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My Rubber Transformation 3: An Education

by rubberaspy

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© Copyright 2013 - rubberaspy - Used by permission

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continued from part two

Part 3: An Education

I was awoken by a shrill alarm, which turned off after a few seconds. I lay there in bed, the memories of the last day slowly drifting into my mind, maybe it had all been a vivid dream. I rolled over in the bed, feeling the material rustling and a squeak as my body shifted against the bedclothes. My eyes sprung open, as information surged into my senses. I was still in my rubber uniform, under a latex sheet in the latex embellished bedroom that had been led to last night. I could feel my clit growing between my rubber sheathed thighs as the rubber and latex surrounding me buried it's way into my consciousness. I sat up and swung my legs over the side of the bed, almost forgetting the skyscraper high heels that I had on. I stood, still a little unsteady, but growing accustomed to them.

The change in position quickly told me that I needed to get to the toilet soon. I asssumed that the door to the corridor would be locked, so I walked over to the other door that I had noticed the evening before. Opening it I discovered a bathroom, though unlike all of the bathrooms that I had been in, this was quite large, with white and pink tiles on the floor and walls, everything else seemed to be covered in rubber, the toilet seat itself was covered and the clothes bin was also rubber, I stood for a minute taking it all in, when the urge to pee hit me again. I quickly minced over to the toilet, realising that with the addition of my new panties I would have to sit down, thankfully the dress was short enough to not impede me lowering myself onto the seat. I relaxed, the flow hitting the water below me directly, the panties must also give me the perfect angle to do this while sitting I thought. I quickly finished and wiped myself, chuckling to myself that it probably wouldn't be long before I was wet down there again! I washed and dried my hands before returning to the bedroom.

I was surprised to find three boxes sitting on the bed. Someone must have come into the room while I was away to leave the, but how..... I looked around the ceiling and noted several cameras covering the whole of the room. I walked across to the bed and picked up an envelope that had been placed ontop of the parcels. It was pink and had Jane written in red on the front. Peeling it open I pulled out a single piece of paper that I unfolded.

'Jane, I hope that you are well rested after last night and are ready to continue your training, or should I say education, today. In the first small box you will find keys to your restraints, as well as a tool to allow you to remove your dress. Please remove all of your clothing, except the panties, and place it into the clothes bin, before washing yourself thoroughly inside and out. Then, and only then, may you open the remaining parcels which contain your uniform for todays tasks.

Ms. Beth'

I reread the letter quickly to ensure that I had not missed any of the instructions from my mistress, then picked up the small box and made my way back into the bathroom. Opening the box, I found a small key and quickly unlocked the padlocks on my cuffs, slipping them off and placing them into the clothing bin in the corner. I unbuckled the high heels and eased them off of my feet, stretching and flexing them to try to get used to walking without the heels again. I peeled of the stockings and hood marvelling at how smooth and slick my skin was underneath. I reached back into the box and found the tool for my dress and fumbled around at the back of my neck, until I found the hole in the zipper to put the tool into, there was a click and the zip unlocked, allowing me to pull it down and ease the slick rubber dress off of my shoulders and body. I finished taking off my gloves and corset, missing the constrictive feeling of the corset and the fabulous cleavage that it gave me, hopefully my next uniform would have a corset too. Finally, I reached for the bulb hanging between my legs and twisted the valve, allowing the air in the inflatable plug out with a hiss, I gently pulled the plug out, leaving an empty feeling in my asspussy, which I hoped would be filled again soon.

I stepped under the shower and let the warm water wash away the excretions of the previous nights adventures, searching for soap, I could only find a bottle of what looked like shower gel, What the hell, I thought and poured a good amount into my hand and started lathering it all over my body, it seemed like normal gel, but with a strong flowery aroma. This is exactly the kind of bodywash that Jane would use I thought. Stepping under the shower again, I rinsed off the suds and looked about the stall for a way to clean my insides as well. I noticed a shower hose coming out the wall and connecting to a ball, also attached to the wall, I grasped the ball and gave it a tug, I was surprised when it came away from the wall, revealing a six inch dildo, which had been plugged into the wall. 'Surely this can't just be for pleasure.' I thought.

I examined the ball some more, finding a button at the base of the dildo, pushing it resulted in a spray of warm water from the tip of the dildo! I turned round and bent over slightly, manouvering the head of the dildo so it was just at the entrance to my asspussy, which was still relaxed from the administrations the previous evening and with the plug overnight. I slid the dildo in slowly, enjoying the feeling of it opening me up and filling me again, I could feel my clit growing again at the feeling. Resisting the urge to touch myself, I pressed the button, allowing the warm water to spray into my asspussy, I held it down until I felt full and then eased the dildo out again. I tensed, trying to hold the water for as long as I could and then relaxed, allowing the water to flow out for me. What a divine feeling, why had I gone for so long without doing this every day! I slid the dildo in again, and washed myself out several times. I placed the dildo back into it's hole in the wall quickly before I did anything more fun with it.

I turned the shower off and grabbed a big fluffy towel from the rack on the wall and started drying myself off, my skin was tingling as the soft fabric rubbed against it. Finally I saw a spray can similar to the one that I used only last night that made my skin so smooth, helping with the dressing in my rubber. I applied another coat of it to my skin, waiting while it was absorbed.

I walked back into the bedroom, noting that I was balancing on the balls of my feet to walk, it had only been a short time and I was already missing the heels. I opened the second box and let the smell of fresh latex wash over me, before lifting out the first item that was laying on the top of the pile of neatly folded latex in the box. It was a gorgeous pink underbust corset, but with no garters this time. I slid it round my waist and hooked it closed at the front, that feels so good, and I again ran my hands over the smooth rubber, reveling in the sensations, I could feel my clit growing already in anticipation of my dressing.

Next in the box was a pink bra with ruffles around the edges, which I slipped on, positioning my tits into the cups, with so much of my attention focused on my clit, I had forgotten how sensitive my tits were, I ran my hands over them, groaning at the erotic sensations as I pulled on my nipples and gave them a little twist. A pair of stockings were next, I pulled the first one onto my foot and the slick rubber effortlessly slid up my leg, but only to the knee, I examined them more closely, now seeing that they were a pair of knee socks, in white with a black band at the top and a little bow applique at the top, what kind of uniform was I to get today? Finally, a pair of clear opera length gloves completed the lingerie of my outfit.

Pulling the final part of my uniform out of the box, I first found a short pleated skirt in black latex, which I stepped into and pulled up around my hips, glancing at the mirror, I saw that it barely covered my ass and it gave a flash of my clit almost every time I moved unless I was very careful. The next item was a fitted pink and white shirt, looking closer I could see that the front of it was sealed and it fastened by a zip up the back. I pulled it over my head and shivered as the cool rubber slid over my skin, reaching behind me I pulled the zip up and just like the night before, the end of it broke away, leaving me sealed in. I could feel myself starting to drip between my legs in anticipation of what was to come. I scooped up the precum from between my thighs and sucked eagerly on the rubber glove, sweet and tasty.

I went to the mirror and adjusted the front of my outfit, which had a large circle keyhole cut into the chest, revealing my impressive cleavage, down between which hung a short rubber striped tie. So I was to be a rubber schoolgirl today, how apt for me I thought, being educated in my new latex rubber feminine ways. The last item in the box was another open faced hood, this time in white with pigtails coming off of the side. I caressed the hood, pulling on the pigtails, suddenly realising the they were made out of rubber too. I quickly pulled the hood on, positioning it perfectly over my face, then I shook my head from side to side, feeling the long latex tresses brushing against my breasts, back and face, what a sensation!

I opened the last box, to find the restraints that I would be wearing for the day, pink latex with white ruffles round them, they had the same magnetic pads on them that I had seen the previous night. There was also a posture collar, not quite as strict as I had ever seen, but I had never worn one before, so this would be another new experience. I fastened the collar around my neck and clicked the supplied padlock into place, I quickly secured the cuffs around my ankles and wrists before looking in the box again, there was another box there, the final present. I lifted it out and laid it on the bed. Opening it I found my footwear for the day, they looked like a pair of normal Mary Jane shoes, but they had at least 5 inch heels in them and a buckle to go around the ankle, there were a pair of small padlocks alos sitting in the box. I put them on the floor and slipped my feet into them, reveling in the height that they gave me, as well as the shape that they gave my legs.

Bending over to secure the straps and apply the padlocks was a bit daunting due to the posture collar that I had on, but I managed it. I admired myself in my new uniorm in the mirror and took a few mincing steps, feeling the latex hair swishing against my body, admiring the sway that my heels gave me and the feeling of the pleated skirt brushing against my thighs and bum. I was disappoined that there was no plug present, I still felt empty after removing the inflatable one this morning, I felt more secure and confident when my asspussy was filled, just the thought of it was turning me on. I was just about to reach down between my legs to fondle my oozing clit when the door unlocked with a loud click and the two rubber clad men entered.

'Now that you are ready for the day, we will escort you to the classroom.' said one of the men, he then pulled out a remote and pressed a button, my wrist cuffs pulled together and with a man on either side of me I walked out into the corridor and towards the elevator that we had used last night. We entered the elevator and descended to a lower floor, when we got out it was a short walk to a set of double doors, one of the men opened the door and guestured me inside, pressing the remonte again to release the magnets on my wrist cuffs.

Stepping inside, my heels clacked on the hardwood floor, glancing around the room it looked like a cross between a victorian style classroom and a dungeon. There were several frames around the walls of the room, clearly used to restrain the body in various positions, also on the walls were racks of restraints, paddles and floggers. In the centre of the room was a desk with a built in chair upholstered with shiny black rubber, and at the far end of the room stood a lectern in front of a large blackboard. Flanking either side of the lectern were Miss Beth and Satine, each dressed in an ankle length black skirt, with vicious looking spiked heels just visible at the bottom. Miss Beth had a white governess blouse on, with black gloves, Satine was wearing a similar blouse, but in red. Miss Beth had her gorgeous long hair pulled back into a bun and was wearing horn rimmed glasses to complete the look. Satine, on the other hand, had her hair pulled back into a smooth french plait.

Both Miss Beth and Satine were looking sternly at me as I heard the door close behind me. 'On your first day and your already late.' Said Miss Beth. 'That's one demerit, though you will get your punishment later as we need to get started, please take a seat.'

I minced over to the desk in the middle of the room, trying to be as feminine as possible, keeping my clit from showing, but not quite succeeding. When I drew level with the desk, I glanced down to see a six inch cock sticking out of the middle of the seat!

'Please, take a seat Jane, it's all part of the training, please do not waste any more time today.' Miss Jane told me.

Looking again, I could see that the cock was glistening in the light with a layer of lube. I stepped inbetween the desk and seat and holding onto the desk for a bit of balance, I descended toward the cock. Part of me was slightly apprehensive, but a larger part of me was filled with the desire to be filled again. I gently lowered myself until I could feel the cool, slick head of the cock sliding between my cheeks, seeking out my willing asspussy. I tried to relax a bit and I felt the cock push against my rosebud. I let my weight carry me down, as the cock opened me up, I could feel the head sliding in and then my rosebud closing again sligthly as the head entered me fully. I slowly slid down the six inches, letting out a little groan as it filled me up. Finally, I felt my cheeks touch the latex upholstery of the seat, I let go of the desk and settled fully on the seat, the rubber cock firmly embedded in my asspussy. I could feel my excitment rising as I suspected that my clit was leaking.

'Now, we can't be having you sitting in such an unfeminine way Jane.' Said Miss Beth, as I noticed that I was sitting with my legs apart, letting the world see my excitment. She pulled out another remote and pressed a couple of buttons, I felt my ankles being pulled together, pulling my legs together and causing me to tense down on the rubber cock. Then my wrists pulled together again, so that I was sitting perfectly straight with my legs together and my hands in my lap, impaled on a rubber cock.

'Now that you are finally here, it is time for your education to begin. I picked you Jane, as you have always wanted to become a feminised rubber doll, to serve others and pleasure men and women as much as you can.' Miss Beth slowly walked over from the lectern as she continued. 'What you have experienced over the last day is but a taste of what's to come if you want it. If you do not, then do not waste our time, you are free to leave now if you wish, but if you choose to stay, you will remain with us until the end of your training. I have an elite list of clientele that have very specific preferences, which I will help you fulfil, you will also be our plaything, to dress and train as we see fit.' She stroked my face before turning and moving towards one of the racks on the wall. 'However, you will be treated well, protected by myself and my staff, I expect that you are willing to accept this offer, but the deal has to be sealed, with a kiss.'

Miss Beth walked back over to my desk, with one hand behind her back, she eased one cheek of her bottom onto the desk and held out her latex clad hand. I understood what she wanted and slowly leaned forward and gently kissed the back of her hand, tasting the sweet latex again. I leaned back slowly, enjoying the sensation of the cock moving in my asspussy as my weight shifted.

'Very good Jane, you will be delighted to know that your training starts now.'

With that, she revealed what she had hidden behind her back. It was a ten inch pink rubber dildo, with a suction cup at the base behind a large pair of balls.

'This morning's lesson is cock worship, you have to lick, suck, kiss, and adore this cock.' She said to me as she firmly stuck the dildo to the desk right in front of me. 'I am expecting you, in time, to be able to take all ten inches of this into your throat without gagging or retching, but to start with, you are to simply worship it, it will help strengthen your jaw and tongue muscles, essential for your continued training.' She walked back over to the lectern. 'To start with, if we feel that you are doing a good job, then you will get some, encouragement, shall we say.'

She pressed a button on the remote and the cock inside me started to vibrate, sending shivers of pleasure up and down my spine, I broke out into a cold sweat under my latex layers as I could feel my excitement growing. 'However, if you are slacking, or doing a bad job, then we have different forms of encouragement.' She pressed another button, and the vibrating stopped, replaced by a sharp sting as an electric shock ran through the cock into my ass. I jumped as much as my bonds would allow, I did not want to feel that again, so I bent forward, gently kissing the tip of the enormous rubber cock in front of me, then I slowly licked all the way around the knob, before I opened my mouth wide and sucked the entire cockhead into my mouth, as I did this I felt the vibrations in my ass start up, filling me with a warm sensation as my clit, engorged as it was, dribble away between my legs.

'This lesson will end at lunchtime.' said Miss Beth, 'and I don't want to spoil anything, but if you are enjoying this, then I can't wait to see your reaction to what we have planned for you this afternoon.'

Even though my mouth was already beginning to ache a little, I didn't want to be shocked again and continued to lick and suck the dildo. Just then Satine walked over to me, carrying a headset, which she slipped over my head, covering my ears and eyes, I could see images and movies of rubber clad women and shemales sucking, licking and swallowing all manner of cocks, the music I heard coming though the earphones encouraging me to be a better cocksucker and all I want to do is worship cocks and make them cum on me, in me amd I would take it all.


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