.

Long into the night she used her half suffocated slave to bring her to endless pleasures, then released her exhausted slave from her Mistress Pants, refitted his blindfold and breath through gag and retired to her latex sheeted bed. Her slave was left confined in the bondage chest. Twice more during the long night he was used for her pleasure.

She slept late, rising to discover that her slave was fast asleep. She smiled remembering the delights she had experienced using him, knowing that he was a willing participant in all that demanded of him. As she passed by his sleeping form she Whispered, "Slave, I am madly in love with you, you excite me enormously." She left her bedroom.

It took some time for her slave once released to stand unaided he had lost all sensation in his legs as a result of the restriction within the bondage stool. He was allowed to shower then put back into his cell to await his Mistresses pleasure.

The final time period was an unending progression into the heaviest of demands on her slave.

The six months regime of intense training now completed the two lovers began the huge task of organising the specialist equipment needed for the long term containment of him. They worked as a dedicated team each fulfilling an agreed area of need and having responsibility for that part of the equation. He still wore his latex slave suit and helmet and regularly visited either the attic playroom or the dungeon to receive further training.

Eventually all equipment needed was assembled and placed in the dungeon ready.  The Intensive Care Unit equipment would need a practice run so  It was agreed that there was need for a trial lasting 48 hours to test and check that everything was functioning. Although the Mistress wanted her slave to suffer under her control she was adamant that she would be the sole provider of this gift. The new Total Enclosure suit needed checking for a comfortable fit or any unacceptable pressure points. Equally the various fitments which would act as the interface between Internal and external intubation of her slave needed to be given a trial run before fitment for long term containment.

Both Mistress and slave were in a high state of excitement as the time for the trial approached. At last satisfied that all that could be accomplished had been completed they spent the last evening together as man and wife. She dressed in a flowing full length latex gown, he in loose one piece suit with open faced helmet. This was the first time he had been without his ubiquitous slave helmet for over six months. He felt uncomfortable, naked and ill as ease. However Yolanda had insisted, feeling that this would, punctuate and separate the past from the forthcoming new future.

They discussed their anxieties about any teething problems at length but concluded that they had done all in their power to facilitate a smooth transition from the old regime to the impending new one. Any problems could be overcome without fuss as they both had the means and will to move to the new 24/7 arrangement.

The open fire now a red glow of embers warmed the room. They had both shared a good bottle of red wine and were now sharing a nightcap of Brandy.

"You know, Sam this will be the last alcohol you will receive via mouth. Once I have you intubated, you will take what ever I decide to give you. Of course, if you please me exceptionally as my slave I may on very rare occasions bring you here to allow you to taste your former life. Of course, you will never again sit with me beside you as man and wife; it will be Mistress and slave. You will kneel at my feet with your slave tether held in my hand to underline my control over you."  Sam now unfettered since entering the ‘Strict Regime’ rejoiced in the swelling of his penis.

"Wow, the very thought has me growing firm. I can’t wait until I am allowed to become your abject slave. I have never been more ready to begin our next adventure together. I love you so very much Yolanda."

* * * * *


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