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My Rubber Transformation 2: Oral Fixation

by rubberaspy

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© Copyright 2012 - rubberaspy - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM+/m; D/s; latex; cd; femdom; chastity; bond; armbinder; gag; susp; toys; oral; anal; climax; cons; X

continued from part one

Part 2: Oral Fixation

The journey did not take that long, as we draw up alongside a row of townhouses in an affulent part of the city. The two men assisted me out of the car and up some stairs to the front door of one of the houses. Ms. Beth produced a large set of keys and selected one before unlocking the very sturdy looking door before ushering us inside, closing the door and tightly locking it shut. I could see that without the proper key, it would be almost impossible to open that door, from the inside or out.

I was taken into an elevator and as the car slowly proceeded upwards, Ms. Beth spoke.

'I own this entire row of houses, they have been interconnected and secured to prevent both break-in's and escape. All of the windows above the ground floor have a mirror finish, allowing anyone inside to see out, but no one to see what lies within. Additionally, the entire building has been soundproofed, we wouldn't want any attention fror a few screams and groans, would we?'

'Ah, we've arrived.' she said as the elevator slowed and gently bumped to a halt, the doors smmothly slid open to reveal a wide hallway, with a high ceiling, with a deep red and dark wood decor. Looking along the hallway, there were several doors leading off to what I assume were rooms. The men guided me to a nearby door, opening it and manouvering me to the centre of the room. Glancing around, the room looked very similar to the hallway outside, but with two large wardrobes near one of the walls and a large pair of double doors directly in front of me.

'I'll have to leave you in the care of these kind gentlemen, do not worry, they will not harm you, they are going to help prepare you for your next step.' With that, Ms. Beth swept out of the room, closing the door behind her.

The men removed the cape, discarding it to the side, before opening one of the wardrobes, revealing a large amount of bondage restraints. Selecting a long metal bar, he returned to me. With a click the magnets on my ankle cuffs released and the men spread my legs about three feet apart, before attaching the spreader bar to the cuffs. Returning to the wardrobe the man chose a large triangular shaped piece of rubber with a large ring at the end. When he returned to me, he opened up the ring, which I could now see was a collar, and pulled it around my neck, fastning it shut at the front and pushing my head back, forcing me to look up towards the ceiling. I had never worn a posture collar before and although this was tight and the position uncomfortable, I was enjoying the restriction of my movements.

The two men worked behind me for a few minutes, pulling and tigging at my arms. They were obviously doing something with the rest of the rubber restraint attached to the collar, but I couldn't tell quite what. They finished whatever they were doing and one of the men went to a small control panel on the wall and there was a whirr as a cable started descending form the ceiling. I was wondering what was instore for me when there was a click from between my legs. Even with the spreader bar atached I tried to move my feet, but was met with resistance. A low voice just behind my ear startled me. 'We have attached your bar to the floor and now it's time to stretch you out a little.'

The whirr stopped as the cable got the to right level and they attached it to something just below my hands. the whirring started again, and I could feel my arms being pulled up from the back towards the ceiling, they must have laced me into an armbinder! As my hands got higher, I could no longer stand upright, and was forced to bend at the waist, slowly but surely getting lower and lower until I was bend over almost ninety degrees, with my head facing forward with the help of the posture collar. I had never been in bondage like this before and started to panic, wriggling as much as I could, but getting nowhere. One of the men saw my panic and crouched in front of me, stroking my face and reassuring me that I would not be hurt. His companion tapped him on the shoulder and they cleared up the discarded cape and closed the wardrobe before exiting the room, leaving me bent over and secure in the middle of the room.

I had no idea how long I had been there when the double doors slid apart, revealing two figures in long black rubber robes, looking closely, I could see that one was Ms. Beth. Her campanion was slightly taller, with a strikingly beautiful face and dark hair pulled back into a ponytail. They slowly walked into the room to stand in front of me.

'Hello Jane, I see that you are comfortable. I promised that you would see and experience many new things, but before that can begin, we have to ensure that your techniques and abilities are of the highest standard. The only way that we can achieve that is by training. Tonight we begin that training by testing your oral abilities and ensuring that you know how to please both women and men with your lovely little mouth.'

Ms. Beth gestured to her companion, who undid the ties holding her robe in place, allowing it to fall open, revealing a rigid, latex cock!

'I know you've been enjoying the feeling of a cock in your mouth with the aid of that gag, but now it's time for something a little bigger.' Ms. Beth said as she reached around the back of my head, releasing the strap holding my gag in place and gently removing it from my mouth, I felt a slight ache as I was allowed movement again, but it quickly subsided.

As the mysterious woman moved closer to me, the rubber cock bouncing as she walked, I couldn't take my eyes off of it, she stopped a few inches short of my face.

'Now, I know that the impression that you get from all the images and videos that you see on the internet that you want to swallow this cock down as far as it will go, but that takes practice and is only a small part of orally pleasing a man, there are so many other things that you can do with your mouth that will ensure great pleasure for the male. I want you to start by kissing, licking and caressing the cock with your mouth, by the end of your training you will want to do this with every cock that you are presented with.'

I looked at the bobbing cock in front of me with trepidation, I had never done this before. The woman stepped closer, allowing the latex cock to brush against my face. I puckered up my lips and kissed the tip of the smooth shiny cock, the taste of rubber blossomed onto my lips. Gaining some confidence, I flicked my tongue out, licking the large head of the cock, leaving a trail of saliva. The rubber tasted so good that I was soon running my tongue over the rubber head and shaft of the firm dick. I couldn't take it any longer and opened my mouth wide, enveloping the cockhead and closing my lips tightly over it, sucking as hard as I could. The woman quietly groaned, the rubber cock must somehow be connected to her I thought as I released the cock and she stepped closer again, allowing me to kiss and suck the entire shaft and head of the cock. The rubber taste and smell was intoxicating and I was really starting to enjoy worshipping this long thick rubber cock.

'I think that it's enough Jane.' Ms. Beth said as the woman stepped back from me. 'Your cocksucking skills are very good, you still need more experience, but I am satisfied with your display so far. So it is time to move on.'

The woman moved over to the panel on the wall the men had used earlier to hook me up and pressed a few buttons, the was another whirring sould that came from above me, but I didn't feel anything connected to me moving. Slowly a harness dropped into view in front of me. The woman returned and undid the tie of Ms. Beth's gown, pulling it from her body. Ms. Beth looked stunning attired in a shiny black rubber catsuit with a heavy latex corset wrapped around her torso, thinning down her waist and pushing her already large tits into an impressive cleavage. With the aid of the woman, she hoisted herself into the harness, which I could now see was a swing of some kind.

When she was settled she was suspended with her pussy right in front of my face. The woman reached between her legs and pulled down the zip of the catsuit and eased the tight rubber to the side, revealing a large pair of rubber pussy lips, with her clit just above them encased in it's own rubber sheath. She was obviously wearing some form up rubber panties under the catsuit to enhance her already beautiful slit. As I gazed at her I could see a drop of moisture slowly ooze out of the rubber opening and run down to her ass. While I'd admired this rubber vision in front of me the woman had walked back to the panel and pressed another series of button, slowly the harness moved Ms. Beth towards me, eventually pressing the rubber encased pussy against my mouth and nose, I knew what was expected of me now and slowly licked each of the rubber lips gently taking each one into my mouth in turn, sucking on them.

The wetness coming from the warm rubber entrance begain to flow more readily. I flicked my tongue out, just touching her engorged clit, I could feel her shudder through her thighs on either side of my head. Returning to her pussy lips, I worked my tongue up and down them , teasing the inner lips, finally sinking my tongue in as far as it would go, tasting the rubber mixed with musky juice that flowed easily out of her slit. I continued this for a few more minutes, until she tensed, wrapping her thighs round my head and pulling me as far as possible into the warm rubber heaven. I had to hold my breath while she rode out her orgasm, squeezing my head and pushing my tongue into her as far as she could make it go. I could feel my arousal growing even more intense, and although I could not see it, I could feel the constant drip of precum working it's way out of my trapped clit, which in turn aroused me even more.

As Ms. Beth's orgasm subsided, I again heard the whirr of the mechanism above us, as she moved back from my head. 'Now it's time to try something a bit more interesting Jane. You've shown me that you are adept at both cock and pussy worship, and that is something that you will be doing every day from now on, but I have another experience set for you, which will take but a few minutes to prepare.'

The woman had been rummaging in the wardrobe and approached me with a formidable looking gag, there was a small 3 inch penis shaped gag to go into my mouth, and a 8 or 9 inch dildo attached to the other side of the gag, I willingly opened my mouth to accept the cock, running my tongue over the bulbous head and feelings the veins rub over my lips, she secured it at the back and then positioned Ms. Beth directly in front of me, sliding the first couple of inches into her sopping wet rubber covered pussy. I tried to move my head but did not manage more than a few millimeters back and forth. 'Don't worry Jane, it will all become clear soon enough.'

The woman disappeared out of sight behind me and I felt the inflated plug in my asspussy deflating, I missed the constant pressure of being stretched. the plug was then removed completely, leaving me feeling empty, though it was soon replaced with what felt like a finger, spreading some cool lube around my opening and into my ass. Suddenly something much larger pressed againt my asspussy, and from my stretched hole I could offer no resistance as the womans long thick rubber cock slowly entered me, she pulled back a couple of times to let my asspussy accomadate the new intruder, eventually she had the full length of the cock embedded in my asspussy, I could feel her thighs pressed against the back of my own. I felt so full, so stretched that I could only focus on that feeling.

She withdrew slightly and then pushed back in with some force, pushing me forward and in turn pushing the rubber dildo strapped to my face into Ms. Beth's rubber pussy. Ms. Beth gently pushed off my shoulders with her feet, causing the harness to sway pushing herself into the dildo even more. Slowly the woman picked up speed, thrusting harder and longer into my asspussy, pushing the dildo further into my mistress. I could feel an orgasm building in the pit of my stomach as I was used in the middle of this perverse swing set. Ms. Beth was becoming flushed and breathing heavily as her second orgasm built. As she shuddered again, her pussy spasming round the slick rubber dildo, I could feel myself orgasm, but not in the male sense of the word, my entire body was tingling as I felt myself cum, the cum flowed out of my cock, but I still felt the arousal withing my body. Is this what it feels like to have a female orgasm? I considered that for a few seconds as the woman withdrew from my asspussy and replaced the plug, giving it a few firm pumps to expand it, filling me again.

She helped Ms. Beth out of the harness and used the panel to move it to the ceiling once again. 'I think you look a bit thirstly Jane, let's see what we can do about that.' said Ms. Beth.

She unstrapped the gag and turned it around, presenting the long end to my mouth, I eagerly licked at the slick surface of the rubber dildo, tasting mistress's juice and the tang of rubber. Once it was clean, she handed the gag to the woman and crouched down, picking something up from between my legs. She lifted a glass bowl up that had been placed between my legs and had caught all of my precum as well as the cum from my orgasm. 'I expect you to swallow almost everything that you produce, it's good practice for future sessions that I have planned.' She them dipped a rubber covered finger into the bowl and placed it against my lips. It didn't taste as sweet as my precum, but it was not as bad as I though it would be, thick and salty however, at least it was still warm. I licked my lips and smiled as she poured the contents of the bowl into a shallow glass. She then held the glass against my mouth and let the cum slowly dribble into my mouth, I swallowed it all, enjoying the slight aftertaste and feeling as it left a light coating on my tongue.

'Now to finish this evening's session, a surprise.'

How could anything else surprise me this evening!? I thought. The woman was now standing in front of me with Ms. Beth behind her.

'This is Satine, she is a very good friend of mine, and takes great delight in helping me to train new recruits.'

With that, mistress slid her hands down either side of Satine's waist, pulling what appeared to be panties out at either side, I hadn't noticed that before. Mistress slowly slide the panties down, I was expecting the rigid rubber cock to go with them, but instead the rubber sheath slid off of a hard cock. My eyes widened in shock as Satine was revealed to be a shemale, I could hardly believe it!

'Now, for all of her hard work this evening, I think you should thank Satine.' Ms. Beth said.

Satine moved closer and again I took her, now unsheathed, cock in my mouth, I could feel it pulsing and the sweet taste of precum as I sucked on the head of her cock. After my earlier oral administrations, and her pounding of my asspussy, it was obvious that she wasn't going to take long. She tensed up as I felt her cock expand in my mouth, shooting a jet of hot cum onto my tongue, I swallowed the first load and another spurt hit the back of my throat, I kept sucking and swallowing until her orgasm subsided. I then ran my tongue over her deflating cock, entranced by the taste of cum, rubber and sex. Satine then replaced the rubber cock gag from earlier, giving me something to suck on.

Ms. Beth was standing smiling, 'This has gone even better than I had imagined Jane, I'm so glad that I picked you, and I still have so many ideas for fun sessions that we will be having. but now it is time to rest. My staff will see that your comfortable and I shall see you tomorrow.' With that she pulled on the robe again and she and Satine exited through the doors they came in through.

Shortly, the men from earlier entered the room again and efficently undid all of my bonds and escorted back out into the corridor. I was in a giddy haze as they led me to another room. As I was led through the door I could see it was a bedroom, with a rubber covered bed in the centre of the room, a door off to the side presumably leading to a bathroom and several long wardrobes on one side of the room. The men quickly left and there was a click as the magnetic bonds deactivated. I sat on the bed, marvelling at the smooth rubber and the sensation of it rubbing against my skin. I was looking forward to the next day and the next, wondering what the mistress had in store for me in the future. I lay down on the bed and let myself be enveloped by the smell, taste and feeling of the sweet rubber.


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