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My Rubber Transformation 4: Exercise Training

by rubberaspy

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© Copyright 2013 - rubberaspy - Used by permission

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continued from part three

Part 4: Exercise Training

I don't know how long I sat there for, impaled on the vibrating rubber cock, licking and sucking the huge dildo stuck to the desk in front of me, messages of the worship of cock winding their way into my ears, entering my subconscious, constant images of rubber submission assaulting my vision, burning their way into my memory. Though suddenly the headset was removed and the outside world flooded back in on me.

"You have performed well on your first lesson Jane. That is the oral submission lesson over for today, but this will continue every morning until you are fully trained." The sound of Ms. Beth's voice, so sweet after the hours of encouragement that had filtered into my subconscious. "It's now time for lunch before this afternoon's class."

One of the men had arrived in the classroom carrying a tray with a covered plate on it, which was placed in front of me once the dildo was removed. The cover was removed from the plate, revealing a small, but delicious looking salad. "I wouldn't want you eating fatty food and not being able to fit into your fabulous outfits and uniforms Jane, so you are on a strict diet before we start the corset training." Said Ms. Beth.

I reached down to pick up a fork at the side of the plate, when Ms. Beth gently took my hand and said, "Ah, but we almost forgot the dressing, makes your meal that much sweeter and more palatable."

Satine, who was standing on my other side, bent down and reached under the seat I was on, sliding something out from underneath, it was a rubber lined bowl, that had collected all of my precum from my morning exertions! She carefully poured some of it into a small jug and liberally applied it to the top of my food, she quickly emptied the rest of it into another, larger jug before sliding the bowl back into position under my seat, to catch more of my cum as a wave of fresh excitement washed over me at the thought of being forced to eat my first meal in a day, covered in my own special sauce.

Ms. Beth released my hand and I hesitantly picked up a few pieces of salad with the fork. I placed the food in my mouth and slowly chewed it, allowing the precum to mix with the food, it was nice and sweet, not too thick, and I could grow to love it I thought. I greedily finished off the meal, savouring ever bite as it had been so long since I last ate anything. Placing the fork down on the empty plate, I look up at Ms. Beth and Satine.

"It doesn't seem like you've finished yet Jane." she said, pointing to little pools of cum still left on the plate that had run off of the salad. I did not need to be told twice, with the cock in my ass capable of giving me shocks and the threat of demerits, I picked up the plate and set about cleaning it completely with my tongue.

Once I had finished, Ms. Beth said, "Very good Jane, I did say that you would be eating everything you produced and I intend to keep that promise. However it is time for your next class and we need to get you changed into sommething more appropriate".

With that Ms. Beth pressed a button on the remote she was holding and the vibrating dildo in my ass stopped and the cuffs on my ankles and wrists turned off, allowing me to move again. I held onto the desk and eased myself up off the chair, letting the dildo slide out of my asspussy, as I had been impaled for so long, I felt empty, and hoped that Ms. Beth had something she was going to fill it with again.

"It's going to be a busy afternoon and I don't want you closing up too quickly." she said, almost reading my mind as she produced a good sized plug from a cabinet at the side of the room. I bent over willingly as she applied some lube and eased it into me, I felt it spread my rosebud apart and then slid neatly into place, filling my hole again.

The men had entered the room while I was being filled and now they escorted me back to the corridor and to the elevator, which quickly arrived. A short ride up and we entered another corridor where I was ushered through a door into what looked like a small changing room of a gym. A few minutes later Ms. Beth and Sabine entered. Sabine opened a locker and started pulling out items of rubber as Ms. Beth started informing me of what she had planned for the rest of the afternoon.

"I like everyone under my employ to be in excellent physical condition, so you will have regular sessions in the gym that we have here in the house. Though first we have to make sure that you are properly attired for the afternoons activities."

Satine approached me and helped me take off my heels, knee socks, and uniform, as well as the restraints and bra, leaving me standing in my pussy panties and hood, the latex hair brushing against my back and tits, causing me to shiver slightly at the sensations. She the picked up a sports top, in pink and black latex, pulling it over my head and adjusting it so that it held my tits perfectly. Next she picked up a pair of hotpants with an attached pleated skirt, also in pink and black, she held them open while I stepped into them, she pulled them up my smooth legs and into place. They had obviously been made for me, as I could see that there was a small reinforced opening for the tip of my clit to protrude through and a hole positioned over my asspussy.

She pulled a pair of trainers out the locker next, but they were unlike anything I had seen, they were rubber, in the same colours to match my uniform and they had five inch wedge heels on them. I pulled them on and laced them up, tying the laces in a delicate bow, Satine then produced a couple of padlocks, and unclipping a part of the shoe, wrapped in round my ankle, covering the laces and then padlocked them shut. Finally,she buckled on another set of wrist and ankle restrainst, in matching colours to my uniform. Satine stood back, next to Ms. Beth, who had been watching the entire dressing, and nodded slightly. I turned to face a full length mirror in the wall and with the addition of some pompoms could have been a perfect rubber clad cheerleader, though the emblem adorning my tits of a heart with a cock through it might have not been accepted by the general public.

Ms. Beth and Satine led me into the next room, which was just like a modern gym, with lots of exercise machines for various activities spread out over the generous floorspace, as well as mirrors and flatscreen TV's displaying rubber cock worship and sex everywhere. The exercise machines looked a bit different to other, more traditional, ones I had seen, but I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was. Satine led me over to a frame on the floor next to what looked like a rowing machine. she guestured to me to lie down on my back, there were padded blocks that supported my lower back, shoulders and head. Satine started securing my arms and legs to supports coming out the frame, then restraints round my body and finally my head.

"Though, I did say that you would be exercising this afternoon, I did not mean in the traditional sense." Ms. Beth said. "Though rest assured that you will be getting trained hard for what we expect of you, and you'll be helping everyone else enjoy their workout session just a little bit more than usual."

The two rubbermen helpers had arrived and had also changed into exercise outfits, they were very well built and very toned, which with a gym like this I could understand why. They took hold of the frame I was now attached to and swung it round so that my feet were pointing towards the rowing machine. They then started to hook together levers and pulleys.

I was distracted though by Ms. Beth pulling out two thick rubber dildoes from under the frame. The first one she screwed onto a bar just about my face, which then swing down into position, allowing the head of the cock shaped dildo just to enter my mouth, due to the fact that the frame held my head in place I could not pull back and was left with my lips wrapped around the rubber cockhead.

The bar was then secured at the other side of the frame, holding the rubber cock firmly in place. I could not see what she was doing with the other dildo, but I could tell that she was working on something between my legs. I felt her get a grip of the plug and ease it out of my asspussy, though it was quickly replaced with what I assumed was the tip of the other rubber cock, though similarly to my mouth, only the tip was inserted, so while it was nice to be held open, I missed the full feeling.

"Now, it's time for my assistants to have their regular workout, and give you a workout while they are at it." said Ms. Beth. I noticed for the first time that there were mirrors one the ceiling, so I could see my trussed up body on the frame that had somehow been attached to the rowing machine, which one of the rubbermen was now getting into position on. "They usually do thirty minutes each, so this will be a good test for you, though we'll start you off easy, and work up to the full exercise as we go along."

With that, the rubberman started rowing, with each pull the legs of the frame I was on lifted and parted, pulling my legs apart and in shallow circles, causing me to tense down on the rubber cock on my asspussy in new and different ways. This continued for a few minutes, as I got used to the movements.

"You look like your getting comfortable there Jane, time to make things a bit more interesting." said Ms. Beth.

I could see in the mirror that the rubberman had stopped rowing, while Ms. Beth adjusted something between the rowing machine and my frame. She straightened up and nodded to the rubberman, who started rowing again. Wow! Not only were my legs moving, so was the rubber cock in my asspussy, in time with my legs being spread, the dildo pushed itself deep into me, pulling out as my legs closed again. I groaned into the rubber cock in my mouth as I was fucked, amazed at the mind of Ms. Beth who had invented this machine.

As the cock slid in and out of my asspussy, I heard Sabine comment to Ms. Beth, "Look, she is self lubricating, just like a real woman."

Looking at the mirror again, I could see my clit dripping onto the rubber cock beneath it and acting as a lube, the longer the fucking the went on, the wetter I was becoming and soon, the cock was glistening with my juices.

"Now that you seem to be getting into it Jane, time for the final adjustment." said Ms. Beth.

Again the rubberman stopped while she moved something around behind my head, again she gave the rubberman a nod and he started pulling on the machine. This time, not only were my legs moving and the cock thrusting in and out of my asspussy, but now my head was being pushed up and down, forcing me to take the rubber cock deep into my mouth though just out of time with the cock in my asspussy, so that when the cock was sliding out of my hole, the frame was forcing my mouth onto the cock.

"I'll leave you to your training Jane, my assistants like a good workout, though I will be back for the next exercise." With that Ms. Beth and Satine left the immediate area, so that I could no longer see their reflection in the mirror. I relaxed into it, letting the machine do it's work, fucking both my holes as I felt the pleasure grow within me, training my body to use every orifice at once.

I closed my eyes as the dildoes did their work, bring me ever closer to the edge, suddenly it was there, my entire body tensed as I felt an orgasm start in my groin and work it's way outward to the rest of my body, I shook as much as my bonds would allow and could feel cum oozing down from my engorged clit to further lubricate the rubber cock sliding in and out of my ass. Normally I would have been spent, but as the orgams subsided, I could feel the pleasure growing again, slower this time, but still going. This continued on as the rubberman worked away at the rowing machine, though there was a brief respite when they swapped places, with the other rubberman taking over with renewed vigour.

Finally, the constant fucking of my asspussy and mouth stopped. I opened my eyes to see Ms. Beth was back, she had changed into a rubber tracksuit, though she managed to make it look divine. She unclipped the bar above my head, allowing the dildo to slip out of my mouth, it had been there for I don't know how long and my jaw ached as I stretched it a bit. I also felt the dildo slip out of my ass as Sabine released some of the links and cables holding my frame to the machine. I felt empty again, as the rubbermen pushed the machine away and my bonds were undone. I was helped to my feet, as I was a little unsteady after my exercise.

After I regained my composure somewhat, Satine assisted me to another machine. This one looked like the front half of an exercise bike, but much higher up than usual and with a frame underneath it. Sabine asked me to sit in the frame, there were rubber padded plated that formed a sort of seat so I eased myself down into the position, the back of my head facing the front of the bike. The rubbermen secured my arms to the sides of the frame, so that they were straight down against my sides. They then bent each of my legs up so that my heel was touching my bottom and slipped a restraint around my thigh and shin, holding my legs fully bent. They then pulled my knees up to my chest and used two large belts to secure my legs against my body, I was now completely immobilised. After double checking my bonds, Sabine reach down between my legs and removed the rubber padded plate from the middle of my seat, leaving one either side for support, but leaving me completely exposed again.

The rubbermen then moved another frame into place in front of me and making sure it was lined up, slid it into place, pinning me between the two frames. As they were ensuring that all the parts of the frame were connected correctly, Ms Beth approached me from the side holding a strangely shaped object, that kind of looked like half of a bike saddle. She lowered it onto a pole right in front of my face, sliding it down into position, where the front of the half saddle held my head back immobile and comfortably pressed against my chin, with my lips just above the surface of where the half saddle ended.

I started to see where this was going as Ms. Beth stripped off the top half of her tracksuit, revealing a black rubber haltertop and peeling off the bottoms, a pair of knee length pedal pushers. Just as I was admiring Ms. Beths glistening outfit, I felt my asspussy being opened again, as I felt a rubber invader enter me again, and as before it was only the tip that was pushed into me, spreading me but not filling, not yet.

One of the rubbermen brought across a small set of steps and placed them beside the now complete exercise bike. Ms. Beth quickly steped up and put her left foot on the first pedal, before swinging her leg over and placing her right foot onto the remaining pedal. I was now gazing up at her rubber covered crotch, but it wasn't just plain black rubber I was staring at, but an anatomically correct sheath, all in pink soft rubber, her lips were encased and her clit bulged out slightly. I only had a few seconds to take this all in before she lowered herself onto the saddle, pressing her rubber covered pussy against my mouth and nose. I daren't move incase I did the wrong thing.

"Jane, you are to lick my pussy until I cum at least 3 times, if I feel that you are slacking off them I will show you what will happen."

With that she started to slowly pedal, as the cogs went round, the cock in my ass started to enter me until it was fully embedded, and then started to pull out again, slowly fucking me, causing my clit to start oozing again.

"If you are not doing a good job of making me cum," said Ms. Beth "I will be forced to change gears."

She adjusted a dial on the handlebars, and although she was cycling at the same speed as before, the dildo in my asspussy sped up, fucking me harder.

"That is gear number two, out of a possible six," said Ms. Beth "so I recommend that you get started before I have to put it up to three to get you going."

I started out slowly, licking around her pussy and thrusting my tongue into her hole, feeling her flesh start to heat up under the rubber. I put all my skills to use and managed to bring her off twice, her thighs squeezing my head and she momentarily slowed down as her orgasm passed.

'Time for a change of pace.'' She said as she turned the dial up to four and started to speed up on the pedals, the rubber cock was thrusting solidly into my ass, so much so that I fear if I had not been restrained in the frame so securely, I would have almost be thrown off.

I set my lips and tongue to work, licking and sucking for all I was worth to given my mistress what she wanted. As she started to cum, I could hold off no longer and felt my entire body shake as an orgasm similar to the ones I had experienced earlier hit me. I felt a load of my cum leave my clit, as Ms. Beth slowed down and stopped pedalling, leaving the rubber intruder firmly embedded in my asspussy. A rubberman placed the small steps next to the bike and helped mistress down. Satine then approached and started to take off the seat, I thanked her, but she looked me in the eye and said, "Oh, this isn't finished yet, now that mistress has had her attention from you, it's my turn, but this saddle won't do, I have something different in mind."

Sabine took the saddle away and returned with a collar and another, smaller, saddle. The collar was very wide and well padded, she quickly positioned in around my neck and locked it into place before taking a cable and attaching it to the front and did the same to the back. She then started to take off her tracksuit, which was identical to Ms. Beths, revealing an identical outfit, though instead of a rubber covered pussy, she had, of course, a rubber encased cock, though the tip of her cock was uncovered and I could see a drop of precum glistening on the head, obviously she had been waiting excitibly for her turn. She then slid the new saddle into place and mounted the steps to get on the bike in the same position as Ms. Beth had assumed just a few moments earlier.

Standing high on the pedals, with her erect cock waving in front of my face, she said, "Open wide." as she lowered herself onto the saddle. I opened my mouth and eagerly sucked in the tip of her hard cock, running my tongue around the bulbous end. She started to pedal, which not only caused the dildo to start fucking my ass again, but also started pulling my head forward with the cable, forcing me to take more and more of her cock into my mouth.

Just before I couldn't take anymore, the direction of the cable changed and my head drew back, allowing me a quick breath. I could feel the excitment growing in me again as I succumbed to the forced assfucking and cocksucking. As the machine kept me bobbing up and down on her cock, I could feel it swelling even more and start to pulse. Sabine them turned another dial on the handlebars and the motion of my cocksucking increased, I could feel my orgams coming ever closer as I felt Sabine tense and then start to shoot thick jets of cum into my mouth as I continued to move back and forth on her spurting cock. As I couldn't pull back, I swallowed for all I was worth, managing to get almost every drop.

She slowly stopped pedalling and sat there, glowing from her orgasm, with her cock halfway into my mouth, I licked and sucked at it, cleaning it off. Once she was satisfied that I had done a good job, she eased up from the saddle and stepped down as the rubbermen moved in to disassemble the frame and machine. The collar was removed and the saddle taken away. Ms. Beth had recovered, and returned to the room. "I think you've had enough exercise for today, time to get you back to your room and cleaned up, ready for bed, another early start tomorrow." She and Sabine then undid my bondage, allowing me to stretch out and the rubbermen helped me to my feet and steadied me while I got my balance. The journey back to my room was hazy as I came down from my hours of fucking.

Back in my room, I was quickly stripped of my rubber cheerleader uniform and escorted into the bathroom, where I had a brief, but refreshing shower, cleaning myself inside and out again. When I returned to the bedroom, Ms. Beth was sitting alone on the bed. "Jane, you performed very well today, but your training is only going to get harder as we progress. Your technique is improving and your pussy is becoming more accommadating, so we have to keep it that way, we don't want any backward steps now do we?"

She guestured me over to the bed told me to bend over and place my hands on the bed. "This is going to be your night time plug, it will suffice for the first few weeks until you are ready to take something larger."

She showed me a jet black butt plug that must have been about two inches in diameter, then applied some lube and slowly started pressing against my rosebud, I pushed back against it, feeling it open my well used asspussy easily, its stretched me and stretched me until I thought I couldn't take it, before the widest part passed and the plug was drawn into me. I let out a satisfied groan as I stood straight again, feeling the plug move against my sensitive hole.

"Now, some nightwear for you." said Ms. Beth and produced a pink rubber nightdress which she helped me step into and pulled into place. "Now, so that there is no playing with yourself tonight, you'll need these." she said as she pulled out two small pink rubber sacks. She took my hand and pushed the first one onto it, my hand slid into a mitten like glove, she then buckled it around my wrist and did the same with the remaining glove. She then reached down to the the side of the bed and pulled out a slim hose which she attached to the glove, there was a hiss as the glove inflated and pushed my hand into a fist. The same was repeated with the other glove and I now had two pink rubber balls where my hands should be.

"Finally, You've oozed and cum quite alot today Jane and I will stick to my promise that you will swallow everything you produce." With that she produced a short cock shaped gag which she buckled into place and now that my hands were of no use, I did not have a chance of getting off. She reached up and unhooked another hose from the side of the bedpost, which was attached to a small bag. plugging the hose into the front of my gag she told me to suck hard. I took a breath and sucked on the rubber cock in my mouth and was rewarded with a jet of cum, my own cum, which I quickly swallowed.

"Now, I expect that bag to be finished when I return in the morning, you don't want to be getting any more demerits now do you?"

With that she lay me back on the bed and pulled a rubber sheet over my rubber clad body and left the room, the door locking behind her. I lay there, gently sucking on my cockgag and occasionally giving myself another spurt of cum, wondering what the next day would bring, Ms. Beth obviously had a twisted mind when it came to rubber and bondage, but I could not wait to see what my next lesson would be.

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